Burdock oil – the key to healthy hair!

burdock hair maskDaily to the market of cosmetic products
There are many products from different manufacturers. Most of
This entire range is devoted to hair care. Many of
These goods cost a lot, but they do not always bring the necessary
fruit. At the same time, there are means that do not require
large material investments, but the result from them is no longer checked
one generation. These include hair mask with
burdock oil. Drinking oil is a product that is already known.
many years. In order to get it, you need to insist
burdock root (burdock) in olive or peach oil. Also
It can be easily purchased at the pharmacy.

A homemade hair mask with burdock oil will not help
only get rid of dandruff and prevent hair loss, but also
will contribute to their growth. You can solve another eternal
problem – brittle and split ends. Also if you encounter
the problem of itching and irritation of the scalp, the burdock mask for
hair will also be very helpful. Particular attention is worth it
convert girls and women whose hair is exposed
additional mechanical damage (painting, perm,
straightening, etc.).

Instructions for use

Burdock oil at home is easiest to apply in
pure form. To do this you will need to wash your hair without
use shampoo, after – blot with a towel. Oil itself
need to be slightly heated, and then, starting from the roots,
spread over the entire length. Massage your scalp a little
rubbing oil. After that, wrap the hair in polyethylene and wrap
a towel. Wait one to three hours before washing.
shampoo head.

In order to achieve the desired effect, in prophylactic
purposes it is necessary to do the procedure about 2-4 times a month, i.e.
once a week or two. But if you plan to use burdock mask
for hair growth or for their treatment, then repeat the procedure will have
at least once or twice a week. So the full course
treatment will be approximately 10-12 procedures. It takes you two
up to three months, but the result will exceed all your expectations.


There are other masks, which are based on burdock oil.
For example, the following recipe is perfect for hair loss. For
you will need two egg yolks and two tablespoons
lemon juice, honey and burdock oil. The last three ingredients
must be mixed and heated in a water bath until dissolved

After this mass has cooled down a little, you add yolks.
After mixing all this to a uniform consistency, apply the composition to
scalp massaging movements. Shaking his head with a towel
wait about an hour and a half. After that, wash your hair thoroughly.
removing the remnants of the mask. Repeat this procedure will, as
at least four times, one per week.

Another recipe will suit girls with damaged and
dry hair that is prone to puffing. For
cooking composition will need three tablespoons of preheated
burdock oil, two egg yolks and one teaspoon of cocoa. If a
have the opportunity, you can add one teaspoon of oil
solution of vitamins A and E. The mask is traditionally applied to the scalp,
massaging, and then spreading over the entire length of the hair. Head wrapped
polyethylene and a towel, wait an hour. Then wash off acidified
water To cure damaged hair, repeat the procedure once
a week is enough to return elasticity and shine
impose such a composition every two weeks.

There are many different burdock-based recipes.
oils that will help restore the beauty of your hair.

For example, pepper oil, mustard, sugar and
much more. Just remember that it is better to use special
cosmetic burdock oil, which is adapted for hair, is easier
it is washed off and does not make them fat. True, it should be noted that
girls with excessively greasy hair should not be abused by such

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