Botox hair preparations are the best brands and brands

Botox for hair – quite popular and in demand
procedure in the beauty industry. Almost every manufacturer
cosmetics for hair care products can be found
for Botox and sometimes, to understand this variety is very difficult.
In this article we will look at the most popular ones, analyze them.
composition, as well as compare prices.

Honma tokyo

The content of the article:

  • Honma tokyo
  • Inoar
  • Felps
  • Estelle
  • Kleral system gold filler hair botox
  • Mundo kroma europe prismax perfect hair
  • Tahe magic bx gold
  • Kallos cosmetics hair botox mask
  • Agi max botox capilar radiance plus
  • Hp firenze
  • Fox botox ultracondicionant
  • Kaypro
  • Artego
  • Maravi beach
  • Constant delight
  • Kv
  • Magic efecto botox
  • Btx
  • Cadiveu
  • Zap
  • Fox
  • Selective
  • BB One
  • Nexxt
  • Ollin
  • YKAS
  • Rio botox blond
  • Agi max
  • Concept
  • Natureza
  • Nika
  • Love potion
  • Erayba hydraker k11 keratin hair botox
  • Brit hair group elixir tree of life
  • Marcia teixeira perola revive smoothing therapy
  • Conclusion

Manufacturer: Honma Tokyo

Country: Japan, Brazil

Botox from Honma Tokyo recognized by professionals as the best among
analogues – and this opinion is confirmed by their clients. Means
affects the hair structure from the inside, compensating for the lack of moisture and
smoothing hair scales.

The drug is recommended for the following problems:

  • Section along the length and on the tips.
  • Critical damage due to staining.
  • Tendency to display yellowness (after clarification,
    highlighting, blonding).
  • Rapid washout of pigment from hair (helps maintain color
    after staining).

Reference! Homeland means Honma Tokyo – Japan,
however, the main production is in

The composition of the Botox from Honma Tokyo contains many valuable
substances for hair health, including:

  • Intra-Silane – the molecule condensing the structure
    the hair shaft, making the hair more holistic and sturdier.
  • Keratin – has a similar structure to protein,
    which is included in the natural hair structure. Serves as construction
    and regenerating material.
  • Acetylcysteine ​​is an amino acid that promotes
    normalization of the water balance of the hair and scalp.
  • Luna Matrix system – aligns the outer layer
    rod and protects it with a filter from the sun and temperature
  • Aloe Extract – has
    anti-inflammatory effect and nourish useful
    trace elements and minerals.
  • Green Tea Extract – Awakens Dormant
    follicles and accelerates growth. Strengthens immunity and
    resistance to irritants.
  • Prakaksy oil – moisturizes, promotes
    saturate and restore even the toughest and most fragile

Price: From 12,000 rubles for a set of two funds,
however, you can find a test set with 2 bottles in 100 ml, for 2000


Manufacturer INOAR

Country: Brazil

Botox for hair INOAR BotoHair restores and smoothes
hair structure, while not burdening the strands and not depriving them
natural volume at the roots. Thanks to the protective layer that
are formed on the rods as a result of the procedure, moisture and nutrient
substances remain inside the hair, regardless of external
factors. The set is great for how to care for long
hair, and for short curls. He helps to achieve
following result:

  • Smooth hair length without weighting.
  • The flexibility of curls to styling.
  • Long and rich color after dyeing.

Among the useful components of BotoHair can be identified:

  • Soy protein and wheat proteins – regulate
    work of sebaceous glands, strengthen hair and make it more
  • Natural argan and macadamia oils –
    restore the natural protective layer after multiple
    staining and hot styling.
  • Collagen microfibers – fill the voids
    in the structure of the rod, compacted structure.

The kit includes 3 tools:

  1. Shampoo to prepare the hair for the Botox procedure.
  2. Reconstructor.
  3. Collagen complex.

Note! Each product is packaged in
1000 ml bottles. The set will be enough for 20 treatments for hair.
medium length and thickness.

Price: from 14,800 per set.


Manufacturer: Felps

Country: Brazil

Intensively restores damaged hair, contributes to their
and hydration and nutrition. As a result of one session you can already
notice that:

  • The natural smoothness returned to the curls.
  • Naughty fluff and small hairs have become less noticeable.
  • Strands become less electrified when combing and donning
    synthetic clothing.

As part of Botox from Phelps, it is worth highlighting the following active

  • Volcanic clay – cleans, tones,
    slows the aging process, accelerates natural regeneration
  • Argan and macadamia oils – nourish, condense and
    moisturize curls, returning them a healthy look.
  • Hydrolyzed keratin – saturates
    damaged rods are missing protein, making them more resilient,
    supple and obedient.

Price: from 1500 rubles per 100 grams of funds.


Manufacturer: Estel

Country Russia

Estelle is a very popular brand of Russian cosmetics for care.
for hair. Of course, he also has a line of salon products.
Botox, promoting regeneration and recovery. Set of tools
Beautex Estel Haute Couture – designed exclusively for
professional use and includes the following

  1. Renovation Shampoo – for deep cleaning
    before botox -435 ml.
  2. Elixir Clinic – deeply nourishes, normalizes water balance – 20
    ampoules of 25 ml.
  3. HydroLipid Hair Mask – restores the hair frame
    rod and normalizes the sebaceous glands – 435 ml.

Price: From 2500 rubles for the procedure.

Kleral system gold filler hair botox

Manufacturer: Kleral System

Country: Italy

The product is notable for its special deep recovery formula,
based on gold microparticles. Available in
whey, packaged in bottles with a spray.

At the end of one procedure, the curls become more alive and
saturated from root to tip. Recommended for
lifeless and dull hair prone to cross-section.

Price: from 200 rubles for 1 bottle of 10

Mundo kroma europe prismax perfect hair

Manufacturer: PRIMAX

Country: USA

Ampoule botox for perfect hair from PRISMAX has
excellent reputation among professionals of the beauty industry, and
among their customers. Only for 1 procedure hair appreciable
transformed and looks more lively and nourished. This effect
due to the special composition with highly effective components:

  • Keratin macromolecules – serve as building
    material and “patch up” damage to the hair shafts.
  • Vitamins of group B6 and B5 in high concentration
    –– they fill in the shortage of substances and nourish the curls from the inside, so that
    The effect is visible to the naked eye.

Price: from 2,200 rubles for two ampoules.

Tahe magic bx gold

Manufacturer: Tahe

Country: Spain

Tahe company produces hair care products
more than 50 years. All funds from Tahe are tough selection and
safety and efficacy testing before
on the counter.

Botox Magic bx gold – suitable for any type of hair and
It is recommended both for maintaining a healthy look and for
intensive recovery.

Reference! Due to intensive nutrition and hydration,
hair after treatment with Tahe magic bx gold
hair starts noticeably faster

The drug is based on the following active ingredients:

  • Keratin – provides hair strength and
  • Collagen – restores the natural
    the density of the hair makes the strands silky to the touch.
  • Hyaluronic acid – normalizes hydrobalance
    and thereby solves the problem of dryness in length and fat content at the roots.
    It has a pronounced anti-aging effect.
  • Vitamin and mineral complex – replenishes
    lack of nutrients.

Produced individually or in sets of 6 and 12 ampoules. Single ampoule
10 ml is enough on average for 2-4 applications.

Price: from 3400 rubles per ampoule.

Kallos cosmetics hair botox mask

Manufacturer: Kallos

Country of origin: Hungary

Restores hair at the molecular level, solving the problem
dryness, breakage, electrification and constant entanglement during
combing. Suitable for both salon and home
of use.

It includes:

  • Collagen – closes the hair scales, making
    curls are visually more attractive.
  • Hyaluronic acid – returns strands
    lost as a result of hot styling smoothness and
  • Keratin – replaces the lost natural
    protein compounds and makes the hair shaft frame

Release form – ampoules that can be purchased as a piece,
and in a set of 6 pieces.

Price: 1300 rubles for 1

Agi max botox capilar radiance plus

Manufacturer: Soller Brasil

Country: Brazil

Structurally restores and smoothes the hair shaft
taming naughty and furry curls. Provides therapeutic
impact on damaged hair. In addition, the tool is active
fights yellowness after clarification.

Note! In Soller’s Botox
Brasil is completely free of toxic substances,
particular – formaldehyde.

Normalization of metabolic processes and regeneration of hair rods
and follicles occur due to the following active substances:

  • Ceramides;
  • Natural macadamia oil.
  • Omega acids.
  • Vitamin and mineral complex.

Price: from 9050 rubles for 900 ml.

Hp firenze

Manufacturer: HP Firenze

Country: Italy

Relief HP Hair Cold Botox Treatment Kit Formula
which was designed specifically for severely damaged and
brittle hair that need emergency help and

A distinctive feature of this set is the effect
elastization due to elastin proteins. Curls soak up
essential nutrients and begin to literally breathe

Important! The procedure has a cumulative effect for
achieving a stable result requires from 5 to 7 sessions,
depending on the initial state of the hair.

As part of the Botox products can be noted:

  • Protein complex – returning hair
    smoothness and elasticity.
  • Vitamin and mineral complex – nourishing
    hair from the inside and restores their pristine health.

The kit includes:

  1. Deep cleaning shampoo – gently washes away
    hair without trauma to the damaged structure (250 ml).
  2. Mineral complex – reconstructs strands and
    makes them smoother and silky. (200 ml).
  3. Protein Mask – Fills the Cortex and
    deeply saturate the drained curls. (250 ml).
  4. Keratin fluid – the final stage, which
    gives the hair extra smoothness and softness due to
    smoothing the cuticle layer.

Price: from 5500 rubles per set.

Fox botox ultracondicionant

Manufacturer: Fox Professional
Origin: Brazil

Often used as a means to strengthen and protect hair.
before any chemical exposure, be it staining,
curling or straightening. However, this complex may also be
used as an independent means for smoothing and
structuring curls.

Botox is based on the following active ingredients:

  • organic acids;
  • hydrolyzed keratin;
  • cereal polyphenols and proteins;
  • olive oil, myrrh and tamarinus oil.

The kit includes 2 tools:

  1. Shampoo “Botox Ultracondicionant”
  2. Mask “Botox Ultracondicionant”

Price: from 900 rubles.


Manufacturer: Kaypro

Country: Italy

It nourishes hair with essential trace elements, normalizes
hair structure makes them less porous and more dense.
Suitable for all hair types, however, it is most often applied on
natural and colored blond. It has a cumulative effect.
thanks to which a few procedures can achieve sustainable
result. Included in the list:

  • Shea Butter;
  • amino acids;
  • keratin proteins;
  • camellia oil;
  • pea peptide;
  • natural preservative and radish root.

The kit includes the following tools:

  1. Shampoo (phase 1);
  2. Spray (phase 2);
  3. Mask (phase 3).

Price: from 5500 rubles per set.


Manufacturer: Artego

Country: Italy

The main action takes place on the deeper layers of the hair
rod, so that the lack of nutrients is replenished
even faster, and the hair gets extra volume, smoothness,
softness and compliance to laying. Most valuable components
drugs are:

  • Black caviar extract – stimulates
    natural production of collagen and elastin, which close
    existing voids and damage.
  • Hyaluronic acid – serves as a regulator
    water balance.
  • Amino acids – are responsible for the structural
  • Vitamins E and PP
    – have anti-aging effect and condition

The botox product line consists of the following two

  1. Lotion “Diamond Filler”.
  2. Elixir “Diamond Elixir

Price: from 11,000 rubles.

Maravi beach

Manufacturer: Maravi beach

Country: Israel

The main objective of this tool is softening and conditioning.
hard and parched hair that has lost its original
structure due to frequent hot packings, discoloration or scorching
the sun The curls are saturated with moisture, become crumbly and
elastic. Included in the list:

  • Coconut oil;
  • mango butter;
  • macadamia oil;
  • flax oil;
  • vitamins E and B5.
  • lanonin;
  • seaweed extract;
  • amino acids.

Price: from 5500 rubles.

Constant delight

Manufacturer: Constant Delight

Country of manufacture: Italy

It is widely used for emergency treatment of blasted and
damaged curls that suffered as a result
insufficient care, improper staining or

Reference! Botox Constant
delight is better known under the name “Happiness for hair” –
Happy Hair.

The kit includes the following tools:

  1. Preparing shampoo.
  2. Intensive constructor.

Price: from 5500 rubles.


Manufacturer: kv-1.

Country: Spain.

On the assurances of the manufacturer after the first procedure will be
a striking difference is noticeable – the curls will become smoother,
bulky and elastic. Suitable for any type of hair, however,
the effect will be especially noticeable on the curls often exposed
clarification, dyeing, perm and straightening.

As part of the preparations for Botox is to provide
The following active ingredients:

  • Keratin – clogs the cracks in
    structure of the hair shaft.
  • Collagen – solves the problem of electrification,
    struggling with the cross section.
  • Amino Acids – Promotes Nutrition
  • Vitamins of group B and E.

The full complex for Botox consists of 4 products:

  1. Activator – raises the hair scales,
    preparing the hair for regenerative
  2. Shampoo – washes hair styling residues
    means, sebum and dust.
  3. Lotion Essence – restores the curls,
    making them healthier and more attractive.
  4. The mask-fixer – saves and prolongs
    achieved result.

Price: from 10,000 rubles for all funds from

Magic efecto botox

Manufacturer: Tahe

Country: Spain

Another Botox for hair from the company Tahe, which is
relatively new product in its arsenal. Thanks
improved formula, hair is restored from the roots to
tips without the effect of gluing, weighting and “dirty head”.
Curls look healthy, springy and radiant.

As part of the funds indicated:

  • hydrolyzed keratin;
  • collagen;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • Argan oil;
  • vitamin and mineral complex.

The drug is available in 10 ml ampoules, which can be purchased
both individually and in cases of 6 or 12 pieces.

Important! The set does not include shampoo for deep
cleaning, which is necessary to complete the procedure –
it must be purchased separately and preferably from the same

Price: from 3400 rubles for 1 standard


Manufacturer: ESK professional

Country: Brazil

The BC Original BTX CREMA hair botox system is aimed at
intensive hair fortification, giving it a special shine and
radiance. The advantages of the line include comfort
use without acrid smoke and fumes even at home.
In addition, the tool has a light smoothing and
conditioning effect.

The composition includes such valuable plant components

  • Shea Butter;
  • Chia white oil (another name of the plant is Spanish
  • coconut oil (fractionated).

Price: from 6600 rubles.


Manufacturer: Cadiveu professional

Country: Brazil

A means to give hair extra
shine and density. The lonely man effectively copes with how fat
and stiff as well as thin and fragile hair rods.
Therapeutic and cosmetic effect is achieved due to
the following natural ingredients:

  • Amazonian white clay – nourishes the scalp
    nutritional trace elements, improves blood and lymph circulation,
    removes toxins and toxins, enhances hair growth.
  • Organic Silicone – Covers Hair
    thin film, retaining moisture and smoothing down the length.

The kit includes 3 tools:

  1. Shampoo Revitalizante regenerating shampoo.
  2. Mask on the basis of clay Mascara de Argila – strengthens,
    returns shine and elasticity.
  3. Fluido Finalizador Final Fluid.

On sale you can find kits, where each tool is spilled in
bottles of 500 or 1000 ml, however, for the first trial time you can
Buy products in containers of 100 ml.

Price: from 7500 rubles.


Manufacturer: ZAP Cosmeticos

Country: Brazil

Botox and nanocallization of hair 2 in 1. Already after the first
applications curls acquire a mirror shine and silky
structure, thanks to deep moisture saturation. Suitable for hair
all types and has a slight rectifying effect.

The active components of the drug include:

  • Panthenol;
  • vitamin and mineral complex;
  • amino acids;
  • blend of natural oils.

Price: from 4500 rubles


Manufacturer: FOX Professional

Country: Brazil

The manufacturer took all the best from their products “Oil
monoi “, added more protective components, yellowing neutralizer
and got a brand new botox product. Procedure
Botox can be performed both before chemical procedures and
on their own.

Main ingredients:

  • olive oil;
  • myrrh oil;
  • soy and wheat proteins;
  • oat extract;
  • amino acid complex;
  • creatine;
  • hydrolyzed creatine.

The procedure consists of two steps:

  1. Shampoo for deep cleaning.
  2. Mask-botox.

Sold in the amount of 50, 100, 250 and 1000 ml.

Price: from 8000 rubles for a full-size set
(1000 ml).


Manufacturer: Selective Professional

Country: Italy

Another ampoule Botox, which is notable for what is
of the two means – densi-fill 1 and densi-fill 2, when mixed
It turns out highly effective cocktail.

The main active components of this Botox are:

  • Marine collagen – structurally close to
    the collagen of the hair shaft, making it efficient
    restores already from the first application.
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin – Replenishes
    lack of proteins and fills the structural voids.
  • Amino acids – normalize the water balance and
    support the activity of internal processes.
  • Wheat Hydrolyzed Proteins – Compact
    hair rods and retain natural volume.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – saturates with fluid and
    prevents its evaporation.
  • Vitamin E – Acts as a Natural
    antioxidant, increases microcirculation of blood and lymph,
    promotes deep cellular nutrition.
  • Esters – relieve electrification,
    facilitate combing.

For the first time you can buy only 2 vials of 15 ml,
however, the standard set includes 10 ampoules – 5 each from
each means.

Note! For a more stable result
manufacturer recommends that you wash your hair with shampoo before the procedure.
from the same series, and after taking care of special hair

Price: from 115 rubles for 1 ampoule.

BB One

Manufacturer: BB-One

Country: Brazil

Classic hair restoration kit with blue pigment,
which not only restores the hair structure, but also eliminates
yellowing after clarification. Makes curls more docile and
flexible to styling, structures curly hair lengthwise.

Active ingredients:

  • collagen;
  • cysteine:
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • silk proteins;
  • Argan oil;
  • Shea Butter;
  • aloe barbadenis;
  • olive oil;
  • amino acids.

Price: from 7200 rubles.


Manufacturer: Nexxt professional

Country: Germany

It stands out among other tools for home Botox
democratic price and ease of use, since
is a fluid in a dispenser bottle.

The main components of the fluid are:

  • keratin;
  • amino acids;
  • vitamins of groups A, B, C, E;
  • aloe vera extract;
  • green tea extract;
  • jojoba oil;
  • grape seed oil.

Release form – a transparent bottle from plastic with a volume of 100 ml
with dispenser. On average length and thickness, as a rule, two are enough

Price: from 327 rubles.


Manufacturer: Ollin Professional

Country Russia

The basis of this product is a special safe formula for
deep nutrition and recovery. Botox approved for use
pregnant and lactating women. After applying the hair acquire
well-groomed and healthy, thanks to the restoration of water balance
and improving nutrition of the hair follicles.

The main ingredients of the chemical composition of Botox are:

  • nickname;
  • hydrolyzed keratin;
  • Creatine C-100;
  • Olivim – 300;
  • Frescolat

Price: from 550 rubles.


Manufacturer: YKAS Cosmeticos

Country: Brazil

This is a Botox in the form of a mask that simultaneously softens and
smoothes out, that as it is impossible by the way is suitable for curling and rigid

Active ingredients:

  • hydrolyzed keratin;
  • ozone oil;
  • elestin;
  • silicone;
  • antioxidants.

Price: from 4500 rubles.

Rio botox blond

Country: | Brazil

Manufacturer: RIO BOTTOX

Returns strength and elasticity to hair, even despite age
changes. Neutralizes the yellow pigment and compacts the structure.

The chemical composition of the drug includes:

  • Sericin – a viscous protein based on silk,
    filling the structural voids of the hair shaft.
  • Sunflower seed oil – prevents
    section along the length, solder the tips, protects against ultraviolet
  • Corn oil – a natural source of vitamin
    E, eliminating dryness.
  • Macadamia Nut Oil – Fills Hair
    moisture, has anti-aging effect.
  • Olive oil – serves as a barrier to evaporation
  • Panthenolic acid – prevents early
    gray hair and premature loss of elasticity.
  • Vitamin E – responsible for transportation
    oxygen in the blood, saturating them with hair follicles.

Price: from 8000 rubles

Agi max

Manufacturer: Soller

Country: Brazil

Acts in several directions, improving structural
condition of curls, facilitating their combing, straightening and
neutralizing yellowness.

Reference! Cosmetic products from Brazil
Soller brands are ranked
world leaders.

The preparation includes:

  • Sericin – a protein that accelerates tissue regeneration and recovery
    loose curls.
  • Vitamin and mineral complex.
  • Ceramides.
  • Omega-acid.
  • Macadamia oil.

Price: from 8000 rubles.


Manufacturer: Concept

Country: Italy

Two-phase Botox program, including hot and cold
recovery stages. As a result of the procedure, the strands become
much larger and livelier, eliminates the problem of wrinkles from gum and
pins It has a cumulative effect, thanks to which in 5 procedures,
made once a month can be achieved sustainable

At a hot stage, hair is prepared, hair scales
open up and allow Botox to fill structural voids.

The cold stage has an astringent and fixative effect, making
Curls mirror shiny, bright and rich.

Price: from 546 rubles for 200 ml.


Manufacturer: NATUREZA

Country: Brazil

Actively used for the regeneration of fragile and brittle curls and
maintaining a healthy state in normal hair. The foundation
of the drug – natural oils argan, macadamia and hyaluronic
acid, which, acting on the hair cuticle,
restores the curls, making them softer and more tender

Price: from 4000 rubles for 500 ml.


Manufacturer: Nika

Country: Italy

According to consumer reviews, one procedure with Botox from Nick
makes the hair look like real silk. Its permissible
use persons with a tendency to allergic reactions,
pregnant and lactating women. Properly selected components
have a powerful antioxidant effect, nourish and moisturize the skin
head and hair. These include:

  • Acai berry extract;
  • Concentrate Vitamin B5 and E;
  • Osmoprotector Betafin BP20;
  • Glycerol.

Reference! Botox Nika
combines well with any salon chemical
procedure, whether it is dyeing, curling or keratin

Price: from 2000 rubles.

Love potion

Manufacturer: Love potion

Country: Brazil

The composition of this Botox hair contains pigment
“ANTI-YELLOW” which gives blonde hair a noble,
platinum shade. The composition levels and restores
previously bleached hair, making it more attractive looking and
more healthy in structure. The product includes a large
the amount of natural oils, namely:

  • Argan oil:
  • Monoi oil;
  • Mirra oil.

Price: from 4500 rubles.

Erayba hydraker k11 keratin hair botox

Manufacturer: Erayba

Country: Brazil

The tool for salon procedure Botox, which is deep
penetrates the hair structure, returning to them the natural beauty and
brightness. The product contains a hypoallergenic perfume and filter,
prevents burnout in the sun.

The chemical composition of this botox is enriched with special keratin
Hair Botox K11, which is acting on the hair cortex?
restores lost lipids and keratin.

Release form – liquid emulsion, packaged in bottles of
in 100 ml.

Price: from 4719 rubles.

Brit hair group elixir tree of life

Manufacturer: Belkos Belleza

Country: Spain

Indications for use of this Botox are:

  • Chemical or thermal burning of hair on the structure.
  • Slow growth.
  • Dryness and brittleness.
  • Porosity and dullness.

The therapeutic effect is achieved through the main existing

  • Keratin.
  • Argan oil.
  • Collagen.
  • Amino acids.

Price: from 1200 per ampoule.

Marcia teixeira perola revive smoothing therapy

Производитель: M&M international

Country: America

The very name of this Botox sends us to one of
varieties of black pearls – Perola, hydrolyzed particles
which are contained in this complex. They serve their
sort of conductor for other acting constituents, allowing them
more effectively saturate the structure of curls and penetrate deep into
rod. Also, the composition is notable for such substances as:

  • Glycogel and glyoxelinic acid –
    deep clean and detoxify.
  • Vitamins A, D, E, F – nourish
    hair follicles.
  • Omega-3 acids, 6, 9 – accelerate the natural
  • Baobab oil, moringa, tamaralise sate
    strands from the inside.

Botox is intended solely for salon use and
Includes the following products:

  • Deep cleaning shampoo.
  • Complex for detoxification.
  • Conditioning mask
  • Serum for care of split ends.

Price: from 11400 rubles for a set of 4


Not only the skin, but also the hair needs constant nourishment and
restoration of natural resources. It can provide
Botox procedure – curls will become more dense, elastic and
hardy against the impact of external negative factors.
Among the variety of existing products you will certainly
find something that is right for you!

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