Bridget Bardot style. What we taught wears BB?

Do you think short mini with high leather forts is
an image of modern fashionistas? By no means! Even 60 years ago, Bridget Bardot
walked around Paris in a similar dress. How Bridget created her
style and taught wears, besides mini and boots, – find out in
our retro style icon review.


  • How did Brigitte Bardot turn over fashion?
  • What is the shape of a sex bomb?
  • Bikini by Bridget Bardot
  • Capri and sundresses on the straps
  • Short dresses and tight skirts
  • Skirts, flared and tops-corsets
  • Animal Print and Black Treads
  • Ballet shoes and no studs
  • Big sunglasses

How did Brigitte Bardot turn over fashion?

“Hooligan Rebel” and “Prophet of Sexual Freedom” –
so began to call Brigitte Bardot after the movie “And God Created
woman “. Short and tight-fitting dress stubbornly fixed for
Bridget image of a sex bomb.

Brigitte Bardot: “I was only happy with the loose
barefoot and dressed as if I was only from the bed — I
decided: one of two things – or the world will ever accept me like this, or
I will not accept the world by any means. ”

Bridget Bardot Style

Star replenished her own wardrobe in the store “Real”.
One day in between filming she walked in Paris
the suburb of Saint-Honore and frozen with delight in front of shop windows with
extraordinary dresses. Since then, this company for 20 years
dressed her in life and on screen.

With their help, Bridget and launched her collection of clothes “Madrag”.
But the most famous dress from Real Madrid was a pink and white dress in
the cell that Bridget put on her wedding with Jacques Charrier.

Brigitte Bardot: “It was this dress that gave impetus
unbridled fashion. And I, by the way, chose this dress for his
simplicity and delicate color. Unwittingly, on June 18, 1959, I
introduced the fashion calico in the cell, long blonde hair and shoes without
heels. ”

The style of Bardo began to imitate massively – in barbershops did
hairstyles “like Bardo”, fashionable women painted cat eyes and wore
tight-fitting jeans and low-flow shoes.

What is the shape of a sex bomb?

Bridget Bardot’s style began to be massively copied in the 50s, and
this trend continues today. Today, the image of Bridget is very
it’s easy to play, because in many 60s photos the actress looks so much
modern and trendy, as if there is no 50 years
the difference.

Bikini by Bridget Bardot

Bikini is forever connected with the image of Bardo, brought her fame and
made a revolution in fashion. 19 year old she was photographed in
the time of the Cannes Film Festival on the beach in a bikini – to her this is not
did not a single star.

Capri and sundresses on the straps

Capri and sundresses on steel straps displaying chic Saint-Tropez,
style resorts Cote d’Azur, introduced by Bardo. Capri in
in combination with a sailor’s tunic and ballet flats – this image
born in the tape “And God created the woman.”

Short dresses and tight skirts

Short dresses and skirts, tight-fitting, like a second skin, and
effectively open their legs, became a bardo business card. Star wore
them with ballet flats or barefoot and long flowing hair.

Skirts, flared and tops-corsets

Flared dresses, sun skirts, corsets and knotted tops
on the waist of the shirt – these silhouettes emphasized the 48-centimeter waist
Brigitte Bardot.

Animal Print and Black Treads

Opponent of any animal abuse, Bridget Bardo, however,
extremely spectacularly looked and popularized artificial
“leopard” and “tiger” coats.

Black boots star combined with short shorts and
mini-dresses, and in extreme cases – with a leather bikini. Form,
which still amazes on the spot.

Ballet shoes and no studs

Bridget Bardot never wore high heels. She adored
ballet flats or even walked barefoot.

Big sunglasses

Bridget played on contrasts and knew that big sunglasses
perfectly harmonized with the mane of her white hair.

Brigitte Bardot: “There is no harder work than trying
look beautiful from eight in the morning until midnight. ”


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