Braid of 5 strands. Step-by-step instruction weaving

5-strand braidVery elegant
Looks a french pigtail of 5 strands. This hairstyle
universal. It is suitable for both secular reception, and for
romantic date Some even use it as
wedding It differs from the classic pigtails more
bulkiness. It is advisable if the first time someone will help you
make this wonderful hairstyle. Although you can independently
learn how to do it, then every day your hair
will look great. In our article you will find descriptions.
how a braid of five strands is woven. This scheme will certainly help
you will soon master the science of creating luxurious braids.

No need to spend money and time on the services of a hairdresser when
You can create such beauty on your head by yourself! Just some 30
minutes – and you are transformed.

So, let’s begin. Wash and dry your head before creating.
braids. On straight curls, this hairstyle looks especially good.
If you have naturally curly hair, it would be better
straighten them using ironing.

Weave braids of five strands. Step-by-step instruction

The first. Divide the curls into five equal parts. If they will
unequal size, hair does not work the way it should
to be. Second. Start weaving on the right. Take two extreme parts in
hands and flip the right over the left.

Third. Holding a piece of hair in your left hand, take the second one
in the right hand. Braid the one in your left hand, on top of that
which you hold in your right hand.

Fourth. Hair strand move to the right and twist,
moving left, initial with the next.

Fifth. Take this right side and twist it to the left
the original order under the next one. Now you need to move to
right to left and repeat the steps
opposite direction.

Sixth. Remove the last strand on the left side and, taking
the next two, twist the right under the left.

Seventh. Then the strand on the left, swipe over the one that
on right.

Eighth. Now the one on the left, swipe under the one that is
to the right.

Ninth. The one that is right for you right now,
move away, starting in the opposite direction to weave your braid.
At the same time it is necessary to hold those on the right under the locks on the left.

Tenth. Above the left strand swipe right.

Eleventh. Under the left strand twist the one on the right.

Twelfth. Now you need to hold the right strand over the left,
following her.

Thirteenth. Then continue in the same vein, alternating weaving:
under, above, under, above and so on until the pigtail is completely
will not be braided.

Fourteenth. With the elastic band secure the end
braids. To hairstyle longer retained its original appearance, her
can be fixed with hairspray.

5-strand braid

Here, actually, that’s all, our magnificent pigtail of 5 is ready
strands! If you wish, you can show imagination and decorate curls
all sorts of additions, such as hairpins, ribbons and other
accessories. A photo test would give the opportunity to observe from the photos
the way the five strand braid is made, but we hope that our
step by step instructions helped you learn the art of weaving.

Good luck!

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