Bundle – hairstyle for all times!

beautiful bunches of hairIndeed, such a hairstyle as a bun
on medium or long hair or, as it is sometimes called, a bump,
familiar to women a long time ago. But at least this hairstyle is not new,
each season some fresh version of it appears. Stylists with
using this seemingly uncomplicated hairstyle create whole
masterpieces on the heads of stars. Following them and we can make such
ambiguous hairstyle, like a bunch of hair.

How did it all begin?

Of course, we cannot ignore the classical version of the beam.
from long hair. For its construction you need to comb your hair and
pick them up in a regular tail. The place of erection of this tail can
be any – from the top to the back of your head, it’s as you like.
Then take all your hair at once and twist it into one big
harness Harness this neatly wrapped around the base of the tail
so that the gum that secures the tail is completely closed.
Hides the tips, and fasten the resulting bunch ordinary

Two in one

The fact that today in the fashion of various kinds of braids, does not know
perhaps only lazy. Bundles are also in trend for more than one season.
If you combine these two hairstyles, it will be very beautiful,
embossed bundle of hair. So, we start also with combing
hair and pulling them in the tail. Next weave a pigtail, enough
it will be the most common of its options, because it will twist and weave
will not be very well seen. Braid necessarily secure the rubber band,
so that it does not weaken. Ready braid wrapped around the base of the tail
and dock.

Fancy curls

If you can make a bundle of braids, then why not try
bundle of harnesses? Divide all your hair into several strands and from
each build a tail. It is necessary that these tails are located
next to each other. From each such tail twist very
tight flagellum to twist and bend. Attach such
curl hairpins to the head. If your flagella are near,
these bundles will look as one and very original

Together with accessories

You already know how to make bunches of hair, but how to make them more
original? The easiest way is to add accessories. They
may be different: headbands, hairpins, flowers, ribbons. Most often to
hair-bundle add accessories to make it more
festive, solemn. Choosing the right accessory from the beam
You can even build a wedding hairstyle! The main thing is not
overdo it, focus on one thing and she
very profitable emphasize your hairstyle.


beautiful bunches of hairOn
long hair can make a very unusual beautiful bun if
add a little fantasy. For him you will need to divide the hair
into three zones: two front, small, separate with a part, and the third
the main part will be in the back. Make the tail of the main part
twist into a bundle and start wrapping around the base. Wrapped around
several times, leave a small loop through which to stretch
the remaining tail. Tightly tighten the knot and hide the tips in it,
secure with studs. Now take up the side strands. Start a
each of them behind the ear, beautifully lay and fasten with hairpins.

For curly

This version of the beam looks very good on wavy hair.
If your hair does not curl from nature, then before you take up
this version of the beam, make yourself curls any habitual for you
in a way. Gather your wavy hair in a ponytail on the side, moreover,
when collecting hair with a rubber band, leave it unattached at the very end
a small loop of hair. Take this very loop and wrap
around the gum, pointing down. All this secure studs and
sprinkle with varnish.

What options beams suit you?

Not all girls are equally suitable for any kinds of beams. Need to
Remember that the classic version of the beam is suitable for girls with
perfect features, slender figure and long curved neck.
With a shorter neck, the beam should be positioned just below. If a
the girl is tall, she is also better off doing low bunches. But lush,
curly options of this hairstyle perfectly suited owners
flattened nape. Girls as tall as such
piles on the head should be avoided.

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