Boric Acid Application for Acne

Boric acid for acne is quite effective
means, although it requires patience, since the action is not manifested
right away Based on it, a considerable amount of money is made,
that help get rid of and prevent further occurrence


  • Indications for use
  • How does boric solution work?
  • How to apply boric alcohol?
  • Contraindications

Indications for use

Various flaws caused by temporary inflammation of the skin
covers can be the causes of complex and spoiled
moods. In order to conduct their active elimination, first
All you need to find out the main cause of acne. Often
problems go much deeper and treatment is required
directly internal violations.

In cases where acne appears on the skin due to
malfunction of the sebaceous glands, good external help
impact. The presence of black dots is an indication for
use of boron solution. However, do not expect too much
quick effect. This option is only possible for those people
who agree to use the drug for a long time to
cleanse your skin almost forever. In case of emergency
when you need to get rid of a single acne, it is better to use
by other means.

How does boric solution work?

Boric solution has a weak acidity, for this reason
in modern medicine it is practically not used. But such is his
property can come in handy for those who suffer from problem

Due to its antiseptic properties of boric alcohol in the first
the queue disinfects the area on which it is applied. Also he
exerts its effect on many pathogens that
are the primary causes of rashes.

In the early days, using boric alcohol for acne can be detected
that the overall condition of the skin has only worsened. Not worth it in advance
to panic. This cleans the skin.
The tool penetrates to sufficiently deep layers of the dermis. There
a reaction occurs due to which the sebaceous ducts begin
actively remove pollution. Outwardly, this is manifested by new
inflammations that quickly pass and will not leave after
self traces.

Cleansing the ducts of the sebaceous glands, boric acid burns out a pimple
from the inside. This is a guarantee that new defects will not be
form further, especially if you do not ignore
hygienic and preventive procedures.

How to apply boric alcohol?

Virtually every pharmacy can find this tool, and it is worth
it is inexpensive. In order to get an excellent result and not
harm the skin, it is best to use boric alcohol from acne on
night. Enough to prevent side effects
its only once a day. Night time is most appropriate, since
there is a process of skin regeneration, and therefore, the effect of the drug
will be one hundred percent.

If you want to speed up the process, you can try
wipe the affected areas in the morning, however, during the day
It will take several times to further moisturize the skin, since
The composition is alcohol.

It is best to use a dotted solution. If affected
the area is too large, you can try to wipe your face
completely, but do it exclusively before going to bed or whether
a case where you do not have to go out. Procedures must
be performed regularly until all the inflamed

For people with normal and sensitive skin type costs
limit the use of boric alcohol. If there is such
need, it is better to apply directly on the acne.

Positive changes manifest in each case.
individually. On average about 10-14 days after
start of the course of treatment. When the desired result is achieved, you can
stop daily rubbing. Enough for prevention
use boric acid 1-2 times a week. The remedy does not cause
addiction, which means there is no likelihood that acne will resume after
termination procedures.


Boric alcohol has some contraindications because of its
toxicity, which occurs when ingested or abundant
of use.

Since the drug is difficult to remove, it should not
use people with impaired kidney activity. Also worth
consider individual intolerance.

Boric acid can not be used by women in the period
gestation, as well as during lactation. Do not apply
means to children under 12 years.

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