Care for normal hair as a guarantee of their beauty and health


Regular care for normal hair is a guarantee that they will
will always shine with beauty and health. Take care of this.
Learn how to care, what remedies to use. Rating
brand cosmetics and the best recipes of folk remedies specifically
for this type of hair will help make a choice.


  • Signs of normal hair type
  • Care rules
  • Care products
  • Rating best cosmetics for normal hair
  • Home remedies recipes

All women dream of thick, shiny, obedient curls,
who always create a light, airy image. However achieve them
perfect condition is very difficult. Dry – constantly split off and
break, fat – by the evening remind greasy icicles,
damaged – fall out, painted – too
quickly become dull and lifeless.

And very few enjoy the fact that they have a normal type.
hair. This kind of feminine “happiness” allows styling
stay up all day, do not wash your hair daily, do not waste money
expensive salon procedures.

However, even this state does not last forever. And to support him,
still need some normal care
hair – albeit not as intense and complex as
the rest, but mandatory.

Proper home care for normal hair

Signs of normal hair type

First, make sure that with your curls really everything in
okay Perhaps you are deeply mistaken – and in fact
have dry or oily. Try to objectively evaluate them.
condition to decide on care. Here are some signs
normal hair type is called trichologists:

  • lively shine, beautifully shimmering in the sun;
  • obedience: easy to fit and comb, not
    are confused;
  • keep their shape well after laying;
  • gradually become polluted;
  • require washing every 2-3 days;
  • in this period of time able to keep tidy,
    well-groomed, neat appearance;
  • do not create problems;
  • soft to the touch, elastic;
  • dandruff is either completely absent or present in very
    small quantities;
  • rarely electrified;
  • minimally brittle;
  • cuts can occur occasionally on long hair;
  • moderate oily scalp.

Watch your hair carefully: how often do you
do you have to wash them? how long they look well-groomed after washing
heads? What are they in styling? If you have with them, really, no
no serious problems, it’s time to decide on care,
recommended specifically for normal hair type.

A little hint. When in doubt
do you have normal hair, at home spend the next
test. Take a thin tissue paper or a tissue,
attach it to the scalp, to the roots. Press down lightly
seconds 30-40. If it is saturated with sebaceous secretions – you
fat type of curls. If it remains clean, but with particles
dandruff and peeling skin – dry. If you do not see any
traces – normal.

Care rules

Many argue that a normal hair type does not require any
special care. Allegedly so good for them, so just enough
head wash regularly and do not bother at the cosmetic
procedures and masks. This is a completely wrong approach.

If it is wrong or insufficient to care for them, they first
can go into a mixed type, and then, in violation of work
sebaceous glands, dry or fat. Therefore, you need to know what is included.
in the minimum care program for normal hair.

    1. Comb 4-5 times a day. Pay special attention
      the last procedure, before bedtime. Tilt your head down to
      curls hung to the floor, carefully comb them from the roots to
      tips. For the duration, this should last at least a minute.
      Blood circulation will improve – skin and follicles will get more
    2. Wash your hair as needed by your
      strands, i.e. as they are contaminated, every 2-3
      of the day Otherwise, sebaceous secretions and dirt will clog pores and
      scales, disrupting access to oxygen.
    3. It is recommended to wash your hair with warm water, but not hot and
      not icy.
    4. Rinse your head with herbal teas.
    5. All cosmetics for hair should go with a mark
      “for normal hair type”.
    6. Various means (shampoo, balm, mask, conditioner, etc.)
      better to acquire and use within the same
      cosmetic line.

  1. Once a week make masks – this is the basis of care
    for normal hair. They can be branded, purchased
    in the store, and can be homemade, made from products
    nutrition and oils.
  2. Pay attention to the hats that you wear.
    First, you should not go outside without them in the summer (to
    protect from ultraviolet radiation) or in winter (so that they are not affected by
    frost). Secondly, they must be from natural materials, so
    how synthetic electrify strongly curls and damage them.
    Third, wash them more often, otherwise the strands will be faster.
    dirty things.
  3. Before bedtime, remove all styling products from the head.
  4. Do not use when creating hair too tight
    barrettes and rubber bands.
  5. Eat right.
  6. Protect yourself from stress and anxiety.
  7. Try to smoke less and drink alcohol.

This is the approximate care of a normal one.
hair type to preserve their health and beauty. Need to
to preserve their condition so that you do not suffer with
dryness or excessive fatty strands. To
implement all of these items, you will need a set of tools for
care curls.

Keep in mind. Hair can stop being
normal after a course of treatment with powerful drugs.
For example, antibiotics. So be sure to be interested.
consequences of taking these or other drugs.

How to care for normal hair type

Care products

For full care for normal hair, you will need
The following means for styling, hair and washing. Use them with
mind so that they do not hurt, and helped preserve the health of curls.
It is not necessary to have in the arsenal all cosmetics for hair and skin.
heads from A to Z. It is necessary to choose only the most necessary – that, without
what the state of curls will change for the worse.

Hair styling products

  1. Curlers, papilotki – more secure
    alternative to heating appliances, but they also contribute
    dissecting the tips. If you use them regularly, track
    condition of the hair and instantly react to any damage.
  2. Lucky gels
    daily use mousses will make
    normal hair is lifeless and brittle.
  3. The comb should be wooden: plastic and
    metal injure the scalp, contribute to the electrification
  4. Heated hair rollers, curling irons, irons – categorical
    ban on their use in the care of normal hair. Once a
    a month is possible, but after that do the course of restoring
    masks or serums.
  5. Hair dryer – very undesirable, though necessary
    styling agent. Try to use it only in the most
    solemn occasions and use dry only cold
    by air.

Means for washing hair

  1. Balm must be applied after each
  2. Air conditioning solves the problem of electrification
    hair, but if you have it missing, you will not need this
  3. Masks for normal hair care
    be sure to do it once a week.
  4. Oils can be used for a pair of wraps
    once a month, replacing the mask.
  5. Serums can replace balsams, masks and
    mousses: they moisturize, heal and shape. If necessary
    can use them.
  6. Shampoo: give preference to the brand
    which uses natural ingredients, you can wash your hair
    regular egg or baby shampoo.

Properly use care products for normal
hair type and then you don’t have to take a course
restore and return them to their original state. Concerning
cosmetics, to its choice and acquisition, too, relate with all
seriousness Brand products is desirable to first explore the
ratings and reviews.

Helpful advice. Whey – very
concentrated liquid that has more healing
action than cosmetic. And since normal hair type
special problems and diseases do not suffer, still not worth it
use this tool on an ongoing basis.

The best care products

Rating best cosmetics for normal hair

Using a small selection of branded care products
normal hair you will be able to pick yourself something worthwhile.

Professional product lines

Ollin. Russia.

  1. Service Line – technical series: moisturizing
    Balm-conditioner for daily use,
    shampoo peeling.
  2. Ice Cream – winter care: nourishing shampoo, nourishing
    conditioner, spray conditioner.
  3. Full Force – full power: cleansing shampoo and hair mask and
    scalp with bamboo extract.

Biopoint. Italy.

  1. Daily Force – line for daily hair care.
  2. Orovivo – beauty ritual.

Kerstase. France.

  1. Chronologiste – revitalization: mask, shampoo bath, perfume for
    hair gommage.
  2. Cristalliste – for hair shine: mask, milk,
    shampoo bath

Overall rating

  1. Trilliance Shampoo – light shampoo for hair shine. Sebastian
    Professional. USA. $ 52.
  2. Mythic Oil – nourishing shampoo. L’Oreal Professionnel.
    France. $ 17.
  3. Aloe & Dittany – shampoo for normal hair with aloe and wild
    badyanom. Korres. Greece. $ 16.
  4. Macadamia – intensely moisturizing shampoo with macadamia.
    Kativa. Peru. $ 13.
  5. Eucalyptus – eucalyptus shampoo. Easy Spa. Thailand. $ 6.
  6. Nutrition and shine – caring shampoo for normal hair.
    Pantene Pro-V. Romania. $ 5.
  7. Sea buckthorn shampoo. Natura Siberica. Russia. $ 4.
  8. Birch and strawberry. Green Mama. Russia. $ 3.
  9. Mango Butter – moisturizing shampoo with mango oil. Planeta
    Organica. Russia. $ 2.
  10. Strengthening and care – shampoo for normal hair and scalp.
    Clean line. Russia. $ 2.

Modern manufacturers of hair cosmetics offer
chic range and in the budget version, and in the premium class.
There is a choice, so choosing something worthwhile will not make you
labor. And even better for such chic curls like you,
use home-made products – natural for everything

On a note. For normal hair is better
use natural cosmetics that brands are famous for
Planeta Organica and Natura Siberica.

Homemade recipes for hair care products of normal type

Home remedies recipes

Any cosmetic for normal hair care.
can be cooked at home.

  • Homemade shampoo for normal hair

Dilute 15 g of gelatin powder in 100 ml of filtered (or
non-carbonated mineral water. Stir to avoid
lumps. Leave to swell for half an hour. Add raw egg
yolk. Beat homemade shampoo in a blender.

  • Homemade balm for normal hair

Knead half a ripe, but not blackened banana with a fork.
Grind in a blender half a green apple. Add 1 tea
spoonful of cumin and 50 ml of natural orange juice. This
homemade fruit balm washed from hair in 20 minutes
normal running water.

  • Home rinse for normal

To prepare the rinse need to pour 50 grams
medicinal herbs (dry or fresh) 0.5 liters of boiling water. Insist
30-40 minutes. Strain. Raw materials are selected in accordance with their
queries, what result do you want to get:

* calamus root – for hair growth;

* Basil – for accelerated hair growth;

* dope – to strengthen the roots;

* Calendula – for nourishing roots, softness and
obedience curls, for hydration;

* nettle – to improve growth;

* bay leaf – to strengthen the roots;

* burdock – to accelerate growth;

* coltsfoot – against fatigue, for
giving natural shine;

* rosemary – for nutrition, accelerate growth,
shine, volume, splendor;

* chamomile – for natural shine and
golden hue;

* series – for hair growth.

  • Home conditioner for normal hair

Mix 50 ml of aloe juice, 15 ml of lemon juice, 5 drops
rosemary essential oil. Apply to clean hair, rinse through
5 minutes. Homemade air conditioning cooked according to this recipe
Maintains the beauty and strength of normal, healthy hair.

  • Aromatherapy normal hair

Daily for two weeks thoroughly comb the hair from
roots to the ends of a wooden brush, which previously
apply 3-4 drops of one of the essential oils:

* ylang-ylang;

* orange;

* lemon;

* Mandarin;

* grapefruit;

* Limmet;

* patchouli;

* lavender;

* Rosemary.

  • Normal hair wraps with oils

Once every 7-10 days apply for 1-2 hours on the roots, scalp themselves
strands one of the cosmetic oils:

* amla – softness and silkiness;

* argan – for enhanced growth, density and

* grape – food;

* cocoa – moisturizing, hair growth, shine;

* flaxseed – nutrition, strengthening the roots, growth

* almond – perfect care for normal
hair type;

* peach – pleasant aroma, volume,
natural shine;

* burdock – fortifying skin care
heads, roots, curls.

Homemade masks for normal hair

  • Grassy

Mix a beaten raw egg, 30 ml of kefir, 250 ml of decoction of
The following herbs: sage, chamomile, nettle, calendula, cones

  • Egg

Mix a beaten raw egg, 30 grams of cottage cheese, 15 grams of sour cream.

  • Yoghurt

Mix 50 ml of natural yogurt without dyes with the same
the amount of any fruit puree. Ideal green
apple and pear.

  • Mayonnaise

Mix 30 ml of mayonnaise, 2 beaten raw eggs, 15 ml
unrefined warm olive oil.

  • Honey

Mix 2 beaten raw eggs, 50 ml warmed to liquid
condition of honey, 15 ml of unrefined warm olive

  • With propolis

Mix 10 grams of crushed calendula and chamomile flowers,
nettle leaves. Pour a glass of boiling water, leave for an hour
thermos Strain, add 15 ml of preheated to liquid state
honey, 10 grams of propolis.

  • Sea buckthorn

Mix 50 grams of sea buckthorn berries, mashed to a state of mashed potatoes.
Add 30 grams of white clay, pour 30 ml of milk.

If you are a happy owner of a normal type
hair, do not forget that it requires regular care.
Otherwise, their condition may deteriorate significantly and require more
close attention, expenses and time. So do
with your curls in a timely manner so that you do not have to run
specialists and spend money on expensive funds. Take care
what you have now to not correct later
own mistakes.

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