Botox for hair – treatment, lamination, recovery in one procedure


Not long ago, salons began to offer their clients completely
A new procedure – Botox for hair, which restores, treats,
nourishes and moisturizes at the same time. The time has passed – and these drugs
Got a lot of positive feedback. The effect is long lasting and
awesome. Worth trying!


  • Essence of the procedure
  • Botox effect on hair
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Botox Hair Enrichment
  • Rating of the best drugs

What is Botox, known to almost all women.
Seductive injection of beauty, which in the blink of an eye makes
sponges – plump, skin – smooth, neck – without a single wrinkle.
Many have experienced the rejuvenating effect of botulinum toxin,
Dignity appreciating the achievements of modern cosmetology. Today at
Price lists appeared procedure, similar in name, –
botox for hair that promises to produce such
same wonders with curls. After all, it is no secret to anyone that the processes
aging does not pass them. Hair thinning, turning gray, and hair
thin, break, lose their former luster, despite
numerous staining. Is it possible to return
youth reversed and for their precious strands? It turns out here
not so simple.

What is botox for hair

Essence of the procedure

Immediately it is worth making a reservation that the Botox procedure for
hair is a novelty in the world of modern cosmetology, since
appeared very recently. However, in a short period of time she
has created an unprecedented furor in the world of the beauty industry. These magic
ampoules with wonderful serum transform curls right before your eyes.
In addition, the effect is shiny, incredibly smooth and silky
hair does not last a day or two, but several weeks. And it is still
Not all. The results are not just visual: used drugs
restore hair from the inside, heals them. How is

And here you will find the most unexpected: in preparations called
Botox for botulinum toxin hair — no. This is a complex of nutrients
which have a therapeutic and cosmetic effect on the strands.
The composition is approximately as follows:

  • vitamins (each manufacturer includes in its
    Botox preparation for hair different combinations): A, E, C, B, –
    that feed, heal, restore;
  • plant extracts (again can be
    different, depending on the company): aloe vera, green tea, etc. –
    they stimulate the blood circulation of the head, moisturize and restore,
    participate in metabolism, accelerate hair growth;
  • keratin – a natural building material
    for strands, fills voids in microcracks, restores
    damage (split ends, brittle hair);
  • amino acids – have a rejuvenating
    effect, normalize the water balance in the cells, strengthen

But the main active ingredient of Botox hair is
a mysterious molecule called Intra-Silan,
which, according to manufacturers, creates a framework for curls and
supports them from the inside. In salons, these drugs can be administered
directly into the scalp (the very injection of beauty) or
applied over the hair. At home, only the second is available.
of these options.

Origin of name. Botox –
Short name of the drug Botulinum toxin. He, in turn,
so named, thanks to the bacteria clostridium botulinum, from which
get it.

The main ingredient of the Botox procedure for hair

Обзор самых популярных салонных процедур для волос>>.

Oily hair care:

Botox effect on hair

Of course, everyone wants to know what effect botox gives
for hair. If the skin is clear: smooth
wrinkles, puffiness disappears, the contour becomes more prominent and
fit – what to expect here? First, after the procedure,
You will have wet hair, and you will not notice anything on them.
Secondly, after drying them, you definitely will not believe your
eyes: so noticeable will be changes “before” and “after.”
Thirdly, a stunning effect can be enjoyed on
throughout the whole 3 months:

  1. straightening of curly and curly hair is possible
    Botox, after which they become unrealistically smooth,
    silky and even, one might say, mirrored (the so-called
    lamination effect);
  2. restoration of damaged hair with botox
    leads to the reduction of fragility and cuts;
  3. Botox hair treatment involves no external
    the cosmetic effect of the procedure, and the effect on the curls from the inside:
    the main active substances change their structure;
  4. judging by the reviews, botox is very good for growth
    hair, since after this procedure they grow back noticeably,
    although before they either died down in their development or grew very
  5. some experts recommend botox from falling out
    hair, as it strengthens the follicles in their nests,
    providing them with the necessary food.

And most importantly – hair after Botox remains
shiny, smooth and beautiful for 3 whole weeks. This
The term, of course, is very individual, since it depends on the source
condition curls and used the drug. And yet in
In most cases, the effect after this procedure will be long
nice to surprise you and your surroundings. The result will depend
also on how accurately the evidence was followed and

Paradox. Botox for hair – a procedure
a name that is nothing more than a marketing ploy. In fact in
The preparations used here are not botulinum toxin. Just their action
very similar to beauty injections for the skin of the face, received in his
time is hugely popular.

Hair after botox

Indications and contraindications

The lists of indications and contraindications are due to the fact that
botox procedure for hair is not easy
cosmetic, but also therapeutic. It also works that factor
the drugs used in its framework are still little studied laboratory,
as they are the latest development. Accordingly, not quite
it is clear how the same molecule Intra-silane will affect
the body of a pregnant woman and her fetus. Therefore, in such situations
better protect yourself from such little-studied activities.


  • Curly, curly locks that are constantly confused and looking
    untidy mist, difficult to comb;
  • damaged, brittle hair;
  • split ends;
  • slowed / stopped hair growth;
  • avitaminosis;
  • dropping out;
  • dandruff;
  • seborrhea.


  • Botox hair for pregnant women is extremely not
    recommended because it is unknown what effect it will have on
  • retirement age (after 55 years);
  • botox for hair when breastfeeding
    also extremely not recommended: the quality of milk under the influence
    drug (especially if it is administered by injection under the skin
    heads) may change;
  • neuromuscular disorders;
  • botox for hair during menstruation is undesirable
    because a hormonal surge in the female body at a given
    a period of time may impair the effect of the procedure or reduce it.
    no more in a week.

So be extremely careful: lists of indications and
contraindications are not created in order to read them and
to forget. They should alert you. Do you really need this
procedure? Do you have any prohibitions for health reasons?
conducting? If you miss these nuances out of sight, subsequently
you can get only disappointments instead of benefit. what
concerns step by step advice how to do botox for
hair, then at home you need to stick
instructions attached to the purchased drug. And in the cabin
the master knows what to do with your curls.

Curious fact. The main acting
The substance of preparations for hair botox is the molecule Intra-Silan. it
the development of Arab scientists. It has on curls almost
the same effect as botulinum toxin on the skin.

Before doing the procedure

Botox Hair Enrichment

It is not recommended to perform this procedure at home.
conditions, as the drugs are powerful, poorly understood, expensive. And the whole
responsibility for failure and disappointment will fall on your shoulders –
there will be nobody to blame. The only advice that can be given in such
case – carefully study the instructions for Botox hair and
Precisely act on it.

Much more comfortable you will be in the cabin, where the experienced hands of the master
they will do everything competently and professionally. Need to understand that different
Means suggest different methods of treating hair with Botox.
Below is only an approximate scheme, but it can vary in
depending on the hot or cold procedure technician, and
also 1, 2 or 3 phases that are embedded in the drugs

1 phase – cleansing

The master washes the client’s hair with a special shampoo, which
performs several functions at once: removes dirt, pours into
as a degreaser, opens the hair scales to
drug penetration was maximized.

Phase 2 – treatment

Applied to the hair directly Botox itself (or injected
as an injection into the scalp). He is left so on
a certain amount of time. For better penetration into more
deep layers can process the curls with heat (under polyethylene
hat). Then the drug is washed off.

3 phase – fastening

At the last stage of Botox, special hair is applied to the hair.
composition, fixing the result of the procedure. He seems to solder all
beneficial substances inside the hair shafts for a long time.

For each stage of the procedure, there is a drug
botox for hair. For example, shampoo – serum – mask.
Each manufacturer chooses its own range of cosmetics.
Some offer only ampoules that are so convenient to use.
even independently, without the involvement of the master. Yes botox for hair
at home do many, but note that drugs
expensive, and the results are far from expected and quality, and
the duration of its duration. So think 100 times before
to arrange a beauty salon from your own apartment. Well, for
comparison we bring to your attention a small rating, which
will help you navigate this niche of cosmetology.

It is interesting! Manufacturers keep in
the secret of the true nature of the molecule Intra-Silan. there is
assumption that it is a salt of an organic acid.

The best Botox preparations for hair

Rating of the best drugs

It is difficult to answer the question, what is the best botox for hair.
Despite recent development, many manufacturers have released
a variety of lines of funds for this procedure.
Pay attention to the variation of forms and means. For example, 6 ampoules
cocktails from the Spanish company Tahe cost $ 455, while the Hungarian
Kallos – only $ 8. There is something to think about. In order not to be mistaken in
choosing, be sure to read reviews about each drug.

  1. Tahe Magic Efecto Botox. Case of 6 ampoules. Spain. $ 455.
  2. Carmen Sensitive. Vanite. France. $ 180.
  3. Rio Bottox. Brazil. $ 135.
  4. H-BRUSH Botox Capilar: Shampoo + Reconstructor.
    Honma Tokyo. Japan. $ 110
  5. Felps XBTX Okra Mass: a drug with argan and macadamia oils.
    Brazil. $ 110
  6. Sixtree. Brazil. $ 93.
  7. Fiberceutic: ampoule serum (2 options:
    for thick and thin hair) + mask. L’oreal. France. $ 34.
  8. Black Diamond Botox: the active composition in one package.
    Sellecta. Brazil. $ 33.
  9. Kashmir Keratin Hair System. Israel.
    $ 20
  10. Hair Botox: ampoules. Kallos. Hungary. $ 8.

This is a brief description of this unique, modern
anti-aging treatment. Deciding whether to make botox
for hair, must be thoughtful and balanced. Despite
on a clear therapeutic and cosmetic effect and a lot of positive
reviews, all these drugs – know-how, not yet had time to pass
enough laboratory tests. How to respond to
This amazing molecule Intra-Silane organism is unknown.
No one can guarantee the absence of dangerous consequences. but
desire to have thick, shiny, beautiful, and most importantly – healthy
hair outweighs all the arguments of logic and reason in women. Well,
We hope that no side effects as a gift from Botox for
hair you will not get and will just enjoy it magically

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