Cat hair loss is always associated with skin problems

The loss of hair in cats can be for several reasons.
Natural loss is practically not observed, except for the remnants
on furnishings and clothing owners.

beautiful cat

Abnormal dropout that appeared too fast in
certain places, should attract attention, because
always signals about problems in the body fluffy pet.

If the owner is faced with a similar problem – this is a signal
seek help from a specialist who figure out the reasons
hair loss in cats.


Such symptoms as lethargy,
indifference, the presence of redness, whitening in places of loss,
the appearance of wounds and other formations. Some signs will help
approximately determine the disease, but the diagnosis will put
only vet.

Causes of hair loss in cats and their treatment

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  • Causes of hair loss in cats and their treatment
  • About lichen and microsporia in the program “Live is great”

Seasonal moult

Seasonal moult
Seasonal moult

Seasonal moulting occurs in cats twice a year – in early spring and
late autumn. In this case, the fur falls out evenly, without bald patches,
the animal looks and feels like usual. The residents of apartments
this process can take several months, which is also
considered normal.

You can ease the process by combing the cat daily and
help her loose her hair

Endocrine disorders

Endocrine Disorders
Endocrine disorders

Endocrine disorders are characterized by localized prolapse.
wool on the back, near the tail. There are bald spots in these places
skin may look dull and peel off. Typically, signs
characteristic of animals with excess weight, having worms or when
unhealthy, unbalanced diet

If endocrine disorders are detected, treatment will require
special preparations and diet correction. Also required
to de-worming quality medicines. Required
stop feeding off the table and balance nutrition



When depriving the fur drops out scraps, bald spots are formed
round shape, in place of lost hair skin peel off. Mycosis
dangerous not only for animals, but also for people, so it is very important
consult a specialist in a timely manner

When detecting at least one small round flap
better to see a doctor right away. Firstly, it can catch you.
adults and children, and secondly, the defeat faces significant loss
wool with inadequate or self-treatment.

The fact is that mycoses cause fungi of several types,
This can only be determined by the results of laboratory tests.
Accordingly, after them, you can assign adequate treatment

Skin mite

Skin Mite
Skin mite

If skin mites are affected, the coat may fall separately on
muzzle, ears or legs, sometimes at the same time in these places.
Infection with parasites also requires contacting a veterinarian and
quick treatment

To treat it used toxic drugs, dosage
which determines the doctor. Self-medication may be adverse
effects on the animal

Allergic dermatitis

Allergic dermatitis
Allergic dermatitis

In some cases, hair loss can occur when
animal reactions to antibiotics, metals, such as nickel,
rubber, wool, plastics, household chemicals and some
Food. At the same time, itching, redness of the skin,
blistering, chronic hair loss

Hair loss with allergic dermatitis eliminate
simply enough, to protect the cat from contact with the caller
by sources. Over time, the adverse process should
stop. It is also necessary to deal with products and very
carefully add new foods to the diet

Weakened immunity

Hair loss is also characteristic of animals that have suffered severe
diseases and operations Supplement feed with vitamins and
microelements, to provide high-grade and high-quality nutrition

With hair loss, determine the causes and prescribe treatment can
only specialist. After all, if it does not occur during the molting period, it
signal that the cat’s body is not all right.

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