Botox Hair Care

Botox for hair – a unique rejuvenating procedure,
used in modern cosmetology to improve the appearance
hair after painful or age-related alopecia, as well as for
elimination of natural changes in the structure of the hair with age.

Every year the procedure is gaining increasing popularity, its
more often bought in salons, successfully improving damaged or
unhealthy by nature hair. But hair care after Botox –
separate article for attention, as after the procedure they require
special relationship.

Condition of locks after botox and care for them

The content of the article:

  • Condition of locks after botox and care for them
  • How does botox affect hair?
  • Hair care in the first three days
  • What should not be done after the procedure?
  • How to dry hair after botox
  • Can I spin my hair after Botox
  • How to wash botox from hair?
  • Shampoo after botox hair
  • Can I use hair oil after botox?
  • Moisturizing masks and oils
  • Aromatherapy after botox

After the procedure, the hair looks almost perfect – smooth and
silky, completely healthy looking. Strands better fit in
hairstyle, gain a healthy weight and not bristling in all directions –
laying them becomes much easier. Unfortunately, this effect
short-lived – will last for 2-3 weeks, after which the procedure
need to repeat.

All standard procedures – combing, washing,
styling will take place normally. You no way
harm your hair after botox with these familiar ones
preparations. Botox does not affect the frequency of washing,
unless on the first day after the procedure, to wash the hair is not
worth it, as there is a risk to wash off not completely absorbed

Drying and straightening devices will not cause
harm – keep using the hairdryer and the curling as
whatever Curling hair after botox may not be so
effective as before it. This is due to a change in hair composition in
the best side, filling them with useful substances.

How does botox affect hair?

Special therapeutic composition is applied to the hair for a refreshing,
rejuvenating and normalizing condition of hair effect. More often
Botox is not applied for cosmetic purposes, but with

The full course of this hair treatment consists of 5-6
procedures, after which the effect is delayed for a long time (with
provided proper care) and will delight you some more

It is recommended to repeat the course of treatment approximately once a day.
half a year if you have chronic hair problems. Not
skipping the procedure, you will receive:

  • healthy looking young hair;
  • prevention of dermatological problems of the scalp;
  • normal growth;
  • healthy shine;
  • smooth and obedient hair, easy styling.

The action of Botox for hair at any age will be exclusively
positive and favorable side negative effects
possible only in case of allergies and existing ones
dermatological problems.

Hair care in the first three days

Botox has a chemical effect on hair, so it doesn’t
notice such changes in real time is impossible. First three
days the hair will harden after the procedure, will take the form
after initial softening.

Of course, you cannot wash them during this, since the main
part of the composition will not have time to be absorbed into the roots and “bodies” of the hair, improving
their. By hurrying, you can spoil yourself a full result,
whom you expect.

This does not mean that over the hair the first day you need to shake
and do nothing with them. Do styling, comb after
sleep without fear, but in no case do not sign up for other
cosmetology procedures and especially staining (about this

! Important Interaction with other types of procedures
can destroy the effect of botox, and in the worst cases
make a real disaster on your head.

What should not be done after the procedure?

Despite the minimum of restrictions, the danger of spoiling just
renewed hair is still there. Mostly negative effect
occurs due to incompatibility of chemical components, key
under different procedures. Due to unexpected contact not suitable
to each other means rejection begins.

Can I dye my hair after botox?

The main danger is staining, especially with
discoloration strands. Chemicals using
which colored and brightened hair, very aggressive. If a
they are wrong to use, there is a chance to “burn” even completely
healthy hair to an indefinite washcloth.

On botox hair, the effect can be varied, but
always negative. For example, you most likely will not
hue that was expected. Hair can be painted unevenly.
stay the same at the roots. There may be irritation of the scalp
or increased dandruff if you have oily skin.

Of course, the paint or brightener will completely destroy the residue.
nutrient composition on the hair, so that the effect will not be achieved
completely. Hair will not have time to be fed and will bristle, take
former unhealthy look.

Toning hair after botox

Toning – lightweight version of staining. On hair
light, unstable paint is applied that does not penetrate deep into
hair and does not eats into the root bulb. Effect of toning
relatively short, but spoil the hair so
procedure is impossible.

Toning after botox is not recommended,
if you have weak or sore hair and scalp problems.
Normally, toning does not hurt, but refrain from the procedure in
the first three days after the procedure, because at first, any harmful
exposure over botox.

Baths and saunas

In the early days it is highly undesirable to expose the hair.
heat and steam treatment. Steam is harmful to the structure.
hairs that are sensitive and receptive after the procedure
any negative impact. A visit to the bath and sauna can be
destroy the result on the vine and get clumsy and naughty
hair without a hint of smooth and healthy look.

Sea water

In the first three days, protect weak hair from exposure.
sea ​​water. Sea salt will react with not to the end
absorbed by the means and will not give him a final effect.

How to dry hair after botox

As mentioned above, the hair dryer can be used – it does not hurt
structure of the hair and does not interrupt the chemical process of strengthening and
rejuvenation, which lasts some time after the procedure (2-3
days), but it will be much better if before the main drying you
wipe properly.

You should start with the tips – blot them, get rid of the excess
moisture. Then with the same careful pro-motions.
rise higher to the roots. Try not to confuse them much.
Once there is no flowing water, you can safely
use a hair dryer.

If you do not want to use any devices or not at all
used to blow-dry your hair, do as before, without changes.
Slightly straighten the strands so that they do not wither entangled, and
wait until completely dry.

Can I spin your hair after Botox

No bad effects after twisting hair after
Botox on curlers or automatic machine will not. how
physical impact and twist using high temperatures
will not affect the integrity and healthy appearance of your hair.

Since the hair after the procedure will become more difficult and
glossy from natural substances, twist them can become
more difficult. Curling with the help of instruments may not change at all,
but twisting by hand or with different types of curlers will become more complicated. More
heavy hair will be less kept in the position of the curl and such
styling will straighten faster.

How to wash botox from hair?

Botox is absorbed into the roots and body of the hair so that the effect is
long-term and the tool is not washed out after each wash. If a
for some reason you need to remove the tool from the hair completely
(it is necessary to dye your hair or the procedure itself failed),
do it with ordinary rinsing will not work – need
special means.

  1. Your first choice is deep shampoo.
    cleansing curls. These in stores are separate from the usual,
    medicinal and tint shampoos are intended for
    eliminate unsuccessful hair renewal. To remove Botox can
    need to repeat washing with this shampoo several times.
  2. The second option is a special cleaner.
    marketed specifically to reduce the effects of botox for
    hair. Acid emulsions are branded by many
    manufacturers, their choice is wide enough and you can choose
    option for any type of hair. One or two applications will suffice
    to wash off the botox completely.

Shampoo after botox hair

Basically, no special hair care products,
who have recently experienced a botox update is not required.

Enough shampoos from the usual lines, but with features. AT
care will help a lot:

  • shampoos with the function of thorough cleansing without harm to
  • shampoo with a light and very gentle effect.

Similar inscriptions on bottles with hair products can be
meet with all major brands. Ask about suitable
consult a store or look for yourself on the shelves. It is better
all, of course, choose the option without sulfates – it will be
the best, most useful and gentle option for the right

Sulfate-free hair shampoos

Shampoos without the content of harmful, destructive substances – sulfates,
Novelty in the field of hair care products. Unfortunately, before
Recently, cosmetology could not refuse to use
sulfates, because without them the cost would be several times

Now there is an opportunity to buy a harmless shampoo, really
most of them are in premium class for the price. Near
the price comes and the quality, so that the use of such shampoos
will affect the hair only favorably.

The best shampoos without sulfates for hair care after

  1. “Recovery with Cashmere” from Vitex.
    Economy option, produced in Belarus, will not hit your
    purse, but keep the hair after Botox safe and sound.
  2. “Kapous Professional”. Medium by price
    shampoo, already related to professional. Will provide care
    high level even with the most problematic hair.
  3. “Paul Mitchell”. Really
    professional hair product, used in the best
    salons. Contains proteins and panthenol, has a gentle, and in
    the case of sore hair is also a healing effect.

Sulfate-free shampoos not only preserve hair after botox,
but also improve their overall condition. keep using them and
see how big the difference between professional soft
mass consumption shampoos with artificial
basics and active substances.

Can I use balm?

There are no restrictions on the use of hair balms.
On the contrary, if the hair after the balm will be easier to comb, then with
laying you will be less traumatized by sudden movements and
attempts to level the tangled parts.

It is better not to use hair balm in the first three
day, especially, put it after washing. Alien for Botox
chemical composition may interfere with its correct operation.

Can I use hair oil after botox?

Hair oils are not only allowed, but highly recommended.
after the botox procedure (after the first 3 days). Of course, there are
in mind only natural: sea buckthorn, coconut, present
olive oil. Their use will double the rejuvenating effect of
Botox, and also work to the benefit of your hair in the long

The hair that has been treated with oils remains young and
healthy looking an average of a third longer than those who are not
subjected to such processing.

Use these oils after washing your hair and at bedtime. Can
Combine with tinctures of natural herbs.

Moisturizing masks and oils

One of the main reasons why oils are used in the care of
body – moisturizing effect. The same applies to hair.

Moisturizing hair oils:

  1. Almond Its high cost is justified – in oil
    contains a unique set of substances, impossible for artificially
    created by the means.
  2. Burdock. Natural extract of burdock – one of the most
    effective medicines for hair. On healthy hair
    It has a moisturizing and emollient effect.
  3. Jojoba. The famous oil, useful for skin and for
    hair, life-giving and emollient. It is highly recommended to
    daily use before bedtime.

If you want to do your hair seriously and do not regret
time to take care of them, pay attention to the abundance of masks –
regenerating, moisturizing, firming, freely available
for each. You will be surprised how many ways you can improve

After Botox masks are completely safe and very desirable.
(only natural). So you will enhance the action after the main
procedures and secure it for a long time.

The best masks after botox:

  1. Honey oil. Mix 2 tablespoons
    liquid honey with olive and almond oil, warm to warm
    (not hot) condition, apply on hair and wrap film.
    Leave for a full hour.
  2. Banana Mix bananas (better overripe)
    with honey and olive oil. The resulting gruel is applied to the roots and
    the entire length of the hair where there should be about 25 minutes. After
    procedures wash your hair with shampoo.

! Important Remember that you do not need to put on the mask,
especially with a long holding period, in the first three days after
Botox procedures.

Aromatherapy after botox

Aromatherapy is the method of applying oils to the roots.
hair with a conventional comb. This comb necessarily
there should be massage balls on the setae, small
the distance between them.

Choose any oil you like from the above and carefully
Apply it on the comb – so that only moisten. Thereafter
gently run several times along the roots, from the crown to the nape.
The movement should be soft, so before that it is better to comb
hair in advance to avoid complications.

Use of Botox for hair for renewal and rejuvenation –
affordable, high quality and safe procedure. If you have
unhealthy or problematic hair, be sure to try –
the result will not take long, and with proper care for a long time

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