Canadian or cable? Interesting story popular hairstyle

canadian photoOne of the most
common haircuts among men in recent times
Canadian. It is interesting to know the origin of the name itself. Believed
that men’s haircut Canadian became popular in the 70s of the past
century, when the hockey team from Canada arrived in the Soviet Union.
All players had the same hairstyle – the head trimmed

And even earlier, in 1957, after the Youth Festival to all
Western music fell in love, and Elvis Presley became an idol, an icon
style. Hair Kok was his calling card. And its similarities with
Canadian is impossible not to notice.

It is also worth saying that there is another name for this
haircuts – cable car. But this is not at all due to the fact that just someone
confused one letter. During the Second World War, the Soviet
the sailors cut their hair equally short, only bangs at
this remained long. Edging along the edges of the hair growth went all over.
shearing, as if under the rope, hence the name – cable car.

There is another option, but most likely it has remote
attitude to reality. Cutting the hair on the back of the head
It was the lot of commoners who lived in Peter the Great, who
lazy to wash your neck once again. Russian people, on the contrary, differed
its cleanliness, therefore, as mentioned above, into reality
This fact is hard to believe.

Canadian haircut features

Canadian featuresIf you try to imagine
how does this very Canadian look, you just need to connect to one
all the above images: clipped head and volume in the area
forehead and temechka. Usually a haircut is done with a smooth transition, which
achieved through the use of scissors, rather than a typewriter.

Men’s hair Canadian suitable for any type of hair. Highly
Looks interesting on wavy hair. But also the owners of the direct and
thick hairs can also boast a good styling.

By the way, with regard to styling. If you want hair not
decayed and the haircut had a neat and well-groomed appearance, without
special tools can not do here. Although it can be said that
daily care and maintenance does not require large
effort and time consuming.

The main condition for the haircut to surprise and delight, and
not repelled, is a simple rule – the hair should be
clean. This is the key to success of any hairstyle.

Styling options for Canadian hairstyle

Ruffled strands give a natural look to this haircut. For
to create the desired effect, you need to do the styling using
the hair dryer and gel for hair. The bangs combed will look elegantly
back or to the side. Here the main thing is to find the optimal balance –
You can not lick a haircut, but it is also not very strong to do it.
worth it.

Natural styling can be done with a hair dryer. Wherein
It is advisable to use a little foam or mousse for hair. Good
option will be side parting.

And if you have to go to the theme party, then there is nothing
better than retro styling to look like heroes
film “Dandies”. For the desired effect should be combed bangs and
Lay it back with a gel.

Wavy hair in this hairstyle looks best when
created an image of negligence. Sometimes bangs fit back and
fixed varnish, but other options also look good.
Better when wavy hair is cut short enough, although
it’s a matter of taste.

Does the Canadian haircut suit everyone?

the beauty of Canadian is that it will be appropriate for
any type of hair. However, it is also worth considering
faces. Best of all, this hairstyle is suitable for owners of an oval shape.
But for the elongated face is better to choose a different form of hair,
as the haircut structure will stretch the face even more.

Chubby men can also make such a haircut. Via
strands stretched from above round face will acquire an oval shape.
concerns the age category, there are no boundaries – haircut Canadian
suitable for any age. Older men choose how
usually a classic version, but teenagers and young fashionistas
prefer stylish and creative styling options.

How can you improve the styling?

There are several ways to perform Canadian haircuts, as
it says for every taste and color. Bangs can be left longer
make it straight or oblique. Also in various ways
the temporal part is cut off. You can leave the whiskey elongated, and
You can cut the hair short.

Wavy hair is good because you can make a haircut in
several layers. Three-layer hairstyle looks very
original. Using asymmetry is an interesting option as
for teens, and for older boys. In this case, with one
The sides of the hair are shorter, with the other longer.

Hair coloring is another way to express yourself. He has long been
ceased to be only a female privilege.

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