Blondirovanie hair: the pros and cons, care hair after the procedure

Light hair color remains relevant at all times.
There are various techniques that can turn into a blonde
a girl with any initial tone of curls. One of them is
Blondie, popular technique that allows you to get beautiful
result. Blondirovanie

What it is

The content of the article:

  • What it is
  • Pros and cons of the procedure
  • Reviews
  • What type of hair is best suited for blonding,
  • Photo before and after on hair of different colors and length
  • Types of Blonde
  • Cost in a beauty salon and features of coloring
  • Popular shades
  • How to do at home: self-help technique
  • TOP 3 best paints and tools for lightening
  • How to care for hair after the procedure

Blonding is a complete bleaching.
natural pigments of hair, due to which they become light.
This is done using compounds based on hydrogen peroxide,
washing out pigments from the hair shaft. Concentration
peroxide is selected individually and depends on the type, structure and
original hair color. The final result is determined by
natural pigment and holding time of the brightening compound on
hair. Blondirovanie hair

IMPORTANT! If you have previously dyed your hair, it will render
impact on the result of the procedure. Where will you do
Blondirovanie? DomaV salon

Pros and cons of the procedure

It is worth highlighting the following advantages of the technique of blonding:

  • The procedure allows you to instantly become a blonde
    girls with any hair, even very dark.
  • Light hair color visually rejuvenates, refreshes the image and
    gives curls volume.
  • Different blonding techniques make it possible to choose
    perfect option.

Advantages and disadvantages

As for the minuses, you need to consider that the full
lightening is always stress for the hair. If strands
damaged and weakened, the procedure can have on them extremely
Negative influence. If the hair was previously dyed, the result
may not be as expected.


Reviews from the popular resource

What type of hair is best suited for blonding,

The best procedure is for girls with unpainted
hair in good condition. If you provide
proper care, the procedure will not spoil them. But you need to take into account
Contraindications to blonding:

  • If the hair is severely damaged and weakened, you should do it.
    restoration, and only then change the color.
  • If you did a perm, wait at least a couple
  • Not recommended staining to those who dyed hair with henna or
    Basma. The result in this case can be unpredictable.

What type of hair is best suited for blonding procedure

ATTENTION! Before you decide on staining,
you need to make sure that there are no wounds on the scalp, psoriasis and others
defects, and allergy to the dye is missing.

Photo before and after on hair of different colors and length

Consider what blonde women look like on girls with
different length and shade of curls.

On dark hair

Blondeing dark hair is a complex process. If needed
get in ashy blond, the procedure will have to perform
repeatedly. Looks beautiful on brunettes classic
brightening to get a natural golden hue
strands. With a radical clarification of the curls will play the brightest and
light tones blond, but this procedure is best carried out in the cabin.
On dark hair

Light brown

Light brown hair is comfortable to work with, as their pigment
light on its own. Usually in this case is used
gentle classic blonding with paint.
In Blonde

On short

Owners of short haircuts convenient to transform into a blond,
as hair does not split, and it is easier to look after them.
Beautiful option – coloring individual strands in shades
ashen. It helps to add hair volume and
visually reset a few years. On short

Medium length hair

The average length is universal, and it can be performed as
radical clarification, and slight blonding of individual
pryadok It is necessary to select tones taking into account the color type of the girl.
On medium hair

Long hair

On long hair any technique will look beautiful. Need to
only consider that their clarification is a long and complicated process, and
better to entrust him to a professional. For long hair

Types of Blonde

There are several popular blonding techniques. They
differ depending on the final result, since for
Someone clarification – an intermediate procedure, not the final


In this case, the strands are lightened in several shades.
Can be used for this paint or special brightening
formulations. Then strands are tinted to obtain the necessary
result. The technique is suitable for girls with light and blond
hair If it is performed on a brunette or brown-haired woman, but
There will be no radical change. But when blonding
dark strands make beautiful warm natural tones.


With a radical blond hair completely discolored.
This makes it possible to achieve the brightest variations of the blond.
The technique is suitable for girls with healthy hair. To on
did not spoil them, proper care after the procedure is important. Radical


Such staining mimics the effect of natural burnout.
strands in the sun. Thanks to the creation of curls barely noticeable
Transitions hairstyle looks more stylish and volumetric.
The technique is performed without the use of foil. Californian


With this technique, the hair is wound on special
laces, then the solution is applied to them for clarification. AT
As a result, you can achieve a very beautiful natural shade.

Scandinavian point

The difference of this technique is that at the roots of the strand remain more
dark, but at the tips gradually brighten. It is important that
the transition was as smooth as possible, and the shades used
natural. Scandinavian Point

Zigzag Technique

The technique is similar to the “cord”, but in this case
hair curlers of various diameters are used. First strand in
staggered on them, then applied to them
brightening solutions of darker and lighter tones. Eventually
Awesome modulations are obtained. zig

Platinum Blonde (Platyphys)

This option is suitable for those who want to become platinum
blonde Consider that this shade is suitable for girls,
having light skin and blue eyes. But here are the ladies with warm
Appearance dark hair and dark skin from platinum blonde
should be discarded in favor of more natural tones. Platinum Blonde (Platyphys)


The peculiarity of the technology is that separate hairs are created
glare. This is achieved by using powdered
dye with the addition of liquid toner. Strainer

With the effect of regrown roots

Girls who want to become blonde, but do not want to constantly
tint the roots, can leave them darkened. Is created
smooth transition that allows you to keep the beauty of hair
least natural regrowth of the roots. With the effect of regrown roots

Cost in a beauty salon and features of coloring

Blonding procedure is recommended to do in the cabin. Master
will select the most sparing dyes and optimal technique

Prices for hair of different lengths

The cost of blonding varies by region. It can change in
depending on the length of hair:

  • short hair – 500-3 000 rubles;
  • average length – 700-3 500 rubles;
  • long hair – 1 000-5 000 rubles.

Prices from the popular resource https: //

How long is the procedure?

Blondirovanie takes at least 1.5 hours. it
also depends on the length of the strands, their structure, the source and the desired

How often to repeat

It is necessary to update staining as it grows
roots. When it comes to blondes with blackout
roots, you can do the procedure every few months. Average
It is necessary to visit the master every two months. How often to repeat

Popular shades

The most relevant blondes are as follows:

  • Honey. Natural warm color with golden
    shimmering, suitable for girls with almost any appearance.
  • Pearl. Hue gives beautiful curls
    modulations and refreshing appearance. Especially he fits
    owners of blond hair and skin. Pearl
  • Wheat Warm tone, suitable for any ladies
    age Wheat

Also relevant is the use of platinum and caramel shades.
When choosing a color you need to consider the features of appearance: shade
skin and eyes.

How to do at home: self-help technique

Blondirovanie hair is better to do in the salon. But subject to
All the rules and features of technology clarification is possible and
home conditions.

How to prepare the hair for the procedure

Lightening is best done on unwashed hair. Sebum
creates a film on the scalp that protects the strands from
damage and will enable the dye to gain a better foothold.
Pre-recommended to trim the tips. Choosing
dye, do a sensitivity test and make sure
that it does not cause an allergic reaction. at home

What tools are needed

For homemade blonde needs to prepare

  • brightening composition;
  • cape or towel;
  • gloves;
  • coloring brush;
  • comb, better with large teeth;
  • clarifier tank.

tools for highlighting

Blonding technique: step by step instructions

Dye your hair in the following order:

  • First you need to prepare the chemical composition.
    The oxidizing agent is mixed with the dye.
  • Shoulders need to be covered with a towel, wear gloves, neck,
    Whiskey and forehead smeared with fat cream or petroleum jelly to
    prevent the dye from getting on them.
  • Two thirds of the composition with a brush are applied to the curls,
    starting from the occipital lower strands and smoothly moving to
    top of the head. From the roots is to retreat 2-3 centimeters.
  • It is necessary to wait until the paint is absorbed.
    If the strands were initially light enough, just keep
    its 15 minutes, if dark – not less than half an hour.
  • After that, the remaining clarifier must be applied to
    plots near the roots and leave for 10-20 minutes.
  • After the required time, the dye must be washed off.
    and dry the hair.


If you want to get another shade, then after discoloration
toning is done.

TOP 3 best paints and tools for lightening

That the procedure of blonding gave the desired result and not
ruined hair, you must use good quality

The composition of paints for blonding

To change the hair pigment in the paint includes
hydrogen peroxide and blondorado. Their percentage is determined by the desired
color. One procedure makes it possible to lighten strands on
several tones. If the hair is dark, it will take several


German blonding paint Vellaton suitable for hair
of any type and ensures their high-quality clarification from the first
times. To protect the strands from aggressive effects in the composition
the dye includes useful ingredients, and the kit includes a serum
with provitamin B5. Dye makes it possible to paint over gray hair and
gives lasting results. At one time you can lighten the curls on 4-5
tones. The cost of the clarifier is about 300 rubles.

Blonding paste from Revlon professional

Revlon professional blonde has a consistency
on ordinary dyes. The composition includes caring oils and small
the amount of ammonia. The paste is able to lighten both natural and
dyed strands. Thanks to a pasty consistence
means is conveniently put. The price starts from 200 rubles.
Blonding paste from Revlon professional

Hair dye Indola Blonde Expert

Permanent dye, providing high-quality and careful
clarification. The series includes various shades. Lightening
tones allow you to change the shade to four tones. Pastel series
allows you to get a variety of blond tones. Dyes can
mix with each other. Due to the minimum amount of ammonia in
composition staining affects the hair as gentle as possible
in a way. The average price of the dye is 220 rubles.
Hair dye Indola Blonde Expert

How to care for hair after the procedure

Blonding procedure is a serious stress for hair. To
to restore strands, you need to ensure they are properly cared for.
Follow these guidelines:

  • Need to pick a good series of care products.
    bleached hair.
  • Shampoo should be used soft. Hair
    wash with warm, not hot water.
  • Make nourishing and regenerating
  • Try to minimize the use of a hair dryer, pletholes,
    irons and other thermal instruments.
  • You can use special means to neutralize
    yellow undertone.

Hair bleeding is the right solution for those
dreams of reincarnating in the blonde. This is not the most gentle
procedure, so it is better to entrust it to a professional master. AT
further it is important to adhere to all the rules of care

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