Causes of severe hair loss

Hair loss and restoration is a natural process in
body of any person.

The rate of hair loss per day

The content of the article:

  • The rate of hair loss per day
  • What is the reason for hair loss
  • The main causes of hair loss
  • Causes of telogen alopecia
  • Diseases and health problems
  • Reaction to medication
  • Vitamin deficiencies (vitamin deficiency / vitamin deficiency)
  • Vasoconstriction and lack of nutrition of the hair roots
  • Stress
  • External factors
  • How to start a hair loss treatment, a detailed plan
  • TOP 3 popular recipes against hair loss
  • Reviews
  • Prices for the treatment of hair loss in Moscow
  • Video

Hair loss within 100 hairs is considered normal.
day. If there is no white nodule (bulb) on the loose hair, then
do not worry. In addition, it is considered normal when 15% of hair
fall out, and the remaining 85% grow.

Test for pathology associated with prolapse

  1. Do not wash your hair for 2-3 days
  2. With a little effort, pull hair growing
    on top and on temples
  3. If in hands there are more than 5 hairs it is a reason
    for concern

! Attention if on a pillow in the morning or on a comb,
when combing, a lot of hair remains, it is worth paying for
attention and try to sort out the reasons

What is the reason for hair loss

In general, the causes of hair loss in men and women are fewer than
different, but there are a number of special features:

In men

Hair loss in men

Male hair loss
type (androgenetic hair loss) – occurs
much more often in men than in women, it can begin early
adolescence is 13-14 years old, there may be several reasons:

  1. Obesity
  2. Hypertension
  3. Coronary heart disease
  4. Diabetes
  5. Chronic prostatitis

Heredity is often a predisposition to
hair loss is passed from father to son

Age – the older the man, the less he has
hormones are produced that are responsible for hair density

! Interestingly At 50% of men who have reached the age of 50 years
there is a lack of hair that can be seen unaided
eye | |

Among women

Among women

In women, androgenetic alopecia is quite common.
rarely and may indicate latent polycystic syndrome
ovaries (PCOS), its symptoms can be:

  • Acne
  • Overweight
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Excess body hair

For women, it is characteristic that hair loss can occur during
time of pregnancy or after delivery.

In addition, hair can fall out even in infants or
adolescents, analyze the main causes of hair loss.

The main causes of hair loss

In total there are about 50 different causes of loss.
hair can be divided into genetic and NOT

Causes of hair loss

There is still a division into two types of alopecia (loss of

  1. Rapid, sudden hair loss (anogenic
    alopecia) – complete baldness may occur, most often occurs
    due to exposure to strong drugs, radiation,
    chemotherapy. After the cessation of negative effects
    hair restored.
  2. Gradual hair loss (telogen
    alopecia) – partial baldness occurs, occurs in acute or
    chronic form. The acute lasts up to 6 months, chronic from 6
    months to several years.

Causes of telogen alopecia

Telogen alopecia (partial alopecia) may
attack due to:

Hair loss with hormonal failure

Hormonal disbalance

Hormonal imbalance and impairments directly affect
condition of our hair, consider what may occur
hormonal disruptions:

  • during pregnancy – due to insufficient
    hair care, due to lack of vitamins;
  • after pregnancy – is due to
    reduce hormone production, usually begins after 1-4 weeks
    after childbirth and lasts 5-12 months, I wonder what
    Subsequent childbirth hormonal changes are becoming less
    noticeable, and hair loss is less pronounced;
  • breastfeeding – for the development of breast
    milk are used vitamin reserves of the body and if they are not
    to replenish, the hair will lack vitamin replenishment;
  • menopause;
  • Excess male hormone testosterone
  • In adolescence in girls 16-20 years
    due to the active production of androgens;
  • after the cancellation of oral contraceptives.


  1. Make an appointment with the endocrinologist
  2. Examine the thyroid gland
  3. Take blood tests for hormones and
  4. drink vitamins
  5. eat foods with calcium
  6. use shampoos with ginseng and aloe
  7. apply hair masks
  8. normalize the diet, eat
    hair growth products

Diseases and health problems

Health problems

  • Reduced immunity – can occur in
    moment of general weakening of the body or in the period of elevated
    physical or psychological stress. Lesson is recommended
    sports, the refusal of exhausting diets, taking vitamin complexes,
    consultation with your doctor.
  • Iron deficiency in the body – accompanied
    weakness and drowsiness may occur due to critical
    days (with abundant blood loss) in women, subject to strict
    diets. To recover, you need to drink a course of vitamins and
    consume iron-containing foods.
  • Violations of the digestive system – | in
    the result is reduced nutrient absorption, hair
    suffer from a shortage of essential micronutrients. Should appeal
    to specialized doctors, gastroenterologist and dermatologist.
  • Seborrhea
  • Dermatitis
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid disease
  • Anemia
  • Acute infection
  • Injured or operation
  • Chronic diseases – psoriasis, systemic
    lupus erythematosus, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, tumors,
  • Chronic long
    intoxication (poisoning) of the body, may be associated with
    professional activities
  • After anesthesia

Diseases associated with focal alopecia

Focal alopecia
Focal alopecia
Focal alopecia
Focal alopecia

Hair loss occurs in certain places, foci
different sizes, can be distributed very unevenly,
The reasons can be the following diseases:

  • vitiligo
  • bronchial asthma
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • atopic eczema
  • allergic rhinitis
  • thyroid diseases
  • systemic lupus erythematosus

! It is important you will not help homemade hair masks and
decoctions, you must consult a doctor and treat diseases. |

Reaction to medication


Some drugs have side effects and contraindications.
they can adversely affect the scalp and hairline,
for example, these include:

  • anticonvulsants
  • cytostatics
  • anticoagulants
  • retinoids

In addition, some types of pills can lead to baldness,
These include:

  • contraceptive
  • antibiotics
  • pressure pills
  • steroids
  • antidepressants
  • aspirin
  • diuretic drugs

! IMPORTANT NOT all drugs from these groups lead to
hair loss, carefully read the instructions and if necessary
consult a doctor.

After completing a course of treatment or medication, due to
negative hair loss causes hair loss
to no hair loss will stop.

Vitamin deficiencies (vitamin deficiency / vitamin deficiency)

Occurs with a lack of vitamin A, group B, violet and
pantothenic acid, vitamin F, biotin, calcium, zinc, selenium,


There may be several reasons:

  1. with insufficient content of vitamins in food –
    be treated by a variety of rations and taking pharmaceutical vitamin
  2. violation of vitamin absorption by the body.
  3. smoking and alcohol – during the fight against intoxication,
    vitamin reserves of the body are depleted.
  4. tight diets

Vasoconstriction and lack of nutrition of the hair roots


As a result of vasoconstriction, your hair may not receive enough.
essential nutrients, there may be many reasons
We describe some of them:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Frequent use of coffee
  • Smoking


Hair loss occurs due to spasm of the vessels that feed
hair follicles and scalp, hair receive less nutritious
substances and fall out along with the bulb.


The process starts to fall out after 6 weeks after stress and
is temporary.

External factors

Wrong hair care

  • Improper care – frequent staining,
    excessive use of hair dryer, ironing, gafra, curling, daily
  • Severe frost or hot sun
  • Climate change

Some recommendations

  • rinse your hair with fresh water after bathing
  • bathe in the chlorinated pool water
  • under the hot sun or in severe frost wear head
    a hat

! Important. Most experts agree.
that external factors only aggravate the already existing internal
problems themselves do not play a decisive role |

How to start a hair loss treatment, a detailed plan

Hair treatment

First you need to consult a doctor, | pass
all necessary analyzes and perform the designated

  • Blood chemistry
  • Blood test for hormones
  • Blood test for the determination of vitamin
    amino acid and mineral balance in the body
  • Hair analysis, trichogram, spectral or
    microscopic analysis of hair
  • Biopsy – fence a small area of ​​the scalp
    for analysis
  • Rheoencephalography – research method
    brain vascular system
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland

Having determined the cause, the doctor makes decisions on how to fix the problem.
and what procedures or means to apply, among them many

  • Medications | – Proscar,
    Pantovigar, Dimeksid, Prednisolone, Parmidin, Andekalin, ATP,
    Trental (Detailed article on pharmaceutical preparations and drugs
    against hair loss)
  • Creams and lotions topical – on
    based on minoxidil, dimexidum, valerian, andecalin
  • Preparations affecting the blood – Piyavit,
    Riboxin, Tiklit;
  • Preparations of the furocoumarin series – Psoralen,
    Yueroksan. Rosenthal’s paste may be given to children;
  • Hormonal drugs – thyroidin,
    anabolitiki, glucocorticoids.
  • Vitamins of groups – A, C, E, PP, B12, B2, B6
  • Zinc oxide 0.05-0.1 g from 2 to 3 times a day in
    for 1-6 months;
  • Injections of steroid drugs
  • Laser Therapy – Laser Comb
  • Massage of the scalp
  • Liquid nitrogen cryomassage
  • Ethyl chloride irrigation
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Vacuum massage
  • Massage with a brush – used brush
    from natural materials
  • Shampoos for hair loss
  • Folk remedies
  • Homeopathy
  • Photochemotherapy
  • Hair transplant – applied at the very least
    a case where nothing helps anymore. Hair is taken from the area with
    healthy hair follicles and transplanted to the affected

TOP 3 popular recipes against hair loss

Hair masks

  1. Onion mask
  • large onion | – 1 pc, three in small
  • olive oil – 1 tbsp, mixed with
  • 15 minutes – rub massage into massaging movements
    in the scalp
  • Warming hat (towel) – dress on
    head | and keep 30 minutes
  • My head with shampoo against loss
  • Make a mask every 3 days for 2
  1. Mustard mask

Stimulates the scalp, normalizes blood flow to the hair
bulbs, the mask is applied to the hair roots.

  • dry mustard – 2 tbsp.
  • burdock oil – 2 tbsp.
  • sugar – 1 tbsp.
  • yolk – 1 pc.
  • mix
  • we put on hair roots
  • Wrap your head in a warm towel

We do with the frequency:

  • normal hair – once a week;
  • dry hair – 1 time in 10 days;
  • greasy hair – 1 time in 5 days;
  1. Nicotine mask

Vitamin B3, contained in nicotinic acid, expands
vessels, helps the absorption of fatty acids and minerals.

  • Nicotinic acid – 1 ampoule;
  • Aloe juice – 10ml;
  • Green tea – 15 ml.
  • mix the components
  • we put on wet hair
  • rub into the scalp
  • wash off after 15 minutes, repeat the procedure 2 times a week in
    for 3 months

It is recommended to apply the mask immediately after preparation,
medicinal properties are lost during a long stay on
the air.


Feedback from those who suffer from hair loss

* Images can be increased

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Prices for the treatment of hair loss in Moscow

Procedure Average price, RUB
Consultation trichologist 1865
Consultation of the endocrinologist 2003
Testasterone Assay 523
Massage of the scalp 853
Darsonvalization 493
Mesotherapy 4268
Ozone therapy 2084
Phototrichogram 2156
Trichogram 1391
Diprospana Injection 1745
Hair transplant (price per 1 gaft) 135
Microsporia treatment course 3188
Spectral analysis of hair 4612
Spectral analysis of hair on micronutrients 4886


About the causes of hair loss in the popular TV show “On the very
the main thing ”

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