Cappuccino hair color: how to choose a trendy shade

Fashion trends of the modern world dictate to dye hair in
natural tones, among which are very popular
enjoys hair color cappuccino. Combination with natural
make-up and easy styling will turn the head of any man, adding
confidence girl.

Cappuccino Hair Color

Hairdressers love to use coffee shades as
base color with complex staining techniques.

  • 1 What are the advantages
  • 2 Who is suitable
  • 3 What are shades?
    • 3.1 Milk cappuccino
    • 3.2 Caramel
    • 3.3 Dark cappuccino
    • 3.4 Frosty Cappuccino
  • 4 Salon procedure
    • 4.1 Coloring
    • 4.2 Balayazh and shatush
    • 4.3 Contrast ombre with coffee nuance
  • 5 How to get color
    • 5.1 Paint
    • 5.2 Toning agents
    • 5.3 Henna and Basma
    • 5.4 Folk Recipes
  • 6 Care after dyeing

What are the advantages

Shades of cappuccino is not in vain so often found. They have
a number of indisputable advantages compared to the others:

  • Look beautiful on hair of any length. Cappuccino is capable of how
    give volume to thin curls, and emphasize the density of natural
  • suitable for girls who do not dare to extravagant
    experiments. After all, even the wrong color does not spoil much
  • it is impossible to look vulgar with the color of cappuccino hair.
    On the contrary, it brings harmony and naturalness to any
    style, even with bright makeup.

To suit

Before dyeing, you need to know who is the cappuccino shade.
The combination of gold, brown and gray pigments in the paint
applies to both warm and cold colors. Therefore find
suitable option for each skin color type and shade

Cappuccino color is most vividly combined with dark brown
skin and olive undertone, and also with brown or green
eye shades (as pictured).

Girls with dark skin

For blondes with pale skin and light blue or green
the eyes suit warm tone with gold or bronze

Girls with olive skin should choose cold cappuccino and
gray or black eyes.

Careful when choosing the darkest colors:
too light skin will contrast sharply with hair and
will create a painful look, and dark or tanned – will merge
in one dark mass.

Fashionable women with slightly curly locks are definitely worth trying.
one of the coffee shades, because beautiful play will create
a spectacular hairstyle even without extra styling.

Attention! It is not recommended to paint curls when
unhealthy state of hair with whipped ends or pronounced
dryness Dear color will fade on such a background.

If the face has inflammatory rash or dark circles under
eyes, then, unfortunately, staining in a coffee shade only
emphasize the flaws.

What are shades

A girl drinks coffee

Italian cappuccino is made from fresh coffee and milk,
decorated with exquisite foam. Its color combines delicate beige tones with
rich brown tint. On the hair, this effect
created by complex staining or by choosing one of

In a traditional performance, cappuccino becomes a transition between
dark blond and light chocolate, but the stylists add
their vision and get multifaceted colors.

Milk Cappuccino

The soft shade will highlight the tenderness and mystery
girls Light shade, if desired, will gradually
go from the image of the blonde to the brown-haired woman.

Milky Cappuccino Hair Color

As the main color cappuccino with milk is
consider owners of green or brown
eye in combination with slightly dark skin.

Own hair of light or light brown color will allow
get the desired color without difficulty, but dark curls will have to
pre clarify.


If the light cappuccino is not suitable, then the caramel version
considered universal for any skin tone. is he
blends equally well with fair skin and eyes, and
with a dark tone.

Caramel Cappuccino

In caramel cappuccino, you can safely paint in front of
vacation, when in the hot edges have to go with a pale
face, and return with beautiful tanned skin.

Also this shade favorably emphasizes any eye color: as
light blue and dark brown.

Girls with tsvetotipov “Winter” (porcelain skin and dark hair) –
perhaps the only ones who do not suit the shade of caramel.
First, on too dark curls get beautiful
cappuccino is very difficult even for experienced craftsmen, and
secondly, the pallor of the skin will look like a painful one.

Dark cappuccino

The color is suitable for owners of hair with a dark pigment.

Dark Cappuccino

Blonde girls need to be careful about this
shade, because of the risk of getting black hair. Beautifully combined with
slightly tanned skin.

Frosty Cappuccino

The effect of frost-covered coffee-colored hair is achieved
adding silvery and pink tones to the frosty cappuccino.
Thanks to the combination of warm and cold gamut,
ice cappuccino fits well both on blond curls and on
dark strands in combination with fair skin.


Salon procedure

Cappuccino is considered a very whimsical color. If natural
the pigment in the hair is darker than the blond, then for dyeing you need
go to the stylist. Paint pigment can
interact with the natural and it will turn out perfectly
different from the desired shade.

The cabin will need a procedure to clarify the curls, which
much safer is carried out by professional drugs.

Important! At home there is a risk to burn everything.
strands and then it will be no time to dye, have a long
restore the original look of the hair.

In the beauty salon there are many ways to complex staining.
They allow you to achieve a multi-faceted color and shine that
look presentable and expensive.



Creates the effect of a natural play of light that is achieved
hair dyeing over the entire length in several shades of one
color range.

To the full such reincarnation is revealed on
hair below the shoulder blades. On the short length of the play is not so
noticeable. It is better to try to combine cappuccino with highlighting.

Balayazh and shatush

Shatush dyeing is done by a smooth transition.
flowers in length. It uses all the hair. At the same time, the overall color is
roots get darker than at the ends.

During dyeing with a balayazh method, wide strands are taken, on
which paint several shades different from
main for 2–3 tones. Thanks to this reception is obtained
effect of modulations and sun glare even indoors.

Balayazh and shatush

It is important to choose matching shades, avoiding sharp
contrasts. Then the coloring will be harmonious, and the image will be
in a trend of maximum naturalness.

Contrast ombre with coffee nuance

Make stylists as close as possible to a cup of cappuccino
tried using this method. At the same time dark coffee
the color at the roots turns into a milky “foam” in beige or
light brown shades.

This ombre is carried out by applying a brightening mixture on
the lower third of the strands, and the middle one is painted into a mixture of dark and
light (transitional) shades. An hour later, everything is thorough
shampooed to stop the reaction

This video shows how hair coloring is performed in
ombre technique.

How to get color

There are 2 ways to achieve the desired shade:

  1. Contact the salon and sign up to the master. Wherein
    the hairdresser will advise the method of coloring and
    selects the appropriate tone. The advantage of this method is
    opportunity to choose a new color by special hairdressing
    strands that are applied to the face.
  2. Choose your own paint in the store and paint at home. AT
    In this case there is a risk of distorting the result if the color is not suitable.
    for natural hair color. May turn green-blue
    or yellowish ebb down to red. After such
    procedures will require adjustment by professional means
    also at home or in the cabin.


Durable paint can change hair color by 1–1.5 months.
If you choose ammonia-free dyes or professional rulers,
then the damage to the hair during the procedure will be minimal.

Resistant Paint

The final result directly depends on the quality of paint. In
second priority is exact compliance technology
mixing components and time of exposure to hair.

Important! Caramel color falls only on
natural curls of light shade. From dark blonde is necessary
pre-clarification. On the package you can see the photo before and
after depending on the original color.

Line of colors:

  • Estelle (No. 7/77);
  • Kapous, whose professional line contains shade
  • L’Oreal Casting Cream Gloss (No. 513);
  • Garnier (No. 7);
  • Pallet de Luxe (No. 555).

Toning agents

Toning shampoo and balm allows you to experiment often
with color without harm for strands. Pigment envelops hair
only outside and washed off for 5-6 times. Popular brands
tonic means Tonika, Estelle.

Balsam has a higher concentration of pigment and more
long-term result of toning. Shampoo need not use
less than 1 time per week, keeping on washed hair for 10 minutes.

Henna and Basma

Henna and Basma

For a shade of coffee, dry henna powders and
Basma mixed in a ratio of 3: 1 and diluted with hot water
to thick consistency. Apply a lot of hair, starting from the roots,
soak for half an hour and rinse with shampoo.

Important! The main thing to use such a recipe is not before
4 weeks after applying any resistant paint.

Folk recipes

There are folk ways to give natural hair
coffee shade.

For example, mix 3 liters. ground coffee with 2 spoons of black tea (not
brewed) and 1 spoon of cocoa. Pour the mixture with a glass of water and
boil for 20 minutes. After cooling at room temperature
temperature (about 3 hours) to distribute the filtered broth

Keep it for 1-2 hours and rinse without shampoo (you can use it
only after 3 days).

Folk Recipes

Care after dyeing

The color of the cappuccino is quickly washed out of the hair, especially if
wrong to care for them.


  1. To wash the head only shampoo for a dyed hair.
  2. Maintain curls health with weekly
  3. To put hair dryer and curling iron only with high quality
    thermal protection.
  4. It is better to minimize the effect of aggressive factors on curls
    (drying, bright sun, wind and cold).
  5. Add shine and keep the color longer will help
    home or salon lamination (shielding)

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