Botox for hair – why do you need a procedure for what hair is intended, photo BEFORE and AFTER

Often with the passage of time, hair loses its attractive appearance,
become stiff dull and naughty. It seems that the usual
care products no longer help, and curls still remain

This can be caused by many factors – from unfavorable
ecological situation to improper care for the hair.
Botox treatment for hair will help to correct this situation.

What is botox for hair, how does it affect hair?

The content of the article:

  • What is botox for hair, how does it affect hair?
  • What hair is best for botox? Indications for
  • Contraindications and effects
  • Types of botox hair
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • How to prepare your hair for botox?
  • What makes the procedure? Materials, composition and tools
  • How is the procedure done in the salon? Step-by-step technique
  • TOP 5 best tools for the procedure
  • What does hair look like after botox? Effect of the procedure
  • How long does botox keep for hair?
  • How to care for hair after botox?
  • How to make botox hair at home?
  • Price Botox for hair in the salon and at home
  • Reviews
  • 29 Frequently asked question from readers about Botox
  • Conclusion

Despite its name, Botox for hair has almost no
nothing to do with the famous “beauty shots” – apply
only serums and masks applied to the hair
superficially. The name of the procedure is due to the effect
rejuvenation and noticeable structural restoration.

The mechanism of action of Botox is developed on the basis of the Intra molecule.
Silane – it creates a kind of frame inside the hair.

In addition, Botox nourishes damaged strands with necessary
moisture, smoothes hair scales, affects sleeping
hair follicles and prevents fading.

Especially noticeable difference “before and after” on bleached hair or
blond colored curls. Botox neutralizes unwanted
yellowness, giving the locks a noble platinum shade.

What hair is best for botox? Indications for

Botox has no particular indication for use – first
queue is aesthetic and therapeutic procedure
restore the structure of curls. However, most often it is used,
if a:

  • Hair dried up by frequent styling with a hot dryer and curling iron.
  • The natural structure of the curls is porous.
  • There is a “down” in length, which makes the hair untidy and
    sloppy looking.
  • Section along the length and on the tips due to constant
  • The hair will suffer from the consequences of improper care or
  • Seasonal loss and breakage.

Reference! If you encounter a problem
excessive hair loss or even balding – do not rush
buy funds for botox. It is likely that he only
worsen the situation, weighting the hair rods. Ask for
consultation to the trichologist!

Contraindications and effects

Vivid effects and side effects after the procedure
Botox was not detected, but there is a list of certain
contraindications that should be followed to avoid
possible problems with the scalp and overall health:

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Allergy to the components of the drug.
  • Disruption of the nervous system and mental

Types of botox hair

There are 2 types of Botox for hair:

  1. Cold / without ironing

The method involves applying to the curls a special
therapeutic agent without subsequent thermal
impact. In many ways, the use of cold botox is similar to
using conventional hair masks. This technology is aimed at
elimination of fragility and dryness, as well as treatment of the scalp.
It is considered the most gentle and is the best suited weakened
and exhausted hair, 1 session takes no more

  1. Hot

Manipulation with a curling iron is necessary when, in addition to
therapeutic recovery, you need to smooth out and
pacify | length thin, protruding hairs.

Temperature conditions directly depend on the condition
there are hair, for example:

  • For painted and damaged – not higher than 180
  • For healthy and normal – 200 degrees.
  • For hard and thick – 230 degrees.

Important! For the procedure hot
Botox hair at home need to take care of
That at hand was a rectifier with the function of setting
temperature conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages

To feel the full benefits of the procedure, you need to
follow two basic rules:

  1. Acquire only proven and proven
  2. Contact only to masters with experience of such

The advantages of Botox are the following:

  • The result is visible from the first application – the hair is smoother,
    nourished and well maintained.
  • Can be found in almost any beauty salon or do in
    home conditions.
  • Mirror shine and silkiness of hair, as in advertising
  • Even the driest and toughest strands become softer and
    pliable to styling.
  • Thin hair becomes a bit thicker.
  • Botox helps to grow curls, as it promotes the solution
    split ends problems, sealing them and filling the voids on
    places of hair creases.

But it was not without negative sides, but

  • In most cases, gives only a temporary effect.
  • If you do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you can get
    the effect of dirty and unwashed hair, or vice versa – to over dry them
    curling iron
  • Botox is incompatible with biowave, as the combination of procedures
    leads to overload of the hair follicle.
  • High cost of quality components as well as services

How to prepare your hair for botox?

Special preparation of the Botox procedure does not require
Especially if you are going to ask for a service from a professional.
The specialist will wash you the hair with deep shampoo.
cleaning, thereby preparing it for further therapy. No need
do the same at home, before going to the salon.

If you are going to make Botox yourself, then in advance
Get a set of tools, which includes shampoo. If such
failed to find – then try to get shampoo for deep
cleaning from the same manufacturer as Botox itself.

Habitual head wash will not work – shampoo should
lift hair scales and clean out all the remnants of sebum,
styling products and dust, and only shampoo is capable of it
deep cleaning.

What makes the procedure? Materials, composition and tools

For the procedure of botox hair

  • Botox kit or single phase agent;
  • Hair straightener – optional for hot
  • Comb
  • Bowl for mixing ingredients – in some cases, when
    the emulsion is mixed from two ampoules;

As for the chemical composition of Botox, then most often
It has the following components:

  • keratin;
  • collagen;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • elastin;
  • cysteine;
  • vegetable oils – macadamia, jojoba, coconut, shi;
  • soy or wheat proteins;
  • plant extracts – aloe vera, green tea, wheat or

Reference! Despite the similar effect with
“beauty shots” in the composition of preparations for hair Botox is not
contains botulinum toxin.

How is the procedure done in the salon? Step-by-step technique

Salon procedure Botox hair is performed in 5 steps.
Here is an example of the most common sequence.
– steps may vary depending on the wizard

  1. Shampooing with deep cleaning shampoo –
    this step is necessary in order to provide better substances
    penetration into the hair structure.
  2. Drying by the hair dryer – at the same time the master exposes the mode
    “cold air”.
  3. Applying a reducing serum throughout
    length – at this stage sealed tips and
    there is a “restoration” of creases and voids in the structure of the hair.
    Approximate exposure time – 40 minutes.
  4. Application of fixing serum – it serves
    a kind of stabilizer, and helps to keep received on
    previous stage nutrients and moisture inside the hair
  5. Applying an indelible fixing mask –
    gives the hair a mirror shine and smoothness.

If Botox implies a thermal effect, then the procedure
ends with straightening curls with a curling iron. Master divides
hair strand gently, 3-4 times each straightens. This
the sequence is also suitable for a home procedure, however
the basis is to take instructions from the manufacturer of the tool.

How much is the procedure done in time?

The duration of the procedure is affected by many factors, ranging from
length of hair, ending their condition. And also importantly,
what botox for hair is used and how many stages of the procedure is it
requires Be prepared to spend from 1 to 2 for a Botox session.
hours of free time, and at home a little more,
since all actions will have to be carried out independently.

TOP 5 best tools for the procedure

We present to your attention the TOP 5 best tools for
Botox treatments:

  1. Honma tokyo

The set is great for emergency hair restoration,
those in critical condition of dehydration and desiccation.
Only one procedure is needed to make the hair more saturated,
smooth and structured.

The effect is achieved through the following active ingredients:

  • elastin;
  • amino acids;
  • tea tree oil;
  • Pracaxi oil.

Botox kit includes 2 products:

  1. Preparing shampoo.
  2. Reconstructor.

  1. Inoar

The main part of the range of this manufacturer – tools for
keratin hair straightening. However, botox botohair also
It turned out very productive and quickly fell in love with customers.

As a result of the procedure, you can achieve a smooth and soft to the touch.
curls without the effect of weighting, as well as get easy
smoothing effect.

The composition is popular with both professionals and
finds a response from their customers.

  1. Felps

Phelps is a company with many years of experience in creating effective
hair care products. Brazil – namely there
based company, famous for its reverent attitude to curls.
That is why the manufacturer managed to create such an effective
product. Felps botox helps to solve the problem of hair stiffness
their sections along the length and on the tips, as well as their electrification
combing time.

Of the active ingredients worth noting vegetable oil argan
and macadamia and also hydrated keratin.

  1. Brush botox

Intensive care product for hair
anti-aging effect. This Botox compensates for the lack of moisture and
nutrients lost with age.

The kit includes 2 tools:

  • Shampoo for deep cleaning – has a pleasant coffee
    the smell, thanks to which this procedure has become
    more comfortable.
  • Botox-reconstructor – intensively restores the structure

In a 1-2 hour procedure, it is possible to achieve a result that
will last up to two months.

  1. Estel

Well-known in the world market Russian manufacturer of cosmetics
for hair also represents botox, which shows excellent
results on both unstained and dyed and clarified
curls. The Botox salon kit consists of 3 products.
– shampoo for deep cleaning, elixir and mask.

Your attention to the review of the best means for Botox hair.

What does hair look like after botox? Effect of the procedure

Immediately upon completion of the Botox procedure, you can notice the following

  • Lack gun and porosity.
  • Deep moisturizing.
  • Easy to comb and no electrification.
  • Saturation of natural or acquired hair color.
  • Sealing the split ends.

Curls shine and shimmer in the sun, like a silk canvas.
This is exactly the effect most girls turn to
beauty saloon.

How long does botox keep for hair?

The average duration of the effect is 1.5 – 2 months. AT
In general, it depends on the initial state of the curls used
means and compliance with all the rules of hair care after

Some Botox products have a cumulative effect.
so that after 3-5 sessions you can count on long-term

How to care for hair after botox?

A few helpful hair care tips after

What not to do?

The first 3 and sometimes 4 days Botox continues to “fix” on
your hair and in order not to disturb this process
refuse from:

  • Headwashing is necessary in order to
    Do not wash nutrients from the hair structure.
  • Tight hair with gum and
    invisible – in order to avoid circulatory disorders and
    cellular nutrition.
  • Natural hair drying after washing – if you
    still decided to wash your hair or wet it accidentally – dry
    hair dryer on the mode of cold or warm air. The longer
    the hair remains wet, the faster the protective layer is destroyed on
    their surfaces.
  • From nourishing and moisturizing masks – especially
    This applies to oil-based products. Great risk to “overload”
    strands and make them visually messy and untidy.
  • From curling and ironing

How to wash botox from hair?

If you for some reason did not like the effect of Botox,
you can wash it off with shampoo for deep cleansing.

You can use the same tool that you used.
before applying botox. It is advisable to apply after washing the head
hair moisturizing mask.

How to dry hair?

As already mentioned above – you only need to dry your hair.
hair dryer, not waiting until the curls dry themselves. Many girls
mistakenly assume that natural drying minimizes
traumatizing hair after botox and thereby prolonging its effect.
However, in this case, you need to act the opposite – to dry
hair immediately after it gets wet.

The main rule is to set the hair dryer on.
cold air and minimum power level.

Do you need special shampoos for washing hair after

The only criterion that should be guided by
Choosing shampoo for hair after botox is the lack of
sulfates in its composition.

It is desirable, but not necessary – that the shampoo was from the same
manufacturer that botox for hair.

Note! Sulfates have
negative impact even on healthy, undamaged
hair, so sulphate-containing shampoos should be abandoned
for good

How to make botox hair at home?

In order to do the botox procedure at home
enough to buy a set or one tool and stick
instructions of the manufacturer or the previously described salon scheme

Here are 5 basic steps:

  1. Shampooing hair with deep cleaning.
  2. Drying hair dryer.
  3. Processing reconstructive composition.
  4. Processing fixing composition.
  5. The final mask.

However, in half of the funds for home Botox is provided
only two phases – deep cleaning and the application of the reenactor.
Carefully read the instructions for use and do not deviate.
from it, it will help you avoid the effect of a dirty head.

Price Botox for hair in the salon and at home

Botox prices in beauty salons in Moscow and St. Petersburg
hair range from 2,000 to 3,500 rubles.

The cost of a Botox home procedure will depend on the cost.
purchased set or means. In general, one session at home
will cost much cheaper than in the cabin, because the program for
home care is enough for several procedures.



Several reviews from popular resources |
and |

29 Frequently asked question from readers about Botox

In this block we will answer the most frequently asked questions.
our readers and help you figure out how this procedure
right for you.

  1. After what time you can re-do

If the effect of the first procedure began to weaken, then
do botox again after 2-3 weeks.

  1. Can I dye my hair after botox?

Some Botox products are used as a base before
hair dyeing, however, there are many nuances that
It should be taken into account during the home procedure. It is better
wait 5-7 days, and only then paint curls.

  1. When can I wash my hair after botox?

3 days after the procedure, you can wash your hair without being afraid to wash it off.

  1. Is it possible to make botox on accrued

Using botox on stacked straps is not forbidden, with
provided they are completely natural. It helps to get rid of
excessive fluffiness and wrinkles. | Sprayed strands are also good
perceive Botox, as well as natural. Moreover, the Botox session
Helps to smooth the “transition” from natural hair to hair extensions.
The main condition – the material must be 100%
natural, | otherwise you can get
unpredictable result.

  1. Is it possible to increase hair after botox?

There are no direct contraindications to build-up. However better
to pause for 3 days between these two procedures.

  1. Is it possible to make botox on discolored

It is possible and even necessary, as many Botox products serve
also neutralizer yellowness. | If the curls were dry
discolorations on aggressive blondorant, and on top were not
filled with no pigment – then Botox can only aggravate
situation, making strands glued and untidy.

  1. Does botox help grow hair?

Since the split ends after Botox are sealed, and the fluff is
length is smoothed, the hair does not have to be cut off – it means
it becomes easier to grow them. | Botox does not come into contact with
skin, respectively, stimulation of growth due to irritation
scalp does not occur. However, indirectly Botox all
it also helps with growing curls – it restores each
rod and seals the split ends. Hair looks neat and
fresh without a haircut.

  1. Does botox straighten hair?

Unlike keratin straightening, Botox is only slightly
smoothes the strands by restoring the hair shafts, but
does not straighten curly and naturally curly hair.

  1. How much hair after Botox do not need to wash

Experts advise not to wash your hair for the first 3-4 days after
procedures. This time will be enough to
rods formed a protective to external stimuli
plenochka. After the same hair worth washing exclusively sulfate-free
shampoo and at intervals no more than once every 5 days. If there is
the need to refresh the state of hair more often – it is worth to get
dry shampoo

  1. Does botox brighten hair?

Botox does not lighten strands, however, it can still
to affect. Some products contain blue pigment that neutralizes
yellow on painted blond. If you are a brunette and paint
hair, then after Botox you have to take the dye a tone darker, so
how the shade will fall a little paler than usual.

  1. What to choose Botox for hair or keratin

When choosing between these two procedures, it is worth proceeding from your own
needs. If you need to cure your hair and make it
softer and smoother – choose Botox.

If you do not have health problems and your goal –
straight, mirror smooth and heavy hair – choose
keratin straightening. Keep in mind that keratin straightening
– this is an aesthetic procedure and when the composition is completely washed off with
hair – they will return to their former mind.

Important! Before applying Botox on
bleached hair be sure to consult
a hairdresser. It will help you find the best tool based on
out of your situation.

If you have blond or patchy strands and you
afraid that botox somehow change their color for the worse, then
set aside doubts – this procedure helps to maintain colored
blond in its original form.

  1. After what time you can re-do

You can repeat the Botox procedure immediately after the effect
from the first session will come to naught – in 2-3 months. However not worth it
do botox every 3 months – experts recommend doing
periodic breaks so that the hair does not lose its natural
immunity. In addition, botoxification has a cumulative effect and
each new procedure, they become denser and stronger.

  1. Is it possible to make botox hair on hair with boost

The procedure of boost-up (hair-durable
volume) is often combined with keratin straightening and
biolamination, so that any styling looks easy
awesome. Botox is also not a contraindication, as its
The composition does not affect the root zone, however, to combine these
procedures should only specialist beauty salon with experience
similar work.

  1. Is it possible to make botox for hair during

Most botox manufacturers include pregnancy and
lactation to the list of contraindications, and to neglect this type of rule is not
worth it. In addition, some Botox products have a sharp
chemical smell, which can exacerbate attacks of toxicosis.

  1. Is it possible to make botox for hair after chemical

Some types of Botox are used as a chemical base.
curling or straightening, however, do botox immediately after curling
not worth it – it can heavily load the hair follicles and
damage the structure of the hair shaft, as these practices
have exactly the opposite effect on scales.

  1. Is it possible to make botox hair right after

Salon care professionals do not recommend doing
Botox earlier than 15-20 days after highlighting. The fact,
that the paint loosens the scales, and Botox, on the contrary, presses them
to the rod. Due to such a dramatic change of state, strands can
just break down the length.

  1. Is it possible to make botox for hair after dyeing?

Henna and Basma – natural dyes with fairly large
pigment particles, which, scoring under the scales, simply do not
leave room for Botox molecules. Most often on such hair
the effect of Botox is minimal, however, if since the last
enough time has passed, you can try

  1. For how many years can you make botox for

There is no age limit in the procedure, however
It is recommended to conduct Botox before 16 years. The fact is that
hair follicles in children and adolescents are weaker than those in
adults, and the additional load can trigger a loss.
The same applies to the elderly over 60 years.

  1. Botox for hair and dyeing in one day – maybe
    is it?

Many girls, going to a beauty salon, want to get
“full package of services” and change your hair beyond recognition,
However, to combine Botox and staining in one day is not worth it. What already
it was said earlier – the staining procedure and Botox contradict each other
friend for chemical effects.

  1. Do I need to blow dry my hair after

Botox hair is particularly sensitive to moisture – than
The longer they stay wet, the faster it collapses and is washed away.
protective layer. Do not wait until the curls dry naturally.
way and the more you need to abandon the habit of winding on
head “turban” of a towel. Dry your hair with a hair dryer on a warm or
neutral temperature immediately after washing.

  1. Do I need to wash my hair before the Botox procedure for

Shampoo shampooing deep clean before botox treatment
– this is a mandatory step if you do the procedure yourself in
home conditions. Doing it before going to the salon does not have
meaning, as the specialist himself will wash your hair directly
before the session.

  1. After Botox, hair seems to be dirty, why and how from
    get rid of it?

The effect of dirty and dirty-looking hair is a consequence
non-compliance with Botox technology. Most often it occurs in
the result of overdoing with emulsion at home. In rare
In cases, this effect can be obtained after a salon procedure, if
the master was not enough experience.

You can get rid of this effect only after a few
head wash with deep cleaning shampoo.

Note! Deep shampoo
cleaning dehydrates hair. Be sure to do
moisturizing mask after you wash away the botox.

  1. Botox make on clean or dirty

Botox is done exclusively on clean hair after deep
cleaning up. The step of washing the head can not be skipped, since it is on
This stage is preparing the curls for therapy. Replace
shampoo for deep cleaning on the usual is also impossible, since it does not
It has the desired effect on the hair.

  1. Can I curl my hair after botox?

Curl, straighten or blow dry hair on hot mode
air is extremely undesirable because high temperatures cause
literally evaporate nutrients from the cortex. Give away
preference for natural styling and hairstyles that do not require
temperature exposure.

  1. Is it possible to make botox hair in the chest

Lactation is also a contraindication to the procedure.
Botox, because it is believed that chemicals can
transferred to the baby through mother’s milk. Separately worth
note that no research has been done so far
proving the danger of botox for pregnant and lactating women,
just as there was no refutation.

During breastfeeding, it is better to give preference.
treatments and masks for hair on a plant-based or folk

  1. Can hair fall out after botox?

In rare cases, Botox can have a side effect in the form of
increased hair loss, itching on the scalp and a rash on the forehead, neck
and ears. This is due to individual intolerance.
components, or hair follicles that are too weak (because of the young,
old age or illness).

Important! If you notice any signs
alopecia after botox – immediately sign up for a consultation
to trichologist!

  1. When is it better to make Botox for hair to the sea or

Botox made before the trip to the sea is a good way
take off some of the cares for the hair during the summer holidays. is he
reliably protects strands from ultraviolet radiation and salt
water. But it is worth noting that the composition will wash off faster if you
often swim in a pool with chlorinated water or walk under
the scorching sun without a headdress.

  1. Is it possible to make botox for hair with

Menstruation is a contraindication to the use of Botox and
many other cosmetic procedures. It is believed that during this period
strands can be treated worse and moreover – manipulations with
hair and scalp may aggravate headache.

  1. Is it possible to straighten hair with an iron after

Use a straightener, just like a curling iron –
extremely undesirable. Try to straighten your hair while drying,
using brushing. If without ironing can not do –
set it to the minimum temperature and try not to
carry out the same order several times.


As you can see, Botox can do a real miracle with your
hair, if you follow all the recommendations of experts and
neglect the manufacturer’s instructions. Hope you could
find the answer to your question regarding botoxification, and now
nothing prevents you from enjoying your beauty

Botox is a great opportunity to get on your hair
the same mirror shine “from advertising shampoo” in just 1 session.
What is important – the effect is not only cosmetic, but also
therapeutic, curls not only look very attractive, but
and really become healthier and stronger.

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