Blue and white clay for hair

white clay for hairClay –
it is one of the wonders of nature that allows a woman to stay
young and beautiful. It can reduce the appearance of acne,
tighten skin, get rid of cellulite and make strong hair.
The most popular is blue clay for hair. It includes
iron, magnesium, calcium, aluminum and other beneficial substances,
that strengthen the hair follicle and help prevent
hair loss, as well as eliminate dandruff.

Green clay for hair is considered the most curative. It contains
large amounts of iron, zinc, silver, calcium, magnesium and others
substances that contribute to the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands.
Green clay masks are better suited to those whose hair is prone to
oily or enlarged pores.

Pink clay for hair is obtained by mixing white and
red clay. Masks with this clay are better suited for dry

White clay for hair is better suited to those who are damaged.
Kaolinite contained in it produces lecithin, which in its
queue is able to restore damaged cells.

The black hair mask is better suited for dry hair.
hair with split ends. It consists of iron, strontium,
quartz, magnesium and other useful elements. Black clay also
perfectly fights cellulite.

Mode of application

Whatever the masks, they will in any case be positive
impact. You should know a few rules when using and
cooking masks. The water that is used for the mask is not
must exceed 37 ° C, otherwise most of its useful properties
The mask should not dry out on the head, for this it should
polyethylene wrap, and then insulate. Keep as long as possible
but not less than 20 minutes.

The mask is applied to clean, slightly damp hair.

Masks can be made with the help of a decoction, but here you need to have the most
choose which herbs are best for a particular hair.

After applying the mask it is better to do a small massage of the head, this
will increase the effect of the action.


What kind of masks use such a wonderful ingredient as blue?
clay for hair? Various! The range of application of this wonderful means
so wide that it is difficult to recount what useful ingredients can
add to masks.

The amount of clay is taken depending on the length of the hair. But
if you take the average length (shoulder length), then 2 tablespoons
blue clay mixed with a tablespoon of freshly squeezed
lemon juice, a tablespoon of liquid honey (it is better to use
acacia honey) and egg yolk. Mix everything, add water or
decoction of herbs and apply on the scalp.

blueTo grow quickly
luxurious mane mixed with a tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil, tea
spoon of liquid honey (if it is candied, you can melt it in
microwave or water bath), egg yolk and two dining rooms
spoons of yellow clay.

Of course, the effect of the mineral on the mask does not stop. Him
actively used for rinsing and washing the head, apply
inside, but you need to know, of course, what diseases are required to be treated or
what substances are missing in the body. In order to rinse
hair, you need to dissolve a tablespoon of powder in half a liter of water and
rinse them. Wash off the solution from the head not earlier than in 20

As a shampoo, a useful mineral is also used. He is great
eliminates dirt and excess fat. Three tablespoons of powder
mixed with four tablespoons of vinegar and four
tablespoons of pure water. The composition is applied to the hair, after
what you want to massage your head for 10 minutes. Wash off all
need warm water without shampoo, but if necessary, better
use balm. This mask perfectly dries hair and
eliminates greasy shine.

To cure hair, you need to do these procedures.
constantly, and not to forget at the first signs of positive
results. Such a healing mineral, like clay, will give a head of hair
brilliance and health, which will not give any advertised shampoo
or balm.

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