Blonde hair dyeing balayazh – photo before and after, types, how to make at home and cost in the cabin

Sometimes in the life of every woman there comes a moment when
a fickle soul is desperate for change. However, alas, far
not everyone is ready to radically change their lives. And then under attack
Hairstyle and color of the hair. Paint balayazh on
blonde hair is the perfect solution if you want to upgrade a little
image, while maintaining the naturalness and naturalness.
Balayazh on blonde hair

What is and who suits?

The content of the article:

  • What is and who suits?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Technique depending on length
  • Paint selection
  • How to do balayazh at home step by step?
  • Technique balayazh on blonde hair
  • Blond hair balayazh: before and after
  • Further care
  • How to prolong the effect of balayazh?

At present, the effect of sun-bleached hair is considered
A stylish addition to any look. That is why balayaz –
technology, which creates the most smooth and natural
the transition from darker to light tones – enjoys mad
popular. This style involves bleaching only a couple.
tones so that the result looks natural. Balayazh

Many believe that balayazh more suitable
owners of straight strands, however, and on such climbing technique
will look gorgeous.

Ladies are advised to give preference to exactly
balayazhu because light tones framing a face are capable
visually rejuvenate. Where are you going to do balayazh?

Advantages and disadvantages

Before you sign up to a master-colorist in a beauty salon,
Be sure to weigh the pros and cons. Especially if before
the hair was not painted once.


  1. Most often, fair-haired girls are not particularly proud of their
    a head of hair if only because the structure of hairs is thin, and the color
    very rarely really beautiful and eye-catching.
    Balayazh in this case will be a real salvation.
    It will not only visually create the missing volume, but also add
    brilliance – this effect is achieved by straightening the strands on
    different distances from the roots.
  2. If the hair is weakened and injured, then monotonous
    painting can damage and spoil completely. Advantage
    balayazha in this case is that the coloring matter is not
    affects the scalp (by the way, if there is an allergy to the coloring
    substance, this is another plus) and roots. Even the length of the paint
    applied only to individual strands.
  3. Long wanted to change the image a bit, but to
    cardinal transformations are not ready yet? Similar
    Technique is perfect in this case: the image will be fresh, and
    themselves as if younger, thanks to light strands near the face.



  1. Compared with painting in one tone, the performance of balayazha
    takes a lot of time regardless of length and
    thicknesses. In any case, be prepared to spend in the cabin
    from two hours and more.
  2. Since this technique is considered difficult, get
    good results at home is quite difficult.
    Therefore, it is strongly not recommended to experiment.
  3. Despite the fact that balayazh is considered benign, some
    damage to the structure is still done. Therefore, if your
    the hair is too injured and damaged, you should not worsen it
    condition, it is better to first improve the state, and then change

Technique depending on length

On short

Owners of a playful short haircut in order to
to get a beautiful play
so that the tips sticking up like a hedgehog. On short

On average

In the case of medium length, it is necessary to divide into strands and
collect each strand in the tail. The dye is applied on
grounds, and not at the tips, as in the previous paragraph. On average

For long

As for the long-haired beauties, then with them everything is
much simpler: the foil is placed under the curls, the strands are not wrapped
it, and the coloring matter is applied to the ends. For long

With and without bangs

Regardless of whether there is a bang or not, you can allow
yourself balayazh. As a rule, if the bang is short, it is all
equally not painted. With and without a bang

Paint selection

Since natural blonde hair is usually enough
thin and thin, for coloring it is necessary to choose as much as possible
sparing dyes, in the composition of which there is no ammonia.

Top 10 colors:

  • 10 place – Garnier Color & Shine.
    Manufacturers promise that the color will hold up to two months.
    Garnier Color & Shine
  • 9th place – professional tool Chi
    Ilonic, which not only paints, but also cares, and
    also restores from the inside. The main advantage is
    resilience. professional tool Chi Ilonic
  • 8th place – Wella Professionals Koleston
    Perfect. This non-ammonia paint is considered to be
    one of the most benign. Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect
  • 7th place – L’Oreal Inoa ODS2. it
    professional tool cares for hair, brightens
    about three tones, completely painting over gray hair. L’Oreal Inoa ODS2
  • 6th place – as part of Syoss Oleo Intense not
    ammonia, but there are oils that make the product
    penetrates deep into the hair and, as a result, the color becomes
    more juicy and bright. Syoss Oleo Intense
  • 5th place – Schwarzkopf Professional Igora
    Vibrance. This paint is easy to use and easy.
    washed off. The composition contains Polynesian oil and extract
    flowers Gardenia, so that the surface of the hair becomes
    more tender and smooth.
  • 4th place – L’Oreal Creme Gloss is not in vain considered
    one of the safest dyes, because its main component is
    Royal jelly that nourishes and moisturizes. L’Oreal Creme Gloss
  • The top three opens MATRIX Color Sync,
    able to create a new color, like natural light hair,
    so on previously painted without clarification. MATRIX Color Sync
  • Silver rightfully gets Matrix Socolor
    Beauty – paint that can give you the desired tone, not
    damaging the hair structure. The main feature of this line is colors,
    having a natural basis. Matrix Socolor Beauty
  • And the gold goes to Estel Sense De Luxe. This
    the dye gently stains the strands without disturbing the natural pigment, but
    the result is excellent: deep vibrant shine and tone.
    Estel Sense De Luxe

How to do balayazh at home step by step?

Materials and tools

  • glass or plastic bowl
  • flat blade
  • brushes for applying the coloring composition
  • comb with a long tail,
  • hairpins,
  • rubber bands
  • foil or food film, pre-cut into the desired
    pieces, depending on the length of the hair,
  • gloves,
  • several shades of paint
  • bed sheet and towel.

tools for highlighting

Preparatory procedures

Before proceeding directly to staining, it is necessary
conduct some training. For starters, it is recommended
get a haircut, thus removing all the hooked ends. You
You can simply cut a few centimeters, and you can update
haircut – for example, it is worth considering that on straight light curls
sometimes overflows are lost, and therefore bulk multi-layered options
look best. Therefore, give preference to the cascade if
you have long curls, or four of a kind, if you have playful short

Many people are familiar with this problem: after dyeing, the entire forehead and neck
in the dye, which is very hard to wash off. For,
To prevent this, it is recommended to lubricate these skin areas.
Vaseline or regular baby cream.


  1. Comb your hair thoroughly and divide into zones.
  2. Apply the brightest dye on the ends with a flat brush.
  3. After keeping for half an hour, rinse with warm water and dry with a hairdryer.
  4. Next, use a darker shade, put it a little higher.
    the previous one. In order to achieve a gradient, a little
    shade the border.
  5. Leave for thirty minutes and wash again.

coloring technique

Technique balayazh on blonde hair

On the square

Balajazh will make a caret a unique hairstyle, highlighting some
strands. Lightening in this case begins approximately from the earlobe.
As for locks in the temporal region, they are stained by retreating
about two to three centimeters from the roots. On the square

On blond

The main advantage of blondes is that they can
get almost any shade without lightening curls. For the rest
technique is similar and it all depends on the length. If the curls are long –
divide into strands and dye, starting from the ends. If short –
put a hedgehog. On Blonde

It would seem that blondes do not have a large selection of colors, however
far from it: if you have pearl-ash roots, then
give preference to the “hazelnut” tone. Owners
natural platinum color perfectly suit the shades of “burgund” and
“dark chocolate”.

On light blond

This color is popularly called “mouse”. Not surprising that
owners of a similar shade are trying with all his strength to somehow
to improve. On light blond

Blond hair balayazh: before and after

This technique will allow you to refresh the tired image. If a
initially a fair-haired girl can have nothing
remarkable – in the people “mouse” – a shade, then after visiting
beauty salon, its appearance will sparkle with new colors. before and after 1 before and after 2

Balayazh can not only visually rejuvenate and give
missing volume but also add a dazzling sheen and
seductive play.

Procedure cost

The exact cost of this procedure depends on many factors, in
including the length and thickness of your hair, the level of the cabin
beauty, as well as from the dye to be used. Also
Note that this is not just the clarification and
toning, then the work of the master, and even care after staining.

Average price in Russia:

  1. If you have a short haircut (up to 15 centimeters) – 6500
  2. Up to 25 centimeters – 8500 rubles.
  3. Up to 60 centimeters – 9500 rubles.
  4. From 60 centimeters – 11 500 rubles.

Further care

The first thing to do is pay attention to the carers.
facilities. From now on you should wash your hair only
specially selected shampoo and conditioner. In order not to
dry curls, you have to give up or at least limit
use of curling iron and hair dryer, as well as products with strong fixation,
including styling varnishes. Still have to think about
how to protect against temperature effects, including frost
and the scorching sun – be sure to wear hats. care

How to prolong the effect of balayazh?

If with the usual monochromatic coloring you need to visit
beauty salon on a monthly basis, in the case of balaware everything is much simpler:
in order to keep the new hairstyle as beautiful and
impeccable, as if you just came out of a beauty salon, you must
update the staining once every three to four months depending on
hair growth rate.

Care is also very important – too rough
combing, misapplication and abuse
hair dryer and iron can cause the curls to become brittle and
injured, as a result – they will begin to break off. How to prolong the effect

Naturally, on the spoiled hair the balaage will not look
as luxurious as a crumbly, smooth hair lying to
hair curls.

Balayazh is a very good option if your goal is
get the most natural and natural effect burned out
in the sun strands. Thanks to this technique, even the most
simple and inconspicuous blond and capricious blond can be turned into
stylish and luxurious hairstyle. Try to properly care for
head of hair, and then the new color will delight and delight long

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