Cap: beautiful haircut for women and men

haircut hatFashion is
an integral part in the life of every woman. It’s not obligatory
should relate to how she dresses, what style prefers,
wears jewelry, etc. Quite often, without thinking and not
Suspecting this, the woman follows fashion trends that
reflected in some kind of behavioral reactions, musical or
literary preferences. But the most extravagant attribute,
who can immediately tell about watching the fashion and her
a woman of the fair sex or not is her

Each season reflects a particular style, not only in
clothes, but also in what preferences she has in terms of caring for
head of hair. For one year can be fashionable haircut cap,
cascade, stellar or completely indefinite, resembling
careless styling. Depending on what type of hair you have,
face shape and, of course, preferences, this or that will suit you
a haircut.

Universal haircuts “hats”

Watching your hair is not only fashionable and beautiful, but it’s also
and it is obligatory, because they are constantly under direct influence
from all kinds of mechanical and chemical damage. it
applies to both men and women. After all, today
highlighting, coloring, staining and other similar procedures
long or medium hair has long ceased to apply
only for women.

Now you can meet men in every beauty salon. Hike in
this place for many has become an obligatory ritual that
repeated monthly, and maybe even more. Thanks
professionalism of the masters here you can find exactly the image
that suits you better than others or constantly
experiment with a variety of hairstyles. Whatever
your choice, there is one haircut that is equally good
fits almost everything – this is a haircut “cap”.

Remember at least yourself. Surely at some point in their lives
– in childhood, adolescence or adolescence, and maybe older, you
They wore a haircut cap. It is absolutely unimportant whether
it is a hat for long hair, for short, a hat on a leg, but
definitely it suited you. What is her secret?

Women’s haircut hat for medium hair

If you just can not find exactly the hairstyle that you would
fit and was the basis for a large number of styling and
experiments, try to turn to this option.
Haircut hat for short hair will be a terrific option as
for heavily curly, and for slightly wavy hair. What
concerns a similar to this version of the method (haircut cap on
long hair), it will allow to deal with such a problem as
naughty curls.

After you decide on this event, any
the hairstyle will turn out to be both for you, and even more so for the hairdresser and the stylist for
forces You can forget about protruding tips and uneven curls.
The only contraindication to perform such hair
too stiff long, short or medium curls become.
After this version of the haircut cap will be implemented,
the edging will be a little rough and uneven. Therefore, hairdressers
do not recommend to owners of such hair to resort to this
hairstyle It’s best to cut your long hair a bit or make

Haircut cap on medium hair

haircut cap on medium hairThis option
hairstyles, as already mentioned, is suitable for almost everyone. Besides
This haircut cap allows you to define accents on different parts
persons depending on its type. So, if you have a triangular face,
hairstyle cap on short hair will emphasize the line of the chin and
visually lengthen the neck.

The fair sex with a square face given
hairstyle will help to focus on the cheekbones, and if there is a cap
on long hair, she emphasizes eyes. In order to more accurately
you can decide whether this hairstyle is right for you or not
use a wig in this style or do
virtual haircut using photo. Learn more about what
There will be a haircut effect, thanks to the study of its method

Cap for long hair: technology haircuts

It begins with a thorough combing. First separated
temporal zones – no more than 5 cm in height, then towards the ear
the most extreme strand is combed and separated and the line is drawn
temple. The contour of the temples, regardless of their design, should
be clear. Further locks on this side (temporal lateral
zone) mow, focusing on the strand that was framed in
first of all. It is necessary to milling the temporal parts vertically,
To make the haircut seem as natural as possible.

Then comes the turn of the occipital part. For this, all this
the zone is separated from one ear to the other and the upper hair
fixed on top of the head. Haircut on the back of the head is done by
side strand that is separated from the rest by vertical
parting If you do the parting neatly, then the whole haircut
get smooth. Will only vertically filtered
remaining strands.

Technology haircut cap for very short hair

In this case, the options and methods of combing different zones will be
run a little differently. So, first you need to
divide the parietal zone with a vertical parting. As for the top
the back of the head, combed out according to hair growth, and only
after that they need to be cut in a circle. Usually the hair is shorn to
how their length will reach the middle of the ear, but you can make a haircut
and a little longer. After that, you need all the strands on both sides
on the parietal zone align, and the lateral parts of the comb on the face and
also align.

Other options for haircut cap

For more creative women of fashion stylists and hairdressers
Invented a lot of extravagant and unusual variations of this
universal haircut. So, you can perform a cascade cap.
It lies in the fact that the lower occipital zone is not cut out,
and remains. So you get both volume at the top of your head, and
the appearance of long hair. Another variation – a hat on the leg. Here
on the contrary – the back of the head remains open, and the hair is extended in
towards the face. Or the hair at the front and side have the same length,
and on the back of the head they are slightly elongated. The scheme of such haircuts is similar to
classic hat It can have several varieties and

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