Carving for short hair and its main types: radical, light, vertical and local

Many girls, by nature with straight hair, dream about
naughty curls. To make this dream come true helps such
procedure like carving. It has many advantages and is suitable for
hair of any length. Including it can pay attention
owners of short haircuts. advantages and disadvantages

What is carving for hair, its pros and cons

The content of the article:

  • What is carving for hair, its pros and cons
  • The difference between carving and perm
  • Types of carving for short hair
  • How does carving on short hair look, photo before and after
  • Carving for short haircuts
  • How much is carving for short hair in a beauty salon
  • How to make a carving at home
  • Hair care after carving
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Carving is a lot like a classic perm, but done with
the use of more benign remedies that avoids harm to
curls. The procedure has several advantages:

  • Security. The drugs used for
    carving, do not harm the hair and do not spoil their structure.
  • Durability. The result of the procedure is saved
    for up to 8 weeks.
  • Easy installation. Curled hair yourself
    they look stylish and well-groomed, and you don’t need them every day
    to lay.
  • Efficiency. The curling procedure takes no
    more than an hour.
  • Versatility. Carving suits hair
    any length, making them more alive, elastic and voluminous.


Of the minuses should be noted the presence of contraindications to
procedure. So, it is not recommended for pregnant and lactating
to women. In addition, it is not recommended to curl hair that
severely damaged or recently painted.

The difference between carving and perm

Carving is one of the varieties of perm, but it has
a number of differences from the standard method. It is more gentle, lightweight
a procedure often referred to as long-term styling. After
hair master permits their treatment with a special composition that is not
not only has a negative effect, but also saturates strands
useful components. Carving gives less persistent
results than a perm but the latter is significantly more
aggressively affects the curls. The difference between carving and perm

Types of carving for short hair

There are several options for gentle curling short


With this technology, hair is treated in the zone
roots. This makes it possible to add a hairstyle volume.
The method is suitable for haircuts with bangs. Radical


Easy carving allows you to create gentle neat
curls that will look quite natural.
This is ideal for those who want to experiment.

Vertical carving

With this technique, the entire length of the hair is processed. AT
As a result, you can get spiral curls. Vertical

Local carving

Local or zone carving involves handling
specific part of the hair. These can be roots or tips.

How does carving on short hair look, photo before and after

You can use the carving technique on the hair of any color. With
proper execution, it will help refresh the image and make it
new notes.

On short red hair

Cheerful curls and red hair color – the perfect combination.
Fine curls will look appropriate. On short red hair

On dark hair

If the hair is dark, attractive curls will help make
The image is more stylish and bright. You can curl strands entirely
or process only roots On dark hair

On light

Curls on blond hair will make the owner more
tender and romantic. This decision gives the girl a special
grace and lightness. Ladies aged gentle perm allows
visually become younger. On the bright

Carving for short haircuts

With the right approach, carving will decorate any hairstyle. is he
Looks good on the next haircuts.


Carving can freshen up a strict haircut.
By changing the parting, you can make the image more romantic or,
on the contrary, serious. Caret


Light curls – a good solution for a ragged haircut with
asymmetrical ends. This combination will look like
stylish and extraordinary. Cascade

On very short hair with bangs

If you wear a haircut with a bang, then when carving it can
keep it straight will add extravagance to the image.
Long bangs can be curled into careless curls, then
The hairstyle will look romantic and feminine. On very short hair with bangs

On a short bean

When bobbing the bob can be used root
carving Also in this case will look beautiful
chaotic sloppy curls. For a short bob

Shearing asymmetry

Carving goes well with asymmetrical
haircuts. In this case, the image is obtained simultaneously and
feminine and extravagant. asymmetry

How much is carving for short hair in a beauty salon

The cost of carving in the cabin depends on the level of the institution and on
length of hair. The starting price for short strands is
800-1000 rubles. price

How much time to do and how long

The duration of the procedure is 1-2 hours. For curling short
hair usually takes no more than an hour. how long does it last

On average, the result of carving will hold for
4-8 weeks. Since the composition of the drugs used
safe for hair, you can repeat the procedure every 3-4 months.
This carving compares favorably with the perm, which
can not be done more than once a year.

How to make a carving at home

If you wish, you can make carving at home. But for this it is better
enlist the help of a man who will help in laying the strands on
curlers behind. You will need to buy a special preparation for carving,
as well as hair curlers of suitable size. If the hair is damaged
and weakened, it is better to use an emollient. at home

It is important to choose the right composition for carving. It should
ammonia and thioglycolate are absent – in this case the drug will be
have a sparing effect. Well proven
products from manufacturers such as Londa, Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal,

On large curlers

When using large curlers for carving
get voluminous hollywood curls. Procedure
performed as follows:

  • You need to wash your hair and apply a softener on them.
  • After an hour, the head is washed again with shampoo and dried.
  • Hair should be divided into thin strands.
  • Curls swirl on curlers and fixed with rubber bands.
  • Using a brush, a carving drug is applied to them.
  • On the head you need to wear a swimming cap or cellophane
  • After 1-1.5 hours, the drug is washed off, and curls are processed
  • After half an hour you need to remove the curlers and wash your hair.
  • Curls need to be dried and laid them.

On large curlers

Carving preparations must not be flushed away.
shampoo or rinse. After the procedure is not
It is recommended to wash your hair for 3-4 days. Otherwise
case curls quickly straighten.

other methods

Carving technology is performed equally regardless of
used curlers. They may have different sizes. In addition to large
The following types of curlers can be used:

  • Koklushki. Have a very small diameter and
    make it possible to create African curls.
  • Spiral. Spiral shaped sticks
    used for vertical curling. They are good for
    thin hair, as they help to add volume.
  • Boomerangs or scooters. Such curlers are made
    from a special material – soft foam rubber with wire. They can
    have a different diameter and are suitable for creating both small and
    large curls.


In the absence of curlers, you can make them yourself,
using foam, paper, cloth or foil.

Hair care after carving

To curls pleased durability and beauty, you need
properly care for them. As already mentioned, during
a few days after the procedure, do not wash your hair. For
Weeks do not recommend the use of hair dryers, irons and ploek. Also
It is important to properly style your hair and use suitable
means to care for them. Hair care after carving

How to style carving for short hair

After carving, hair looks stylish and well-groomed, without requiring
constant styling. But if you want to experiment, you can
use different hairstyles. Better for styling
apply a light foam or mousse. A small amount of
funds are applied to the strands, then you need a little mash them
with your fingers. Rectifiers should not be used during installation, since
they can negate the whole result of carving.

On short hair, curled using carving, look good
following styling options:

  • Laying in retro style. Look stylish
    combed back curls. To create such a hairstyle is not required
    a lot of time. To make it, it is enough to fix the strands.
    packing means in the necessary direction. You can also
    use accessories: headbands, ribbons, hairpins. Retro styling
  • Playful hairstyle. Fluffy and a bit careless
    styling is perfect for a party or a date. To her
    to do, you need to use a hair dryer with a diffuser. Playful hairstyle
  • Bouffant. Combing short strands, you make them
    more lush and voluminous. Optimally do bouffant front. This
    option suitable for young girls. Bouffant
  • Wet effect. Hair treatment with
    a wet effect will make the image seductive and slightly sloppy.
    Wet effect

Folk and purchase care products

To maintain the beauty and health of hair after carving, you need
use the right care products. When choosing them is important
consider a number of recommendations:

  • To wash your hair you need to use a mild shampoo,
    suitable for daily use. Fits good
    Clean & Gentle Essential Daily Shampoo, which can
    be used for both unpainted and unpainted hair. If a
    you regularly apply the styling products, once a week you need
    wash your hair with shampoo deep clean. Clean & Gentle Essential Daily Shampoo
  • After shampoo need to use air conditioning.
    It is better that he was from the same series.
  • For quick styling you can use
    Express products in the form of indelible sprays, such as
    Moisture Infusing & Refreshing Spray Botanical Boost. Moisture Infusing & Refreshing Spray Botanical Boost
  • To get the effect of wet hair and easy fixation
    It is recommended to use light means. Can draw
    Focus on Heat & Humidity Gel Climate Control or foam
    soft fixing Curl Reviver Styling Mousse. гель Heat & Humidity Gel Climate Control
  • If the hair tends to push, with this help
    handle special means. These include Frederic
    Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream – cream based on olive oil,
    which moisturizes and smoothes strands. Frederic Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream
  • It is useful to regularly use reducing and
    moisturizing mask. If you prefer off-the-shelf products,
    pay attention to their composition. It may include
    vegetable oils, plant extracts and juices, vitamins.

Hair masks can be prepared at home
conditions. Typically, popular recipes are based on oils,
dairy products, eggs, honey and other products that
There are in every home. It is useful to enrich the formulations with liquid
vitamins that can be bought at the pharmacy. After washing hair
rinse them with decoctions of medicinal plants, such as chamomile,
burdock, nettle.

Professional tips

Women who are carving are advised to stick
The following tips:

  • It is recommended to use shampoos and conditioners,
    designed for curly hair.
  • Do not go to bed with wet hair.
  • It is important as little as possible to expose the strands to mechanical
    impact. After washing you should not rub them and
    twist off.
  • It is worth refusing frequent use of the hair dryer and thermal instruments for
  • It is recommended to replace the usual massage comb with a comb with
    rare teeth made of natural materials.
  • It is not recommended to dye hair for a week after
  • In summer, it is important to protect the strands from the influence

consultation with a doctor

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question

Can I make carving for very short hair?

If the haircut is very short, do not carve
recommended. Strands in this case strongly “jump”, and
there is a risk of becoming like a lamb. However, a specialist
can pick a good option in this case. For example, you can
use radical carving. You may need to wait.
1-2 months to strand a little industry.

Do carving on thin hair?

Since for carving, sparing preparations are used,
it does not hurt thin hair. On the contrary, the procedure will give
im extra volume and pomp. But if the strands are strong
damaged, it is better to wait with their curl.

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