Brazilian highlights

Girls love to experiment with their own appearance, changing
individual items. For those who do not want a cardinal change
image, there is a Brazilian highlighting that can emphasize
natural color, give hair shine and visual volume.
Brazilian highlights

What is Brazilian highlighting?

The content of the article:

  • What is Brazilian highlighting?
  • Pros and cons of Brazilian highlighting
  • For whom is Brazilian highlights suitable?
  • Effect of BEFORE and AFTER
  • Technique of Brazilian highlighting, how to do – phased
  • Price in the cabin and at home
  • Hair care after Brazilian highlights
  • Conclusion

Brazilian highlighting is one of the types of highlighting that creates
imitation of burnt naturally strands. The technique is similar to that
which is used in California highlighting, only
the master uses paint in amber, gold, beige and
honey tones.

IMPORTANT! Color Activation in Brazilian Highlighting
occurs due to oxygen (open method of bleaching). Where
Are you going to make Brazilian highlights?

Pros and cons of Brazilian highlighting

The technique provides many benefits, so quickly
recruited loyal fans who regularly update
Brazilian highlighting. The advantages are as follows:

  • underlining the natural color of the hair without the cardinal
  • masking possible gray hair;
  • there is no clear transition between dyed hair and
    natural, therefore it is necessary to update color less often;
  • the procedure can be performed not only on natural, but also on
    colored hair;
  • the procedure allows for pregnant women because it is stained
    a small amount of spinning;
  • adding visual volume to thin hair;
  • the procedure is suitable for hair of any thickness and length;
  • visual rejuvenation due to bright colors.

happy girl

However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the procedure has a number of
deficiencies that you should know in advance:

  • the most profitable staining looks on all shades
    light brown;
  • the duration of the procedure;
  • relatively high cost;
  • the need to look for a competent master, since far from
    every hairdresser is able to do quality Brazilian
  • the procedure is impossible for girls with a perm or
    red hair.

For whom is Brazilian highlights suitable?

The presented type of coloring is not suitable for all girls.
The most interesting it will look on light brown hair.

IMPORTANT! If you want to get an interesting result
It is recommended to use 5-6 shades creating
spectacular weave.

Shades are often selected on the basis of the color type belonging to
girlfriend, namely:

  • “cold tones” are recommended for fair skin
    – copper, pastel beige, mocha and so on; bright skin
  • for easily blushing skin with freckles
    amber color recommended; skin with freckles
  • for owners of dark skin advise
    use gold or caramel shades. dark skin

On blonde hair

Girls who have blond or light brown hair are perfect
The following shades that will highlight the natural color will do:

  • sand; sand
  • mocha; mocha
  • all wheat shades; wheat shades
  • honey; honey
  • golden; golden
  • mother of pearl blond; pearl blond
  • ashen. ashen

It is possible that blond hair has reddish shades. AT
In this case, it is recommended to use a slightly different palette.
emphasizing this feature:

  • amber; amber
  • copper color. copper color

On dark hair

Girls with dark curls can play with the following
shades that help emphasize natural hair color:

  • caramel; caramel
  • cognac; cognac
  • walnut; walnut
  • coffee; coffee
  • all shades of gold. gold

The presented tones look especially good on chestnut or
dark blond hair. Brunettes should think more carefully
need brazilian highlighting on their hair.

On light brown hair

For girls with light brown hair, the following shades will do:

  • caramel;
  • copper;
  • honey; honey hair color
  • sand. sand color

Match colors based on light brown because they can
be quite diverse. When choosing, you should pay
attention to the level of lightness of hair and on their

Effect of BEFORE and AFTER

Brazilian highlights look good on different

On short hair

Short hair does not allow the master to “accelerate” and endure
long transition from one shade to another. However, the result in any
The case looks amazing, giving the owner
short hair with an extra dose of charm. short hair short hair short hair

On medium hair

In the middle it turns out the most beautiful Brazilian highlights,
as the master maintains the golden mean of the transition.
medium hair medium hair medium hair

Long hair

On long main thing – do not stretch the shades too
strongly, creating a sharp canvas. The case must fit
competent specialist who is able to skillfully mix shades
and distribute them throughout the length. Brazilian highlighting of long hair Brazilian highlighting of long hair

Technique of Brazilian highlighting, how to do – phased

Highlighting is performed on dry hair. performance technique

  1. Dilute the dye and oxide in proportion
    specified in the instructions.
  2. Divide hair into 4 zones. As a rule, for
    similar division use two partings – vertical and
    horizontal. The result should be 4 squares cross
  3. We must start from the back of the head, making light strokes in parallel
    selected strands from root to end. Last needed
    paint more thoroughly because the further the oxide from
    heat source (head), the worse it is taken.
  4. Further stained the remaining strands. In the area of
    temples it is recommended to retreat 6-8 centimeters from the roots for
    create the effect of naturalness.
  5. To maintain the composition indicated on the package.
  6. Wash off the composition. Separately colored strands
    rinse with a neutralizing shampoo that will stop the reaction
    lightening. Use balm or conditioner for
    damaged hair.

IMPORTANT! It is recommended not to wash your hair for 2-3 days before
procedures. The sebaceous glands secrete a secret that envelops
hair, reducing the degree of further damage. More about
shampooing before the procedure

The main differences from the classic highlighting

The fundamental differences of the Brazilian highlighting from any
another are as follows:

  • in most cases, the procedure is carried out in blond
  • transitions are smooth, natural, no sharpness;
  • the roots are not affected, only the ends;
  • use of multiple shades.


Price in the cabin and at home

Inside, the highlighting procedure will take approximately 2 hours.
without laying. The cost will depend on
professionalism of the master, the length of the hair and the selected dye. AT
average, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Brazilian coloring
will cost from 3,000 to 9,000 rubles. cost

If you carry out the procedure at home, spending
will be 2 or 3 times less. It will be necessary to buy only
oxide and the dye itself, which will cost about 1,500
rubles. For better results, you will need other
accessories, but in any case the price will be much lower than in

Hair care after Brazilian highlights

After dyeing, hair loses some of its strength, depleting.
In order not to harm the hair coat more than the set
It is recommended to adhere to the general rules for the care of painted

  • Do not comb wet hair;
  • nourish the hair with various oils after washing (this care
    considered indelible);
  • do not use hair dryer / iron / curling without sharp
  • wash your hair with shampoo “for colored hair”;
  • the next painting should be made not earlier than in a month.

girl washes her hair

IMPORTANT! Before using the balm (or any
another washable product) you must first dry the hair
using a towel to get the best result.


Brazilian highlights do not imply clear
contrasts, only emphasizes natural hair color, combining
several shades. For owners of blond hair is
the best procedure for unobtrusive change of image. For successful
the result is recommended to choose a good master and do not forget
about the subsequent care!

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