Ceramic hair straightening – the pros and cons, features of the procedure and step by step instructions

Straight hair

Straightening curly or wavy hair is pretty
common female problem. The procedure must be harmless.
for hair structure and ensure proper results. A wish
straighten hair is associated with the daily waste of a large amount
laying time that provides a presentable appearance
fluffed curls. Leveling solves a similar problem
ceramic plates.

What is straightening ceramic plates

The content of the article:

  • What is straightening ceramic plates
  • Benefits
  • disadvantages
  • Effect of the procedure
  • Required tools
  • The composition of the means for ceramic straightening
  • Execution technology
  • How much time is the procedure done
  • How often spend
  • How long does the effect last
  • How to do at home
  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Ways to extend the effect of smoothness
  • Straightened hair care
  • Nourishing mask
  • Analogs and similar procedures

The rectification procedure is performed using a special
ironing. His plates are made of ceramic. It provides smooth
slip on curls. Material when heated provides
uniform distribution of heat over the heating surface. So
thus, the optimum temperature is maintained, which is more
sparing for hair compared to using metal

Sometimes straightening with ceramic tongs is called ceramic
which is not correct from the point of view of professionals (straightening
occurs under the influence of temperature, and not clay).

There are two ways to straighten using irons with
ceramic coating:

  • iron + thermal protection (spray, gel, mousse),
  • iron + rectifier (chemical or
    cosmetic composition).

The girl aligns her hair

Both methods have different technology, duration
procedures and cost.

Use only ceramic tongs suitable for all types.
hair, any structure and condition. Their purchase is considered
modern musthave, because they provide perfect evenness
smoothness and alignment with less harm. But their cost
exceeds the purchase price of analogues. Professional tool can
purchase at a price several times higher than normal. Besides
In addition, individual hair straightening techniques use only
brand tongs.

The second method involves straightening directly with the compound.
Ceramic iron needed for sealing
substances. Most often, this is keratin with the addition
derivatives of formaldehyde or ammonia. Where are you going to do
ceramic straightening? HomeIn the cabin


Thermal straightening has been known since the days of ancient Egypt.
Local beauties smoothed out African curls with
a hot sheet of iron. | The first attempt to reproduce something
like electric tongs was undertaken by Eric Feldman
(1872). He applied a heated household iron to his hair,
to look at the effect. As a result of this was
rod is melted, but the tool itself was never created.

How leveled before

Simon Monroe at the beginning of the 20th century invented a tool for
straightening, which became the prototype of the modern ironing.

As a result of his improvements Isaac Chereau in 1909
patented hair straightener, consisting of 2 separate
plates that are pressed to each other. | In 1912 released
the first forceps with two connected plates to develop
Jennifer Bell Schofield. | The rest of the models looked like forceps with
teeth, they had a hot comb, but curly hair is not capable
were straighten completely.

With the advent of electricity, irons were complemented by functions and
modes. Ceramic plates appeared. | In the late 1990s, irons from
ceramics became available to all
There are a lot of additional services: Japanese,
brazilian and american keratinizing that became
use these irons in some technology.


  • No contraindications
  • Suitable even for the weak and the bitten
  • Well straightens small curls of the African type
  • Used as a home procedure.
  • Requires a small amount of time (30-120
  • Hair does not break due to the smoothness of the ceramic
  • Chemical compositions are not used.
  • Gentle effect on hair
  • Uniform distribution of heat.

The girl has even hair

! Important With ceramic straightening effect
smoothing is achieved by breaking hydrogen bonds
inside the cortex (rod) of hair. Under the influence of temperature
Curls are dried, losing hydrogen atoms. Therefore, at the first
hair washing water (H2O) is absorbed by the cells and hair gets
original look.


  • It has a short effect,
  • Essentially is styling,
  • Expensive forceps,
  • The surface of the plates must be cleaned of the compositions (when
    keratinizing) and styling products
  • Prolonged temperature effects (on
    curly curls),
  • Bottom volume is difficult to maintain
  • Additional styling required
    with thermal protection
  • The need to moisturize and nourish hair.

! Interesting Straightening Ceramic Tongs
suitable for normal hair types that do not get dirty for a long time. AT
Otherwise, the money will have to be spent on time (holiday or
solemn event). |

Effect of the procedure

  1. Smooth, smooth and straight hair,
  2. Radiance and shine of curls,
  3. The hair texture does not change
  4. Curls become soft and obedient,
  5. The hairs are smoothed to each other,
  6. Fluffiness and entanglement disappear.

Before and after alignment

Required tools

  1. Styler with ceramic plates (for professional or
    home use)
  2. Comb to separate the strands,
  3. Probing comb,
  4. Clamps
  5. Hair dryer
  6. Brush brush,
  7. Deep cleaning shampoo,
  8. Balsam or mask,
  9. Thermal protector for styling,
  10. Wax in the form of a spray or lotion (fixing),
  11. Varnish without gas.

The composition of the means for ceramic straightening

Consider the popular formulations and tools for ceramic
hair straightening:

Shampoo and balm

The composition of the shampoo (technical) includes sulfates and their derivatives.
With their help, hair flakes open, allowing deep
clean the curl from sebum and dirt. To provide
the best effect of straightening manufacturers add to them
silicones, liquid keratin, organic oils and
proteins that neutralize the effects of sulfur salts
acid and soap base.

For even hair

Help Preference is given to keratin shampoos.
Natural hair is 90% composed of this protein.

In balms and masks add plant extracts, essential
oils (organs, shea, grape seed), proteins of wheat, silk,
vitamins of groups A, E, C, B. The composition is developed to replenish
cortex hair nutrients that do not weigh down curls
and protect them from rapid contamination (alcohol derivatives,
citrus extracts).

Means for protection from temperature when straightening ironing

Thermoprotective tools are a wide range. For
straightening uses indelible formulations that give hair
elasticity and resilience (serums, sprays, lotions, emulsions,
vibes, foams, mousses). They contain components that create a protective
barrier or film (silicone compound).

All brakes contain oils, vitamins and
vegetable proteins. This ensures maximum
hair stem moisture from roots to the

Liquid products with wax

Liquid wax is used to create a silk mop effect.
Hair get a glossy look, a kind of play.
Cosmetic effect is achieved by gluing split ends
ends and protruding hairs. The composition includes water,
natural wax, conditioning base, oils and complex
of vitamins.

Wax and hairspray

! Interesting ceramic straightening performed
also using keratin, silicone, hyaluronic acid,
protein or permanent. Strand smoothing occurs by
special composition. The iron with ceramic plates is needed only
for sealing active components. A session takes more than 6 hours,
The average cost is 8000 rubles. The effect lasts 3-8 months.

Execution technology

The technology is divided into several stages:

Preparatory stage

  1. Determining the type and condition of hair for selection
    temperature conditions and additional care;
  2. Hair cleansing with professional shampoo;
  3. Applying a nourishing mask;
  4. Drying hair with a towel.

Main stage

  1. Application of thermal protective agents;
  2. Drying with hair dryer and brushing;
  3. Straightening with ceramic tongs;

The final stage

  • Anchoring the result by applying wax on cooled hair
  • Fixing with a varnish-spray with correction of a hairbrush.

Drawing a varnish

How much time is the procedure done

The procedure takes about 1-2 hours depending on the thickness
hair and their textures. A large amount of time is spent drying and
styling. Straightening with forceps takes 30-60 minutes.

How often spend

The procedure is not recommended for daily

The frequency of styling depends on the condition of the hair and quality.
thermal protective equipment:

  • once in 2 weeks: dry, brittle, porous,
    dyed and bleached hair, curls after chemical
  • once a week: normal hair with natural
    PH balance, healthy stained curls;
  • 1-2 times a week: hard, elastic

How long does the effect last

The effect is washed off after the first hair wash.
Glossiness and gloss disappear immediately. Strongly curly hair
keep a natural wave.

Smooth hair duration

! Important As the hair becomes saturated with moisture (washing,
pool, high humidity, rain) natural curls
restored to its previous state.

How to do at home

Ceramic straightening procedure is similar.
salon way. Pre-buy iron and a series of products
for hair (single brand). By the choice of styler fit

The following parameters are taken into account:

  1. plates: glass ceramics, ceramics with
    tourmaline (ions), teflon (easier to clean), silver
    (antiseptic), diamond, titanium coating; floating ceramics
    (overheat protection);
  2. plate sizes: average length (9 cm) and
    small width (speed, the ends of the hair are not burned); 20-25
    mm for normal hair, 30-50 mm for hard and curly;
  3. brands: Philips, Remington, Rowenta, Ga.Ma,
    BaByliss Pro, Gamma Pio, Valera, Parlux, Moser, Binatone, Bosch,
    Dewal, Harizma, Hairway, Vitek, Cloud Nine, Redmond, Irit, Polaris,
    Scarlett, Wella, Sinbo, Kelli, Braun, Centek, Panasonic, Maxwell,
    Riff, Pritech, Selecline, Harizma;
  4. temperature adjustment;
  5. backlit display;
  6. readiness indicator;
  7. lever lock for transportation;
  8. rotating cord;
  9. auto power off;
  10. plate heating time: 1 min;
  11. additional nozzles;
  12. volume straightening function;
  13. conditioning function and ionization;
  14. power supply;
  15. heating to a temperature of 220-250 ° C.

Hair products must comply with the most
procedure. On their packaging is printed: “for
straightening irons “,” thermal protection “,” for blow-dry and
stylers “, etc. Shampoo and balm must be professional
(not for daily use).

House Leveling

! Help In many forums it is sometimes advised to wash
hair 3 times with regular shampoo, then apply a nourishing mask.
The straightening effect will not manifest. Proper cleansing provides
only technical shampoo without chlorides (Cl) and surfactants (peg).

Step-by-step instruction

  • Stage 1. Washing the hair with shampoo with massaging
    scalp (5 min.);
  • Stage 2. Applying a balm or mask on slightly
    dried hair (2-10 min.) indented 1 cm from the roots;
  • Stage 3. Drying hair in a towel (5-7
  • Stage 4. Thermal protection hair treatment
    means (sequentially);

Help Thermal protective agent must be on
water, but not oil basis. This will prolong the effect. Strands will be
look healthy and natural.

  • Stage 5. Drying with hair dryer and brushing;
  • Stage 6. Split hair by strands on
    temporal, occipital and parietal areas;
  • Stage 7. Hair straightening irons. Every
    strand pulled 2-8 times (depending on the stiffness);


The temperature mode is selected depending on the state
hair. 120 – 160 ° for severely damaged and
clarified, subjected to chemical procedures. 170 –
210 ° for normal and dyed hair. 220 – 250 °
for tough and very curly. Hair must be dried
completely, otherwise the plates will burst.

  • Stage 8. Restoration of natural
    hair temperature (10-15 min.);
  • Stage 9. Treatment of hair with liquid wax
    (tips, sticking ends);
  • Stage 10. Fixing with varnish-spray.

Exposure to sunlight, heat, wind, or high humidity and
increased oily hair significantly shortens the duration

Ways to extend the effect of smoothness

  1. Before frequent use of the procedure it is recommended
    restore the pH of the skin (trichologist,
  2. Before the procedure, you must use shampoo for
    greasy hair. It removes excess sebum and
    dries the roots.
  3. Shampoo hair and masks are washed
    qualitatively for the complete washing of the composition.
  4. Thermal protection means must be water based. Oily and
    gel textures create the effect of a poorly washed head.
  5. Before straightening, you must create a volume on
    top: comb comb or styling corrugated
  6. Use dry shampoo. The aerosol is sprayed onto the roots and
    removes excess fat.

Straightened hair care

Heat treatment of hair significantly affects the hair with frequent
using. Thermal protection does not give 100%
result. Hair needs increased moisture and

Proper care

Water-alkaline balance is effectively supported by aloe vera extract.
Vera. Nutrition is provided by proteins and oils. Especially
silk proteins, wheat, hydrolyzed keratin,
Argan oil.

Recovery takes place at the expense of power.
amino acids. To do this, use special ampoules or
appeal to the profile rooms.

Nourishing mask

Recipe 1. Moisturizing

Dry sea kelp powder is poured with water at 70 ° based on
hair length (according to instructions). Cool. Germ oil is added
wheat and argan. Put on strands and hold for 40 minutes.


Moisturizing provide a wide range of products: coconut
and bamboo oil, shea butter and grape seed, olive
sea ​​buckthorn If they add vitamins in ampoules (A, E, B1, B6,
B12) Moisturizing effect will be maximized.

Recipe 2. Food

It is necessary to squeeze aloe juice (2 sheets), add gruel of two
heads of garlic, 2 yolks and 3 tablespoons of fat sour cream. For
greater effect put 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablets
ascorbic acid or lemon juice. Hair is desirable to wash
tentatively so that hair and skin do not have time to cool.

Aloe Juice

Recipe 3. Recovery

You need 6 ampoules of fish oil, juice of 2 onions, 10 ml of argan
oil, 5 grams of red ground pepper. Mask applied to wet
unpolluted hair.

Mask application

Analogs and similar procedures

  • Brazilian keratin hair straightening,
  • Israeli keratin straightening,
  • American hair straightening,
  • Japanese hair straightening,
  • Bio-straightening
  • Silk,
  • Permanent
  • Molecular,
  • Collagen,
  • Bioprotein,
  • Amino acid,
  • Botox
  • Hair nanoplasty,
  • Plasma lifting.

Ceramic hair straightening is ideal for hair. With
Cortex care is not damaged. Procedure is
alternative substitute for aggressive straightening methods. As
additional recovery using serum with keratin and
amino acids (powder from the pharmacy).

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