Botox for hair Honma Tokio (Honma Tokio)

The cosmetic industry produces more and more each year.
effective remedies for hair restoration. How to choose the most
the best among all this variety? In this article we will look at
the brainchild of the Japanese manufacturer Honma Tokyo – Botox “H brush botox
capilar “.

Why is the procedure called botox?

The content of the article:

  • Why is the procedure called botox?
  • Indications and contraindications, side effects
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Composition
  • How to apply at home?
  • Results – BEFORE and AFTER
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Analogs
  • Botox or keratin straightening?
  • Reviews
  • Price procedures in beauty salons
  • Conclusion

To begin, let’s understand the essence of the procedure under
called “botox for hair”. The procedure got its name because of
comparisons with the well-known “beauty shots”, after botoxification,
hair, as well as skin after injection look fresh, filled
brilliance, strength and youth.

Note! In addition to the name and
efficiency, nothing else binds these procedures – Botox
for hair is applied externally and does not contain botulinum toxin.

Indications and contraindications, side effects

Honma tokyo botox acts on the hair from the inside and helps
solve the following problems:

  • dullness;
  • porosity;
  • down in length;
  • reaction to humidity;
  • statics when combing;
  • yellowing after clarification;

However, the procedure will have to be abandoned if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Are you allergic to 1 or more components?
  • Are you under 18 or over 60?
  • There are rashes or sores on the scalp.

Advantages and disadvantages

Honma Tokyo is a new word in Japanese hair care
manufacturer. Remember just what Japanese hair looks like.
beauties – perfectly smooth, silky and mirror canvas.
It is this effect that the producer sought to recreate in his
new product. To the undeniable benefits of Botox

  • Preserve the effect of 2 months or more.
  • Suitable for any type of hair.
  • Neutralizes yellowness after dyeing.
  • Makes the hair not only more attractive, but also healthier.

But there are a few shortcomings, which are also worth
mention, namely:

  • Botox from Honma Tokyo is not suitable for platinum blondes, so
    as it contains blue pigment. He will turn the cold blonde into
  • May cause an allergic reaction to sensitive


Means “H brush botox capilar” has a universal composition,
which is suitable for damaged and desiccated hair of any type and

  • Intra-Silane – creates inside the rod
    supporting frame makes hair longer and more lively on
  • Liquid keratin – descent of molecular composition
    with a natural hair “building material”, thanks to which
    penetrates deep into the structure, making it more holistic.
  • Acetylcysteine ​​is an amino acid responsible for
    normalization of hydrobalance. Provides air conditioning on the hair
    softening effect.
  • Luna Matrix – system of neutralization of yellowness and
    UV filter 2 in 1.
  • Aloe extract and green tea – nourish
    hair moisture, have an antiseptic effect, stimulate
    natural immunity and tissue regeneration.
  • Prakaksy oil – nourishes and restores
    hair that has lost its elasticity due to improper
    care or multiple stains.

How to apply at home?

Using the “H brush botox capilar” kit is quite simple.
It is enough to adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo for deep cleaning –
    it will help cleanse hair and scalp from grease, dust, dandruff and
    styling products and prepare them for botoxification. After washing
    dry your hair with a towel and blow dry.
  2. Spread over hair remover –
    Avoid the root zone. Start from the back of the head and move to
    forehead. Comb your hair with frequent teeth to better
    to distribute the tool and get rid of its surplus.
  3. Blow-dry your hair in warm mode.
    of air.
  4. Straighten curls curling with function
    temperature control. The thinner the hair, the lower
    temperature conditions. The thicker – the higher. Average temperature
    must be at least 160 ° C and not more than 210 ° C.
  5. Wash your hair without using shampoo – this
    necessary so that the hair does not stick together.
  6. Lay strands in the usual way and
    enjoy the result!

Results – BEFORE and AFTER

Botoxification with Honma Tokyo Kit –
the procedure is time consuming and takes about 2 hours, but all
The effort spent is worth the amazing result! Hair
become shiny, nourished, smooth, resilient and voluminous.
Disappears cross section and down in length and this effect lasts up to two

Note! Botox has a property
accumulate in the hair structure, and with each procedure the result
will become more visible and sustainable.

How often can I do the procedure?

Botox treatment procedure from a Japanese manufacturer can
produce every 3 months immediately after the effect of
the previous session will disappear. But experts still advise to do
breaks so that the curls are not heavy and not stuck together
glut of nutrients and also not lost your
natural immunity.

Where and for how much can you buy?

You can purchase a kit from Honma Tokyo in specialized
professional cosmetics stores, online stores, and
beauty salons. Be sure to check the quality certificates! Not
be alarmed if the manufacturer’s country’s packaging is
Brazil is indicated. Production really is in Brazil,
and the formula was invented in Japan.

Basic set of the set – 2 pink plastic bottles
1000 ml volume. The price of Honma Tokyo varies from 12,500 to
17,500 rubles, depending on the region of sale. If you do
Botox for the first time and are not sure that this tool will suit you –
Get a test set of two 50 ml or 100 ml bubbles.

Hair care after the procedure

After applying this botox kit to the usual care
for the hair will have to make some adjustments, namely:

  • Replace the usual shampoo without sulfate –
    he acts on the hair more carefully
  • Abandon the use of masks and emulsions on
    oil based – oily texture acts as a botox
  • Blow-dry hair after each wash – than
    the longer the hair stays wet, the faster they lose
    attractive look.


If you buy a kit for Botox hair from Honma Tokyo, you do not
succeeded, go and you tried it, and it didn’t fit your hair,
Then pay attention to the following manufacturers:

  • L’Oreal;
  • Inoar;
  • Perola.

Also recommend that you familiarize yourself with popular means.
for botox hair.

Botox or keratin straightening?

Due to the fact that the technique of performing these procedures is the same,
Many girls mistakenly believe that their effect is identical. But
This is fundamentally wrong – the compositions for Botox and Keratin
straightening is very different from each other.

Botox is a combination of therapeutic and
cosmetic recovery. The hair is smoothed and shine for
due to the fact that they are saturated with nutrients. It contains
Intra-silane molecules that adapt to
hair cortex, filling up structural voids.

Keratin straightening – valid only
cosmetically and forms a rather dense film on the rods, behind
due to which they become smooth and heavy. Contains
formaldehyde, which deprives the hair of the natural protective layer.
Most often, after the keratin is washed off, the hair looks more
worse than before the procedure.


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Price procedures in beauty salons

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Cost of funds:

The cost of the procedure in the salon:


Botox “H brush botox capilar” can turn even the most
lifeless and parched hair in a smooth and mirrored canvas.
Thanks to its effectiveness, this product so quickly won.
leadership positions in the cosmetic markets of many countries of the world.

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