Biozavivka – a safe way to create natural curls

biowave hair

About 15 years ago, having appreciated all the flaws of a perm,
biochemists and technologists decided to invent a new way for women
creating luxurious curly hair. Their fruitful collaboration with
hairdressers ended up having a new curling method –
biowave hair. Today, this procedure significantly pressed
familiar to many “chemistry”, gaining popularity around the world and
giving women the opportunity to create beautiful curls without

Biowave technology

A significant advantage of biowave was the use of
natural products, which is present in the composition of the protein
cystine. This component is almost identical to the one
squirrel contained in human hair. Thanks to the natural
means biowave favorably affects the hair, making them
strong and shiny.

Hair treatment takes place in three main stages. First hair
it is filled with cystine, which is quickly absorbed into the hair shaft and
fills all its cavities. Next is the emulsification of protein
(thickening), due to which the hair takes shape and so in it
“freezes”. At the last stage, the hair is treated with post-curl
Equalizer to protect the hair.

This procedure can be performed on any hair: dyed,
bleached, melirovannyh, long, short and any.
The only thing that is required of the master is to choose the right composition
which will give the best result. Presently
three types of products are used: the first is for normal hair,
the second is for resistant hair (elastic), and the third is for
colored hair. It is due to its naturalness and
versatility, gets biowave hair reviews are very good, and
those who did this procedure repeat it constantly.

Types of biowave

A very important nuance in the whole process is the choice of the type
future curls. So, as in the biowave used bobbins and
curlers of different sizes, as a result, the curls are formed

Biowave hair looks more natural large curls,
which is done mainly on unpainted hair. Look like
large curls are very impressive, but have one drawback – they
bloom faster than small curls. Also, to make
their laying, it will be necessary to use a varnish and a skin.
The perfect choice of such curls will be for the owners of round
faces, as well as blond, blond and brown hair.

With small curls done biowave on short hair, for
which need a minimum volume and miniature curls. In the process
Curls hairs are wound on bobbins, so as a result
compact and beautiful curls are obtained. Well suited such
curls for brown-haired women and red-haired girls.

Very often to create a natural external master
uses hair curlers at the same time in different sizes
gets curls of several diameters and looks identical
natural curly hair.

Biowave in the cabin

biowave in the cabinIn the cabin
biowave on medium hair costs up to 6 thousand rubles, which
significantly more expensive than the price of a simple “chemistry”. However benefit
obvious here – you do not sacrifice the health of your hair! If you
for the first time you want to make a biowave, you should not save on services
master, because the procedure requires a certain experience.

The whole process takes about two hours, during which
The standard procedure is carried out in three stages. First master
diagnoses the condition of the client’s hair and selects the appropriate
for him a remedy. Then the hair is wound on curlers and on top.
processed with cystine protein. After a few minutes
set aside for complete protein absorption, a special agent is applied
to thicken it. In this case, the hair after the first treatment is not
wash up

At the end, the master processes the hair with a fixer, which
normalizes the acidic environment of the hair and fixes
formed curls. This procedure ends, and
next time the salon will have to visit again in 3-9 months,
depending on the type of hair.

How to make a biowave yourself?

On the popularity of biowave around the world large cosmetic
companies reacted by issuing special tools that allow
carry out such a procedure yourself. Now in many stores
You can buy a special set, which includes all
Necessary funds for the three stages of processing

Unfortunately, homemade hair biowave will not provide
the effect that gives salon procedure. But, lovers
experiments with your hair just will not disappoint.

If you bought in advance a special set of tools and
hair curlers (or bobbins), you can start biowave. First you
you will need to wash your hair and dry your hair with a towel. Then
Wear gloves and sponge up the basic composition for waving.
Split the treated hair into small strands, and then coil
them on curlers. Please note that all strands must be tightened.
equally tight! Next, wind all the hair, process them again.
a curler so that the liquid drains from them, and
cover with a polyethylene cap.

After 10-15 minutes, try to unwind one lock. If the diameter
the curl corresponds to the size of the curler, which means – the curl is ready. If a
no – hold on. When the perm control is passed, the head can be
rinse under water (without removing the hair with curlers). Next, apply
part of the neutralizer and wait another 15 minutes. After that, curlers
need to unwind and process again the hair neutralizer.
Completes the whole process of shampooing in hot water and processing
hair conditioner.

As you can see, nothing complicated. But, if you need a biowave on
long hair is still worth turning to professionals.
Self long hair is very inconvenient to handle, to that
there is the likelihood of poor quality results,
therefore it is better to entrust all this to the master’s hands.

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