Body proportionality ratio: perfect – not always beautiful

The standards of beauty of the female body have changed from generation to
generation. Today, the parameters of the ideal figure are expressed in numbers
90 \ 60 \ 90. However, not all the fair sex
it is possible to achieve such parameters, and not everyone needs it. Proportions
bodies can not be the same for all women, primarily because
that there is such a thing as a body constitution given to us
by nature. What are the body types and how to determine
how perfect are the proportions of your body, we will describe later in


  • Venus de Milo as a model of perfect body proportions
  • Model, goddess or fat woman: three body types
    of women
  • How to calculate body proportions

Venus de Milo as a model of perfect body proportions

For centuries, people of science puzzled over
deduction of the formula of the ideal parameters of the human body. AT
As a result, the ideal of female beauty began to be considered ancient Greek
the goddess Venus de Milo, and the male goddess Apollo of Belvedere. With
creating statues depicting these gods, sculptors carefully
complied with scientists calculated the ideal proportions of the body.

Thus, for those times, the following were considered ideal.

  • the head should have been 1/7 of the height of the person;
  • legs – 1/6 part of height;
  • wrist – 1/10 part of height.

The central point of the human body in proportion
the ratio was supposed to be the navel.

As for the Venus de Milo, the growth of the goddess was 164
cm, chest volume – 86 cm, waist volume – 69 cm, and hip volume – 93
see. It should be noted that many people still believe
similar proportions of the female body perfect. Here that is called
a matter of taste.

Model, goddess or fat woman: three body types
of women

In medicine, to determine the type of human constitution
usually use the method of MV Chernorutsky.

To establish one or another type of human body
it is necessary to calculate the Pigne Index (PI). For this you need to know the growth
human (L, cm), its weight (P, kg), as well as the chest circumference
cells (T, cm). Pine index can be determined by the formula: PI = L –
(P + T).

If the value of PI is above 30 people has asthenic
physique (hyposthenic or astenik). If PI varies from 10 to
30, it speaks of a normal build (normostenik). When sp
below 10, you have a pyknic body type

Three body types: asthenic, normostenic, hyperstenic.

Using the definition of the type of human constitution can be calculated
its optimal weight and establish the degree of need for correction

Asthenic or thin bone form.

Owners of such a body look elegant. Astenik Movements
graceful and feminine. The ease of their gait persists to the very
old age. It is girls with asthenic body that prevail on

External signs of hyposthenics:

  • long legs and arms;
  • thin elongated fingers;
  • narrow and long feet;
  • thin and elongated neck;
  • lack of muscle mass.

Girls with this type of physique are rarely prone to
fullness, always energetic and mobile.

Normostenic or normostatic type.

This type is considered ideal, since all parts of the body look
proportionally and harmoniously. This proportional type allows
women look great in any dress.

External signs of normostenik:

  • medium height;
  • proportional figure;
  • slender strong legs;
  • wasp waist.

Hypersthenic or wide bone.

Hypersthenic appearance is the opposite of asthenic
physique. Owners of such a constitution have transverse magnitudes.
bodies enlarged: chest, shoulders and hip bone
pretty wide. The thickened bone system is heavy.

External features of hypersthenics:

  • low or medium height;
  • soft and round body;
  • pronounced body fat;
  • spreading torso with a large belly;
  • a large round head with a flat contour of the crown;
  • short massive neck;
  • slightly short legs.

People with a large bone build are prone to being overweight.

Change the body can only partially in early childhood
age through certain types of workouts. Body type
an adult cannot be changed. Type of constitution like
usually persists until old age.

To find out what type your physique is,
enough to equip with a measuring tape and measure the circumference
wrists. If it is less than 16 cm, then you are the owner
asthenic physique, wrist circumference from 16 to 18.5
cm – a sign of the normal bone type, if this parameter has reached
marks of 18.5 cm, then you have a hyperstenic physique

How to calculate body proportions

Knowing the length of a person’s body while standing and sitting, one can
calculate the proportionality coefficient of the body by the following

KP = ((L1 – L2) / 2) x 100, where L1 – body length in position
standing, L2 is the length of the body in a sitting position.

Normally, KP = 87% in women and 92% in men.

Now consider all the parameters of all parts of the female body

Growth is an uncorrectable parameter, which is most often taken
as a basis for calculating body proportions. Perfect for girls
a height of 166 – 170 cm is considered. Who has this indicator is lower, height
considered to be below average, who is above – growth above average. To the data
numbers are allowed to add or deduct 2 cm, which is quite
Corresponds to the proportions.

Legs. Their length with perfect growth should be 4 – 6 cm
more than half the body. For example, with a height of 170 cm is ideal
foot length should be approximately 90 cm (measured foot length
usually from protruding femur).

In addition, there is a special index characterizing the length
feet. It is called the skeleton index or the Manuvrie index.

I = (leg length / height sitting) x 100

If the index value does not reach 84.9, then the legs
a bit short. When the index value is from 85 to 89, we can talk about
medium legs. Well, if the index is 90 or higher, it’s about
leggy man.

Neck, wrist and waist. An important parameter are also
volumes. Correct body proportion implies volume ratio
waist to neck volume as 2: 1, whereas neck volume should be equal
2 wrist volumes. And so that the body is considered proportional
the ratio of waist and hips should be 0, 7.

Waist circumference is calculated simply: you need the height of growth
subtract 100.

The table below shows the parameters of the ideal waist in
depending on growth.

Height (cm) Waist circumference (cm)
148-150 55
151-152 56
153-154 57
155-156 58
157-158 59
159-160 60
161 -162 61
163 -164 62
165 -166 63
167 -168 64
169-170 65
171 -172 66
173 -174 67
175 -176 68
177-178 69
179-180 70
181-182 71
183-184 72
185-186 73
187-188 74
189-190 75


Rib cage. If the calculation of the proportionality of the body to take
circumference is the basis, then the circumference of the girls is considered an ideal
chest equal to half of its growth and plus 2.5 cm.
The ideal bust circumference is considered to be if the chest circumference
cells add 8 – 10 cm.

In pure form, all of these types of constitution are found
seldom. For many people, they are combined: upper body
It belongs to one type, and the lower to another, and so on. But this is not
means that lack of proportionality can make people
ugly and unattractive. The deviation from the proportions of this and
There is a secret of uniqueness and individuality.

The phenotypic constitution is important not so much for external
attractiveness how much for health and general well-being
person Body type is inherited from parents to
children, determining their inclinations and predispositions.
Awareness of the characteristics of their physique allows
choose an effective diet for the purpose of losing weight or treatments
of a disease.

Online proportionality calculator
body. The norm of body proportionality for this

  • for women from 54 to 62;
  • for men – from 46 to 52.


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