Causes of Alopecia in Men

Baldness is one of the most common problems among individuals.
male. Often pay attention to this pathology is very
late, which complicates the process of its treatment. But why does
alopecia and how to deal with it?

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Causes of male pattern baldness

The content of the article:

  • Causes of male pattern baldness
  • Types, types and stages of baldness in men
  • Androgenic Alopecia
  • Diffuse alopecia
  • Alopecia areata
  • Cicatricial Alopecia
  • Total alopecia
  • Is it possible to stop baldness and how to do it?
  • The use of special shampoos and conditioners
  • Medical treatment
  • Diet in the treatment of hair loss in men
  • Elena Malysheva about male pattern baldness
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This question interests both the men themselves and the beautiful
half the population of our planet. Men do not styling each
morning, do not curl hair, do not subject them to serious chemical

But nevertheless, many of them by the age of 40 have
more or less alopecia.

There are the following reasons:

  • Genetics. Heredity is the factor
    from which no one can escape. In the male body occurs
    the production of the hormone testosterone, the amount of which is genetically
    deterministic. With its excessive synthesis, suppression occurs.
    growth and development of hair follicles.
  • Stress. No wonder people say that everyone
    diseases of the nerves. Baldness is no exception. Due to changes
    in the nervous system, the blood supply to the hair follicles is disturbed,
    the result is their loss.
  • Disruption of microcirculation. Different as
    acute as well as chronic pathologies can cause a violation
    blood flow in the scalp. Little blood flow decreases
    oxygen supply, as a result, there is massive hair loss.
    Causes, for example, can be infectious-inflammatory
    diseases of the upper respiratory tract, osteochondrosis, lymphadenitis and many
  • Hypovitaminosis. Insufficient admission
    vitamins in the body – the scourge of our time. Hard diets,
    monotonous food – all this can cause this
    pathology. Most often, the condition of the hair affects the lack
  • Diseases of the hair follicles. Arise
    both due to skin diseases and directly
    hair follicles. In the shortest possible time to alopecia can lead
    seborrhea, perifollikulit, foliikulit.
  • Intoxication. Poisoning with various substances
    and products can cause severe hair loss.
  • Medications. Against the background of the reception
    certain medicines, dietary supplements can
    hair loss occurs. These drugs include
    for example, antidepressants, cytostatics.

Read more about the causes of hair loss and treatment methods.

Types, types and stages of baldness in men

Bald Man

The following types of alopecia are distinguished in males:

  1. androgenic;
  2. focal;
  3. cicatricial

Types of baldness include:

  • “Horseshoe”. Alopecia of the frontal part occurs
    head located closer to the temporal region with the transition to
    parietal. It looks like a horseshoe, from where it takes its
  • “Nest”. See hair loss on
    different parts of the head. In the region of the crown there is a section of hair
    looks like a nest. Quite often goes to type
  • Mixed type. It is a combination
    first and second types.

Degree of Alopecia

According to the classification by Norwood-Hamilton, the following
Stage of baldness in men:

  • Stage 1 Signs of alopecia are not
    are watching.
  • Stage 2 Slight line edge shift along
    towards the crown, symmetrical frontal valleys become
    deeper hair on the central part of the trapezoidal forehead.
  • 2A stage. Edge and frontal hair
    troughs are shifted to the back of the head. Front hairline
    almost flat.
  • Stage 3 Edge shift progression
    lines, thinning hair in the central part, trapezoidal shape
    growth becomes triangular.
  • 3A stage. Strengthening hair thinning in
    central area.
  • 3B stage. See the center of baldness on
    occipital region.
  • Stage 4 The thinning of the central part, its
    merging with the frontal depressions in a flat line. On the occipital region –
    rounded bald patch.
  • 4A stage. Front hairline indent
    posteriorly, arches in a concave shape.
  • Stage 5 Edge line in the form of a concave arc.
    The balding area on the back of the head progresses to the middle occipital
  • 5A stage. Thinning hair on the front
    parietal areas, merges with the focus of baldness on the occipital
    areas. The hair on the temples saved.
  • 5B stage. In the central part of the forehead hair in
    triangle shape. See alopecia parietal and occipital
  • Stage 6. Note the absence of hair on
    parietal, upper and middle occipital areas. On the temporal parts
    hair is present.
  • Stage 7. Preservation of hair in
    lower parts of the occipital and temporal regions.

Types of hair loss

Androgenic Alopecia


This type of baldness accounts for about 95% of all cases.
This type of alopecia is dependent on heredity.
Hair loss is observed on the parietal and frontal

The pathological process begins with thinning hair, then
there is a decrease in their length, resemble fluff, later disappear
at all.

Diffuse alopecia

This baldness is characterized by a uniform loss
hair over the entire surface of the head is a manifestation
violation of the cycle of hair development. This cycle is represented by:

Diffuse alopecia
Diffuse alopecia
Diffuse alopecia

  • Anagen phase, in which the process occurs
    hair formation and reproduction of hair cellular elements
    follicle – the cause of intensive growth. Phase duration –
    2-7 years.
  • The catagen phase – rest time after active
    growth. The blood flow decreases, nutrition is less. Phase lasts from 2
    up to 3 weeks.
  • Phase telogen characterized by extinction
    life processes in the hair. There is a fallout, after on
    the same place its growth begins another hair. Duration –
    3-4 months.

REFERENCE! The development of diffuse alopecia begins
at violation of cyclic phase change.

This type of alopecia is divided into:

  1. telogen;
  2. anagen.

Telogen diffuse alopecia

Associated with a premature transition to telogen
phase. Hair no longer gets nourished, moved away,
easily come out of the follicles at any exposure.

Such a manifestation may be associated with the reaction of the body.
for stress surgery. Lasts order
several months, can pass spontaneously.

Anagenic diffuse alopecia

Arises suddenly under the influence of powerful
factors – exposure, poisoning, under the action
drugs. Hair loss is observed after the anagen phase.

If you eliminate the cause of violations, then recovery occurs.

Alopecia areata

This species is characterized by premature transition of hair from the phase
growth in the sleep phase. Foci of balding can be observed throughout
to the body.

Sometimes the focus of alopecia is overgrown and no more relapses are observed.
The causes of this species are unknown to this day.

Cicatricial Alopecia

Cicatricial alopecia is the absence
hair cover in the areas of bruises, cuts, wounds.

In these areas, the hair follicles are filled with connective
cloth in the form of a scar.

Total alopecia

The type of baldness inherent in both adults and children.
The onset is acute, hair is falling from the entire surface.

Is it possible to stop baldness and how to do it?

If the cause of hair loss is stress, then hair restoration
cover is a very real process.

But in most cases, alopecia is irreversible,
development of which can be slowed down through a variety of means.

Treatment and remedies for baldness in men

Man and hairbrush

It should be remembered that the treatment of this condition is
specialist – trichologist. He can directly identify
duration of therapy, means for its implementation, as well as appoint
helper methods.

Treatment Methods for Alopecia

Baldness Treatment

Alopecia treatment occurs by the following methods:

  • medication;
  • surgical;
  • mesotherapy;
  • laser;
  • physiotherapy;
  • transplantation.

The use of special shampoos and conditioners


Recommended use against hair loss
specialized shampoos and conditioners designed to maximize
slow down the process. Required to use:

  • Therapeutic shampoos based on burdock oil.
    Well strengthen the root part, improve the hair structure, nourish
    vitamins and trace elements. Available components
    contribute to the process of repairing damaged follicles.
  • Means with tar. The main task –
    normalization of sebum production, improvement of blood circulation in
    scalp. The tar has an antiseptic effect,
    and also stimulates growth processes.
  • Shampoos stimulants. Possess unique
    formula “hair growth activator”.

TOP 5 anti-hair loss shampoos for men

The following products are recognized as the best means.

  1. Alerana;
  2. First aid kit Agafya;
  3. Vichy Dercos;
  4. Fitoval;
  5. Biocon.

Medical treatment


Of the total range of available pharmacological agents, the most
the following are preferred:

  • Vitamins. The shortage is filled
    The body of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Part
    vitamin complex must include vitamins of group B,
    as well as iron, zinc, phosphorus. (more on the role of vitamins for
  • Vascular preparations. Promote improvement
    blood circulation. These drugs include Trental, Actovegin,
  • Hormonal drugs (glucocorticosteroids).
    If the cause of baldness is an autoimmune process, then it is advisable
    the appointment of hormones both inside and for local use.
    Bright representatives – Prednisolone and Hydrocortisone. Available in
    pill form and ointment form.
  • Minoxidil. The drug, provoking the growth of new
    hair, slows down the process of baldness, improves blood flow. Enters into
    The composition of many shampoos and conditioners against hair loss.
  • Finasteride. Powerful drug used in
    therapy of androgenic alopecia. Affects testosterone exchange
    body that prevents hair loss.

Surgical methods

Surgical treatment of hair loss

Surgical treatment of alopecia is presented:

  • Autotransplantation of hair. Represents
    one of the most effective ways. Hair transplant occurs with
    non-alopecia sites in the alopecia zone. If baldness
    is progressive hereditary, it may
    need a few surgeries.
  • Scalp reduction. Removes part of skin
    head cover affected by baldness. Defect
    closes with skin covered with hair.


Hair treatment

Physiotherapy has a beneficial effect in the loss of
hair. These procedures include:

  • electrostimulation. Impact occurs
    pulsed currents on the walls of blood vessels. Helps
    restore normal functioning of head tissues, reduce volume
    fat cells, restore hormones.
  • darsonval. On the skin cells
    affect small currents with high voltage. Expands
    blood vessels, reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, provides
    proper nutrition to hair follicles.
  • iontophoresis. Introduce medicinal substances
    beneficial effect on follicles. Note the stimulation of division
    cells, increased metabolism in them, the result – strengthening the roots and
    growth improvement.
  • cryotherapy. Dot affected by liquid nitrogen
    on the scalp. Similar to the effects on massage, allows
    to achieve success in the treatment of many forms of baldness.

Scalp mesotherapy


Mesotherapy is considered one of the most effective in combating
hair loss. It is an injection procedure, with
which is introduced into the skin of the head are introduced
therapeutic agents or combinations of such agents.

Components are trace elements, vitamins,
amino acids. The composition for each patient is selected in
individual order. Components are shipped directly to
follicle, which gives the body a rapid response to the input

Laser therapy

Laser Therapy

This type of treatment uses special cold lasers.
to stimulate hair growth. The principle of the laser
therapy is based on photo-biotherapy, which occurs when
absorption of laser light by the cells, resulting in
metabolic processes and protein biosynthesis are stimulated.

The absorption coefficient of human laser tissue is low,
which makes its use safe for health.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies

Many believe in the power of traditional medicine. And not in vain, because
herbal ingredients can increase blood flow, increase
blood flow to the hair follicles, which promotes hair growth.
But this method will give its results only in the case of a sleeping
follicle state.

Means are masks. To vegetable components
origin, used in their preparation include garlic,
mustard powder, red pepper. Cause burning, slight


To preventive measures include:

  • elimination of possible pathological factors
    (stress, illness, lack of vitamins);
  • examination by specialists at least 1 time
    year (ENT, neurologist, therapist);
  • in the presence of alopecia in history requires observation

Diet in the treatment of hair loss in men


Nutrition plays an important role in the treatment of alopecia. Should
stick to the following diet:

  • consumption of vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk – these products
    are natural sources of vitamin A;
  • eating fish, chicken, cereals, offal (liver,
    kidneys), as they contain a large amount of vitamins
    group B;
  • taking vitamin C in the form of wild rose, black currant, sea buckthorn,

more about hair loss diet

Alopecia is a pathological loss of hair, in
resulting in a complete disappearance or significant

With timely access to a specialist, the ability to save
shag increases significantly.

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