Can I kill lice with hair dye? – TOP 5 top brands

Any parent of children who have reached pre-school or school
age, familiar with pediculosis. Among all the available procedures,
some people dye their hair in the hope that hair dye
will help kill these parasites. But is hair dye really
kills lice, and are all hair colors really safe?
Does hair dye kill lice and nits?

Do lice die from hair dye?

The content of the article:

  • Do lice die from hair dye?
  • Hair dye from lice and nits – TOP 5 of the best and
  • Instructions for coloring hair at home
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Contraindications and precautions
  • Alternative methods of getting rid of pediculosis
  • Folk methods
  • Lice prevention methods

Pediculosis can cause great discomfort if you do not find
quick way to get rid of the disease. This is very common
problem among the young population, and even though the children
are the most affected group, adults can sometimes
catch them too – especially if they have children infected

Lice can crawl easily from one head to another and
create a “colony” of eggs, the first nymphs (little nymph,
which comes out of the hatched egg), second nymphs or molts,
third nymphs or molts (teen lice) and adult lice. To
hatch and produce adult lice will need only 15-16 days,
so imagine how much lice will accumulate over time
time if you will not display nits. paint

There are several methods for solving head lice problems,
who either work to remove adult lice or try
solve the root problem by first killing the eggs and then real
live lice.

Although hair dyes are not an official treatment for lice,
some hairdressers find use of hair dye
effective in dealing with lice. Why does hair dye kill head lice?
Because hair dye mainly contains
strong chemicals that are toxic to lice and potentially capable
kill them.

IMPORTANT! When it comes to effective treatment
lice, time does matter.

The question is, is the paint effective against eggs? The answer is yes and
not. While hair dye seems to kill lice, its
chemicals cannot completely penetrate the egg structure and kill
him. This means that even if hair dye will kill everyone
active lice, eggs will still remain active and
hatch within 15 days and the problem persists.

Hair dye from lice and nits – TOP 5 of the best and

To understand whether hair dye from lice and nits is effective,
you need to understand what to focus on when choosing. Among
the components entering the paint must be hydrogen peroxide or
ammonia. In case these chemicals are not included
the composition of the paint, then cure pediculosis will be impossible.
Components of plant-based dyes will not have the slightest
effects on parasites –hash from henna and basma will not perish.

An important criterion when choosing a product is considered
quality. It is forbidden to use expired paint.
shelf life. This will lead to a decrease in effectiveness, and in the worst case
– to burn or poisoning.

Effective are:

  1. Garnier Color Naturals; Garnier Color Naturals
  2. Palette; Palette
  3. Lisap LK Anti-Age Creamcolor; Lisap LK Anti-Age Creamcolor
  4. LOreal Excellence; L'Oreal Excellence
  5. Farmavita Life Color Plus Professional;
    Farmavita Life Color Plus Professional

ATTENTION! It is best to stop the choice on
paints that contain both ammonia and perhydrol. Combination
data components makes the tool most effective against lice.

How does hydrogen peroxide on parasites

It is known that hydrogen peroxide acts on lice and nits.
about the same as some other folk remedies in
particular kerosene and vinegar. Namely, the parasites themselves during treatment
they die from it or try to spread from its place
use, however use hydrogen peroxide head lice
not desirable. hydrogen peroxide

Since peroxide is dangerous for lice, it is also dangerous for skin and
human hair: if used incorrectly, there may be
serious skin burns, as well as other unpleasant side
effects. Therefore, even if you decide to use peroxide
hydrogen to remove lice, you should strictly follow its rules.
use and be prepared for some

Does henna help with lice?

Henna in combination with fenugreek will kill head lice in
resistant invasions. Henna in combination with Artemisia completely
eradicates head lice, even in severe invasions.
The henna grain texture, when properly mixed, acts as
fine toothed comb for nits. Also dirty, sticky
henna properties make it ideal for choking off live insects,
who roam the scalp. To use henna as
preparation for head lice, prepare and apply henna as usual.
Use a wrap or shower cap, and do not hold henna on your head.
less than three hours. After rinsing comb the fine-toothed hair
comb and let them dry. henna

Instructions for coloring hair at home

Hair dyeing with dyed paint
head lice, requires strict adherence to instructions. At first
it is necessary to wash and dry the head, and only after that apply
composition on hair and roots. Before this strand should be carefully
comb to be able to evenly distribute

  1. Determine the habitat of the parasite.
    Divide hair into small strands, inspect the side areas for
    ears and neck area. in hair
  2. Make a solution of vinegar and sea salt and
    mix with paint to achieve better effect. To
    To make this solution, just mix about 10 drops of vinegar in
    one cup of water together with 1 tbsp. l sea ​​salt. Shake well
    mix and apply to hair with a spray. grape
  3. Use the comb to first remove the nits and
    the eggs. Start by combing each section of hair by
    dry, wet or half-dry hair for 10 minutes.
  4. Apply the desired hair dye and follow
    instructions on the package. You will need to be good first.
    mix the hair dye with a bleaching agent and then apply on
    hair with a special brush or applicator. If you use
    Highly concentrated ammonia hair color, do not leave
    its more than an hour, since you damage your hair. dyeing hair
  5. Rinse hair thoroughly with shampoo. it
    strengthen the previous steps and catch all the remaining lice and
    nits Make sure you leave shampoo and conditioner on your hair,
    at least for a couple of minutes. Rinse as usual. the washing up

The above steps should be enough to kill
most (not all) necks and their eggs.

Frequently asked Questions

Can there be lice on the extension hair?

You can grow both real and synthetic hair. Head lice
can attach to any type of hair, even hair extensions. Will survive
whether or not they depend on how long they will be in the hair, and
will you display them. If you catch their hair extensions,
before they get to your scalp, you can avoid
lice infestation. However, even if one louse hits
on the scalp, you need to immediately take

Do nits get stained with hair coloring?

Parasites are not painted over as part of
paint components like ammonia or peroxide are deadly
for them. At hit of paint on a shell of parasites
insects are eroded, causing them to

Contraindications and precautions

If you decide to use peroxide against lice, it should
use in a less concentrated form than it is sold in
pharmacies. For this, before you get rid of peroxide lice
hydrogen, the agent itself should be diluted with water at least two times
(from 3% to 1.5%). If you do not, then you risk getting
skin burns. Immediately be prepared for the fact that even
with short term use of peroxide, the hair will change color and
will become lighter. And even an accidental delay can completely
discolor them. peroxide

IMPORTANT! In no case should not confuse the usual
3% hydrogen peroxide solution and 30% solution. 30% peroxide
extremely aggressive and dangerous to health!

Be sure to remember that hydrogen peroxide is
very aggressive substance. In some cases
the consequences of its use are more serious than the problems caused

If peroxide is not replaceable with safer products,
avoid side effects you need to follow a few rules
in the treatment of pediculosis:

  • be sure to check the sensitivity of the skin before
    each use of the product (even if you do not have
    allergies to peroxide, you can incorrectly dilute it);
  • do not hold peroxide on the head if sensation appears
    burning and stinging;
  • do not repeat the procedure “to secure
    effect or prevention is serious stress for the skin and

Hydrogen peroxide from lice and nits

IMPORTANT! Do not use lice peroxide on children and
teenagers. Their skin can react to this drug perfectly.

Peroxide also should not be used in the presence of wounds,
irritations, rashes of any nature on the head. After
peroxide treatment, healing of such lesions may occur
with scarring. Does hair dye kill lice and
nits? danet

Alternative methods of getting rid of pediculosis

Lice medicines that give fast and reliable results in
Pharmacies today are very many:

  1. Lice shampoos – adults and children from 2 years.
    Apply a sufficient amount of shampoo to wet hair,
    massage movements rub shampoo. Leave it on hair like
    for at least 3 minutes. Wash off. To protect against infection from the head
    lice use daily for 10-14 days. tar shampoo for lice and nits
  2. Emulsions and concentrates – acts like
    irreversible cholinesterase inhibitor. Emulsion Neostomosan
  3. Sprays – safe and quick handling,
    valid immediately after application, easy to use.
    hair spray
  4. Creams – a remedy for parasites,
    used by rubbing the top of the skin. Nittifor (cream)
  5. Combs – combing is one
    of the best and most reliable methods for treating pediculosis. The best
    the comb is made of steel and has very thin teeth. Wet hair
    divided into strands that one by one carefully, from the root
    hair is combed several times. The whole procedure is carried out over
    bathroom or over a white sheet. crest

Each of the above drugs has its own
contraindications, but they are all safer and easier to use than
peroxide or ammonia. Their only drawback is this.
folk remedy – the cost, but for the sake of health and
safety (especially when it comes to children) is not worth it

Folk methods

  1. Tar soap – phenols and tannins
    cause antibacterial, antifungal, reparative,
    drying, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, drying effect.
    These properties help to deal with the effects of lice bites –
    itching, redness, dermatosis. Disinfectant action
    prevents the introduction of a secondary infection through skin damage.
  2. Kerosene – paralyzes the respiratory centers
    parasites. Couples have a choking effect, penetrate
    respiratory channels, blocking them. Sparingly soluble enzyme
    secreted by lice to hold nits (eggs) on the hair, split
    under the influence of flammable liquid. kerosene
  3. Vinegar – the acid contained in vinegar can
    kill nymphs who still can’t lay eggs. Treatment
    pediculosis vinegar combined with careful combing –
    effective method. vinegar
  4. Oils – lice find the smell of oil repulsive,
    but this is not enough to get rid of them completely therefore
    oils are effective in prevention. Vegetable oil
  5. Cranberry – is able to eat peeled lice
    the eggs. Nits are not able to withstand acid levels,
    contained in cranberries. Cranberry

Lice prevention methods

Basic measures to prevent the spread of lice among children and
adults in your family that you can accept:

  1. Do not share personal hygiene items
    (combs, towels).
  2. Avoid actions that lead to contact.
    head to head.
  3. Keep things, especially outerwear, away from general
    rooms such as walk-in closets.

If you have lice, try not to be embarrassed. Is not
a sign of illness or that you or your child are dirty. Tell that
friends and teachers to check their children and stop
spread of these pests.

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