Breast augmentation yesterday and today

Lush chest since ancient times attracted the attention of men and was considered
the standard of feminine beauty. This is evidenced by the extant
antique artwork (paintings, figurines), the poetry of the past
centuries with descriptions of charming female images. However far from
all the fair sex nature presents chic
by forms.

According to statistics, approximately 68% of women are dissatisfied with the form and
volume of his chest. Then how to sunbathe on the beach topless with pride
could only 5% of respondents. Despite
statistics this problem has been reparable in all ages. WITH
long time women managed to skillfully get out of the seemingly
hopeless situation.

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  • Secrets in the corset
  • Creams, pills and other “traps”
  • Breast plastic surgery: failures and successes

Secrets in the corset

Women of the past centuries were easily misled
representatives of the stronger sex, using folk tricks for
visual breast augmentation. For example, a light shawl, draped over
additionally over the chest, concentrated male attention
on this part of the body. When the corsets appeared, create the desired
volume has become even easier. Women filled the “voids” matter either
cotton, visually increasing the bust.

In the 1860s, with the aim of giving the required volume to the bodice of the dress
sewed in cotton wool, and sometimes even rubber gaskets. Also inside or with
the outer side of the underwear masters sewed frills,
making the bust more magnificent.

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Later Lemon Cup came to the rescue – a patented “improver”
bust “, resembling two gaskets round shape, placed in
simple cotton fabric bag. It looks clear and
simply! However, springs were installed inside the bags,
hidden in the depths of the filler, which served as horsehair. For
spring attachments used whale whisker, sewn horizontally in

Under the pressure of the corset, the linen tightly to the chest, chest
pressed down on a whaleb mustache, which, in turn, squeezed out
the spring is outward, due to which the effect of a large

In the 1890s, models such as Woven Celluloid and
Cotton Bust Improver. These lingerie models were distinguished by the presence of
hard cups of celluloid, which were filled with cotton. All this
The trick was hidden in a muslin case.

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When a fancy S-shaped silhouette came into fashion, ladies
it was necessary to strengthen the “equipment”, putting on the bodice in addition to the corset –
monobosom bustier is an engineering device consisting of cotton and
their whalebone threads.

Today, women dissatisfied with their breast size, such
tricks to anything. For them, all manufacturers have done lower
linen. Special bras with the effect of “push-up” capable
transform the chest even the smallest size. By the way say
that big breasts put their owners in relation to the beautiful
linen at a disadvantage. After all, the main purpose
large bras – support the chest. therefore
beautiful models with thin elegant straps and lace lace
producers, as a rule, do not produce, or produce very

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Creams, pills and other “traps”

In ancient times, to correct the lack of appearance mainly
practiced means for external use. Women’s magazines
filled with advertising tablets and various mixtures to increase
chest For example, ladies of past centuries were asked to experience “Cream
for the bust “that needed to be rubbed over for a certain
period in the skin of the chest. According to the manufacturers, regular
using this cream helped to achieve amazing
results. And in France, advertised magnifying bust
“Oriental pills”.

But if creams, potions and pills did not bring the desired
result, then the fair sex was offered
try hardware methods. One of the most popular devices for
breast augmentation was Princess Bust Developer, externally
resembling a plunger. According to advertising, the device developed
chest muscles, helped to strengthen the capillaries, and also helped
tighten loose skin

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Breast augmentation agents that affect the outside, widely
popular in our time. A huge sensation, for example, was
appearance on the market in 2005 of medical and cosmetic products,
created on the basis of a Thai plant called Pueraria
Mirifica. The complex, which includes creams, sprays and capsules,
considered an effective and safe way to increase breast.
The main feature of the drug is its effect.
exclusively on the chest (skin, adipose tissue and glands). Besides
when used internally, an extract of pueraria mirifiki and a number
associated natural ingredients contained in the preparation
has a rejuvenating effect on the female body.

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Breast plastic surgery: failures and successes

Solve the problem with the size of the breast by the first-time surgery
Latins became the dawn of surgery in the Roman Empire.
However, women tried to correct this lack of appearance
century earlier, using liquid paraffin injections. As far as
successfully judge for yourself: some patients could after such
paraffin procedures continue active life. Although, at the same time
there were complaints about some leaks and minor pain

In the 1920s, transplantation operations began in
breast fat patients taken from other parts of the body. And in the 40s
began to practice the installation of implants in the form of wooden and
glass balls. Polyvinyl sponges and oxen cartilages were also used.
and polyurethane. All these experiments in most cases.
resulted in the occurrence of inflammatory processes, tumors, and
also breast deformity.

Nowadays, breast augmentation is surgically or
magnifying mammoplasty is a fairly simple operation. Behind
many years of practice surgeons have accumulated extensive installation experience
implants, in connection with this complications in such operations
practically does not happen. The procedure consists in the introduction of implants.
under the pectoral muscle or above it. Breast implants are different.
shapes and sizes, as well as made from different materials. AT
present plastic surgeons use third-grade prostheses
generations that are quite flexible shell from
silicone, which is filled with a special silicone gel.

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Breast augmentation in the modern world is one of the most
common operations in plastic surgery. And every year
the number of patients who want to enlarge their breasts in such a way
growing rapidly. In the USA in 2005, 364610 were registered
breast augmentation surgery, this is 9% more than in 2004

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