Brondirovanie on dark hair – 33 photos before and after for short, medium and long hair, cost, reviews

Among all the trend techniques of highlighting the representatives
the fair sex especially liked brondirovanie. What’s good
the method, why it fits perfectly into the brown-haired image, is it possible
do the stylish coloring yourself? Read on.
Booking on dark hair

What is booking

The content of the article:

  • What is booking
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Cost of
  • Types of brondirovaniya on dark hair
  • Photos before and after
  • Suitable shades for bronding black hair
  • How to make brondirovanie dark hair at home
  • Successful hairstyles on brondirovanny dark hair
  • Hair care after the procedure

Bronding is a technique called multitonal dyeing with
using multiple shades of brown palette. It
allows you to set off a natural dark hair color, to achieve
stylish shimmer and shine curls. That is why dark hair
considered the most fertile ground for brondirovaniya. AT
ideally, after the procedure should have a soft flow effect
shades within three close tones of color scale. Booking

Advantages and disadvantages

Why you should choose a reservation:

  • face looks fresher and younger;
  • do not often have to tint the roots;
  • adds strands of visual density;
  • gives hair shine.

Tip! Booking is the perfect solution for those
who decided to gradually return from contrasting staining to his
natural dark color.


Cons of technology:

  • the complexity of the execution and selection of colors;
  • high price;
  • the duration of the procedure;
  • in some cases, clarification is required which harms

Where are you going to make a reservation? HomeIn the cabin

Cost of

In the capital’s salons (Moscow) for the procedure of booking can
ask for from 8 thousand rubles (for short hair) to 14 thousand rubles
(for long). Some salons offer copyright services.
staining for which you have to pay even more – up to 18
thousand. Private masters will provide service for 3-5 thousand
rubles, depending on the thickness and length of the curls.

Types of brondirovaniya on dark hair

To date, beauties available more than a dozen ways
bookings, each of which has its own distinctive


Gradient Brond Hair Coloring
technology smooth flow tints. Colors are matched
The most natural of a wide color palette.
An experienced master can skillfully combine up to 10 tones.


Not all hair volume is exposed to coloring, but
separate zones. The technique allows you to adjust the visible
defects of hair and place on it the right accents.

Supernatural Bronde

The most natural type of brondirovaniya – hair painted
in a tone that differs from the baseline by no more than 1 level.
The purpose of technology is to create the effect of soft color shimmer when
It is difficult to guess that the curls are painted. Supernatural Brond


This is the so-called floating reservation with smoothly.
flowing into each other flowers. The main requirement for
the result – conciseness with an emphasis on a dark tone. English


The deepening of color at the roots allows you to create an effect of vertical
stretch marks with the most natural line of combining shades
one gamma. Benefits


It looks like a multitonal staining, but with a limited
number of shades. As a rule, there are no more than three.


The technique uses strands of light tone, which is diluted
main brond palette. They create the effect of burnt hair or
elegant glare. Highlight

Important! To highlight naturally from
roots recede at least 1 cm.

Ombre or Shatush effect

Ombre staining involves creating a vertical stretch.
colors – from root to tip. On dark hair will have
discolor the bottom of the hairstyle. In shatusha also created
stretching, but strands are selected in a chaotic manner, creating
stylish negligence effect. The effect of ombre or shatush


Mixing light and dark shades in brond style with light
accents on the tips of the hair and the glare effect. Copacabana

Hollywood or Californian

Highlight in open technique (without foil) using
dark base at the roots in shades of chestnut, coffee and chocolate.
On the tips, the hair is made lighter as if burned out.
in the sun. Hollywood or California


The Brazilian Brond almost duplicates the copacabana technique,
when dark and light strands alternate throughout the mass of hair.
Ideally fits on a dark blond base. Brazilian


During the procedure, the hair is given a mirror-like effect for
due to the increased smoothness of the strands. Looks amazing on
even long hair. Mirror


The essence of the technique is to paint in brond-style only the upper
hair layer. The bottom layer remains intact either
it is painted in one tone with dark paint. Zonal

Photos before and after

Make an impression on how the booking will look like.
on different types of hair, this photo selection will help.

On short hair

Short hairstyles are not the best option for brondirovaniya. But if
we are talking about an elongated square, short cascade or bob hairstyle, then
complex staining will look stylish. It will help
place accents on the geometry of hair and add volume.
On short hair

Medium length hair

Medium hairstyles give more space for the implementation of technology.
It will be possible to reveal all the beauty and depth of color, create
glare and stretching. The best options are cascading and
graded hairstyles, haircut sesson and straight hair to the shoulders.
On medium hair

Important! Chelku when brondirovanii better not
paint in order not to disturb the harmony of transitions and tones.
It is only allowed to select individual strands from the face.

Long hair

Long dark strands are suitable for the most complex
multicolor coloring techniques. Shades here can be so much
as much as the imagination and talent of the master allows. In some cases
manage to combine up to 10 palette tones. Hollywood,
basal, multi-tone, classic and brazilian
reservations will be the most winning options for
long-haired. For long hair

On straight

Straight strands are well highlighted by brond technique, especially if
hair is thin, and hair does not have enough lightness and volume.
Bronding will make the hair shine, and with the right
choosing a shade will even help correct facial features. On Straight

On curly

Due to its structure, wavy curls can flow
by themselves, even with monochrome coloring. With brond painting
The effect will be even more expressive. Enough to pick up
a couple of shades to curls sparkle new colors. On Curly

Suitable shades for bronding black hair

Brond coloring is not only shades of a dark palette.
To create an elegant image will help the correctly chosen tones of light


The palette of suitable shades for this type of booking
ranges from milky to bitter chocolate. The roots
dark chocolate color will be successfully combined with strands of color
walnut, mahogany and copper. Medium chocolate tone
diluted with locks of honey and wheat shades. Milk color
chocolate will be the perfect tandem with cold blond.


Light brondirovanie looks good on dark blond and blond
hair. In one hairstyle can blend shades of coffee
and walnut, diluted with wheat, honey, beige and pearl
accents. For a cold color type, shades are used.
silver and platinum. Blond


This is the coldest type of bronde that suits
tsvetotipam winter and summer. Dark hair may include
ash brown, ash brown, pearl and flaxen
blotches. Ash


Caramel hair color will emphasize the beauty of warm color types –
autumn and spring. The range includes noble shades.
honey caramel, dark caramel, tones of black caramel.

Light booking

Multicolor brond-coloring in a bright range will successfully transform
any variants of light brown hair. Light shades on a dark base create
burnt strand effect in California or glare style
booking. Natural look hairstyle gets with
using pastel light scale. Light booking


Any color from the auburn palette will fit well on dark hair.
– chestnut-red, red and red, brown-red,
chocolate red. Against these shades, the original color will acquire
depth, and the face will shine. Redhead

How to make brondirovanie dark hair at home

Masters say it’s easiest to book in
the technique combining open highlighting and coloring. This
The method should be adopted for a home dyeing procedure.
at home

Important! Don’t forget to cut it off before your session.
split ends, put on gloves and protect the shoulders with a cape.


We give the option of brondirovaniya on natural dark hair without
pre full staining.

  1. Cooking materials – clarifier, several
    dark types of paint selected gamma, shampoo.
  2. We prepare the toolkit – some drums
    for paint and brushes (by the number of dyes), comb with fine
    pen and clips.
  3. We divide all hair into six zones, on the back of the head
    strands are separated in the form of the letter V.
  4. We breed all dyes and proceed to the application with
    occipital zone.
  5. Separate the first strand, receding 3-4 cm from the roots and
    we put dark paint, leaving the place for light on
    tips (5-7 cm).
  6. We paint the tips in a light tone, trying
    gently shade the dark pigment clarifier.
  7. Separate another strand and leave it.
    untouched. Repeat the scheme for the entire hairstyle.
  8. At the last turn we handle bangs. Can
    lighten up several strands framing the face completely.
  9. Finishing the process with chaotic brush strokes over all
    undyed strands.
  10. Withstand the time for the paint to work,
    and wash off the preparations from the hair.


Suitable colors: TOP 3 best

  • Estel Only – the caring resistant gel paint
    for premium-class hair with a rich palette. Included
    mask and glitter-active with vitamins, allowing to achieve shine
    hair. Manufacturer – Russia, price – up to 150 rubles. Estel Only
  • Kapous – resistant cream paint Russian
    production, made by Italian technology. Chic
    The palette contains more than 100 tones. The price of the package is about 250 rubles.
  • Palette Intensive Color Creme – ammonia-free
    resistant cream paint designed specifically for home
    of use. Manufacturer – Germany. Packing cost – about
    100 rubles. Palette Intensive Color Creme

Successful hairstyles on brondirovanny dark hair

Brond looks gorgeous on long straight hair or on
multi-hairstyles of medium length type of cascade. Beautiful play
are obtained on curly hair and curls, laid a light wave.
Hairstyles in ethnic and vintage styles are allowed. Successful hairstyles on brondirovanny dark hair

Hair care after the procedure

A few days after staining, you can sign up for
biolamination session. The technique will help to “seal” the one you like.
brond effect, add an unusual shade to it and save
a little longer.

Important! To staining effect,
It is forbidden to wash your hair for the first two days after bronding.

Regular care for dyed hair suggests

  • shampoos;
  • balms or conditioners – after each wash;
  • factory masks – once a week;
  • home masks – on request;
  • special oils – applied to the ends after washing or between
  • protective sprays – before drying the hair dryer, styling curling or

Hair care

Do not use deep nutrients after dyeing.
recommended – they wash out the pigment. It is better to use the lungs
moisturizing masks, not abusing them. Sadly reflected on
health and hair color scorching sun, wind and frost. Do not go out
to the street without a headdress in the cold, on the beach necessarily
Use Panama and special spray with a UV filter. After
swimming in the sea wash your head with fresh water, and in the pool use
bathing cap.

Booking is one of the most difficult coloring techniques.
Therefore, it is desirable to carry out the procedure in the cabin after consultation
with an experienced colorist, who will choose the right colors
according to color type.

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