Business hairstyles for different hair lengths

business hairstylesEvery woman
I want to look attractive and stylish. But how to show your
personality in an office with a strict dress code? Diverse
office hairstyles can be your twist and help you
become a type specimen of an office employee. But,
starting the pursuit of their own originality is worth considering
requirements that imposes business style.

  1. Conciseness and minimalism. Fanciful and overly “heaped up”
    business hairstyles should not be such “liberties” can create
    image frivolous person.
  2. The severity of lines and accuracy emphasize your taste, hint at
    restraint and make you think that in the work you are just as careful and
    reliable. Do not let your hair “act up” and push, actively
    Use lacquer medium fixation and pulling iron.
  3. Easy to create hairstyles will help reduce the time of installation,
    what will allow to get enough sleep and not to be late for work.
  4. Practical and reliable. Office hairstyles must stand
    without breaking up, the whole working day.
  5. Open face This requirement imposes serious restrictions.
    for wearing loose hair and long bangs. Acceptable to wear
    loose neat haircuts for medium hair. However long
    Hair can not be dismissed. This is largely due to
    practicality – long hair and bangs constantly climb into the eyes, this
    distracting that badly affects both work and your
  6. Naturalness Hair should not look like a wig. To that
    the lack of often leads to abuse of varnish.
  7. The severity of accessories. Rhinestones, flowers and bright decorations are the enemies
    office style. Allowable geometric hairpins, headbands under
    wood, cloth, tortoiseshell.

Sexy haircut – simple, comfortable, charming

The easiest way to maintain a business image for women with stylish
short haircut. Bob remains relevant at all times:
classic, with torn edges or bob-mushroom. Advantages of this
haircuts: significant time savings when laying, suitable for
any type of hair will look harmoniously both in the office and on
romantic dinner, keeps well all day.

For fine hair can be recommended stepped bob, women
with thick hair, a bob with a bang is suitable if the hair is not too
silky, it is worth choosing a bean to the chin. Chubby girls
Care should be taken when choosing this type of haircut.
Better to start experimenting with a photo on a computer or
consult with experts. An alternative to bob can be
car (this is also a great option for business style hair) or

There is only one drawback to a haircut – the lack of variety.
However, bezel or subtle hairpins can complement any haircuts,
except sports, giving them elegance and novelty. You can also
use the gum bezel that has come into vogue in recent years.

Charm in French for medium hair

Business hairstyles for medium hairBusiness hairstyles on
medium hair allows you to vary your appearance. Not too much
fluffy hair can be left flowing, aligning
pre ironing. It is also very relevant now weaving.
French braid, made straight, diagonally or upwards,
looks charming. You can finish the weaving with an ordinary braid.
If the “residual” pigtail is short and thin, it can be
tuck in at the base of the head and stab stealth.

Many hairstyles for medium hair are created based on
French braid, as the options are limitless. Business
and a rigorous look give all kinds of bunches, rollers, shells and snails
(they can also be woven).

Here is one of the options for shells on medium hair. Top part
hair is separated from the bottom and divide it into 3 parts. Middle part
release, and the side connect to the tail, holding the rubber band, nashehite
him. Then connect the remaining hair at shoulder level. Pass through
the lower tail to the upper, forming a shell. Secure loose ends
invisible inside it.

There are many variations of shells and rollers, for example, with the release

Long hair and office dress code

Business hairstyles for long hair are often based on
tail. It can be a high tail or a low tail-loop.
Traditionally, the loop is done like this: fold the tail in half to
hair ends were underneath, fasten them under the gum and
wrapped gum pre-left for this strand. how
a variant of this hairstyle for long hair – a loop wrapped in thick

To do this, fold the tail is not doubled, and so that was formed
a small loop, and under it remained a long tail. Loop fix
rubber band. The tail is divided into two parts, they wind up over the loop
crosswise and again under the loop. If possible, you can
cross again above and under the loop. The ends are fixed
additional rubber band and invisible.

Another variant of the loop: parting is made above the rubber band and into it
the whole tail is pushed through.

hairstyle tail-ropeLooks stylish and tail-rope, two
parts of which are twisted independently of each other, then
intertwined with each other. Perfect for office hairstyles on
long hair “two knots” (when two parts of the tail, combed on
side knotted on the knot twice and secured from below with a rubber band) and
tail with knots. The latter is created like this: from part of the hair on
a tail is made on the top of the head; it is fastened with elastic;
hair. From the temporal part is taken another part of the hair, which includes and
previous tail. It is also fastened, wrapped and “falls” into
the last tail that collects the remaining hair.

The base of the tail is always better to wrap your own hair.
It looks more elegant than using accessories.
(rubber bands, ribbons, etc.).

An excellent hairstyle for the office can be a bun. He does
also on the basis of the tail, which can be raised both high and not.
Such a tail is fixed with a special wide rag band,
around which the hair is gently laid out in all directions.
The ends are attached with pins or hairpins under the rubber band. If the junction of the beam
head turned out sloppy, you can close it own
thin braid or patch to match hair.

Hair “Malvina” allows you to leave even long hair
loose, while revealing the face that allows you to observe
main requirements of business style. Most of the above
hairstyles can be done on both long and medium hair.
Remember, a business woman is not a gray mouse at all. Daily changing
hairstyles, you save your personality and charm.

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