Bronding hair: how to become Brondinochka

bronded hairThe newest
technology allows you to turn blonde into a brunette in a few
minutes The reverse process takes a little longer, but also gives
the ability to achieve the desired result. Grand experiments
with hair coloring, if repeated often, can lead to
unpredictable consequences. Sometimes very curious. Rather
All in all, this is how a new “suit” of hair – “brondinka” appeared.

Brondi boom

hairThe most fashionable and
Today’s stylish staining technology is brondirovanie. AT
the result of a reasonable combination of highlighting and coloring techniques
It turns out an interesting effect of a smooth transition of colors from
brown to blond. This procedure is especially good for those ladies
who has not yet decided on the final hair color, or loves
attract attention extraordinary appearance. At the same time trendy
the color gives the hair a charm and a healthy look.

If you pay attention to the reviews, then brondirovanie hair
suits everyone who has tried it. Even picky
“stars” took the above-mentioned acceptance for service.
The first to try was booking yourself on Jennifer Lopez,
Sarah Parker, Cameron Diaz. To the list of famous Russian brondinos
got Julia Nachalova, Alex, Jasmin, Svetlana Bondarchuk.

Advantages of booking

bookingBrilliant color is
absolutely everyone. He not only paints over gray hair well, but also
allows you to look neat even when they start to grow
hair roots. Merging with a “striped” color, a “new” color
practically not noticeable. If the “regrown” centimeters too
contrasting, it is even more spicy.

Despite the originality of the color feed, the brass looks
very natural and stylish as natural unpainted hair
has the ability to fade in the sun and almost always has
uneven color. Literate booking can give
the volume of even the thinnest and rarest hair, as well as highlight and
refresh your complexion. Of course, the price of brondirovanie hair is enough
is high and averages $ 100, but the result is
worth it.

Technique brondirovaniya hair

Turning to the salon about this procedure, be prepared for
the fact that you will be offered to undercut the hair. In order to receive
perfect result, there should be no dead or split ends.
The hairstyle should be perfectly flat and smooth.

This is followed by a selection of shades suitable for your skin type and
faces, and only then hair will be subject to coloring. Initially
blond hair is dyed medium blond because
Booking for blond hair will look ugly. Dark
hair, on the contrary, lighten up to “mediocre brown-haired”. Then master
paints different shades on strands and paints them according to

Booking your own hands

bookingConduct such complex
Experiments at home are not recommended by experts. However enthusiasts
there will always be. And if you consider that getting chic
effect will cost only the cost of consumables,
resist and deny yourself the “beauty” is difficult. Moreover, even
unfortunate result after a while will wash off without a trace, as
with normal staining.

A few rules from experts for effective booking
hair at home will help to carry out the procedure “at the highest
level “.

  • Choose good colors with a “hair-friendly” mark,
    which means that there is no ammonia in the composition. All tubes with content
    must be from the same manufacturer. Shades desirable pick
    close to the natural tone of the hair.
  • Pre-trim hair, cut off cut
    tips, maximize haircut.
  • Do not dye your hair “immediately.” Be sure to prepare
    “base”, bringing strands in medium-brown color.
  • When selecting additional tones, make sure that they are different in
    within 3 units. Sharper transitions will look
    ugly. Use the colors “coffee”, “chocolate”, “golden”,
  • Strand for armor must be small and uneven.
    Then the coloring will look natural.
  • To add volume, begin coloring after about two
    centimeter from the roots.
  • Follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions.


Like any procedure related to chemicals,
brondirovanie has a number of contraindications. So, it can not be carried out
allergies, people with sensitive to the pains of the scalp. It is impossible
armor too thin diseased hair burned
previous painting or permed.

It has a number of features brondirovanie on dark hair. So
as they are usually thicker and denser, they require special
careful selection of the composition of paints. Ugly will look
brondirovanie on wavy hair and curls.

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