Capsular hair extensions – the pros and cons procedures

Capsule hair extensions are a great way to quickly change.
your appearance. In this article we will look at the pros and cons.
capsular extension, and also we will in detail tell about equipment
building up.

What is capsular hair extension? The essence of the capsular
hair extension is to attach donor strands to
native keratin, resin or glue capsules. For the minimum
time you can significantly lengthen your hair and give them
desired volume.

The time spent on this build varies from
two to four hours.

Indications and contraindications

The content of the article:

  • Indications and contraindications
  • Pros and cons of capsular hair extensions
  • Technique hair on capsules, detailed scheme
  • Hair after capsular extension
  • Types of capsular hair extensions
  • Types of hair for extension
  • Care for hair extensions
  • Reviews
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Conclusion

Capsule hair extensions have a number of indications and
contraindications, below we consider them in detail.

Indications for the procedure:

  • Increase hair length – capsular
    extensions can significantly lengthen the hair. On average you can
    achieve an increase in length from several tens of centimeters to
  • Increasing the amount of hair – accrued strands
    significantly increase hair volume, give hairstyle
  • Hiding flaws – if you are on your head
    there are some disadvantages associated with the lack of strands,
    for example, bald patches and bald patches, then capsular hair extensions with
    ease will help solve this problem.
  • Image change – hair growing
    independently rather long and laborious process. Besides,
    It is not always possible to achieve the desired result. Increments
    strands help to quickly fulfill the dream of long and voluminous hair,
    as in the advertising of cosmetic care products.

Who should not do capsular capacity

  1. First, the procedure is contraindicated in case of weak, unhealthy
    hair, because the extension can only aggravate the existing
    the situation.
  2. Secondly, the build-up is not carried out with skin diseases. TO
    It includes fungus, seborrhea, psoriasis, eczema, and the presence of
    head fresh wounds and scratches.
  3. Third, the build-up is not performed by adolescents and women in
    gestation period, since at this time the hair condition
    become fragile and thin.
  4. Finally, this procedure is not recommended at constant
    headaches, migraines, chemotherapy.

Pros and cons of capsular hair extensions

  • The advantages of capsular capacity include the fact that
    This procedure can be carried out with the length of native hair
    from two centimeters, while their structure and color
    absolutely do not play any role.
  • Also this type of building is not felt at all and is not visible.
    to people around you, so you can do absolutely
    any hairstyles. With the increased capsular way curls
    you can carry out all actions, as with your natural strands –
    dye, straighten or curl.
  • Correction should be done every two or three
    months, which is much longer than the period of wearing
    building up.

IMPORTANT: with hair extensions you can visit the bath
or sauna, but being there is sure to wear a special

The disadvantages of this operation include:

  • You will need to abandon the care products in
    composition of which are oils and acids.
  • The cost of this type of building is much higher than that of its
  • Due to thermal effects, it has a detrimental effect on
    native hair
  • Artificial strands need to be combed often, otherwise they quickly
    will be confused and will become worthless.

Is the procedure harmful, does the hair spoil?

Discussions about whether capsular hair implantation is harmful is not

  • Some experts believe that is minimal
    effects on hair.
  • Others argue that only one operation is capable
    put an end to the beauty of your natural curls.

True, as usual, is
in the middle:

  1. First, a lot depends on the master. Some dishonest
    specialists to take more money from a client make strands
    too thin, as a result of which they quickly fall out.
  2. Secondly, it is important to go on time for correction, otherwise the capsules
    start breaking off with your hair.
  3. Thirdly, the thermal effects in building
    can really harm your curls, but it can
    to level by means of several recovery procedures,
    which can be carried out even at home.
  4. Finally, you need to constantly take care of your natural
    hair, feed them to strengthen the hair follicle.

Subject to the above rules, capsular implantation
does not hurt your natural curls.

Technique hair on capsules, detailed scheme

Below we take a closer look at the capsular technique
shag hair extensions.

  • First of all, you need to wash your hair with deep shampoo
    clean and then dry them thoroughly.
  • Hair must be divided into three zones – the temporal, occipital
    and regional. This is necessary in order for the capsules to stand flat.
    in rows.
  • The procedure begins with the edge of the neck. Separate small
    strand to it with a special apparatus with a high temperature
    heat attach keratin or organic capsule.
  • Similarly, work with all the remaining hair. Finish up
    extension procedure in the temporal region.

IMPORTANT: in order to donor curls look
Naturally, the distance between two capsules should not be more
1.5 cm

What do you need for hair extensions on capsules?

Consider the tools you might need to perform.

  • Forceps – they are used to create the right
    capsule forms with hot implantation technology. The greatest
    popular are flat and slightly rounded models,
    which have a heating temperature of at least two hundred degrees.
  • Keratin or its advanced composition
    (prolongs the period of wearing artificial strands) – polymer, specially
    designed for implant technology. Out of him
    make capsules that are completely harmless to

IMPORTANT: keratin, which is used to
artificial increase in hair mass, is not a protein, from
which builds human hair, therefore wellness
effect of this procedure, such as from keratinization is not
will be.

  • Capsule Forceps – Needed in order
    to remove the capsules from the hair without causing them traumatic
  • Laser apparatus for hair extensions –
    expensive device that significantly reduces time
    carrying out operations, and also does not injure strands.
  • Ultrasonic type device – allows
    to reduce the harmful effects due to the fact that the capsules are heated
    not with high temperature, but with ultrasound.
  • Resin is an environmentally friendly substance that
    used in English donor implantation technique
  • Glue gun – warms the resin to the desired
    temperature so that it is attached to the strands.
  • Hook – used for cold technology,
    to pull hair into a small ceramic hole.
  • Clip – metal clip, which
    Used for fastening strands or decorative elements.
  • Donor strands – the main element of building.
    May be Slavic, Asian or European. About them
    differences will be discussed below.

How many capsules do you need for hair extensions?

  • With a short haircut | – (up to 10 cm) for
    implantation curls need 140-200 capsules depending on
  • With an average length | – (about 25 cm) for
    hair extensions need 120-180 capsules.
  • With its own length of 45-50 cm | – for
    capacity need 70-120 capsules.

How many strands do you need for capsular extension?

  • To make hair look thick and voluminous, you will need not
    less than one hundred and fifty strands.
  • To increase the length to 40 cm will need to increase from
    eighty to one hundred and twenty strands.
  • With normal hair density to fully build you
    It will take about a hundred and twenty-five strands, for thick hair
    It takes about one hundred and seventy strands.

What is the minimum hair length | should be for
extension procedures?

On this issue is a lot of controversy. Some masters are taken
for implantation with a hair length of just a couple of centimeters, others
advised to first grow your hair at least on the shoulders. Average
however, hair extensions are performed at a length of natural curls in
five to ten centimeters.

Hair after capsular extension

Hair gets the desired length and volume, visually look
much thicker. With proper care, they look permanently healthy,
shiny and smooth.

What does capsular hair extension look like?

Capsule implantation is an equal row of capsules with
unnatural strands that are used to increase the length and
volume curls. In everyday life, they are absolutely invisible.
surrounding people, and you can guess the presence of accumulated strands
Only tactile, running his hand in the head of hair.

Capsular hair extensions for short hair

Before the implantation procedure, the master determines the necessary
the number of strands that will be used for the procedure. For
short hair they need at least a hundred.

For short haircuts invented a special technique that
is based on hot-build technology – micro-wiping.
This type of implantation is used with the length of own hair from
five centimeters.

This is quite a time-consuming procedure, which takes
up to six hours, so its cost is quite high. but
miniature capsules are obtained completely invisible and their very
difficult to damage when combing.

How much does the capsular hair extension?

Every three to four months it is necessary to make a correction of accrued
strands. With proper care, long hair will delight you in
for several years.

Types of capsular hair extensions

Today, masters offer many options for capsular
increase in the volume and length of the hair, depending on the desired
result and initial characteristics. Below we look at the most
popular variations of this operation, you can also
will get acquainted with various types of hair extensions in our
special article.


This type of procedure refers to hot-build technology.
Overhead strands absolutely coincide with your natural curls,
and used capsules are absolutely not visible. Its essence is that
donor curls are connected to the client’s hair with
special capsules based on organic keratin.

The master separates a thin strand of native hair and at a distance
a few millimeters from the roots attaches to her donor
strand, heats the capsule with special forceps to the desired temperature
and tightly clamps it for 2-3 seconds. Temperature can
vary according to the initial state of the hair

English technology

This technology is based on the attachment of donor strands at
help heated resin. Natural curls absolutely do not get
negative impact due to the fact that the glue gun with
Hot pitch gets only on donor strands. However keeps
such an implant is much smaller than keratin.

Spanish technology

This technology is not used for short haircuts. Strands
attached with a special two-component adhesive.
Small capsules do not interfere with combing, but in the first days you can
feel discomfort in the back of the head, which will disappear through
a couple of days. It will take about four times to complete the procedure.


The advantage of cold buildup is that donor strands
attached without heat exposure. Materials for
fastenings can be glue capsules or microcaps, in which
hair is threaded with a special hook.


Hot equipment includes English and Italian extensions,
since the master uses a high
temperature Such buildup is worn longer, but causes
hair hurt.


The microlining technique is identical to hot hair implantation.
on Italian technology, when attached to its own strand
the donor strand with keratin base and securely fixed when
the help of special thermal tongs. For microlining are used
3 mm capsules, instead of the usual 6 mm, and the attached strand
much smaller in size and weight.

Ultrasound technology

The difference of this technique from analogs is that the strands
soften with a special device without high

Types of hair for extension

There are three types of curls used for implantation.
Consider each one of them.


The most qualitative, are not exposed to chemical processing,
therefore can serve for a long time.


Cheap strands that have a fairly low quality,
therefore, their lifespan is very limited. Often used when
operations when the length needs to be increased by sixty or more


They are selected in the direction of the curls. They are exposed
multiple chemical treatments, and therefore can not be

Care for hair extensions

Wash your head upright using products in
which does not contain oils and acids. Balsams and masks should be
put on the entire length, while not affecting the capsules. How can
more often comb the donor strands so that they are not confused, so you
significantly extend their socks.

How to remove hair extensions at home

  • Take the forceps for crushing the capsule and a special tool for
    its dissolution (remuver). Removal is done in layers, starting with
  • Apply a remuver to the capsule. Wait a couple of minutes. Then
    with forceps, gently squeeze the capsule until it comes off the hair.
    Pull it down with the strand.
  • At the end, make an oil based mask to completely remove
    keratin residue.

Capsular hair extension in a beauty salon

To date, this service is offered by many salons.
beauty. Build-up can be done in hot or cold
technology, depending on the specialization wizard.

The cost of this procedure starts from 7000

Prices according


A few reviews from popular
resources |, |,

Frequently asked Questions

Below we look at the most popular issues related to
capsular implantation of curls.

What is better tape or capsular
build up?

Capsule capacity is better, since it is socks-free.
the correction is longer (up to three months), when with tape
technology, you must contact the master after a half or two
of the month.

What is the best Hollywood build or

If your curls are short (up to twenty centimeters), then you
only capsular extension is suitable. Besides, it
much more convenient because it allows you to immediately attach the donor strands
without braiding special braids that can interfere in
daily care.

What is different capsular capacity from

Capsule size, as well as the thickness and weight of donor strands. They
much easier, therefore suitable for weak and very short


A long and thick mop is the dream of many girls. However, using
modern technology, you no longer have to wait a few years
to boast a luxurious mane. Enough to carry out the procedure
capsular capacity to hit the surrounding beauty of their

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