Boost up – basal hair volume, pluses and minuses

Regular styling is time consuming and application
thermal tools worsens the condition of the hair. In the end, they
thin, become dry, lose volume. Modern
cosmetic industry offers a way out. This is a boost up service.
an), allowing to increase the volume of hair at the roots and lower by several

What is boost up?

The content of the article:

  • What is boost up?
  • History of creation
  • Who is the procedure suitable for?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Result, consequences
  • How, what and how much time is done bustup
  • Can I do at home
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Prices in Moscow salons
  • Reviews
  • Similar procedures
  • Frequently asked Questions

Boost up means perm hair curling
with the help of chemical composition. It gives a rather lush
long-term volume, allowing for a long time to forget about bulk styling
and woolly (for four to six months).

The essence of the procedure is the simultaneous treatment of hair.
chemical means and shirring with special tools.
Substances are applied only to the hair, and the corrugation is not bright
pronounced, giving the root volume.

History of creation

The creator of this procedure is our
compatriot. Know-how belongs to St. Petersburg Elena
Glinka. It happened quite recently, in 2014, but for
these few years the procedure has become known and popular with clients
salons thanks to its merits.

Boost up its march in the country began with the Far Eastern regions
and in a few months covered the whole territory. Wide
events related to this service (workshops and
etc.). Due to the innovation of the service, there is still no definitive about it.
opinions. Now and then there are conflicting statements and
discussions among hairdressing professionals,
bloggers, salon clients.

Who is the procedure suitable for?

Primarily for owners of thin and weak or
sparse hair, for naughty ones (which do not hold a long perm,
combing, styling) or fast fattening. Needed and so by
a small head (for equalization of proportionality).

But overall, Boost Up is considered universal and allows
get long-term volume without resorting to using pests
hair tools and tools. However, to keep the result
For a long time, it is important to provide the right care.

Advantages and disadvantages

Why is boost up actively gaining popularity and does it have
minuses? Like any other cosmetic procedure, it has
its features and not all of them are positive.

The advantages include:

After the procedure creates a long-term volume

  • Hair is a little dry, so you can wash them less often (this
    especially appreciated by owners of greasy hair).
  • No more everyday (though not for everyone, but for some
    This is exactly the case) need to do styling, enough drying
    hair dryer and voluminous hair is ready.
  • Persistence that does not depend on the vagaries of weather is also valuable (in
    difference from varnish, for example, or curlers on curlers). Volume
    persists even in the rain, under a hat or after spending the night at a party (you
    you will look great in the morning and without styling).
  • Hairstyle looks more thick and lush, this showiness
    Especially relevant for thin hair and short hairstyles. Also
    volume gives balance to the overall visual geometry of the body when
    small head size.
  • Versatility is one of the most appreciated by fans.
    this technology characteristics. Boost up fits girls with any
    the type and length of hair (there are some limitations, but they
    ambiguous, so this fact in the statistics can

The downsides are:

  • The difficulty of finding a highly qualified master (since
    This hair extension technique is know-how,
    not everyone can do it properly, and
    Chance to fall into the hands of a homegrown specialist). From the master
    depends on the subsequent health of the hair. Failure of technology
    or the use of substandard materials and tools may
    start falling out or breakage.
  • The cost of the procedure is not affordable for everyone, especially considering not
    such a long duration of the bustap effect. Herself
    the procedure is not quick, you have to sit in the cabin a few
  • If the effect is not liked, redo the procedure
    you can’t, you’ll have to use anti-bustup
    fraught with fragility and hair loss.
  • For short strands can not be done, the length of the hair should not be
    less than fifteen centimeters.
  • Bustapny effect can be strongly expressed, therefore to achieve
    natural styling will be difficult. Some hair becomes
    dry and confused, and when the roots grow, a difference appears and this
    looks unnatural.

Result, consequences

First of all, boost up is suitable for owners of the weak and
sparse hair. In the case of thick and heavy hair, boost up is good only
with a short length. The procedure is considered universal, but especially
appreciated by girls with thin hair, devoid of volume. Not
It is recommended to boost up girls with very short and very
long hair.

How, what and how much time is done bustup

Before carrying out boost the head wash and dry. Then strands of hair
screwed on special studs that allow you to create a volumetric
Effect. While the top strands remain straight, the volume will be
be created at the expense of the lower strands twisted on the pins.

The top row of hair acts as a facade covering the lower
corrugated rows. For curling hair applies a special
composition that is applied to the root zone and along the hair. On
in the final stage, the head is washed and dried. The duration of the procedure, in
including, depends on the quickness of the master and is approximately equal to
four o’clock.

How often do you need to do the procedure and how much is kept

Since the effect of the procedure is considered relatively long-term.
(four to six months), it belongs to the category not often
repeatable. Boost up can be done three times a year
if you do not resort to anti-boosting (we are talking about a partial correction
regrown hair).

With full correction (with anti-boost), the frequency should not
exceed two times a year. More frequent repetition
partial and full boost up is not recommended to avoid
brittleness, dryness and hair loss.

How much is the procedure done

At first, of course, the volume will be full and hold on beautifully.
But when his hair grows more than three centimeters, he will fall off
roots, and the side zones will remain voluminous. Corrugated by that moment
straighten a little, and will be quite organically combined with the grown
straight hair. When the hair grows even longer, it makes a big difference.
will not be, but since it is individually, if it is still
essential, you can spend anti-bustap.

The full correction of bustap consists of two stages. Originally
equalizes the difference between regrown and busted hair
and then the procedure is repeated. Partial correction
preliminary straightening does not provide, therefore
preferably a more damaging two-step hair.

Can I do at home

No matter how much you want to increase the volume of hair in the home
conditions, it is impossible, since Boost refers to
the category of salon procedures that can not be repeated
houses. To perform them requires a special composition
tool kit, knowledge and experience.

Unfortunately, such services are provided at home.
unskilled craftsmen and this can be expensive in terms of
unpleasant consequences, one of which is hair loss, so
that you should not be tempted by low cost and other

Best tools

There are different types of compositions for boosting up from different
manufacturers. There are several that are considered the best. They lead in
top most used.

  • The most positive component of the Paul Mitchell Acid product
    Wave is a natural protein, similar in structure to cysteine,
    significantly reduces the negative effects on the skin of the rest
  • Paul Mitchell contains such beneficial substances.
    for hair like keratin, cystamine, propolis. It is also valued for
    lack of ammonia.
  • JoicoK-PAKWaves has a beneficial effect on hair and
    skin neutral pH and thioglycolic acid
    restores hair structure.

Hair care after the procedure

Even after sleep, hair after boosting up will be enough to comb,
and they will look like after styling. Combs not recommended
with a frequent comb, so as not to pull out and not to injure the hair.
It is advisable to avoid hairstyles that damage hair (tail,
studs, strongly tightening clamps) and pulling them.

Washing the hair after the procedure remains the same, you can not even
change the usual shampoo, conditioner, balm and other carers
for hair means. Since the composition for the volume dries the hair,
owners of Boost UP will have to nourish and moisturize the hair, causing
them not only along the entire length, but also directly to the roots.

Long-term volume is done to get rid of everyday
styling, however, if the hairstyle involves the use of curling, hair dryer
or curlers, it is not contraindicated, but should not be abused,
So as not to harm the hair and not worsen the effect of Boost Up. Facilities
hair styling can be used only after a few days.

How to remove boost up

Those who for some reason would like to return the hair to the former
condition, can do it with anti-boost up. More often
the cause is an unsatisfactory result. It is possible if
performed by non-professionals and poor-quality tools. For his
performance also requires high qualification of the master.

Special solutions are used to remove the bustap effect.
which are applied along the entire length and washed off in half an hour. Also
lamination can be carried out. But it can hurt the hair.

Straightening does not hurt only healthy hair, but if
condition before the bustap was only satisfactory, then
it’s better not to risk, otherwise the situation will get worse. At home
conditions get rid of this effect will not work.

Prices in Moscow salons

The cost of the Boost Up service (boost up), giving the root volume
hair, in Moscow and other regions varies. Besides this
the procedure will cost each of the fair sex in
a different amount, as it depends on its hair length. 1500 rubles
(short), 2500 rubles (average), 3500 rubles (long), 4500
rubles (more than forty centimeters).

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Similar procedures

Naturally, Boost is not the only cosmetic procedure.
Of a kind, having a long-term effect.

There are several similar end results with boost up
ways to increase the volume of hair. But they are technology
certainly different.

  • Buffant method requires for holding soft hair curlers with velcro
    and special fixative composition. It keeps less, but
    with the growth of roots does not give a significant difference.
  • For carrying out a corrugation special irons are required. They
    allow you to process hair along the entire length, including near
    roots, providing a temporary volume that, however, does not hold
    long. This method will perform at home.
  • The basis of fleeing laid fixing property of plant
    substances. The tool lasts half an hour, then washed off. It gives
    smaller volume, but more secure.

Frequently asked Questions

Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask

What is the difference between boost up and buffering?

Boost Up and Bouffant have a similar effect. These are two different ways.
create hair volume. Both provide both pretty
volumetric styling, but the second is somewhat inferior to the first
sense. Both are safe for hair. Differ in time
events Boost Up is done in about four hours, in
difference from the three-hour Bouffant. The end result is different in
visual aspect.

When Boost up, at first all twisted strands are visible, and
Buffant looks more natural. Compositions for both
the techniques are different, but both are relatively safe for hair,
although they can, if improperly performed, cause dryness and brittleness
hair, lack of live shine, “mess” on the head when not
combed out. Any traumatic hair is also contraindicated.

Can I do the procedure during pregnancy?

Since the booster technique does not involve the use of harmful
chemicals, and some formulations contain altogether
predominantly herbal ingredients then categorical
there is no prohibition by experts on this procedure.
It will not bring benefit, of course, but it will not do any harm either, so
here it’s more a psychological perception of this
cosmetic services most pregnant. To do or not, should
decide the woman herself, waiting for the baby.

Can I make up after the procedure?

Hair coloring is not prohibited, but do not abuse it.
the frequency of color change in this case, since it undermines the state
already exposed to chemical exposure to hair. Experts
It is recommended to paint them only after waiting for a certain
“recovery” period, namely, after about two or three
weeks after the procedure.

In addition, the composition used in Boost can chemically
react with paint components, resulting in a shade result
may not be the one that should be. Upon expiration
waiting period, you can use any coloring tools
(except for vegetable).

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