Bob and bob – trend of trendy haircuts in 2016 year

fashionable hairstylesIn 2016 in the world
fashion still demand bob and bob, striking their
variety and beauty. These styles are great for women.
of any age, why they are so popular by
the whole world. Current stylists are constantly improving their skills.
and in the current year, fashionable women have been given new options for such
famous hairstyles like square, bob, and also bob-square. Choosing fashion
hairstyles of the styles mentioned, any woman can easily
to turn from a fatal lady into a romantic yoke, and vice versa.

Short hairstyle with bangs

The option of a short car in combination with clearly traced
geometric lines are perfect for women with straight lines
hair This is the perfect look for fashionable hairstyles for women who have time.
and necessary knowledge for proper hair care, as well
able to achieve perfect smoothness and brilliance. The same who is not
likes clear straight bangs, you can advise her to profile or
completely abandon it.

In 2016 for a short square bangs are characteristic slightly higher
eyebrows or on the same line with them.

Lovers of avant-garde style can experiment and
lower the bang a little below this line to cover the hair
eyebrows or even eyes.

Owners of slightly curly curls short bob haircut
will also be to face. To give more volume you can
use curlers and hairdryer. The most relevant today
day option where straight bangs and perfectly smooth
radical areas of hair are combined with curly ends.

Ideally, to give this look a short haircut is necessary
use long-term styling, but if not enough
time, you can do a simple bio-perm. So fashionable
hairstyle, like a square to the shoulders, allows you to vary the image. Hair
can be leveled using a special iron, but you can, on the contrary,
let them curl. Each time the image will be relevant in its own way.

Short bob cut on straight and curly hair without

The collection of fashionable haircuts and hairstyles of 2016 will be incomplete without
short square on straight hair without a bang. Today is also relevant
option long bangs that fit on its side.

A well-straightened look can give your haircut a special style.
tips of curls that emphasize the outlines of the face. Definition
lines is achieved using a modeling gel. Usually,
make such an option laying at home is enough
problematic, so we recommend to contact the salon.

The salon master will not only help you to style your hair, but also
and make a choice of your individual style. For example, today
many women are encouraged to complement hairstyle with light negligence
– grunge style. You can also experiment in
retro direction. After all, car was very fashionable haircut in the 20s and
60s of the last century.

Short car on curly or artificially curled curls
looks no less impressive than on the straight. This option is laying
rightfully belongs to the category of fashionable hairstyles and haircuts of 2016
due to its elegance and the lightness inherent in this style

fashionable hairstylesStylists advise
combine this haircut with careless styling using
hair dryer or a special tool that models curls. Also on
short cut you can try the last hit of the season – smooth
hair at the root and beautiful curls at the tips.

Textured and graded short caret

In 2016, a very popular and fashionable style becomes
textured or graded short car. These types of haircuts
visually increase the volume of hair, so are ideal for
fat women.

Graduated car – haircut, in which all the hair of the same length.
The effect of graduation is created by the cascade technique.
Texturing is attached to the curls with a special tool and
creates the effect of “multi-layer”, which is particularly well suited
owners of thick hair. And sparse hair visually
become thicker and lush even without special

Graded and textured haircuts are the best choice for
women who have little time for careful styling and
many hours of care for the hair. This season is a special peak –
creating the effect of “artistic clutter”. Exactly
Textured hair helps achieve a better “effect.”
freedom. ”

In 2016, fashionable women who love original and creative ideas
Fashionable hairstyles, you can use a variety of short

One of the main highlights in 2016 careers is thin strands,
that hover slightly above the clearly traced haircut line.
Any square, even, at first glance, the simplest, decorated with such
styling, immediately becomes something extravagant and original.
Avant-garde ladies can paint the strands in bright colors,
that will give hairstyle individuality and the necessary young girl

Do not be afraid to ask your stylist about the rules of styling and
care for this hairstyle, because he can show you the most
right direction. How to make strands, how long should
to be curled which styling product is best suited
your hair – all these questions can be answered only from

Soft bob and bob

fashionable hairstylesBob haircut can
look different. Texturedness allows to give
This type of hairstyle many options. Today sophistication and
Bob hairstyle is achieved by highlighting the strands,
grading them or a combination of curly and straight hair.

The collection of fashionable hairstyles in 2016 and refills the bob-caret with
slightly elongated strands at the side. It gives the haircut the necessary
sometimes soft contours. Greater effect can be achieved thanks to
asymmetrical strands. Although laying here plays a big role,
It must be remembered that the “artistic mess” in the hairstyle
bob-car looks natural and fashionable.

It can be concluded that lovers of short squares and bob-squares
in 2016, lucky. Many varieties of these haircuts
provides a breadth of choice. Any fashionista can choose a hairstyle
on the basis of a square or bob-square to your liking.

In addition, in 2016 a new round of relevance comes for
retro hairstyles. Stylists refer to the trends of the eighties,
when at the height of fashion hairstyles in the style of “punk” or in the style
Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe. The emergence of such “old new”
trends suggests that next year women will face a new
a wave of fashionable hairstyles that are prepared by the best stylists of the whole world.
Many of the fashionable haircuts and hairstyles of 2016 today
refer to these trends. After all, the main trend of modern fashion
– it is an individuality and style, so a woman today has
the ability to choose any hairstyle, and the task of the stylist becomes
Give this hairstyle modern sound and relevance.

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