Bottom hair volume buffering – pros and cons, photo before and after, how to do at home

In an effort to give volume to their hair, girls try a lot:
special combs, shampoos, masks, foams and mousses superstrong
fixing. Some even donate an hour of morning sleep in order
to make curlers or stuffed. But alas, no matter how much time and money
would not be spent on combing and styling – the effect will be
not long

Fortunately, the modern cosmetic market offers
procedures for permanent basal volume. One of these
procedures is a buffer. Buffant for hair

What it is?

The content of the article:

  • What it is?
  • History of creation
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Kinds
  • Photos before and after, effect after the procedure
  • Technology implementation, how to do – walkthrough
  • How long does the buffer last and for how long?
  • The composition for the procedure – the necessary funds
  • How to make a buffer at home?
  • How to care for hair after buffering?
  • Where to do?
  • How much is the buffer?
  • Reviews
  • Analogs and similar procedures
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

Buffant is a way to give hair
basal volume with the help of permanent hair curling at the very
root. The natural structure is not
touched. A shavelyura looks as organic and natural as possible.
– hair is lively and springy in any style. Buffant

History of creation

Funds for the Buffant issued by the American company Paul
Mitchell, but, remarkably, the author of the technology
is the Russian stylist-hairdresser Alexander Butenin.
Alexander Butenin

Buffant technology is relatively new, since its first
official tests were conducted in 2014. Receiving technology
root volume 1.5 times without damage to the length quickly
attracted Moscow and St. Petersburg beauty salons, and
first spread among celebrities, and then
among ordinary women who want to get the result “like on
cover “.

Important! Buffant formulation can be purchased only
from the official representative after passing the profile training
and entering into an agreement with the company.

Advantages and disadvantages

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.
basal volume.


  • Noticeable and steady volume by 2-3
    of the month.
  • Harmless to the scalp and hair.
  • No ripple effect and unnatural curls.
  • Laying does not depend on weather conditions.
  • Removed excess fat from the root zone.
  • Suitable for all hair types, including thin,
    sectioned and previously painted.
  • Facilitates and speeds up the styling process.
  • Comes off gradually, leaving no hair

Hair girl after the procedure


  • It is difficult to find a salon and a master because
    The procedure is available only to certified professionals.
  • There is a risk of running into a fake composition.
    Then the result will be unpredictable.
  • High price from 5 to 9 thousand rubles.

much money

Indications and contraindications

To whom is the buffer suitable, and for whom this procedure will be


  • Thin and liquid hair devoid of basal volume.
  • The hair is oily at the roots, but dry at the tips.
  • Naughty strands, difficult to lay.

girl with thin hair


  • Strands, weakened and dried by multiple
  • Chemically curled or straightened hair.
  • Highlighting, occupying more than 50% of the hair.
  • The fragile hair stretching and rushing when combing.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding period.
  • Treatment with hormonal or antibiotic drugs.
  • The weakened state of the body against the background of recent surgical


Some wizards in the catalog, you can find the procedure
called “Buffant Plus”. In essence, it is the same
buffer but using more large-caliber
curlers. This style looks rather extravagant,
but, unfortunately, sags faster than the standard buffer, so
as the hair just starts to fall under its own weight.

Note! In many beauty salons
the buffer is still confused with boost up due to the consonance of the names and
similar result. Be attentive and always interested.
used by the means.

Photos before and after, effect after the procedure

Immediately after the procedure, the hair looks luxurious.
They are voluminous, but at the same time completely natural and healthy.
The girl becomes like a “film star” – volume styling makes
the face is more miniature, young and puppet. effect of the procedure effect of the procedure effect of the procedure effect of the procedure

Most beauty salon clients who tried to boost first
an, and then buffer, recognize that the second procedure is essential
step forward. There are no wrinkles on the hair and
corrugation that spoils the overall look, if unsuccessfully tie
tail or gather a bunch.

Technology implementation, how to do – walkthrough

If you happen to find a beauty salon with qualified
master, then get ready to allocate 2 hours of free time.

The procedure is multi-step and takes place as follows:

  1. Cleansing. Hair is thoroughly washed from
    styling products, silicones, traces of sweat and sebum. Cleaner than
    curls – the better for them to gain a foothold means.
  2. Curlers. For technology, buffer is used
    Velcro curlers. They are easy to fix on the root zone – they
    Sit tightly on the hair, not slipping and not bending down.
  3. Length protection To the hair length remained
    healthy and unharmed, they must be applied protective
    air conditioning. Means is selected in accordance with the type of hair. For
    dry hair – moisturizing, for thick and hard – softening and
    nutritional, etc.
  4. Processing roots composition. Root zone
    carefully processed by chemical composition. It is important not to miss
    Not a single plot, so that the result was uniform and realistic.
    To do this, use a narrow hairdresser brush.
  5. Exposure. The head is covered with polyethylene
    cap and the composition is aged on the hair for a quarter of an hour.
  6. Wash. Hair curlers are carefully removed from the hair and
    the composition is washed with running water.
  7. Completion. All hair applied finish
    firming balm, followed by drying and styling.

How long does the buffer last and for how long?

Depending on the thickness, thickness and severity of hair
buffering lasts 3 to 4 months. Thinner and
more pliable hair – the more stable the result. The composition acts on
hair is very soft and gentle, so as the roots grow back,
the buffalo sags smoothly and imperceptibly, leaving no unnatural

The composition for the procedure – the necessary funds

paul mitchell Acid WAVE

Universal and safe formulation for buffering, which
suitable for all types of hair, including dyed,
Blondirovannye and damaged.

Beneficially differs from the means of similar action by the absence
unpleasant smell of sulfur. Does not contain ammonia and derivatives
thioglycolic acid.

Reference! The composition can be used for others
similar procedures for permanent perm.

Standard set includes:

  • curling lotion;
  • activator;
  • neutralizer;
  • disposable cap made of polyethylene.

How to make a buffer at home?

As already mentioned – to purchase a genuine tool for
Buffant is available only from an authorized representative after
passing the appropriate training. This is the condition
manufacturer. Owners of the Paul Mitchell brand highly value high
reputation of their products and take all measures to its not
to lose.

If you managed to buy the tool in the public domain or
With your hands – a high probability that you have a fake.

If you are still confident in the authenticity and quality of the composition –
Enlist the help from the side, but rather entrust your hair in
hands of a professional.

How to care for hair after buffering?

After the procedure, the hair does not need special care,
However, following the rules below will help you to save what you have achieved.

  • The first two days refrain from washing your hair and hot
    Laying – the composition must finally gain a foothold on
  • Use a sulphate free shampoo. is he
    acts gently but effectively, despite the fact that it does not give a thick
  • Do not do smooth low tail.
  • If the length needs additional care – do not neglect
    balms, masks and indelible serums.

sulphate-free shampoo

Where to do?

Buffant is a service not available to everyone. AND
it’s not just about the price, but also about the number of salons that provide
her. To find out if your city has a qualified
Specialist visit the official website of the company Paul
Mitchell and check out the list of people who visited
seminar of Alexander Butenin. This will insure you against possible
disappointments and hair damage. girl in the cabin

How much is the buffer?

Buffant, the procedure is not cheap, but according to reviews, attachments with
more than justified by a steady and spectacular result. In Moscow
and St. Petersburg prices range from 5,000 to 9,000

Reference! Service pricing is affected
master’s qualification, cost of the means used, reputation and
location of the cabin.


Several reviews from popular resources |
and |

Analogs and similar procedures

If you are interested in the buffer, but in your city there is no
skilled craftsmen note the following
procedures for permanent perm curling:

  1. boost up;
  2. fleece;
  3. radical chemistry;
  4. ecowolum

Are you going to make a buffer? Yes


Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask

Can you make a buffer and keratin together

Procedures can be carried out simultaneously, or make a buffer
after keratin straightening, provided that the master does
indent from the roots when applying the keratin composition.

What is the difference between boost up and buffering?

When booster up for winding using special studs,
creating the effect of light flute on the hair. Of course, such a perm
lasts longer, but looks a little less aesthetic.

What is better buffer or fleece?

During a fleece, no auxiliary
tools like curlers, studs and clips. The volume is obtained by
hair It is believed that this procedure creates the most
natural effect of all. Despite its novelty,
it is common in salons more than the buffer. However, the stuffed –
the procedure is not pleasant, especially for owners of sensitive

Ecowolum and buffer, what are the differences and what
it is better?

When ecowolm used special studs that create
on the hair effect of raised roots. Composition for the most part
consists of components of plant and natural origin.
This effect is slightly less than the buffer, however, the procedure
can be found in more beauty salons.


At the moment in the Russian segment is not so much
qualified professionals providing the service buffer.
Be careful when choosing a master! Do not regret
time to validate his certificate for
official site and always read the reviews. Only with such
conditions costs will be justified by the result.

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