California highlighting for dark hair – pros and cons, photo before and after, what it is, how much it holds and to whom

Dark brown hair color is most common in
the world. But what to do when you so want to stand out from the crowd,
while retaining the natural beauty? Underline saturation
dark strands, make the color deep and multifaceted will help
California highlighting!

What is California highlighting?

The content of the article:

  • What is California highlighting?
  • Indications and contraindications
  • What is different from the usual highlighting?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Effect of the procedure
  • Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting?
  • Coloring technique depending on the length of hair
  • Price in the cabin and the master
  • Reviews
  • How to make Californian highlights on dark hair in
    home conditions to myself
  • How to care for hair after highlighting?
  • Alternatives to Californian hair highlighting
  • Conclusion

California highlights are open staining,
imitating natural sun glare on the hair or effect
burnout in the light. It can be done on any hair
lengths and textures. California highlighting

Reference! To soften the effect of the coloring composition
and pigment stretching, masters use special paste on
beeswax base.

The dyeing process is long and painstaking, but with the right
You can get a smooth and natural color transition.
from dark roots, to individual clarified strands and tips. Besides
In addition, the selection of suitable color pigments also requires
understanding the basics of the rules of color. Where will you do
California highlighting? DomaV salon

Indications and contraindications

This type of coloring is suitable for all natural brunettes and
owners of dark blond hair, but especially impressive
California highlights look at:

  • layered haircuts; layered haircut
  • curly and wavy strands; curly hair
  • unpainted hair; unpainted
  • asymmetrical haircuts. asymmetrical haircut

Despite all the advantages of this technique, it has a list
contraindications. Avoid getting unpredictable
result, discard staining if your hair:

  • painted with dyes of plant origin (henna,
  • less than three were curled or straightened chemically
    weeks ago;
  • thinned and badly damaged;
  • graying over 70%.

Important! Avoid any type of staining if
There are rashes, inflammations or open wounds to the scalp.

Can I do during pregnancy? Opinion of doctors

There is a medical hypothesis that aggressive
substances from ammonia paint are absorbed through the pores into the blood, and
accordingly – negatively affects the formation of the fetus. Worth
say that this is not as official confirmation, and

If you can not do without staining – choose
dyes without ammonia and use them only after 12 weeks
of pregnancy. By this date, all organs and systems of the embryo
already formed, and therefore the risk of complications in the background
chemical exposure is minimal. pregnancy

Important! Be sure to inform
consult your doctor about how
chemical composition of the selected funds. In some cases, even
the most harmless compound can cause attacks of toxicosis due to
chemical fragrances.

Read more about highlighting during pregnancy.


Highlighting during breastfeeding is also quite controversial
procedure. During the dyeing, the woman inhales ammonia vapors and
chemical sediment can be transferred to the baby along with her milk.
To reduce the risk of negative consequences to a minimum –
choose natural formulations and do not conduct the procedure in
the room where the child is. breast-feeding

Can you make highlights during your period?

During menstruation, the lipid balance changes and the skin
heads getting cooler. This indirectly affects the process.
staining – the pigment will warm up longer can cover
hair is uneven. In addition, inhalation of chemical vapors
may cause bouts of severe headache. pms

On thin and sparse hair

California highlighting due to color overflow makes
hair visually thicker and voluminous. However, if the hair became
such as a result of illness or improper care – to do
Cosmetic procedures forward therapeutic is not worth it.
Dyes will further thin the hair shafts and weaken
bulbs. thin and sparse hair

Is it possible to do after staining?

California highlighting can be done after dyeing, if
At least two weeks have passed since the procedure. For
color purity experts recommend making a preliminary
washing up after dyeing

What is different from the usual highlighting?

Unlike classic highlighting, Californian does not have
clear, visible boundaries. Hair looks as natural as possible
as if they were burned out under the scorching sun. To obtain such
Result the master uses from 2 to 5 shades from one color
gamma of varying degrees of intensity. In addition, for its implementation
use more delicate and modern coloring pigments.

Advantages and disadvantages

California highlights have been losing popularity for many years.
both among simple girls and among world stars, among
which Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez.
Such a demand for staining is due to a long list of advantages:

  • Does not damage the hair roots – the composition is always
    apply indented 2 or more centimeters in depth from the roots.
  • Does not destroy the hair structure – thanks to
    exposed without foil.
  • Does not require frequent correction – regrown roots
    look natural.
  • Masks the first manifestations of gray hair at the expense of
    correctly placed color accents.
  • Gives hair extra volume due to
    contrast of dark and light strands.


But without the minuses also did not go:

  • Damages the length – after discoloration strands
    dehydrated and need more intensive care than
  • Strands may turn yellow and become faded if
    neglect the rules of care.
  • The high cost of the procedure compared to
    classic highlighting.

Effect of the procedure

Regardless of the length and structure of the hair, Californian
highlighting looks like you just came back from
vacation off the coast, and your hair is beautifully faded under
sun rays. However, there are distinctive features
staining, depending on the type of curls:

  • On curly. Curls become structured,
    and the hairstyle as a whole seems lush and “more alive”. Longer and thicker
    strands, the more color accents can be made. curly
  • On the straight. Straight hair dyed similar
    seem to be more voluminous. In addition, with the help of California
    highlighting can visually adjust the shape of the face, darken
    or lighten strands along the contour. straight
  • On short. Short asymmetrical haircuts with
    color accents and highlights look catchy and extravagant. how
    As a rule, the master selects 2-3 bright contrasting shades and makes
    glare on the top or the bangs. The disadvantage of this coloring is that
    color will have to be updated quite often. short
  • On average. Hair to the shoulder blades or slightly lower –
    This is ideal for California dyeing. Master can
    recreate soft color transitions on the head without spending on itself
    The dyeing process is time consuming and cash. average
  • On the long. The longer the hair, the more expensive
    there will be work and the longer the master will perform it, however –
    the effect will be worth all the costs. Hair will look the most
    effectively and well-groomed due to the game of many shades of one color
    gamma. long

Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting?

There is a widespread belief that hair
before dyeing it is better not to wash it. This is because the skin
fat (sebum) protects hair from deep penetration of aggressive
chemical substances. There is some truth in this statement, but to
understand whether to wash your hair or not, you need to weigh all the arguments for
and against.

Arguments against washing the head:

  • Due to the layer of sebum, the harmful effects of paint are partially
  • Most hair shampoos contain alkali, and she
    slows down oxidizer reactions.
  • The paint should be applied to dry hair, which means that after
    Washing the hair will need to be dried with a hairdryer. Hair dryer optional
    dry hair before a rather traumatic procedure.

washing head

Arguments for washing the head:

  • The dirtier the head – the longer you have to keep on it
    paint. To penetrate the hair scales, the paint must
    first dissolve the fat layer.
  • On greasy hair difficult to separate thin
    strands, besides, if you plan to dye with
    outside help – the master will simply be uncomfortable working with
    dirty hair.

From all of the above, we can conclude that
head can not wash, if since the last water procedures
No more than a day has passed and there are no traces of styling on the hair
means. In all other cases, the curls need to be washed.
sulfate-free shampoo.

Read more about shampooing before highlighting.

Coloring technique depending on the length of hair

Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, the dyeing process
somewhat different. It also depends on how much
time will have to spend on the salon procedure.

How do we highlight hair in a hair salon?


In the salon, the procedure takes place in seven steps:

  1. Selection of dye. Shades for highlighting
    are selected in one color with the main hair color. For
    Brunettes are coffee, brandy, chocolate and honey.
  2. Shampooing (optional). On the hair is not
    There should be traces of styling and sweat, so when
    the need for hair is cleaned and dried in a warm mode
    of air.
  3. Zoning For convenience, the head is divided into
    Four sectors – the back of the head, crown and temples. In each of the zones
    strands of thickness from 1 to 1.5 centimeters are separated.
  4. Applying a brightening compound. Clarifier
    apply indented 2 to 5 centimeters from the hair roots.
  5. Exposure composition. As a rule, in order to
    brightener acted, you must leave it on the hair on
    20-30 minutes, then rinse with running water.
  6. Toning. On the bleached curls applied
    selected color (or several) and maintains the necessary
    amount of time.
  7. Drying and styling. Master
    washes color and rinses hair with balsam, after which
    puts them in her hair.

On short hair

To highlight short hair without
using foil or hats is quite difficult, therefore
experienced craftsmen use clamps and small rubber bands.

As for the color – shades are chosen from the same color
the gamut as the main hair color is only much lighter and
more contrast. On short hair can not realize a smooth
“stretching” from root to tip, but to put bright color
accents – quite possible.

The procedure will take from 1.5 to 2 hours, and the effect will last
about 1.5 months, as on short haircuts growing roots
become noticeable much faster. short hair

Important! California highlights for short and
curly hair “curls up” and becomes almost

On medium hair

The hair is of medium length – universal in work.
You can do any staining on them and the result is always
it will turn out the way the master intended it. medium hair

To achieve a smooth transition from dark to light,
coloring is made in several stages. First, the master puts
dark color scheme, and then accents light.

The procedure is performed from 2 to 3, 5 hours, and the result
lasts from 3 to 6 months.

Long hair

The principle of staining differs from the previous one only in that
master has the ability to do a longer stretch from the dark
roots to light tips and use more color variations.
This type of coloring looks amazing on wavy hair.
long hair

Californian dyeing session on long hair
takes 3 to 5 hours, and the result is saved at 3 -6
months depending on the state and texture

Price in the cabin and the master

The price of Californian highlighting varies depending on
the location of the salon, the competence of the specialist and the
materials. The average price is from 1000 to 7500



Reviews с

How to make Californian highlights on dark hair in
home conditions to myself

The process of home coloring is no different from the salon,
but note that without the proper experience with hair, do it
will be quite difficult. at home

Note! Dye your hair
on their own only if they were not previously
painted. So you reduce the risk of white or green
the minimum.

Required tools

Reserve in advance the following auxiliary

  • containers for mixing paints and reagents;
  • flat brush for paint distribution;
  • comb with long and narrow handle;
  • clamps / barrettes;
  • disposable gloves;
  • peignoir;
  • fat cream to protect the skin.


Suitable products and formulations

The choice of the following means is best entrusted to a professional. For
Californian coloring you will need:

  • powder and oxidizer lightening kit;
  • paint the desired shade (or several) and cream-activator.

How to care for hair after highlighting?

Highlighting is quite traumatic and stressful for
hairs procedure, so after her hair needs a special

  • Wash your head with a mild, sulphate-free shampoo and
    paraben. In the mass market, you can choose funds with
    marked “for stained and discolored”.
  • Do not forget about hydration. Use
    balm and hair mask to restore normal
    hydrolipid balance.
  • The tips need help. In advance
    purchase indelible emulsions and oils and use them each
    times after shampooing.

hair care

Alternatives to Californian hair highlighting

There are many types of highlights that differ from each other.
from each other by the principle of applying the coloring composition
colored strands and used color palette. If you
want to find something similar to California highlight,
Look at the following techniques:

  • Booking is the second most popular
    multicolour coloring within one color scale after
    Californian highlighting. It looks as natural as possible.
    on brown-haired women, and on brunettes. Gives the hair natural
    radiance and color depth. Booking
  • Ombre – allows you to create smooth hair
    transition from dark roots to bright ends. In this color
    gradation can be both natural and invisible, and
    radical (from black to white). ombre
  • Shatush – with the help of this technique you can
    Recreate the effect of natural burnout in the sun. Fine
    hides gray hair. It is applied exclusively on dark hair.
  • American highlights. Great way
    fill with bright colors dark hair. For coloring
    used from two to five colors in red-brown, red and
    red shades. Transitions can be both smooth and
    contrasting. The width of the strands also varies. American

Reference! For shatush you can use colors.
natural origin – henna and basma.


California highlighting is a great option for brunettes,
dreaming to change the image, but not wanting drastically
change color The main thing is to choose quality materials or
entrust the work to an experienced master.

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