Burdock Hair Oil – First Aid Weak hair!

burdock photoThere is a huge amount
recipes how to make hair more beautiful, thick, strengthen them
the roots. But hair treatment with burdock oil is one of the most
effective, affordable and simple tools. Butter get their roots
burdock big.

The oil contains tannins, protein,
palmitic acid, stearic acid, mineral salts and
natural inulin.

Burdock oil is widely used for hair growth

Burr oil с красным перцем дает великолепный эффект от
use as red pepper has a warming effect.
properties, thereby increasing blood flow to the scalp,
hair follicles begin to get more oxygen and nourishing
substances, as a result, they are well strengthened, and hair
begin to grow more actively, become thick and shiny. Fine
helps burdock oil from hair loss.

How to apply burdock oil in hair care

To achieve excellent results, you must first
wash your hair and dry them with a towel, then rub into the roots
hair warm oil for about 15 minutes, evenly
distributing oil over the entire length of the hair. After that you should wrap
head with a plastic bag or wear a shower cap, and
wear a knitted hat on top or wrap your head in a towel.
After an hour, thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo.

After washing, you can use a conditioner balsam. This
the procedure makes the hair follicles stronger, respectively
hair roots are also strengthened, which reduces the process of hair loss, and
With regular use of such a mask, it completely stops
hair loss.

What manufacturers offer

burdock oil evolar photoNowadays, many manufacturers
specialize in making burdock oil, in particular,
very famous pharmaceutical company “Evalar”. Репейное масло
“Evalar” is remarkable in that it is produced with various
additives, for example, with calendula and hops, with propolis, with
horsetail extract, with tea tree extract, with a string,
with chamomile, with nettle. Burdock oil with nettle, for example, does not
only makes hair soft and silky, but also, thanks to
Nettles contain vitamins F, A, C, B1, B2, K, E, H and
trace elements, has therapeutic and prophylactic effects
on the scalp and hair follicles. Burdock oil with propolis
helps strengthen hair growth and restore damaged hair.

How to make burdock oil yourself?

It’s simple. Need to take 75 grams of fresh burdock root and pour it
200g of any fatty vegetable oil – olive,
sunflower. Infuse the mixture for a day and then boil
15 minutes on low heat and strain. Burdock oil – price: butter
can be easily purchased at the pharmacy, it costs from 25 to 120 rubles – in
depending on the manufacturer and volume of the bubble. Oil from
Evalar, of course, is more expensive because the company
has long established itself in the pharmaceutical market as
manufacturer of quality products.

Burdock oil – reviews

Here are some reviews that are most commonly found on
Women’s forums:

  • Burdock oil is more suitable for dry hair, greasy hair
    makes it even fatter.
  • After using burdock oil with nettle hair become
    more thick.
  • Does the oil wash off badly? Use shampoo – it is completely
    washes oil from hair.
  • The use of burdock oil with red pepper gave excellent
    the result – the hair began to grow like yeast!

Burdock oil helps not only problematic hair, it also
helps strengthen nails, eyelashes, helps with seborrhea,
eczema, acne.

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