Causes and treatment of nail thickening on feet

Consider the phenomenon of thickening of toenails, causes
his education and ways to get rid of this defect. Thickness
nail plate may indicate the manifestation of various


  • Causes of thickening
  • How to deal with thickening
  • Prevention

Causes of thickening

Toenails also need special care. Normal healthy
nail should look appropriate: have a natural
pale pink color and smooth surface. When it becomes noticeable
thickening of toenails (more than 1 mm) with a yellowish tinge, this
can talk about the presence of pathology.

nail thickening on the feet of the cause

The main causes of nail thickening:

  1. Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease in which its upper
    the layer dies off pretty quickly, and this leads to thickening.
  2. Fungal diseases. Lead to the deformation of the nails, which
    acquire a dull unnatural color, thicken, begin
  3. Poor blood circulation in the lower limbs.
  4. The hereditary process that is laid down in the genes, therefore
    it is almost impossible to get rid of him forever and to cure
    totally unlikely to succeed.
  5. Damage to nerve endings (neuropathy) that develops
    after suffering various injuries, infectious lesions. it
    the disease is very insidious: it can develop as too
    slowly and rather rapidly. The diagnosis of the disease is possible
    set using palpation of the nerve trunks to determine
    the presence of a thickening on the finger. In addition, a number of
    examinations, selected by your doctor. Particularly prone to this
    disease people with diabetes.
  6. Skin disease of the legs. Manifested in substantially noticeable
    changes in the skin. They signal obvious deviations in
    the body’s work. With a similar problem will help to understand
    dermatologist after inspecting the legs.
  7. Wrong diet, and lack of vitamins and
    trace elements contribute to the development of various chronic
    diseases, including metabolic disorders in the body,
    which also adversely affects the condition of hair and nails.
  8. Nail deformation often occurs due to incorrect
    matched shoes: pressing, narrow, with high heels.
    Additional stress on the legs puts education at risk.
    callosities, natoptyshy and distortion of the form of nails.

How to deal with thickening

When the thickening of the toenails is concerned, it is first necessary
find out the cause of its occurrence by seeking help from a doctor.
Otherwise, you can buy a lot of drugs, but they will not give
the desired result. This can happen, for example, if
the cause of the disease is psoriasis, which should not be treated
antifungal drugs. The same can be said with delamination
nail due to wearing tight shoes.

A somewhat different situation arises when it is found that
the thickening of the toenail is still caused by a fungal infection.
To let the drift, hoping that everything goes by itself, it is impossible. And also
mismatched antifungal agents will not give the desired
result. This is due to the fact that fungi are different.
Determine yourself “by eye” this does not work. For
determining the type of damaging fungus should be scraped. AND
only laboratory analysis will give an exact answer to the question why
nail plate thickens.

In parallel with the drug treatment can be used and
application of traditional medicine:

  1. Effectively combats fungus on finger firmly brewed
    coffee. Coffee trays relieve discomfort and soften
    hardened areas.
  2. Bath soda water.
  3. Baths with milkweed decoction. After a 20-minute foot application
    should not wipe, and let them dry themselves.
  4. Lotions of alcohol propolis tincture.
  5. Apply birch tar to the affected area.
  6. Baths of broth grass celandine are often used when
    various skin diseases, including with the fungus on the legs,
    treatment with pure juice also gives a positive result.
  7. Putting on the night of the pulp of aloe leaflets.


The fungus does not pose a deadly threat.
Fungal damage is dangerous because it has a property
progress and also acts as a catalyst for
other already existing diseases of the body. And also a fungus
able to spread, moving from one nail to another, and
may affect the skin.

For the prevention of legs and nails you need to adhere to some

  • proper hygiene;
  • use only a personal towel;
  • wear individual slippers;
  • choosing shoes, try on them, put on socks, and coming home with
    purchase, wipe it inside with alcohol;
  • being a guest, also do not wear someone else’s shoes on barefoot
  • when visiting the bath, pool or sauna to have
    waterproof shoes;
  • wear comfortable, non-squeezing shoes every day.

Even for prophylaxis, the use of
trays with the addition of sea salt or herbal decoctions,
having disinfectant properties (yarrow herb,
wormwood, the color of calendula and cmin sandy).

The thickness of the nail affected by the fungus often does not allow
applied ointment to penetrate deep into where the pathogen
infections. Therefore, careful removal of the detachment should be carried out.
Here the main thing – do not overdo it.

Regular removal of the affected part of the nail and use
antifungal with time will allow to cope with

Treatment is carried out until the complete disappearance of all symptoms.

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