Burdock Hair Oil – Use in home conditions

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  • Magic power burdock
  • Burdock oil: indications and contraindications
  • Variants of application of burdock oil for hair
  • Rules of application
  • Recipes tools with burdock hair

What are the only means not trying to revive their women
faded, dull, tormented by constant staining curls. AT
an endless search for a miracle recipe is sometimes tried very cardinal
measures: mustard, red pepper, cinnamon, brandy, sugar, salt and others
products of the most diverse action. In this case, for some reason
ignored modest burdock oil, which is sold in a pharmacy and
worth a penny. After all, its immediate purpose is to care for
hair What just do not write about him: it is not washed off from the head,
strands after it become greasy, you have to wash them every
day, etc.

In fact, with proper use of burdock hair
will be the saving means that will restore the damaged
strands, moisturize dry, prevent loss and accelerate them

Burdock Hair Oil

Magic power burdock

Burdock root is a drug that
used to treat various diseases of the scalp. Exactly
from it produce burdock oil, the use of which as
hair growth activator, reducing agent and moisturizer due to
the chemical composition of this miraculous liquid.

  • Each of the vitamins does its job in healing
    hair: retinol (A) strengthens root bulbs in
    their nests, preventing them from falling out; tocopherol
    (E) improves blood circulation by renewing cells and promoting growth.
    hair; Niacin (PP) is responsible for overall healthy
    condition of the scalp, preventing the occurrence of dandruff, gray hair and
    cross sections; ascorbic acid (C) is known
    with its immuno-strengthening properties, so that it enhances
    hair resistance to external aggression.
  • There are a lot of mineral substances that penetrate deep into
    skin, are also actively working to normalize the exchange
    processes that improve the condition of the curls: zinc
    activates growth and thickens the outer walls of each hair, thereby
    making them thick and voluminous; due to high content
    iron, burdock oil for hair growth – one of
    the most effective means; manganese is used
    for the treatment of dandruff.
  • Fatty acids solve almost all the problems that only
    may occur with the scalp: oleic acid
    actively moisturizes dry strands; palmitic
    turns burdock oil from hair loss into the most
    potent agent; linoleic tells him
    its anti-inflammatory properties without
    ricinoleic cannot grow long and thick
    braids; stearic restores thinned,
    loose, damaged curls, making them soft and

To ensure that all these substances are active, complex
work on the improvement of hair, burdock oil is made only
from quality raw materials. Choose the youngest, strong, fresh
plants that are not yet two years old and that grow far from
highways and industrial megalopolises.

Thanks to vitamins, minerals and fatty acids,
accumulated in burdock root and concentrated in oil, this
the remedy is not so much cosmetic as therapeutic
action on the hair and scalp.

No wonder it is sold in a pharmacy and has a number of indications and
contraindications like any other drug.

The use of burdock oil for hair

Burdock oil: indications and contraindications

Negative reviews of burdock oil can most often be explained
its incorrect use. Most women belong to him,
as an ordinary product from a refrigerator that can be applied to
head, rinse and get the expected result. However, it is not milk,
eggs or a banana – only proper handling of this tool can
become a guarantee of beautiful curls. It is recommended to use in
certain situations that it can fix. Indications
for its application are:

  • Naughty, hard, curly strands that do not want
    fit into the hairstyle;
  • Frozen hair follicles: burdock
    oil is known as one of the best natural
    hair growth activators;
  • Dry (but not greasy hair!) Get what they need
    moisturizing, and greasy strands under the influence of fatty acids
    they only get worse, because they are treated with burdock oil
    in its pure form is contraindicated;
  • Split ends, brittle strands, microtraumas – all kinds
    damage to their structure;
  • Loss of strands in whole shreds: actively and regularly
    using burdock oil against hair loss, you can stop
    this process at any, even the most advanced stages and
    prevent alopecia (alopecia);
  • Dandruff and dry form of seborrhea;
  • Early gray hair;
  • The hair weakened from various stresses (after long and
    strong exposure to ultraviolet or sea water, drops
    temperatures, constant staining and perm, regular
    treatments with hair dryers, tongs, irons, curling irons, etc.).

In each of these cases it is permitted to use burdock oil.
for hair at home. The only contraindication will be
greasy hair. But their owners should not be upset: if
add drying ingredients (egg white,
citrus juice and zest, vinegar, etc.), you can make burdock masks
oil even them. However, from it you can cook yourself not
only masks.

Hair care

Effective means for falling out, not growing and weakened

Proper care for hair extensions – recommendations and tips
for you.

Variants of application of burdock oil for hair

Diverse use of burdock oil as
medicine for the health and beauty of hair will allow everyone
choose the desired and convenient recipe.

  • Firming masks

Burdock masks for hair are the most
common home remedies whose effectiveness
tested over the years. They can be kept on the head for quite a long time.
time, they nourish the skin and the strands themselves. Hair after burdock oil
the composition of such masks become voluminous and thick, grow faster
and no longer fall out.

  • Dandruff massage

Dandruff treatment with burdock oil can significantly reduce
the amount of white flakes remaining on clothing. For this three times
a week a warm, steamed oil is rubbed into the roots, and
then the scalp is massaged with light movements. Two to three weeks
Such treatment will get rid of this scourge and improve
hair condition. If after this course dandruff came back again,
you can repeat it all over again.

  • Coloring

Few people know that the process of dyeing hair can be
less traumatic and safer if added to paint
some burdock oil. This is especially useful for dyeing dry
already loose strands.

  • Peeling

Why often peeling of the head at home is
unsuccessful? Not knowing the characteristics of your scalp, beauty
ruthlessly rub it with salt, sugar and other abrasive
particles, peeling off the old layer of the epidermis and removing
contamination from hair. And they, in addition to the benefits, also cause harm,
aggressively scratching, damaging and injuring the skin and the structure themselves
strands. To prevent this from happening, as a protective agent in
Such peelings need to use burdock oil.

  • Shampoo

You can make great burdock oil with your own hands.
firming shampoo for dry hair that will promote
growth strands and restore their damage.

Each of these tools is striking in its simplicity and at the same time
that efficiency. But this is only if they are able to
apply correctly.

Rules of application

Observing certain instructions is a guarantee of effectiveness.
burdock oil for hair. This is the only way to avoid disappointment.
and negative reviews afterwards.

  1. The effect of the oil on the scalp is enhanced if slightly
    Heat it up before use. However, in the case of
    be careful with dairy products and eggs: if they enter
    the composition of the mask, at elevated temperatures, they can
    curl up
  2. The more the better: this rule works with precision
    the opposite is the case with burdock oil. His need
    use exactly as much as indicated in the recipe, otherwise
    will hardly wash off hair and make them greasy and too
  3. Individual intolerance to this natural remedy –
    a rarity, but he still needs to have a test for allergies. For
    This is enough to grease the area behind the ear, after half an hour
    wash off and watch the skin for an hour.
  4. Burdock oil equally well falls on clean and dirty
  5. It is better to apply it on the head in a certain sequence:
    1. roots; 2. strands; 3. tips.
  6. After applying you need to create a greenhouse effect for better
    result. To do this, it is recommended to wear a hat (polyethylene)
    for a shower and wrap your head with a large and warm towel.
  7. The first time a compress from burdock oil for hair can be
    take about an hour to evaluate the result. If everything suits,
    subsequent procedures can be left under the insulation for the whole
    night. As for the masks, their time is limited to those
    additional ingredients that are included in their composition. Usually
    it is from 20 to 40 minutes, but it all depends on the individual
  8. One of the most responsible and exciting stages –
    rinse, which often have problems.
    You can not immediately dip your hair with burdock oil in
    water First, any is applied directly to the dry head.
    firming shampoo and foams with a mask. If this
    excessive dryness interferes, wet your palms with water – and everything will work out.
    After a minute, you can rinse: the shampoo molecules firmly interlock
    with molecules of unabsorbed, excess oil left on the hair,
    and leave with them.
  9. It is better to wash off the product under the shower so that the jet is
    focused and strong enough.
  10. The latest rinse can be done with lemon water.
    juice or vinegar.
  11. Masks and compresses can be done every other day to care for dry
    hair and when running forms of seborrhea.

If you know all these little tricks, you can avoid annoying
mistakes, disappointments and undesirable consequences in applying
burdock oil for home hair care. There will be much
depend on the choice of recipe.

Firming hair mask with burdock oil

Recipes tools with burdock hair

Try different tools, choosing from the variety that decides
exactly your problem. There is no lack of recipes.

  • Firming mask

Mix 3 tbsp. l warm burdock oil and lemon juice, 2
Art. l honey and 2 yolks.

  • Regenerating compress

In equal proportions mix the two best for strengthening and
hair restoration oil: burdock and castor.
Be sure to warm up in a water bath, rub into the roots and leave
overnight under a heat compress.

  • Hair growth mask

Grind 2 tbsp. l dry or fresh nettle leaves, pour them
a glass of boiling water, leave for 15 minutes, strain thoroughly,
mix with 2 tbsp. l burdock (warm) oil.

  • Mask to restore split ends

Mix 1 tbsp. l burdock and castor oil, add 2
Art. l honey, 1 tsp. l pressed yeast and brandy.
Beat thoroughly so that there are no lumps. All this mixture
heat in a water bath. If desired, before applying you can
add the yolk, but make sure that it does not curl in the warm

  • Massage dandruff

Mix 3 tbsp. l warm burdock oil, broth celandine and
5 drops of juniper essential oil.

  • Coloring

Mix 100 grams of Iranian henna with 1 tsp. l brewed coffee
dilute with an ampoule of vitamin E and 1 tbsp. l burdock oil (warm),
add 3 drops of rosemary essential oil.

  • Peeling

Mix 4 tbsp. l kefir with 2 tbsp. l burdock oil, 1 tbsp. l
starch, ground coffee and regular salt.

  • Shampoo

Mix 2 tbsp. l burdock oil with 2 eggs.

Burdock oil is one of the few remedies that
harmoniously and safely for hair combined with a variety of
ingredients, so it allows you to experiment and find
different options for its use. Be sure to use it.
miraculous properties and transform loose and lifeless strands
in a chic cascade of radiant, healthy, beautiful curls.

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