California highlights – what is it, pros and cons, photo before and after, the price in the cabin and at home conditions

Sunburn and sun-bleached hair tell others
that the girl is successful, independent, has a good prosperity and more about
much the same flattering. To create this image, not necessarily
go to the heat on the coast of the ocean or the sea, for this there are salons

What is “California highlighting”, the history of creation

The content of the article:

  • What is “California highlighting”, the history of creation
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Performance technique
  • Suitable shades of California highlighting on hair
    certain colors
  • How to spend California highlight at home
  • Suitable coloring technique for hair of different lengths
  • California highlighting for different types of hairstyles:
  • Cost of work in beauty salons
  • Popular and alternative highlighting techniques
  • The Most Creative Californian Coloring Techniques
  • Hair care after highlighting
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

California Coloring Principle – Create Color
close to natural

The principle of California (or American) highlighting –
create color as close to natural as possible by attributing merit
to the sun. The first beauty of burnt hair appreciated American and
created a staining method under the name of a hot California state.
The exact date of creation is unknown (there are at least 18 years old), but
the method also gained recognition from the beauties of Europe and Asia,
especially dark-haired.

Advantages and disadvantages

Californian highlighting has some

Reasons for choosing this type

  • The way to look stylish and expensive is to spend only
    salon services.
  • The composition of the dye is harmless.
  • Hair does not fit in a strict hairstyle that resets
  • Step staining visually expands the narrow face.
  • Frequent correction is not required.
  • Versatile, suitable for hair of any structure and color, as well
    for any length.
  • Visually increases the amount of hair.

Disadvantages of California highlighting:

  • High cost, especially when working with thick, long
    hair (sometimes more than 12 thousand rubles).
  • Required for the procedure from two to four hours.
  • The inability to quickly fix a failed color (no earlier than
    in a month).
  • In case of violation of the instructions, the hair loses its naturalness and
    well maintained look.

Performance technique

As a result of highlighting, a smooth transition from
dark roots to bright ends

American highlighting is one of the sparing
procedures. There is no use of foil or
thermal paper. Fast drying in the air, the dye does not have time
have a negative effect on the hair structure. Master
works with multiple shades at the same time without affecting

! Important The unequal strands are taken on
different levels, which creates some degree of gradation. As a result
coloring creates a smooth transition from dark roots to light

Suitable shades of California highlighting on hair
certain colors

Dark. When using multiple tones
(chocolate, golden, red, caramel,
bronze) it turns out an unusual, interesting color of hair.

California highlights on dark

Blonde Shades should match the tone
natural color – golden or milky white.

California highlights on light brown hair

Dark brown. Brown-haired can take advantage
shades of chestnut, caramel, silver, which will refresh
long hair and give a beautiful hairstyle ebb.

California highlights to dark blond

Light. Wheat is suitable for such curls.
shades. Strands, clarified by 1-2 tones, create a feminine
natural hairstyle Original look on a light colored background.
strands: chocolate, coffee, brandy, walnut, chestnut colors. Actual
highlighting similar in tone with several shades:

  • For ashen – pearl or silver.
  • For gold – honey, glare in the sun.

    California highlights on light

Redheads. Brown eyes can darken
native reddish chocolate or coffee tone. Representatives
warm colors can use shades of wheat and gold,
cold – to paint the strands in ashen, pearl, milk

California highlights on red hair

Gray. Gray hair, indicating age,
can turn into a witness to the elegance of its owner. If a
the woman has unburned, monotonous skin of the face without blush and rash,
and also light eyes, then ash gray, ash brown,
silver and ash tones in hair will attract
interested views.

California highlights on gray hair

Chestnut. Color is considered universal.
Natural shades will give all shades of brown (nutty,
light brown, honey, beige and so on).

California highlights on brown

How to spend California highlight at home

High price for professional highlighting or impossibility
to get to the salon during his working hours determine the coloration
houses. Since there are no specific skills, it is advisable to
Start the procedure to view the video and evaluate your capabilities.
Then in a special store to buy the composition with the reagent and paint (to
it comes with balsam, gloves and a manual). To instructions
should be taken responsibly.

It is important! With brittle thin hair
it is preferable to use ammonia-free formulations.

Means for highlighting

For self-highlighting, it is desirable to use widely
well-known drugs addressed by professionals,

  • Means Garnier. Ammonium-free, has in
    composed of a variety of vegetable oils. Price from 215 rubles.
    contains ammonia, brightens up to four tones. Price from 515 rub.
  • The line of funds from SCHWARZKOPF, mixed with
    oxidizers from different manufacturers. The components of the powder composition
    provide gentle clarification up to 8 levels, do not allow
    yellowness. Price from 145 rubles.
  • Paint “PALETT” company SCHWARZKOPF with
    relative cheapness, well protects hair, paints over
    gray hair Shades: silver, ashen, pearl.
    Suitable for curls of any color. It contains extracts
    green tea and guarana, giving naturalness to hair. Price from
    130 rub.

Attention! Despite the protective properties
drugs, it is useful to test for tolerability.


  1. Plastic or glass container for mixing components.
  2. Special or watercolor paint brush.
  3. Non-metallic comb, which is not a pity to throw.
  4. Cape to protect clothing.

How to prepare the composition for highlighting

As experts advise, do not rely on strong
oxidizing agent.

Reference. “Golden Rule”: the lower the percentage
oxidant and the longer the exposure time, the duller

To achieve the desired result,

  • Do not violate the process technology, do not experiment with
    oxidant concentration.
  • If applying the dye takes a long time, it should
    cook in three stages, increasing the percentage: starting with three, continue
    six and finish with a nine percent oxidizer. In this case
    coloring will be uniform.
  • To the oxidation process was not wasted, the composition is prepared
    parts as needed.

Melirovna can be done at home

Phased Instruction:

  1. Wash your head without balms and dry without a hairdryer.
  2. Lubricate the scalp fat cream to avoid it
  3. For convenience, you can use a palette for mixing paints.
    According to the instructions to prepare the desired shades.
  4. Strands no wider than 1.5 cm taken alternately on both sides
    vertical parting. Begin with tips and
    stop for 2-3 cm to the end of the strand. Smoothly approaching
    roots, increase the color saturation of the dye.
  5. To lighten up 1-2 tones, take 1.5-3% dye and
    incubated for 45 minutes, for three tones – need 6% of the composition and 40
    minutes, 4 tones – 9% dye and 30 minutes of time.
  6. Withstand the specified time, wet brush vertical
    smudge in motions to hide the boundaries between
    natural and bleached curls.
  7. Wash off the paint with shampoo, apply balm.

Attention! To give the hairstyle natural,
strands should be placed in the form of “zebra”, alternating natural and

The price of highlighting at home is relatively low. The
not least for a good result should be purchased quality
the paint intended for highlighting.

Approximate cost is indicated above. Important role in this
process has the reliability of tools. If you buy cheap
one-time tools, there is no guarantee that the comb will not be twisted,
the cap does not slip (it happens that they are made of cellophane
instead of silicone), the brush has a good bristle. It is better
buy a special set, the minimum price of which is from
250 to 500 rubles for non-professionals. Can pick up
necessary, which will serve more than once, tools, but will be more expensive:

  • Comb -200 rubles.
  • Brush – 250 rubles.
  • Cap – 380 rubles.
  • Gloves – 50 rubles.
  • Capacity for breeding composition – 200 rubles.
  • Shampoos and balms – from 60 to 1000 rubles.

Suitable coloring technique for hair of different lengths

In addition to the obvious (short hair in pigtails are not braided),
differences in length and type of hair do not affect the choice of technique

On short: mazhimesh, veil, feathers, balayazh,
Ombre, Shatush, 3D.

Highlighting on short hair

On average: mazhikontrast, mazhishesh, feathers, 3D,
screening, screen printing.

Highlighting on medium hair

For long: pigtails, mazhikontrast, mazhimesh,
classical, balayazh, ombre.

Highlighting on long hair

Curly: ombre, shatush, balayazh.

Highlighting on curly hair

On the straight fit all technology.

California highlighting for different types of hairstyles:

Kare. Effectively vertical smooth looks
brightening from top to bottom or just brightened bangs. how
option – asymmetric highlighting.

California Highlights on Car

Long caret. One of the methods
correction of facial features by highlighting. Ways of clarification
same as for short car.

California highlighting for extended

Bean. Ideal for owners of smooth
hair highlighting facial features. Lightening is done on the front.
elongated strands with smooth transitions. Acceptable toning

California highlight on square bob

Pixie Trendy haircut for advanced
girls On short hair looks amazing two-tone
coloring. Brown-haired can apply partial staining of strands or
pick one plot.

California highlights on
pixie haircut

Cascade. Suitable for those who have hair structure
loose. Flowing curls get visual volume and pomp
due to point or wide highlighting.

California highlights on
haircut cascade

Cost of work in beauty salons

The price for Californian highlighting is dependent on
thickness, color and length of hair, salon prestige and qualifications
masters On average, for expensive salons price ranges from
3000 rubles to 12000 thousand.

The price for Californian highlighting depends on the density and
hair length

For ordinary:

  • for short – 1000 rubles.
  • average – 1,300 rubles.
  • for long – 1,500 rubles.

Time spent on the procedure

Also, depending on the quality and length of the hair is
Duration of coloring: from an hour to five.

Duration of color retention

Curls with this kind of highlighting require repetition of the procedure.
at least three months.

Do I need to wash my hair before highlighting

According to the instructions, highlighting is done on washed
shampoo hair that does not apply balm.

Read more about hair preparation before the procedure.

Popular and alternative highlighting techniques

Ombre (reverse ombre). Feature – smooth
the transition between two colors, when usually the roots are dark, and the bottom
light coloured. If on the contrary, it is the opposite.


Shatush. Technique allows you to achieve
maximum naturalness. The effect of “burnt hair” is achieved
by painting the whole strand or tips in 2-3 shades of loved ones


Reservation. Two-color highlighting (the same
ombre), in which the brown color at the roots smoothly turns into
light on the tips.


Balayazh. The technique is quite demanding
high professionalism. Specificity – stretching 2-3 colors
matching colors across the surface of the head. Serves to create


The Most Creative Californian Coloring Techniques

3D highlighting. As a result of applying two
colors of different tones get voluminous hairstyle, attracting
looks game of many shades.

3D highlighting

Technique “pikabu”. To give a shag
pomp and highlight facial features, partially painted small
plot closer to the tips.

Technique “pikabu”

It is important! Having an asymmetrical haircut, so as not
spoil its lines, it is better to refrain from partial highlighting.

Technique “veil”. Makes an impression of weightless
capes, giving hair a special shine. Feature – colored
the upper part of the hair, strands thin, translucent.

Technique “veil”

Hair care after highlighting

After highlighting the hair needs a special

Hair, which was exposed to chemical
substances when highlighting, require special care. For this

  1. Get soft shampoos
  2. Maintain and update color tinting
    means (OTIUM Blossom series from ESTEL
  3. Monitor the state of the tips, do not allow
    drying hair.
  4. Use hair preservatives against


Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question

Is it possible to highlight California

this question is in most cases only negative
The answer, which is written in the instructions for highlighting. But there is
colorless staining (“homemade glazing”), using
harmless composition, labeled number “00”. He gives a haircut
well-groomed appearance, curls covered with film, can breathe. Such
staining pregnant is allowed.

How to fix unsuccessful highlighting

Unfortunately, on the quick fix completely failed
highlighting is not necessary because the hair after
exposure to drugs requires rest and time to recover
structures. Overlaying one color over another will result in
unnecessary shades.

If the flaws are not significant, you can try:

  • Not intense color enhance by repainting the weak
  • Correct uneven application;
  • Laminate hair.

This should be done only in the cabin.

How to remove yellowness – a similar problem can be prevented
if at the end of the procedure, after washing off the composition, apply a mask against
yellowness. It is usually located in the highlighting kit, which
purchased for home use. If unnecessary
the color has appeared, you can remove it using blue-violet


California highlighting is one of the popular ways to give
hairstyle naturalness, pomp, originality. Blondes
Brushing their hair to perfection, brunettes and brown-haired, not
changing their color drastically, create a new image. Novelty
always inspires, gives energy and increases self-esteem.

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