Bixiplasty – review procedures, photos, reviews, prices

Smooth and shiny hair – the dream of every woman. To achieve
the desired result is not at all easy, but the latest technology
hair care allow everyone to indulge themselves with the locks of dreams.
In this article we will look at the advanced procedure in detail.
bixiplasty, and also give a step-by-step instruction on its
performance both in salon, and in house conditions.

What is bixiplasty for hair?

The content of the article:

  • What is bixiplasty for hair?
  • Indications and contraindications
  • The benefits and harms of the procedure
  • Results, how often you need to do and how long does the effect from
  • How to do / what is being done / the composition of drugs / how many passes by
  • In the cabin and at home
  • How to care for hair after bixiplasty?
  • Reviews
  • Analogs / Related Procedures
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Bixiplasty is a relatively new procedure in beauty salons.
Its development belongs to the famous Brazilian company HONMA
Tokyo, which has long established itself in the market of hairdressing

Bixiplasty refers to a group of straightening procedures, along with
for example, with lamination. Essentially, this technology is new.
generation of keratin straightening products. This operation
suitable for all types of hair: drugs cope even with the most
complex cases of the ethnic structure of the curls. Thanks to this
procedure naughty mop acquires structuring,

Fluffiness disappears, hair is no longer electrified. Also she
nourishes the hair with useful trace elements, so the hair immediately
same becomes healthy and well-groomed appearance.

The procedure is performed by a two-step method. First master
Special shampoo is used. His task is to clean the hair from
dirt and open the cuticle strands so that it could get inside
reducing trace elements. At the second stage on curls
mask applied. She, interacting with a hot iron,
restores hair.

The name of the bioplastics is due to the fruit extract of the beech

REFERENCE: Orelyan fix (another name “Fondant
tree “) is an evergreen tree growing in the forests of the South
America. Beeks is growing not only in forests, but also in garden plots,
therefore, today it can be classified as cultural.
The oil of this plant has healing and regenerating
properties, therefore, is widely used in cosmetology.

Indications and contraindications

The procedure has a number of indications for use:

  • Dry and loose hair – if your curls
    more like a state of straw, the procedure can
    return them to the former softness. This effect is provided by
    rich composition, which includes great quality natural
    oils and vitamins.
  • Lack of shine, dullness – hair has
    property of dimming it can be due to both age
    changes, and with the wrong care. Anyway
    bixiplasty helps to restore the same color saturation, and
    also give your hair a dazzling shine.
  • Brittleness, split ends – bixiplast
    saturates the hair structure from the inside, filling it. Therefore, you more
    don’t have to go to the hairdresser every month to
    get rid of split ends. Therefore, this procedure
    perfect for girls who decide to do
    growing a head of hair. Your curls will become strong and
  • Slow growth and hair loss – if you
    noticed a sharp thinning of your mop, this is a serious reason
    think about bixiplasty. This natural remedy helps
    fight loss and also stimulates the root system of the head
    on the growth of new hairs.
  • Curly, naughty curls – besides
    caring properties, this procedure provides and effect
    straightening. It acts much softer than chemical
    straightening, so you can achieve smooth hair without causing
    on them aggressively acting solutions.

Contraindications to bixiplasty are:

  • The presence of an allergic reaction to one of the components
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Chemotherapy.

The benefits and harms of the procedure

Thanks to bixiplastic hair becomes soft, alive, and
the most important thing is straight lines! The procedure provides
recovery and healing effect, so just enough
one visit to the master, to return the hair to their original

Curls become more dense, elastic, split ends
disappear. Well suited this operation for women aged:
Most of the components in the mask work in Anti-Age

There are a lot of discussions about the harm from the procedure.
Experts recognize the composition is absolutely safe for humans.

IMPORTANT: as part of the preparation for bixiplasty
there is no toxic formaldehyde that can cause
the emergence and development of cancer. For straightening in
in this case, phenoxyethanol responds, which does not accumulate in
human body.

Popular myths about bixiplast

However, along with keratin straightening, about the harm
Bixiplasia walks many myths.

Consider and dispel the most popular of
of them.

  1. Bixiplasty is stressful for your curls.

This is absolutely not true. The procedure aims to restore
damaged strands, has healing properties. Keratin
fills the hair from the inside, returning its former smoothness, and the extract
The Orellana pinch promotes horn tissue regeneration.

  1. Hairstyle loses pomp

Bixiplasty does not make the hair heavier, so you can’t
afraid that your curls will look slick. With
proper procedure, strands become more airy,
better lie and seem more dense.

  1. Hair becomes dirty more quickly.

It is a myth. On the contrary, women note that after their
bixiplasty, less frequent need for shampooing, and hair
stay clean twice as long.

Results, how often you need to do and how long does the effect from

The result of the operation will be smooth, straight,
saturated and shiny hair.

Bixiplast need to do as the result disappears, and this
depends on the initial condition of your hair. If they were
damaged by a perm or permanent staining, and
also have a porous texture, the effect will last for
one to two months.

In case your hair is completely healthy, the result is from
procedures can be maintained up to five months. Experts also call
The average lifespan of bixiplast is four to five months.

IMPORTANT: remember keratin has a property
accumulate inside the hair. Therefore, with each new operation
straightening, the duration of its impact on the hair will increase.

How to do / what is being done / the composition of drugs / how many passes by

Bixiplasty is done using only two means: cleansing
shampoo and mask, enriched with vitamins. In their composition

  • Keratin Ninety percent of this protein consists of
    human hair. This substance is part of the cuticle
    curl, forming the stratum corneum. It has special strength
    protects hair from damage. However, due to improper care and
    age changes, it tends to leave the hair. therefore
    it is necessary to carry out procedures that saturate the curls given
  • Bisha oil is an oil rich in fatty acids and proteins,
    which saturate the hair over the entire length. Therefore, it is actively
    used to restore damaged hair.
  • Cysteine ​​- this amino acid is part of many proteins. Her
    the task is to strengthen the strands from the inside, therefore this substance
    necessary for those who want to grow long and strong hair.
  • Phenoxyethanol is a preservative responsible for maintaining smoothness.
    hair. Unlike formaldehyde and parabens, it is safe for
    human body.
  • Brazil nut oil – rich in fatty amino acids,
    promotes the regeneration of damaged hair.
  • Prakakxi tree seed oil – makes hair smooth and
    silky. Gives the curls a dazzling shine.
  • The resinous sap of South American trees is an antioxidant that
    necessary to preserve the color of previously dyed hair.
  • Babassu oil – facilitates styling and combing, moisturizing,
    prevents the appearance of split ends.
  • Passion fruit – gives the drug a pleasant smell. Protects against
    exposure to ultraviolet rays, moisturizes.

The technology of the procedure is quite simple, below we
we give a step-by-step instruction on her

  1. Apply Plast Hair Bixyplastia Deep Cleansing Shampoo
    Shampoo on wet hair, leave on strands for a few minutes,
    then wash it off. Repeat soaping again to reveal more.
    hair cuticle and completely get rid of dirt and debris
    styling products.
  2. Dry your hair by fifty percent with clips and
    combs with a sharp handle divide the pile into four parts. Then
    apply Plast Hair Bixyplastia mask on each strand
    Reconstructive Mask. Do not apply it on the skin.
    heads: it is necessary to recede from roots approximately for one centimeter.
    Comb the strands with sharp teeth. Keep mask on
    curls need for twenty minutes.
  3. At the last stage, the hair is completely dried with a hair dryer.
    Use cold mode and discard the use of brushing.
    Take the iron and heat it up to 230 degrees (with less
    the temperature of the keratin in the composition will not be able to be imprinted in
    hair structure). Each strand must be stretched seven or ten.
    time. Allow hair to cool for twenty minutes, and after
    rinse with warm water. Blow dry.

The entire bixiplasty procedure takes about an hour,
if the hair is long and thick, then this time can be increased by
twenty to thirty minutes

In the cabin and at home

Many salons offer this procedure to their clients. And it is worth
note that it is popular. Masters also note
that bixiplast became the basis of their work, since this
The procedure provides several effects at once. She gives a guarantee
That problems in work with hair will not be. Even the driest hair
come back to life. They become tight and resilient.
A glossy shine appears.

The price of bixiplast starts from 7,000 rubles per
short hair up to 17000 for handling long

Bixiplasty technology at home
absolutely similar to the salon operation. First of all, you will need
wash your hair with deep cleaning shampoo. Then dry them
half and each strand apply a solution.

IMPORTANT: do not save money. If you apply
little drug on the hair, then the heat from the ironing instead
Sealing will burn your curls.

Wait twenty minutes until the mask soaks the hair.
Dry your hair with cold air, then carefully pull each
strand seven to ten times. Allow strands to cool, then wash.
head with warm water without the use of cleansing agents.

How to care for hair after bixiplasty?

Hair after bixiplasty needs special care.

  • First of all, you will need to change the cleanser to
    which does not contain keratin-damaging hazardous substances
    sulfates. It will also be useful to abandon the silicones in the composition
  • Secondly, use masks and balms that soften
    hair after washing. It is desirable that their composition was keratin. So
    you will be able to extend the procedure for a sufficiently long
    time. Balm or conditioner is recommended to use after
    every hair wash. Apply it only on length, without affecting
    the roots. The mask should be used once or twice a week. Masks can
    be not only industrial production, but also homemade.
    Use products and oils that nourish and moisturize the hair.
    For example, argan oil, aloe juice, honey, yolk, avocado.
  • Add to your daily routine indelible care. He may be in
    oil, serum or spray. The composition of your chosen funds
    should include keratin. Apply it after each wash before
    drying. This will provide protection from thermal effects, as well as
    gives the strands extra shine and softness.
  • In the first two days after it is not recommended to collect hair in
    various hairstyles, especially tails and bunches. Further
    We recommend to use now popular gum as
    “telephone wire”. They injure hair less and do not leave
    on them creases.


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Analogs / Related Procedures

Bixiplastic analogs can be:

  • Keratinizing.
  • Lamination.
  • Botox for hair.
  • Nanoplastic.
  • Chemical straightening.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below we look at the most popular questions, the answers to which
interested girls who decided to do this procedure.

Can I do the procedure during pregnancy?

Strict prohibition of bixiplastia during pregnancy
not. The drug does not contain harmful substances, but
remember that due to a surge of hormones in a woman’s body, she has
unexpected allergies may occur. Therefore it is better not to risk
at the time of abandon this procedure.

Is it possible to do with gv?

Not recommended, due to the fact that the components included in
The composition of the product may affect the milk of a woman.

How does bixiplast differ from keratin straightening and what
it is better?

Bixiplast is a form of keratin
straightening. The difference from the classical procedure is the lack
as part of formaldehyde. However, this affects efficiency:
bixiplasty keeps on the hair less time.

Bixiplasty and botox for hair What is the difference?

Botox is an exceptionally healthy treatment that is not
aimed at straightening hair. Bixiplasty is the same as a therapeutic
The effect has the property of making a recalcitrant mane smooth.

What is better bixiplastic or nanoplastic?

The two procedures are almost identical, the difference is
used drugs and, accordingly, the cost

What to do if hair falls out after bixiplasty?

Change care to the one that will strengthen the hair roots. Binds
hair loss in such a case with their weighting, so you need
work on strengthening the root system of curls. Help in this
can both medicinal and folk remedies.

Can bixiplasty be done after staining?

No, because paint pigments cannot penetrate the structure
hair due to keratin filling the cuticle.

Bixiplasty is another procedure
able to make a real miracle with your hair. Therefore, if you
want to get smooth and healthy curls without harm to health, then
you have to think about recording for this operation.

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