Can I wash my hair often?

The girl washes her hairAs one said

The best hairstyle women are considered clean, healthy and
shiny hair

There is a misconception that you cann’t wash your hair often, because
the result is thinning and weakening of the hair
follicle. But it is nothing but a myth.

In order to improve the condition of the hair, you should exclude
effect of some factors and know how to properly care for

Recommendations on how to wash your hair

The content of the article:

  • Recommendations on how to wash your hair
  • How to wash your hair in the transfer of Live Great
  1. First of all, it is recommended to monitor cleanliness.
    heads, because not only external

wash your hair as often as necessary (as
hair contamination)

  1. Harmful factors that have a negative effect on
    hair condition can be attributed salty seawater
    and ultraviolet rays.

In order for the hair to become healthy and beautiful, you need to stop
wash them with plain tap water.

Tap Water Tap water is very harmful to hair and
can spoil them more than styling products or prolonged
stay under the sun.

Under the action of calcium, phosphate and magnesium salts, the hair becomes
very dim and weakened by its structure, it completely loses
brilliance. Cocktail of these substances covers every hair grayish
bloom, so that it becomes too hard.

After that, even the best conditioner or shampoo cannot
provide the necessary protection or fully restore the damaged
hair follicle.

Fragile hair Hair starts to break off and get hurt
from any touch, grow slowly and deliver this mass
inconvenience. Using mousse, hair dryer or tongs just adds
unnecessary problems.

If it is impossible to completely replace the water from the tap
spring, it is recommended to soften it so that it is not so

How to wash your hair in the transfer of Live Great

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