Burdock oil for beard: quick effect

Availability of raw materials, exceptional benefits and ease of use
made burdock oil a truly popular care product
behind the scalp and beard in particular.

Beard oil

  • 1 The composition of the oil and its properties
  • 2 Contraindications
  • 3 Burdock oil for beards: how to use
  • 4 Compress oil extract
  • 5 Massage
  • 6 Cosmetic masks
  • 7 Recipes masks on the basis of burdock oil
    • 7.1 Mask with red pepper
    • 7.2 With castor oil
    • 7.3 Burdock oil with nettle
  • 8 Pros and Cons
  • 9 Cost, availability of funds

The composition of the oil and its properties

Thanks to many beneficial ingredients, the oil is actively
used in medicine and in cosmetology:

  • Rich source of vitamins. A, D, E, F, Group B. It is far from
    full list;
  • Lots of minerals. Replenishes stocks of potassium, calcium,
    zinc, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, chromium;
  • Inulin is an active polysaccharide;
  • The presence of fatty acids (stearic, palmitic).

Burr oil

Putting oil helps fight dandruff as well as all
manifestations of skin peeling. It has an exceptional impact.
on growth with strengthening hair follicles.
The applied agent has an additional softening effect.
making the bristles silky.

Important! Formed after applying the film
retains moisture, increases blood circulation that turns around
improving immunity and improving skin regeneration.


There are no significant contraindications for the drug.
You just have to apply it in reasonable quantities with
check for allergic reactions you personally have.

Important! Be sure to apply oil on
a small area of ​​skin without hair to identify all
possible negative reactions. This is especially true of oils with
biologically active additives (pepper, garlic).

Burdock oil for beards: how to use

Unshaven man

The question is how to use burdock oil to grow
beard is relevant. For many, it grows into clumps, too
rare or very slow growing. Basic techniques for using

  • Masks;
  • Compresses;
  • Massage of the hairy part (early stage of growth);
  • Oily combing (late period).

Compress oil extract

The procedure belongs to the category of warming, so when it
carrying out are used additional materials in the form of a bandage,
cellophane film or terry cotton
towels. The process of applying a compress is quite simple, but
a bit time consuming:

  • Facial skin is cleansed. To do this, you can use any
    the product is alcohol free or low in content (best soft
  • The face is steamed out. For this, quite a bit
    breathe hot water;
  • The oil is heated to a comfortable skin temperature;
  • A piece of any natural matter is impregnated with oil
    composition; Compress of oil
  • Warm tissue is placed on the beard growth zone (cheeks, cheekbones,
  • Then everything is covered with a film. Secured with a bandage
  • After 1 – 2 hours, the compress is removed, and the skin

Important! Recommended frequency of holding from 2
up to 3 times a week. Total term month.

The method described above is suitable for the start of growing or
at the level of the bristles. If the beard is already quite serious, then you can
do without fabric. Warm oil lubricated skin
in the desired area, then beard hairs are slightly moistened. Further
superimposed film and bandage to fix the compress. After him
Removing the beard by any suitable means (shampoo,


This procedure is recommended for those whose hair grows.
uneven, rare. Perform better on the bristle stage with
trimming excess vegetation. Stroking,
massaging finger movements will improve the blood flow of the skin,
stimulate additional, enhanced nutrition of the hair follicles.
Preparation for massage is also required:

  • Cleanse the skin in the desired area with a mild lotion;
  • Oil warms up. Suitable water bath.
    The agent itself is enough 1 teaspoon;
  • Then the tips of the fingers are wetted in the liquid;
  • Massage movements are carried out from the center of the chin to
    cheekbones and ears; Massage
  • Do not forget to massage your cheeks with spiral movements;
  • At the end, lightly pat all zones. Not only
    overdo it. The pats should be soft,
  • At the end, the entire massage area is washed with detergent.

Important! Remember, during the massage on the face
just press or push lightly. It is forbidden to stretch the skin,
10 minutes a day is enough. After 1 month you are on
make sure that your own experience helps to grow burdock oil

Cosmetic masks

There are a lot of them and everything is united by a single property.
enhance hair growth. The method of application completely depends
from the active ingredient added to burdock oil. It may
be hot pepper, castorca, garlic, and much more. But all
masks combines a number of rules:

  • The face must be cleansed, and even better
  • Oil is heated;
  • After applying the mask, the hairy part is insulated with a film or
    a towel; Oil and film
  • At the end of the procedure, skin and beard carefully
    washed out.

Important! Perform this cosmetic
the procedure can be daily. The most important thing is the absence
allergic reactions to the components. If the result you are not very
satisfied try changing the recipe.

The main advantage of masks before compresses is
short duration of application. Rarely what kind of mask
Keep on face for more than 10 minutes. Whereas the compress takes you
at least an hour But, you need to carefully select funds for
washing up. Suit the most neutral or specifically for the beard. Not in
In no case use soap. It dries the skin
can cause itching, dandruff on the beard.

This video shows how to make a burdock mask for

Recipes masks on the basis of burdock oil

We give examples of the most frequently used:

Mask with red pepper

The main strength of this tandem is that pepper
stimulates blood flow and “wakes” even those follicles that
previously not involved in the growth process. Thanks to him, all
the beneficial properties of burdock oil are fully disclosed.
The only unpleasant side effect is a burning sensation.

Two cooking methods: you can mix the oil with the powder
hot pepper and use the resulting mush or
Infuse the oil on the chopped and dried pod.
The process of tincture takes from 7 to 8 days in a dark place. amount
pepper is selected individually.

Pepper and butter

With castor oil

Mixed in equal parts with burdock and used
classical technology of applying masks. Unlike pepper
Compress this mask can be kept as much

Burdock and castor oil

Burdock oil with nettle

Dried nettle leaves infused with burdock oil.
It is better not to shallow them, but to dry them entirely.
Insisting will take you from 5 to 7 days. Place must be
cool and dark.

Nettle and burdock oil

Before using the composition is filtered and heated.
It has the most beneficial effect on softness and
silky beard.

Important! When making a mask with pepper
Pepper tincture is prohibited. But, burning will
stronger, and the alcohol contained in it does not improve the condition of the skin.
This is an extreme method. It is also not necessary to replace the red pepper pepper
paprika. The effect will decrease tenfold.

Advantages and disadvantages

To minimize the risk of use, carefully study
the label. The composition should contain only base oil and
extract from the roots or leaves of burdock. No chemical
additives and perfumes should not be present.
So many manufacturers hide low quality oils.

A man with a beard

To compare the effect before and after applying the remedy usually
enough a couple of weeks. The coat is noticeably thickened,
It becomes more uniform and soft to the touch.

Important! Do not use the tool when
furunculosis, severe pustular lesions and significant
cuts. All these diseases have contraindications to fat
means of clogging pores. Especially not to use

Another major drawback is the complexity
flushing. Carefully select products that are suitable for
daily use and not drying the skin. Otherwise
If you noticeably reduce the effectiveness of care.

Cost, availability of funds

Buy burdock oil can be in any pharmacy without special
recipes and appointments. The cost of the tool is minimal and not
exceeds 50 rubles. In a pinch, you can easily
cook it yourself by infusing dried burdock roots on olive
or refined sunflower oil.

This video describes the properties of burdock oil and how
making it yourself.

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