Causes of hair loss in men, types of alopecia and her treatment

hair loss in menThe problem of alopecia
Men – one of the most relevant today. When
hair falls out in men, you need timely and correct
treatment. First you need to correctly determine the type of alopecia and the reasons
entailed hair loss in men.

There are the following types of alopecia.

  1. Seborrheic Is the most common
    shagging disease. It is found in a quarter of the country’s population.
    The disease is actively developing in adolescence with
    equal frequency in both boys and girls. At first
    hair loss is accompanied by increased sebum,
    that is, there is a physiological seborrhea. It happens that this
    seborrhea after 2-5 years disappears, and, accordingly, the discharge of skin
    the patient’s fat returns to normal. But there are cases when seborrhea
    only progresses, turning into a stable form, then loss
    hair in men is inevitable.
  2. Androgenetic. With this disease suffer
    only men, that is, hair falls out in men, women do not.
    Replacing long hair with thin, unpigmented and short –
    the main symptom of the disease. The first signs of alopecia can be
    detect in the temporal region. Hair irritation
    moves to the parietal zone. In such a situation, hair falls out
    in men, and the remaining very thin. If you found yourself
    The first signs of androgenetic alopecia, immediately go to
    doctor and start treatment.
  3. Diffuse Represents a uniform loss
    curls in all areas of the dermis of the scalp. Diffuse
    alopecia is diagnosed by microscopy of hair and
    anamnesis. Elimination of factors that contribute to the appearance
    diseases are a kind of prevention.
  4. Focal. It is divided into subspecies:
  • nesting baldness. With it, one can observe pockets of baldness on
    face and head. Focal alopecia differs from other subspecies
    sharp hair loss on the face and head. Appear rounded
    pockets that have no curls, or they are so weak that
    drop out even with a weak bang.
  • Total. That is a complete loss of hair on the head. This
    the disease is fleeting. Hair falls out with “great speed.” For 2-3
    month, the entire scalp becomes “bald.” Sick like
    generally complain of weakness and headaches. Definitely a treatment
    this type of baldness will be much more difficult, but if you want
    to return his hair and ensure its normal growth, will have
    to try.
  • Universal is a complete loss of hair all over the body. This
    the form of alopecia implies alopecia as the hairy part of the face and
    head, so and limbs and trunk. With this ailment reveal
    vegetative-vascular dystonia, neurasthenic syndrome and disorder
    the state of the body as a whole. You can often see increased
    brittle nails, their thinning, onycholysis.

Why does this happen?

Consider now the causes of hair loss in men. Their
somewhat, depending on why you started
go bald, prescribe this or that treatment. So, we list these
the reasons.

  1. Predisposition at the level of genetics. Androgenic Alopecia –
    cause of hair loss by men.
  2. Alopecia acquired, that is, seborrhea of ​​the scalp,
    damage or blockage of follicles by slag, heavy
    surgery, condition after acute infections, nervous overload
    systems, wasting, syphilis, tuberculosis.

Drug effect

Perhaps the hair falls out of men due to side effects
drugs, such as neuroleptics, antidepressants,
cytostatics, ß-blockers, as well as due to exposure
radiation, intoxication (heavy metals, waists). One more
The cause of baldness can be a metabolic disorder. Imbalance
metabolism caused by a shortage or excess of any
trace elements in the body.

How to be?

treatment of hair loss in menFor
to determine as accurately as possible the reason why men’s hair
fall out, and prescribe effective treatment, you need to hold
study of the biochemical composition of blood for each patient.
Clinical blood tests, blood tests for
various hormones, and, if necessary, additional
research. Experts highly recommend conducting more
spectral analysis of curls on the content of the forty leading
trace elements.

Get the most accurate information about hair loss and
Assign, on the basis of this, the treatment will help examination of the dermis
scalp on the outside and state assessment
skin cover. Each case requires consultation with the trichologist.
Do not try to do self-medication, because as it may
significantly aggravate the existing problem.

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