Caramel hair color like gloss covers: stylists secrets

Many girls want to have an appetizing shade on their hair

Caramel hue

Fashionable color can both beautify and turn into a plain woman:
It all depends on the natural color of the skin and eyes.
Therefore, before trying on such a shade, you need a good
understand its varieties and find out whether it is suitable for
individual features of appearance.

  • 1 Features of color
  • 2 Who is suitable
  • 3 Who does not fit
  • 4 Examples of popular shades
    • 4.1 Light caramel
    • 4.2 Dark caramel
    • 4.3 Honey caramel
    • 4.4 Caramel Black
    • 4.5 Chocolate Caramel
    • 4.6 Golden Caramel
    • 4.7 Caramel ash
    • 4.8 Caramel Black
    • 4.9 Caramel Brown
  • 5 Partial staining techniques
  • 6 What hairstyles are suitable
  • 7 Choosing a caramel: paints and balsams
  • 8 How to keep the shine of caramel: the rules of care

Color features

The popularity of the caramel is due to wealth
podton, from which you can find suitable for almost every
to the girl. Caramel looks natural, has a beautiful
shine with iridescent sun and brings to the image of charm and

Important! Caramel hair color is quite capricious. He requires
knowledge of the nuances of coloring and professionalism of the master.

Another feature is the fragility of the result, so
as the pigment is quickly washed out and requires frequent dyeing or

Features of hair coloring

To suit

Rate whether the caramel color is suitable, possibly after
determine your color type of appearance. Separation is carried out
based on skin color and eyes. Those who are caramel
in hair, refer to spring or autumn types of appearance:

  1. Tsvetotip “Spring” has a muted shades. Eyes
    pale blue or amber. The skin is also light, thin,
    easily covered with blush. Freckles may be present on the face.
    but they are unobtrusive and not striking. Hair – thin by
    structure with a light natural color. To this type
    include many blondes. You can compare yourself with bright
    representatives of the spring color type from the world of stars: Valeria,
    Glucose, Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz.
  2. Tsvetotip “Autumn” has a bright appearance. Eyes saturated
    colors from dark blue to brown. Skin feature
    is the complete absence of a pink tint. Its color can
    be both pale and bright olive. Elastic and tight skin
    free from rashes and reddish spots. Many girls with such
    the type is bright freckles – cute accent appearance.

Hair palette in most cases of red color, found
dark brown or coffee tones. Caramel tint easy
colors the hair, the pigment of which is similar in scale.

Autumn stars include Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Ashley

Freckles on the face

Who is not suitable

Not always desired shade creates a beautiful image. Painting in
caramel color, you can be upset with the result, if you have
“winter” or “summer” features of appearance:

  1. “Winter” has a cold skin color, compared to
    porcelain figurines. These are typical brunettes with dark
    hair Winter stars are Monica Belluci, Sandra Bullock,
    Megan Fox, Demi Moore.
  2. The skin color type “Summer” has a pink subtone, which will be
    only intensified by the caramel color. Eyes in green color
    gamma Looking at the photo of Mila Jovovich, Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer
    Aniston, you can see typical features that have a honey shade.
    will spoil.

Tip! Even if the appearance is
suitable for caramel color, but there are flaws on the skin in the form
acne or other diseases, then the selected color will be even more
highlight. It is better to first cure the skin, then paint

Examples of popular shades

Caramel color has more than 100 varieties. Pick up
“your” will help a detailed description of the most popular.

Light caramel

Light caramel

Light caramel color shimmers on hair from
brown in sand tint. Paint rests on typical
blond, with the result that the result is saturated and
noble. If you want to add volume hairstyle, then the roots
should be made darker than the tips.

It is very difficult to achieve exactly this color, and certainly not worth it.
try to get it yourself at home. Not enough first
discolour natural hair and apply it
store paint. The result will be only light brown color.
with reddish tint.

Professionals use multi-stage hair covering from light
the basics to the light caramel color.

This video shows how hair coloring is performed.
caramel blond.

Dark caramel

The color is similar to the chocolate range and suits girls with tanned
or dark skin. If the holiday ahead in the sun, then it is worth
pay attention to this shade. Dark color applied
on light brown curls.

If the original hair tone is lighter, then dyeing is carried out in
several steps to the desired shade.

Dark caramel suits confident women. She is
emphasizes charm and self-sufficiency. Carefully this color
need to be combined with very fair skin to not look
not natural.


Honey Caramel

Honey and caramel create a riot of bright colors in the hair and are
alternative to red. Honey caramel shade fits
for blue eyes and fits well with light brown hair. With
deep eye color honey tone can play a cruel joke, creating
puppet image.

Such shade differs from red in golden tints,
emollient appearance.

Honey caramel color

Caramel black

Very interesting color due to the veiled caramel
shade. To create a similar effect, you need to apply only to
a professional Stylists carry out staining in several
stages and spend a lot of time to result
looked elegant and expensive.

If a variant of a complex staining technique is considered,
well combines caramel hair color with dark roots.

Caramel with dark roots

Natural brunettes such style will save time and money on
periodic tinting of growing hair.

Chocolate caramel

Dazzling shade that can beautify any girl
suitable type. Beneficially emphasizes dark skin or tan,
what you can use when you return from vacation.


Do not lose sight of the chocolate-caramel color and
owners of white skin. In this case, attention will be
accentuated the hairstyle, and with it the face will become more
attractive and bright.

The same applies to those who prefer light makeup with minimal
the amount of cosmetics: natural chocolate shade will be
complement the naturalness of the image.

Golden Caramel

Gold and caramel in her hair, shimmering, create a play of colors,
as close as possible to the natural range.
The golden-caramel shade reminds wheat
color, but due to golden highlights it looks more

Golden caramel curls

This color is worth thinking natural blondes,
who want a little change. Then
golden caramel will fall easily, and a slight difference from
The initial color will allow you to assess whether such an image is appropriate.

Important! The paint is suitable for the light skin of the face,
emphasizing the blush. But with a tan there is a risk to merge. Most
the winning option is to combine this particular caramel hair color with
highlights that will create a beautiful play of light.

Caramel ash

The perfect shade for owners of light curls. Wherein
It turns out cold caramel color that fits
only for brown eyes in combination with fair skin without
cosmetic flaws.

Caramel ash

Do not try to get such a complex caramel blond at home,
better go to the hairdresser. If you do not comply with the technique
blending components, the hair will not turn into a fashionable shade, and
will be covered with the likeness of flour.

Caramel black

Externally, the color is similar to caramel-chestnut. The main thing is not
overdo the paint on the hair so as not to get too
dark color.

He is also good at what is suitable for brunettes with white skin.
(tsvetotip “Winter”). If ordinary black color looks
sullenly and rarely used as a sole tone,
then the caramel play softens this effect. But at the same time
preserved style of a business woman or just self-confident

Caramel black hair


On brown hair caramel color falls easily and naturally.
Not to change cardinally appearance, it is possible to tint
strands of shampoo that will refresh and bring a touch
novelty in everyday look.

Soft iridescent highlights can appear on dark hair
using such a natural shade. And if you make a difficult
staining by the type of a rod or brondirovaniya, the result
will exceed all expectations.


Partial staining techniques

Stylists offer numerous techniques that are not
use the whole head of hair or combine several

  1. Highlighting is widely popular for many decades, changing
    only color trends. Highlight individual strands by
    the entire length gives the hair volume, and the subsequent
    Honey and chocolate toning adds elegance
    and attractively plays light highlights. Highlighting technically
    just done and suitable for any length, even for short

With caramel shades in case of contrast highlighting
blend well red, orange,
caramel-red or purple.

  1. Ombre technique that does not lose relevance implies a transition
    shades along the entire length of hair: from dark at the roots to light on
  2. Balajazh tones in a lighter tone individual strands that
    selected, at first glance, in random order. In fact,
    This technique requires the skill of a stylist to
    light accents were in the correct areas, emphasizing facial features.
    The roots with this technique do not affect, which gives an advantage in
    subsequent maintenance of color.

This video shows how to color caramel hair in
technique balajazh.

What hairstyles are suitable

The owners of thick and even hair have a long or medium
along the length of the hair. Such girls can afford
beautiful curls or stepped haircuts. Fashionable
caramel shades are combined with creative images, then
the choice depends only on the flight of fancy and mood.

Important! It should be remembered that this shade
attractive only in combination with the naturalness of the whole look.
Therefore, if the hair is colored, for example caramel cappuccino, and
haircut represented shaven temples, the image will be defiant.

For short hair, most of them will be a bob haircut.
Classic performance or with fashionable variations.

In addition to the haircut, to diversify everyday work will help
styling. Caramel luster will be very beautiful
shine on the curls and give enthusiasm and playfulness.

Haircut and styling

Choosing caramel: paints and balsams

If you want to get a uniform color in one tone, you can
Try to pick a paint or tinting shampoo.
It is better to prefer hair dye from
professional series that will provide durable staining
and respect for the hair.

Tip! Now many companies produce
ammonia-free remedies that do not overdry curls. Usually,
This hair dye is more expensive than common brands, but less so.
harmful to the body.

Brand Overview:

  1. Matrix. Carefully tones the strands in the desired color.
    Does not contain ammonia. In order to consolidate the results and enhance
    shine it is possible to make lamination at home
    conditions of the same series. It will last until 2
  2. Estel. Durable cream colored paint
    Provides easy hair distribution and long lasting results.
    The nourishing ingredients moisturize the strands during dyeing and
    Give silky and shiny hair.
  3. Garnier Color Naturals. Popular paint,
    available in any cosmetic department stores. In the composition also
    contains nutrients (avocado oil, shea butter and olives),
    prevent damage to curls. Cost in
    average price range, making it easy to maintain
    favorite color.
  4. Garnier olia. Does not contain ammonia, therefore
    preferred for prone to damage hair. Result
    lasts up to 4 weeks. Caramel color is presented under the number
    6.35. Hair Dye
  5. Kapous. In addition to staining, professionally
    cares for curls and restores them with regular
    application thanks to herbal extracts.
  6. L’Oreal has a wide palette of colors.
    Among the variety of tones you can choose a color that is not found in
    other brands. Besides the paint does not harm
  7. Syoss. Supplemented with a laminating balm in
    paint composition and devoid of ammonia. The result is due to the protective
    the film on the surface lasts longer – up to 8 weeks.

If you are not sure whether a particular shade is suitable for the face,
better try first tint balm, which is fast
washed off. Such a tool fits perfectly on a light shade.
natural hair:

  • the most budget shampoos are tonic or
    Belita, the cost of which varies from 100 to 200
  • Balsams Concept and Kapous are popular among professional lines.
    worth around 500 rubles each.

Shade balm

How to keep the shine of caramel: the rules of care

How to get caramel hair color, we have already considered. But
it is also important to keep the brilliant result as long as possible. For
This must follow a number of rules in the care:

  1. If possible, use professional shampoos and
    preparations for the care of colored hair. From simple shampoos
    brands should choose a tool based on natural
    ingredients or what contains the least amount
    alkalis, as it dries the skin and curls.
  2. Apply regularly balms on the tips, moisturizing them and
    protect against dryness.
  3. Less likely to do styling a hair dryer or tongs.
  4. Comb with bristles made of natural materials or
    wooden comb.
  5. Regularly visit the hairdresser (1 time in 2 months) for
    trimming the tips.
  6. It is useful to conduct a course of treatment with masks based on
    oils. Any, even the most careful, staining – stress
    for strands, after which intensive saturation is necessary
    beneficial substances.
  7. Monitor health, drink clean water, try to use
    eating healthy or taking complex vitamins.

The main thing in the desire to dye hair in caramel – not
mistake with a touch. Having a beautiful and tasty color,
You can be confident in the abundance of attention, as to the Hollywood

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