Calcium Hydroxyapatite – Rising Star cosmetology

Recently, a lot of talk about the unique filler
in fillers, calcium hydroxyapatite. Faced with incomprehensible
term, many patients prefer to avoid it
trying to grasp the essence. But this drug is predicted to be leaders
among filler fillers.


  • What is calcium hydroxyapatite?
  • Why use calcium hydroxyapatite?
  • The advantage of calcium hydroxyapatite fillers
  • The mechanism of action of calcium hydroxyapatite
  • What can calcium hydroxyapatite fillers do?
  • Side effects and complications

What is calcium hydroxyapatite?

Calcium hydroxyapatite is an inorganic component
present in our body and being the main component
our bone tissue. It is part of the bones, in the cellular and
cell-free cement and tooth enamel. Allocate it from corals of the genus
Porites that are mined in the sea.

It is completely safe for humans and inert to its tissues.
For this reason, was widely used in medicine:
Dentistry, maxillofacial surgery, orthopedics. In cosmetology
It is used as a filler in the fillers to fill up the lost

Calcium hydroxyapatite in biological tissues is organized in
crystal structures. It is used in microspheres as
white crystals. According to manufacturers, hydroxyapatite
Calcium stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin. Some time later
calcium hydroxyapatite is completely excreted from the body, and
improvement in skin characteristics continues.

Why use calcium hydroxyapatite?

It is believed that the wrinkles are the first sign
skin aging, but this is not entirely true. Wrinkles really
are considered a serious sign of skin aging, but there is more
a clear sign that makes the skin really age.
These are lost volumes. What does it mean? This means that as
aging, the skin loses its elasticity and simply “slips” down.

In youth, the density of the skin is concentrated in the upper part of the face.
in the cheekbone area. She looks toned and taut. Over the years, the skin
loses its former elasticity and elasticity, and the whole volume move with
the upper part of the face in the lower part of the chin. This
the process is called deformation ptosis. Why is happening
face deformity? There are several factors contributing to
this process:

  • gravity;
  • destruction of collagen and elastic fibers;
  • reduction of hyaluronic acid synthesis;
  • contraction of fibroblasts in the connective tissue.

As a result, the skin becomes flabby, inelastic, with poor
turgor, and “floated” oval face. And the most important person
becomes old and tired, and his expression is always sorrowful and
sad. It turns out that eliminating only wrinkles or only
nasolabial folds will not give facial rejuvenation to the extent that
really considered young: with volume, good turgor and
elasticity of fabrics.

Modern women incredibly lucky. Now you can fill
dermal volumes, without resorting to radical measures of bygone days. AND
here the main role is given to calcium hydroxyapatite.
Basically, hydroxyapatite calcium fillers are used
to fill up lost volumes. In this case, they have no equal. But
unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, they are not
promote hydration of the skin and do not restore metabolic processes
in her.

The advantage of calcium hydroxyapatite fillers

Calcium hydroxyapatite fillers have their own
advantages. At the moment it is a demanded component in
fillers, and the popularity of the procedure based on it is growing with each
in the afternoon. What are the benefits?

First, calcium hydroxyapatite is biodegradable.
a drug. This means that it expires when it expires.
from the body.

Secondly, calcium hydroxyapatite is part of our
organism. That is, for the body it is not a “stranger”
which can cause rejection of the drug or allergic
the reaction. It is fully biocompatible with our tissues. Although the risk
the occurrence of allergic reactions does exist, the behavior
sometimes unpredictable organism, but this risk is minimal.

Thirdly, it starts the synthesis of endogenous collagen.

Fourth, calcium hydroxyapatite fillers have more
lasting effect. Compared with hyaluronic acid fillers
kilos, the duration of calcium hydroxyapatite is twice as long.

The mechanism of action of calcium hydroxyapatite

As mentioned above, calcium hydroxyapatite is introduced into
organism in the form of microspheres. Along with it is introduced and the carrier gel.
After the drug is injected into the skin, the carrier gel is instantly
smoothes wrinkles. Wrinkle is a deep groove on
skin. When a filler is introduced, the wrinkle is raised due to
gel carrier that fills the cavity below it. Gelatinous
gel structure does not allow wrinkles to return to its original

Thus, the wrinkle is smoothed, and the skin around it
becomes elastic. After some time, macrophages (cells
organism, devouring bacteria, foreign particles to the body and
toxins) absorb the carrier gel. Microspheres remain
calcium hydroxyapatite, which form a new collagen. Collagen
in turn form a new skin matrix, which
envelops the microspheres.

Thus they form a new structure of connective
a fabric that has been around for almost two years. New education
The connecting structure gives a good long effect from

What can calcium hydroxyapatite fillers do?

The range of fillers is quite wide. With their help:

  • make up for lost volumes (on cheekbones, chin,
  • fill the nasolabial folds;
  • eliminate puppet wrinkles in the mouth;
  • correct the shape of the face;
  • allow you to make a correction of the hands.

Side effects and complications

Immediately, we note that calcium hydroxyapatite fillers
are completely safe. Three year studies
fully confirmed their reliability. Contraindications practically
No, except for individual intolerance to the drug.
Allergic reactions most often develop in allergy sufferers. Before
the procedure should be sure to conduct skin tests on the subject
identify allergies, because sometimes the patients themselves are not always
guesses about the presence of such intolerance.

Side effects are very minor and manifest.
in a classic way:

  • swelling;
  • microhematomas at puncture sites;
  • bruises.

Within a few days, all side effects are completely
disappear by themselves. With complications, things are not so simple in themselves.
they do not disappear. To eliminate them, sometimes resort to
medical intervention. Most often, complications suggest low
professional training of a cosmetologist. What are the complications
can be?

  • white streaks may form on the face of the injection site.
    Usually this happens due to insufficiently deep introduction.
  • the introduction of the drug in places not intended for this type
    fillers (for example, lips, lacrimal groove) As a result of this may
    lumps on the skin, its irregularities and even development
  • Bleeding of the gel under the skin (Tyndall effect). Also occurs in
    result of shallow drug administration, or in the wrong layer
  • development of a bacterial infection on the face in the case of the roughest
    violations measures septic and antiseptics;
  • the formation of clots of the gel at the injection sites and
    granuloma formation.

The professionalism and skill of the cosmetologist is to
respecting the exact injection technique. They are able to minimize
side effects and complications.

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