Can dandruff cause headaches – symptoms and methods of treatment

Dandruff is dead skin flakes that, due to
deterioration of health and weakened local immunity, exfoliated
faster than normal.

For the normal state of the epidermis, the update is characteristic
every month in small quantities and absolutely not noticeable at
proper hygiene.

In case of violation of the microflora of the skin, it happens
faster, delivering discomfort. Let’s understand
what causes dandruff.

What causes dandruff

The content of the article:

  • What causes dandruff
  • Types and symptoms
  • Can your head dandruff?
  • Is dandruff always accompanied by itching?
  • What can be removed dandruff at home
  • Folk remedies
  • Which doctor to contact
  • Physiotherapy
  • How much can it take treatment of severe dandruff and itching
  • What can not be done with dandruff?
  • Frequently asked Questions

There are many factors for education.

  • Malnutrition, metabolic disorders
    substances, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, unhealthy
  • The most common are disruption
    sebaceous glands and heredity.
  • Very often due to hormonal failure
    dandruff appears in pregnant women.
  • Women after childbirth are also at risk, their
    immunity is severely weakened, the diet is limited, so it is not
    resists the proliferation of fungal bacteria.
  • Girls who care about their beauty suffer from dandruff
    due to strong drying of the skin.
    Frequent exposure to high temperatures (hair dryer, curling iron),
    systematic staining means styling all this breaks
    water balance of the skin and leads to skin damage and impairment
  • Over-dried indoor air can also
    become a precursor of dandruff.
  • Nervous disorders also lead to education.

Attention! If within 2-3 months dandruff is not
amenable to treatment is necessary to see specialists.

Types and symptoms

It is known that the work of the sebaceous glands is individual, given
human physiology dandruff is divided into several types, consider
two of them:

  • Dry dandruff– hair strewn with small white
    flakes that are easy to exfoliate when using a comb.
    Location of the frontal and parietal parts of the head.
  • Oily dandruff – appears when intense
    the work of the sebaceous glands. On the skin at the roots of the hair appear
    yellowish crusts, dead skin sticking together;
    which is difficult to remove. They cover the skin like a film
    heads. Hair quickly pollutes, the permeability of the sebaceous
    and sweat channels.

Dandruff has some pretty bright
symptoms that signal the beginning of a problem.
If these signs are observed more than 3-5 days,
It is worth thinking about seborrhea:

  1. systematic itching under the hair;
  2. formation of white scales on hair or yellowish
  3. excessive dryness or rapid contamination of the scalp;

Can your head dandruff?

Unfortunately, itching sensations often accompany the appearance of dandruff.
It all depends on the severity of the disease.

Everybody has an itchy sensation: the head itches
occasionally a couple of times a week or permanently and unbearably.

The cause of itching and dandruff can be
a fungus whose bacteria are constantly on the skin and
begin to actively multiply with the deterioration of the general condition.

Also, in autumn and winter, when excessive sweating of the skin
heads under a hat or when doing sports itching
increases significantly.

Improper care of the scalp and the use of inappropriate
Cosmetic products can significantly aggravate this
dermatological problem and increase itching. Your head is itching and
dandruff? Yes

Is dandruff always accompanied by itching?

Basically, dandruff is white and yellowish flakes throughout
head. Itching is not dandruff, but excessive dryness and
skin tightness. As a result of this,
microcracks that in the process of healing irritate the skin
tissue and itchy itching. The depth of these microdamages depends
intensity of itching.

Excessive fattyness is also accompanied by itching. If a
normalize the water balance and microflora of the scalp, itching
will stop.

How to cope with it? Is it possible to scratch? How to remove an attack?

To understand how to treat, you need to figure out what to treat. After all
dandruff is not a cause, but only a concomitant symptom
a single disease or a whole problem.

To eliminate dandruff and relieve itching is necessary
adhere to the following recommendations:

  • To observe hygiene;
  • Before buying cosmetics for hair make sure it fits
    your skin type;
  • Use masks, balms, serums for nutrition,
    restore and moisturize hair and skin;
  • Revise the diet;
  • Follow the psycho-emotional state;
  • From time to time to carry out prevention of dandruff;

Important! When an unbearable itching of the scalp
must undergo a medical examination. Cause may
turn out not dandruff.

What can be removed dandruff at home

Unfortunately, a very small percentage of citizens are treated with
problem of dandruff to the doctor. Therefore, armed
computer begin to look on the Internet for solutions

We tried to collect the most effective methods in
anti dandruff that can be used at home.

Effective dandruff shampoos for women

Faced with dandruff, the first thing to do is change
shampoo. Your usual product does not contain any special supplements.
fungal cell damage.

For oily hair type antifungal shampoos especially
relevant. The fact is that sebum secretion in
large quantities with seborrhea is the main factor for the appearance of the fungus
which enhances cell renewal of the epidermis. When his
it becomes too much it begins to flake off, forming

Also, there are shampoos that slow cell growth.
epidermis, based on zinc salt, selenium and sulfur. They
much less commonly used, since it is fraught with consequences. AT
pharmacy windows you can find cleansing shampoos that dissolve excess
sebum, on the basis of tar or tar coal, which is very
important for psoriasis and seborrhea.

Modern means of increasing blood circulation and nourishing
hair follicle, increase local immunity and promote
speedy recovery. The composition of these funds ichthyol sodium
(shale oil distillate), special complexes of minerals and
proteins, various vitamin supplements. They are
anti-allergic and are considered the most effective.

Reference. Get therapeutic dandruff shampoos,
preferably based on test results, after visiting
doctor trichologist.

Top 10 popular dandruff shampoos:

  1. Nizoral 2% – anti-inflammatory shampoo,
    relieves itching, relieves dandruff; Nizoral
  2. Perhotal – antifungal agent based on
    ketoconazole. Available in two types of 1% and 2%;
  3. Psoryl – tar shampoo based on herbs
    (celandine, train and St. John’s wort). has anti-inflammatory and
    antiseptic effect, eliminates itching and oily dandruff;
  4. Sulsena – available in the form of shampoo, mask
    and peeling. Normalizes the excretory process of sebum, kills
    peeling fungus;
  5. Fitoval – the main components of white extract
    willow and zinc. Normalizes the sebaceous glands, reduces inflammation;
  6. Ketoconazole – has an antifungal
    act; Read more about shampoos with ketoconazole Dandruff shampoo with ketoconazole
  7. Ducray Squanorm – this series provides
    shampoos for the treatment of both types of dandruff. For oily marked
    Grasses, for dry sèches;
  8. Sebozol – tonic and restorative
    anti-dandruff shampoo and fungal infections;
  9. Vichy Dercos – the main component of salicylic
    acid, is actively used in the treatment of dandruff. Released
    separate shampoos for dry and oily dandruff; Vichy Dercos
  10. Alerana – prevents the development of fungal
    cells, normalizes the sebaceous glands and eliminates dry skin;


  • zinc – dries and heals
    irritated skin, recommended for
    fat content;
  • salicylic – kills the cells of the fungus,
    provoking scaling of the epidermis;
  • sebozol, 2% ointment – antifungal
    remedy with ketoconazole;
  • sulfuric – has antiseptic
    exposure, recommended for severe itching of the skin;

An overview of anti-dandruff ointments in our special article.


Appointed at the reception of a specialist:

  • if dandruff is caused by valerian nervous disorders,
    motherwort, Novopassit, Sedasen, etc .;
  • antifungal nystatin, ketoconazole, mycozoral and
    etc .;
  • in the case of digestive problems, Pancreatin;

Important! Self use any
medications are not acceptable.

Folk remedies

As a rule, traditional medicine is not welcome, but what to do
people who do not have the opportunity to buy an expensive tool.

Dandruff is a very unpleasant phenomenon, but not fatal at early
The stages are quite easily treated without the help of specialists. Such
approach to your health is wrong, but for those who
wishes to fight alone; we offer effective masks recipes in

  1. Nettle. This miraculous grass is rich
    organic acids, vitamins and minerals. This decoction
    strengthens hair, contributes to the renewal of the epidermis, thanks to
    antiseptic properties prevents the appearance of pustules.
    Daily massaging movements, for wet hair, necessary
    rub herbal decoction into the scalp: 400 g nettle, 50 g chamomile and
    50 g of nails, pour 1/2 liter of boiling water, insist 10 minutes. All this
    can be found in a regular pharmacy. Broth drained through a strainer and
    squeeze the cake well out of the grass. For dry hair is added to the decoction
    1 teaspoon of castor and corn oil. Use before
    full recovery.
  2. Head massage with a thick comb contributes
    exfoliation of dead skin particles and relaxes the skin
  3. Emulsion from burdock. Like nettle, burdock
    It is found in many hair hygiene products. Endowed
    antiseptic, tannic, wound healing properties. Rubbing
    to the scalp and hair roots twice a week, wait an hour and wash off
    familiar shampoo and plenty of water. Recipe: Shredded
    root Pour 200ml homemade sunflower oil. Pour into
    close the lid tightly and place in a warm dark place on
    14 days. Next, decant through the gauze. Clean in the fridge and
    use if necessary.
  4. Warm gruel of mustard powder,
    consistency like sour cream, improves blood circulation.
    20 minutes before the bath procedures apply on the scalp and
    thoroughly wash your head with warm water: with dry hair – without
    soap, and with greasy – with shampoo.
  5. It is recommended for dryness, after washing the hair,
    lubricate the skin with baby cream. Circular lungs
    Apply with pressing movements all over the scalp.
  6. Onion is an effective antifungal agent. In a bow
    contain active phytoncides that destroy fungi and bacteria, and
    also vitamins and minerals. The only minus of such a medicine is
    a strong smell, but for the sake of beautiful and healthy hair, you can suffer.
    It is necessary to pereteret onions in mush and applied to the scalp twice in
    a week before all the symptoms disappear. Put on your head
    plastic bag and top warm hat, keep 2 hours. Then
    wash off with regular shampoo and plenty of cool
  7. An egg improves the overall condition of the hair,
    has a calming effect on the scalp. By
    enveloping texture perfectly removes dandruff from the skin
    covers. It is necessary to apply slush from a beaten egg mixed with
    yogurt, on the scalp. Put a plastic bag over your head and
    top warm hat, keep an hour.

Doctors say! Dandruff requires
perseverance and systematic, while neglecting the treatment schedule
all will need to start over.


Are the final stage of washing the head:

  • steam 2 tablespoons of nettle / root
    burdock / chamomile / sage / lavender with a glass of boiling water. Give
    Brew for at least an hour and apply;
  • dilute 1 tablespoon of vinegar in 1 liter of warm water;
  • squeeze lemon juice and dilute it with water in a ratio
    1: 1;

Attention! Do not flush.

Essential oils

With their help, you can restore the balance of microflora of the head.
Essential oils are used as follows:

  • added to the hair rinses and balms;
  • prepare spraying. Add some favorite butter in
    warm water spray bottle. Do not flush;
  • drip into hair masks;
  • rubbed into the scalp. 60 ml of base oil is taken 20
    therapeutic drops. 2-3 times a week 1 teaspoon of the mixture
    applied to the fingertips and gently rubbed into the scalp in
    for a few minutes. Do not flush;

The most effective oils:

  • Chamomile: natural antiseptic, eliminates itching and
    irritation, accelerates the recovery processes of the skin, has
    anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Myrrh: cleans the skin from keratinized epithelium,
    regulates the function of the sebaceous glands.
  • Mint: soothes irritated skin
  • Basil: natural antioxidant, effective
    remedy against bacteria, stimulates hair growth.
  • Lemon: endowed with antibacterial and
    antifungal properties, normalizes the production of subcutaneous
  • Tea tree: eliminates dandruff, fights with
    dry skin, adjusting the natural lipid layer.

Which doctor to contact

Often, dandruff is caused by a weak immune system.
system and gastric diseases should therefore
consult an immunologist, gastroenterologist, infectious disease specialist.
See also a dermatologist.
(trichologist), since the skin diseases of his family
activities. Unfortunately, the head is not the only place where
form dandruff. If dandruff appears in the area
Ear must be a doctor otolaryngologist. And you
Ready to see a doctor? Yes


The most effective physiotherapeutic procedures
are considered:

  • darsonvalization – increases blood flow, due to massage
  • cryomassage – nitrogen treatment, improves nutrition
    hair follicles heal hair and boosting local
  • mesotherapy – avitominoz is one of the causes of dandruff,
    therefore, doctors prescribe injections of vitamin shakes, amino acids
    and trace elements to enhance immunity;
  • MIL-therapy – a procedure using magnetic and laser
    radiation has a positive effect on microcirculation
  • ozone therapy – is responsible for the stabilization of metabolic processes,
    improves hair structure.

How much can it take treatment of severe dandruff and itching

The treatment time for dandruff depends on the reasons for its occurrence.
Allergic dandruff from cosmetics passes
immediately after their replacement.

  • Therapeutic hair shampoo will begin to work after 3-5
    applications. Full course time is indicated on the package.
    Treatment of folk remedies takes the same interval
    of time.
  • In general, to reduce head itch and dandruff on the hair
    It takes at least 2–4 weeks.
  • To completely get rid of dandruff
    3 to 6 months.
  • When it comes to physiotherapy, doctors
    recommend at least 15–20 procedures.

Interesting! Oily dandruff is more difficult
treatment, since excess sebum is an ideal environment for developing
fungal infections that can trigger it.

What can not be done with dandruff?

  1. Scratching your head. The resulting microdamages
    will lead to infection under the skin, leading to
    inflammation and pustules;
  2. In the case of reduced work of the sebaceous glands, it is forbidden
    use alcohol products that
    dry out the already dry skin;
  3. Using varnishes, foams, hair gels, hair dyeing
    increases irritation of the skin;
  4. Get a comb with protective beads on the tips.
  5. Dry hair should be a natural way. Hair dryer, ironing and curling
    injure the upper layer, allowing the infection to penetrate deep into

Frequently asked Questions

Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question

Is there any connection between dandruff and prolapse?

Dandruff is an accelerated process of renewing the epidermis, which is not
It has a detrimental effect on the hair follicles. But running
form of seborrhea, can cause diseases
causing baldness. Therefore, hair loss is not associated with
dandruff, and occurs in parallel.

Is dandruff associated with fungus?

In some cases, dandruff is indeed caused by fungal
infection. In most cases, its appearance is due to failures in
body work and improper hygiene. Also, research
showed that the main reason for the increased number of bacteria
staphylococcus present in the microflora of the skin.

Dandruff contagious? It is passed from person to

Bacteria that cause dandruff occur on everyone’s head,
but dandruff with a person may not be. This
dermatological problem is individual. Dandruff infection
possible only in a very neglected state associated with
fungal infections. The source of infection is: alien headaches
headwear, headscarves, personal hygiene items for hair (combs, elastics,
hairpins, hair dryer, curling iron, etc.). Easy stage, causes discomfort
only carrier and absolutely safe for others. From this
it follows that dandruff infection is extremely rare.

What can mean dandruff in the ears?

Ear dandruff is not uncommon. White flakes in the ears
appear for the same reasons as in other hair areas

What can mean abundant dandruff in a child or

The presence of dandruff in a child is a very rare case. More often
it occurs in adolescents during unstable hormonal
background in puberty. Can also be caused by frequent
mental disorders on the background of family or personal problems and
when used regularly, fast food is recommended
medicines and baby shampoos, of course after
consultation with a doctor.

The appearance of dandruff is a very unpleasant phenomenon, but not fatal.
Often, it all ends with the replacement of cosmetics for
hair hygiene and treatment of folk remedies.

With proper hygiene, regular consultations with doctors
about overall health and a stable mental state, no
dandruff you are not afraid.

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