Botox for hair: a review of 8 professional remedies and homemade recipes

Women are ready for much to return the natural curls
strength and brilliance. One of the modern procedures that can
improve the state of shawl is botox for

Professional Botox Remedy

In this article, consider what kind of procedure
most popular salon tools
appliances, as well as homemade recipes.

  • 1 What is botox for hair?
  • 2 Pros and cons
  • 3 Indications and Contraindications
  • 4 Materials and tools
  • 5 How to make botox for hair
    • 5.1 Preparation
    • 5.2 Instructions for cold mode
    • 5.3 Hot Method
  • 6 Consequences of technology disruption
  • 7 Review of funds
    • 7.1 Fiberceutic by Loreal Professional
    • 7.2 N brash botox capilar from Honma Tokyo
    • 7.3 Kallos hair botox
    • 7.4 Kashmir keratin hair system
    • 7.5 Ampoules of Magic efecto botox from Tahe cosmetics
    • 7.6 Inoar
    • 7.7 Felps
    • 7.8 Estelle
  • 8 Botox for hair at home or in the salon
    • 8.1 How is botox done for hair in the salon?
    • 8.2 Botox at home
    • 8.3 Botox at home or in the cabin
    • 8.4 Botox homemade without harmful ingredients
    • 8.5 Professional products for botox hair at home
  • 9 Masks with the effect of Botox folk recipes
    • 9.1 Based on green tea and gelatin
    • 9.2 Honey Based
    • 9.3 Avocado and protein
    • 9.4 With hyaluronic acid
  • 10 Hair Care after Botox
  • 11 Consequences
    • 11.1 How long does the effect last?
    • 11.2 Can I wash my hair often after the procedure?
    • 11.3 How often can botox be made?
    • 11.4 Should I make Botox to straighten my hair?
    • 11.5 Is it possible to dye your hair during a healthy
    • 11.6 Is it possible to do botox during pregnancy?
    • 11.7 What to choose Botox or lamination hair?
    • 11.8 Is it possible to do the procedure if there is a problem of falling out

What is botox for hair?

Restoring the strands

The procedure under this name is directed to the complex
strand recovery using a special combination of active ingredients
(they penetrate into each hair, healing them from the inside).
Nothing to do with botox for the face: botulinum toxin
does not contain, is introduced not by injection, but by masks,

The composition of professional cosmetics, which is applied to the curls,
The following ingredients are included: elastin, vitamins A, B, E and
C, vegetable keratin, phytoextract of green tea and juice
aloe, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, essential
amino acids and valuable oils.

The listed components significantly strengthen curls, give them
softness and elasticity, accelerate metabolic processes and the growth of new
hairs make the locks more voluminous, shiny and

Effect of components on the hair

Photos before and after clearly demonstrate the effect on the hair. Secret
treatments are effects on the natural structure of the strands.
from the inside. Active substances penetrate deeply
inside and gradually restore the structure of the strands,
removing minor damage.

Important! In the salons there are 2 options such
procedures: for straightening and recovery.

Which botox hair is better? It is worth picking the kind that
will be able to solve the actual problem with curls. Effect after
Botox in the cabin lasts about 2 months, then
It is recommended to repeat the procedure. If the hair is very damaged –
the wizard may recommend restoring earlier
in about 2-3 weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive features of the procedure include:

  • Hair becomes well-groomed;
  • Split ends and dryness disappear;
  • Strands become obedient, easier to give in everyday
  • Curls are saturated with nutrients, become more
    healthy and strong.

Healthy hair

Negative moments:

  • The effect on the curls lasts no longer than 2 months;
  • Botox can not be used on just painted
    hair (you need to wait about 2 weeks);
  • Not suitable for pregnant women.

Important! Any restorative procedures (incl.
Botox for hair) should be carried out no more than 3-4 times a year. With
abuse of such techniques strands can be “overdone” with
beneficial substances that trigger increased precipitation and

Indications and contraindications

In what cases fit?

  • If there is noticeable damage to the curls (after staining,
    lightening, etc.)
  • To restore the strands after sea salt water,
    ultraviolet and so on.
  • With a tendency to split ends, dryness;
  • As a preventive procedure when growing

Dry damaged hair

The main contraindications:

  • Allergy to ingredients in the composition;
  • Period of pregnancy and feeding;
  • Immediately after perm, dyeing
    (between procedures should take at least 2 weeks);
  • If there is damage on the scalp.

Materials and tools

For cold botox you will need:

  • cleansing shampoo;
  • serum to restore curls; Cleansing shampoos and serum
  • fixer;
  • special mask;
  • hair dryer with cold air function;
  • towel;
  • hairbrush.

For hot botox you need:

  • sulfate-free shampoo;
  • the restoring serum;
  • iron (with temperature control up to 230
  • cold blow dryer;
  • towel;
  • hairbrush.

Hair dryer, Iron, shampoo

How is botox done for hair


First you need to gently comb your hair – for damaged
strands use a comb with rare teeth. Then wash
curls 2 times using deep cleansing shampoo
and blow dry them in cold air mode.

Note! Proper preparation improves
absorption of active ingredients in the hair cuticle.

Deep cleansing shampoo will help to remove residual styling
means and other pollution, will open scales of hairs for
applying nutrients.

Cleansing curls

Instructions for the cold way

  • Divide dried hair into small strands for easy
    applying care products.
  • Spread the active serum over the entire length.
    pryadok Maintain the remedy for 30-40
  • Next, curl the means to fix
    result (it seals the nutritional components inside each
    hair). Wait 5 minutes and rinse with water.
  • Then a care mask is applied. It is necessary to extend
    effect of botox and slight scratching after the procedure.
    Hold the mask for 15 minutes and rinse with water.
  • At the final stage, the strands are dried with a hairdryer, after which
    can be done styling. Cold botox for hair does not require
    heating and ironing applications.

This video shows the cold botox procedure for hair

Hot way

  • Apply the reducing serum evenly on dried
    strands (with the need to move from the neck to the temples).
    Distribute the product at a distance of 2-3 cm from
    roots and scalp. Soak it around 30-40
  • Next, dry the curls well, removing excess product at
    help combs.
  • Then stretch the curls with the help of an ironing (5-7 movements of hot
    plates on one strand).
  • Wait for the hair to cool completely after straightening.
    rinse with water without shampoo. Optimal
    option – wash your hair in 1.5-2 hours after
    caring procedure. After washing, you can dry the curls and lay
    in their usual way.

Botox for hair

The consequences of breaking the technology

The composition of preparations for the Botox treatment
maximum safe and healthy for the health of curls. Exactly
therefore, violations of technology cannot inflict large
harm – only provoke a small cosmetic

  • “Dirty” view. This happens when excessive application
    caring mask at the last stage of the procedure. If there were strands
    insufficiently washed with water – the volume may be lost, and the hair
    look “stale”. This problem will be eliminated by
    the first shampooing.
  • Fatty strands. The procedure itself does not affect the performance of sebaceous
    glands, therefore, can not provoke oily or dry skin
    heads. However, a similar situation is possible if the curls were bad
    washed with shampoo before the procedure.
  • Dryness. It may occur when insufficient
    ironing temperature or a small amount of caring
  • Strands look dull. The hair was badly washed at the end.
    procedures – they have surplus of caring products.

Dry hair

Overview of funds

Fiberceutic from Loreal Professional

Funds from L’Oreal are quite popular among salons.
masters. Proper combination of ingredients allows
improve the condition of curls.

Vegetable keratin in the composition provides strands mirror
shine, increased softness and well-groomed appearance. How much is
This procedure – you need to specify in a particular salon. Average
price: about 2 thousand rubles.

Funds from L'Oreal

H brash botox capilar from Honma Tokyo

An important advantage of this composition is the complete absence
allergenic components. Remove from active formula
synthetic formaldehyde, manufacturer added to the composition
natural complex of vitamins, which has a therapeutic effect
on strands. The procedure provides smoothness and shine even very
damaged curls. Price – about 6 thousand

Kallos hair botox

Hungarian maker has created quite a budget
option botox for hair. Active components of ampoules
penetrate deep into each hair, intensively nourishing it from the inside.
Vitamin complex revives dull curls and gives a pronounced
shine. The average price is 800 rubles.

Hungarian remedy

Kashmir keratin hair system

A unique procedure for the restoration of curls from an Israeli company
becoming more popular. The combination of natural keratin
and Botox makes the strands more dense and elastic,
promotes healthy hair growth.

Safe combination of ingredients does not stain
bleached curls. The average cost of the procedure is approximately
4 thousand rubles.

The means of the Israeli firm

Ampoules Magic efecto botox from Tahe cosmetics

The main feature of the composition is a high content of active
components. The result of this procedure lasts up to 5 months,
which is much longer compared to other

Ampoules promote healthy hair and reduce fragility,
fill them with natural radiance and health. Approximate
the price of 1 procedure is about 1,800 rubles.

Botox for hair in ampoules


The composition of the brand Inoar is based on plant collagen.
This component fills damaged areas of hair,
actively restoring them from the inside. Procedure
noticeably increases the density and elasticity of the curls, makes them more
obedient and healthy. Average cost of the procedure – 1500


Valuable amino acids, natural keratin and vegetable
Extracts make the Botox procedure as beneficial as possible.
thin and loose strands. Hair becomes more
dense and well maintained, eliminated electrification and increased
fragility. Price – 1200 rubles.

Formulations of brands Inoar and Phelps


The kit contains a special complex of lipids and ultraviolet
filters for restoration and the subsequent protection of hair.
The curl structure is gradually improving – they
look more dense and well-groomed, natural shine appears.
The effect lasts up to 3 months. To save the result
long – you need to use a special shampoo and balm. Price
procedures – about 2500 rubles.

Set Estelle

Botox for hair at home or in the salon

How is botox done for hair in the salon?

The duration of the procedure is about 40-50 minutes per
depending on the thickness and length of your strands.

  • First, the master thoroughly cleans the hair with
    special shampoo.
  • A special serum is applied to the curls, in some cases
    Medical ampoules are used for extra care.

Important! Botox should be applied within 15 minutes
after preparation / opening of individual packaging. If this is not
do – the drug will start losing its regenerating
characteristics due to air contact.

  • Further, the composition is maintained for the necessary time on the curls (about
    20-30 minutes). Additionally, you can use klymazon
    (device for heating the hair and activating existing
  • The remnants of the composition are washed under running water. In some
    systems use a special mask.
  • At the last stage, the hair is blow-dried, done
    professional styling.

This video tells and shows how Botox is made for
hair in the salon.

Botox at home

The technique is based on the applied Botox kit.
or special recipes. For even distribution
funds for hair you will need an assistant. BUT
Additional heating in klimamon can be replaced with a hair dryer with
hot air or using a thermocap.

Botox at Home

Botox at home or in the salon

The procedure of active recovery and straightening strands can
spend not only in the cabin, but at home. The choice of location depends
on the condition of the hair, the materials used and the desired

For very damaged curls, it is better to choose a professional
cosmetics and experience of the salon master – they will help to improve
hair. As a preventive measure you can use
special tools and natural recipes
leaving the house.

Botox in the cabin

Botox home no harmful components

For cooking will need:

  1. hyaluronic acid – 3 ml;
  2. base oil (coconut, argan, olive) –
    10 ml;
  3. collagen – 2 ml; Acid and Collagen
  4. keratin – 5 ml;
  5. elastin – 2 ml;
  6. panthenol – 1.5 ml;
  7. vitamins A, E – 1 capsule;
  8. lactic acid – 2 drops.

Vitamins and lactic acid

How to do:

  • Heat oil to 40-45 degrees and add other
    components, mix well. The composition must be prepared
    immediately before application.
  • Rinse hair with shampoo 2 times.
  • Spread the composition over the entire length, departing about 2 cm from
  • Comb the curls and let them dry naturally.
    in a way.
  • Next, “seal” the active composition with the help of ironing
    (temperature about 200 degrees).
  • After 30-60 minutes, rinse hair under running water and
    blow dry in cool air mode.

This video shows how to save on salon procedures and
make botox hair by yourself at home.

Professional products for botox hair at home

  • Kallos hair botox is the best option for beginners. Does not require
    additional masks and air conditioners. The set consists of
    active ampoules for hair restoration.
  • Botox Capilar from the brand Honma Tokyo – the complex consists of
    Specially shampoo and reenactor curls. The manufacturer promises
    effect of consolidation of hair till 3 months.
  • Fiberceutic from L’Oreal Professional – system
    Active care includes serum and mask. For comfort
    drawing the special syringe with the batcher is provided.
  • Botu Cure from KayPro – a three-phase complex includes a special
    shampoo, lotion and regenerating mask for damaged

Special shampoo, lotion, mask

Masks with the effect of Botox folk recipes

Based on green tea and gelatin

This mask is indispensable in the treatment of dandruff, it
reduces oily hair and gives them pronounced
shine. Pour gelatin with freshly brewed tea at a ratio of 1: 5.

Green tea and gelatin

After swelling of the powder, add a teaspoon of flower
honey and 5 drops of any oil. Heat the composition and apply
on the hair. Soak the mask for at least 40 minutes and rinse with water.

Honey Based

A great option for weak and dull curls that
prone to punctuality. You need to mix a chicken egg and
tablespoon of natural honey (preheat
in a water bath).

Egg and honey

The composition is distributed not only along the length of the strands, but also
rubbed into the roots. To sustain a mask of 40-60 minutes, then
rinse with water.

Avocado and protein

This composition intensively nourishes the curls, saturates them with vitamins and
essential amino acids. Whisk with a 1/3 blender.
ripe avocado and egg white until smooth, at the end
add mandarin essential oil (2 drops).

Avocado, egg, butter

Apply to hair and wait 20-30 minutes (for
enhance the effect, you can warm the head with a hair dryer several times), then
rinse with water.

With hyaluronic acid

The mask is designed for dry, bleached hair. Mix by 1
tablespoon of coconut, olive and burdock oil,
add 2 ml of hyaluronic acid and 2 drops of oil


Spread the mixture in curls and hold it for at least
60-90 minutes. Wash off with a mild shampoo (better
use sulfate-free version).

Botox Hair Care

After the restoration procedure, the hair needs to be specially
selected care. Following simple rules can prolong the effect.
from botox:

  • Avoid exposure to high humidity (rainy).
    weather, sauna, etc.). Always use an umbrella or headpiece.
    a hat to protect the locks from moisture.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo. Special shampoo after
    Botox hair should be soft in relation to the curls and not
    contain aggressive ingredients.
  • Mandatory blow-dry. Do not leave strands in
    wet and wait for natural drying.
    Try to use a hairdryer with a cold blowing mode. Hair Dryer
  • Minimize the use of styling products. Synthetic
    components can destroy the effect of botox. Pay
    focus on waxes and sprays for styling with natural
  • Use caring cosmetics with oils (masks, balms,
    serum, etc.). Vegetable oils nourish hair and
    prevent the washing out of useful components.


How long does the effect last?

The result lasts for 2-4 months depending on
hair type and composition used. If the Botox procedure
do regularly, the effect will please

Botox procedure

Can I wash my hair often after the procedure?

During the recovery of the strands, all nutrient
the components are sealed inside the hair. Therefore, the effect of
Botox will be noticeable even with frequent washing of curls.

Important! Carefully choose soft
shampoo and other care products after the procedure. In most
cases a hairdresser can offer you a special line
cosmetic products to maintain the effect.

How often can botox be made?

Frequency of performing any care procedures for curls
depends on their condition, age of the client and reaction
organism on a specific technique.

Hair after botox

How often does botox cost in your
case – will be able to prompt only qualified
hairdresser after personal consultation. The average frequency is about 3-4
once a year.

Is it worth botox to straighten hair?

There is a special type of Botox for smoothing
curly naughty hair. This procedure not only saturates
strands of beneficial vitamins and microelements, but also
straightens them for a long time.

Is it possible to dye your hair during a healthy

Beautiful hair

The recommended break between botox and aggressive
hairdressing procedures (dyeing, curling, washing
colors) – at least 2 weeks. This interval is necessary for
penetration and fixation of the active components inside the hair.

Is it possible to do botox during pregnancy?

This procedure is contraindicated for pregnant women and nursing.
Despite all the safety, a small part of the active
components can enter the blood and affect health

What to choose Botox or lamination hair?

Lamination involves smoothing hair scales and affects
mainly on appearance. Botox is focused on
restoration of curls, saturation with keratin and

Curls laminated and Botox

The choice of procedure depends on the condition of your hair and the desired
result. If you want to add shine to healthy curls,
protect them from external factors (for example, before
a trip to hot countries) – best suited
lamination. For damaged and dry hair –
Botox is preferable. He will be able to nourish the strands useful
substances, eliminate damage and excessive dryness, add
softness and shine.

Can I do the procedure if there is a problem of falling out

Botox refers to regenerative procedures that
positively affect the structure and quality of hair. Equipment
restoration involves the saturation of each hair with keratin,
vitamin complex and beneficial plant
extracts. It is focused on weakened and
damaged curls, so it is often recommended for girls with
increased hair loss.

Hair loss

However, before the procedure, it is desirable to obtain
consultation from a specialist. Fallout may be due to
irritation and other diseases of the scalp
(This factor applies to contraindications).

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