Care for normal skin should be competent and specific


What should be the care of normal skin so that it does not
become dry or oily? It turns out that there are many nuances.
Find out the signs of a normal type of epidermis. Revise your
cosmetic bag. Get the best cosmetics (rating attached).
Learn to cook it yourself.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful, smooth, smooth skin. But instead
this women all their lives have to suffer from the black
dots, blackheads, red spots, pigmentation, desquamation and
other cosmetic problems. Few become happy.
owners of the normal type of epidermis, which does not deliver
special trouble.

But do not think that it will always be so. At any moment she
can easily become too dry, too greasy, problematic or
sensitive. And then you have to go through all the circles of hell: salon
procedures, tons of cosmetics, folk remedies, treatment,
consulting a dermatologist, etc. In order not to experience all this,
requires decent care for normal skin of the face,
to which, unfortunately, many are too

Home correct care for normal skin

Signs of normal skin

First, make sure that you really have a normal
skin type that needs proper care. If you will be
for him to use cosmetics for other purposes, do not turn around with
time trouble. A return to its original state will not be.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the epidermis does not overdry, and
keep his sebaceous glands working in order.
Review the main signs of a normal skin type.
faces and determine whether you are his

  • clear skin;
  • matte;
  • elastic;
  • smooth;
  • fresh
  • healthy
  • smooth;
  • elastic;
  • there are no black points;
  • there is no feeling of tightness (especially in the morning);
  • acne and acne there is no trace;
  • color – “blood with milk”;
  • does not peel off;
  • not irritated;
  • bravely transfers various whims of nature;
  • contains normal amount of grease and normal
    moisture level in the cells;
  • pores are invisible;
  • wrinkles appear with age, but not so sharply and clearly.

For all its ideality, normal skin
faces also require decent care that needs
spend time and energy, and even some of the money. Will be
mistakenly assume that it will remain so always – in the end
have to look for tools and procedures for oily or dry skin,
which will require much more cost. So it is better in time
hold all events. Start by selecting what is needed for this.

Helpful advice. Make sure you have
normal skin type can be as follows. Take paper
dry handkerchief and attach to the forehead. Press it lightly with your fingers.
Hold for about 30 seconds. Attentively examine the side of the scarf,
which came into contact with the epidermis. If it has obvious fatty
spots or scaly residues, your skin is clearly not normal.
After it, on paper there should be slight traces of sweat and
sebaceous secretions.

Care products

Revise your entire arsenal of cosmetics. To care for
normal skin needs good remedies. Do they have enough
you? Is the expiration date out? Does your epidermis respond to them?
Do they bring at least some results? Are you correct by them
do you use? Do not avoid any of these moments if
You want your skin to always remain the same radiant and

The cream must:

  • be presented in 2 versions: night and day;
  • contain SPF filter for UV protection
  • include moisturizing ingredients;
  • after 35 years – to have anti-aging properties;
  • nourish the skin;
  • applied twice daily after washing (or after the mask).


  • Used with every face wash;
  • performs cleansing functions;
  • must not contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
    components that are recommended solely for the care of
    problem, teenage skin and acne;
  • it is better not to use gels-scrubs;
  • alcohol content should be minimal;
  • it is good if it contains herbal ingredients
    (chamomile, aloe extract, calendula, tea tree oil, celandine
    and others) that moisturize, improve complexion, even out
  • after 25 years it is advisable to use fruit gels
    acids (grape or citric) that will prevent
    premature aging and will not allow the skin to become
  • cream-gels are heavy in structure, but they can be used to
    care for mature normal skin of the face.


  • Nourishes with antioxidants that prevent aging;
  • neutralizes skin irritation after washing;
  • restores the balance of acidity;
  • softens hard water;
  • is an antiseptic;
  • used after washing procedure;
  • You can wipe their skin several times a day.


  • Must be as soft as possible;
  • use it no more than 1 time per week.


  • Must necessarily contain a “for normal
    skin “;
  • it can be nourishing or moisturizing;
  • look for the most natural remedy, even better – cook it
    from homemade foods;
  • she should go in tandem with cream and scrub;
  • this is the basis of care for normal skin type;
  • applied once a week.

Essential oils

  • Rejuvenate: lemon, lavender, tea tree, rose,
  • Clear: rose, bergamot, orange, lemon.
  • Tone up: lemon, geranium, juniper, rosemary.
  • Soothe: mint, jasmine, lavender, ylang-ylang, chamomile,
    neroli, rose, tea tree, bergamot.


  • Oregano – to moisturize.
  • Lavender – soothing effect on tired skin.
  • Coltsfoot – makes it silky smooth.
  • Parsley – has whitening pigmentation
  • Dandelion – pigmented spots.
  • Rosemary – has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Chamomile – prevents early appearance of facial and
    age wrinkles, soothes.
  • Thyme – moisturizes.
  • Sage – has a lifting effect, makes the skin young and

Cosmetic oils

  • Grape seed;
  • jojoba;
  • wheat germ;
  • karite;
  • mango;
  • peach;
  • safflower;
  • soy.

Do not listen to those who say that normal skin type is not
requires special care, because in essence it is perfect. it
the condition can end at any time as soon as the epidermis
will begin to age, lose moisture or disrupt the sebaceous glands.
Pamper her with this makeup to protect yourself from such troubles.
and prolong its blooming with youth as long as possible. Well and of course
learn to use it.

On a note. Cosmetic and essential oils,
suitable for the care of normal skin type, add to the mask.
Broths and infusions of medicinal herbs can be washed.


Rules for the care of normal skin

Basic rules for normal skin care
simple but require regularity and do not tolerate frivolous

  1. Keep track of the shelf life of used cosmetics
    for normal skin type. The line of cosmetics should be one.
  2. Keep your face from ultraviolet radiation and frost.
  3. Arrange the daily routine.
  4. Normalize nutrition.
  5. Smoke less and drink alcohol.
  6. Sleep well.
  7. Less nervous.
  8. According to your age, go as far as possible.
    beauty salon courses.
  9. If you have any skin problems, ask for help.
    only to a specialist – beautician or dermatologist.

If you follow these recommendations for caring for normal
skin of the face, it will delight you with its invariably blooming appearance,
beauty and health. And this is the saved nerves and means
compliments from others, successful photo shoots and attention
the opposite sex. To make it all present in your life,
go in search of appropriate cosmetics, and our small
rating will help you.

It is important. As soon as you notice that the skin
has become too dry or oily – change cosmetics on
another line, so as not to spoil its condition.

Basic rules for the care of normal skin

Brand cosmetics rating

Rating of various cosmetics created by eminent
branded companies specifically to care for normal skin
faces, will help you to choose for yourself something worthwhile.

  1. Activ Retinol – medium serum
    intensity for normal skin. Dermaceutic. France.
    $ 61.1.
  2. Fresh Aroma Therapeutic Cleansing Milk for normal skin –
    aroma-therapeutic cleansing milk for
    normal skin. $ 20.57. Christina. Israel. $ 20.5.
  3. Aqualia Thermal Leggera Cream – light cream with
    thermal water. Vichy. France. $ 10.8.
  4. Sea Herbal Beauty Mask Strawberry – strawberry
    mask for the beauty of normal skin. Christina.
    Israel. $ 10.4.
  5. Toning lotion for normal skin with
    stevia extract and antioxidants. Mirra. Russia. $ 8.1.
  6. Organic foam for washing for normal
    skin. OrganicZone. Russia. $ 5.1.
  7. Infinite freshness for normal and blended skin – double
    facial scrub. L’Oreal Paris. France. $ 5.
  8. Make-Up Expert – moisturizing cream-fluid for
    normal and combination skin. Nivea. Germany. $ 4.3.
  9. Refreshing tonic for normal and mixed
    skin. Garnier. France. $ 3.3.
  10. Refreshing gel for washing for normal
    skin. Nivea. Germany. $ 3.2.

No need to use this whole arsenal of tools. Enough
It will regularly apply gel, tonic, cream, scrub and mask. Everything
the rest – at will and mood. The main thing is that all cosmetics
It was marked “for normal skin type.” If you do not trust chemistry
– Take it yourself to prepare them.

Nuances Serum is a
cosmetic concentrate and has a healing effect on
skin Therefore, for the normal type, it must be used extremely

Brand and home cosmetics for normal skin care

Homemade recipes of folk remedies

Any cosmetic product to care for normal skin type.
can be cooked at home, according to recipes.

  • Home serum for normal type

Mix a tablespoon of jojoba oil, half a tablespoon
evening primrose oil, add 15 drops of tocopherol in oil, 8 drops each
The following essential oils: geranium, incense, carrot seeds. Carefully
mix. Pour into a bottle of dark glass with a convenient
pipette dispenser. Put in a dark cool place for a day.
Shake before each use. Daily apply on face
after washing 2-3 drops, rubbing over the entire surface of the skin.
Shelf life – six months.

  • Homemade Cleansing Milk for Normal Skin

Mix milk cream (50 ml) with egg yolk, add 20 ml
lemon juice, 10 ml of cognac. Store in the refrigerator, preferably –
in a glass dish. Twice a day to wipe the face.

  • Homemade nourishing cream for normal

Mix a beaten raw egg with a glass of fatty, thick cream, 10
ml of honey. Add 3 drops of essential tea tree oil.
Recommended for use at night. Period of storage – no more than 3
days in the fridge.

  • Normal homemade refreshing mask

Mix 20 ml sour cream with raw egg yolk, finely grated
zest of 1 lemon. Such mask will keep for a long time elasticity and freshness.
normal, healthy skin.

  • Home tonic for normal skin type

Mix melon juice with the same amount of mineral water.
Wipe face twice a day.

  • Home lotion for normal skin

Mix 1 ampoule of vitamins A and E, 20 ml of cucumber juice, 10
ml of distilled water.

  • Home Scrub for Normal Skin

Mix 30 grams of natural coffee grounds with 15 grams of sour cream

  • Home cleansing facial wash for normal

Put 50 grams of soap base in a small bowl, melt on
water bath. Pour 60 ml of distilled water, add 10 ml.
almond oil and wheat germ oil, 1 ampoule of vitamin E,
10 ml of honey. Beat up. Chill. Pour into a convenient container.

  • Homemade cleanser gel for normal

Chop a bar of baby soap on a grater. Cook 1.5 liters
infusion or decoction of chamomile. Mix them, put on
slow fire Hold for a while, stirring.
The resulting foam must be removed. After complete
dissolve soap fire turn off wait until the composition has cooled.
Add to it 20 ml of glycerin, 1 ampoule of vitamins A and E,
a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Full care for normal skin –
the guarantee that she will always be in perfect condition, healthy
and beautiful. The sooner you take care of this – the less hassle.
you will be delivered later the same age changes.
Appropriate cosmetics, recommendations, rules, homemade recipes
– consider all these moments, otherwise you will have to do it all
spend much more time and money.

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