Chamomile hair lightening is cheap and harmless!

chamomileGenetics have concluded that
Today the number of natural blondes is decreasing. BUT
the reason for this is the dominance of black, which puts
to the background are wonderful “golden” hair, and soon they can
become a real rarity. Of course, we are talking about natural
light shades but fortunately there are many opportunities for
coloring hair. Chamomile is often used for the purpose of
their lightening. Compared with modern means it is absolutely
safe, does not harm your hair, therefore it is in demand
among women.

With a little effort, you can cook at home
an infusion of chamomile hair or a mask based on it that will allow
carefully lighten the curls.

Chamomile hair lightening

Since ancient times, this miracle flower is used as a natural
dye for light strands. He is able to lighten dark hair,
and the bright ones make it more radiant. Besides this, daisy is rich
natural substances that strengthen and nourish the hair, for example,
vitamins, resins, essential oils, dyes, minerals.
Each of them has a beneficial effect on both hair and skin,
whitening, disinfecting, moisturizing, soothing and improving
circulation. No wonder chamomile is used in cosmetic

chamomile for lightening hairThere are many of her
varieties, but only some of them have pronounced
healing actions (Roman, fragrant, pharmacy chamomile). These kinds of
similar to each other, but the second species grows everywhere, as well as
the third, but the first can only be found in Europe or in the Crimea.
Roman daisy received the second name: “Chamomile noble”.
Imagine how safe this plant is if it is allowed
use even for the care of infants.

Chamomile can be used both fresh and dried. On that
how effective will it be?
Infusions and exposure time to the hair. It is possible for 1 or even 3 tones
lighten curls, make a mask for hair with chamomile or
rinse hair with chamomile. In any case, they will be brilliant and
will become much stronger.

Chamomile broth for hair

Light decoction of the broth is able to give a golden hue,
Blonde to refresh and even help to “hide” the gray hair appearing. To
to cook the broth, you need in a liter of water for about five minutes
boil 2 tablespoons of chamomile, then cool and strain.
You can also pour 2 tablespoons of the plant into a gauze bag,
pour boiling water over it and leave for 30 minutes. The resulting infusion
after washing, rinse hair, do not wipe them, and wait until
they will dry out.

Strong chamomile broth for hair will help to achieve a copper tint
even brunettes, and the brown-haired head of hair begins to cast gold. Only
brunettes chamomile will need a couple of times more than

Chamomile Hair Mask

To strengthen light curls that have become dry, you need to do
special mask and apply it twice a week. Will need
half a cup of lanolin, two tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers and
a glass of hot water. It is necessary to pour boiling water over the chamomile, close and
insist hour. The resulting infusion filter through a four-layer
gauze, then mix with lanolin and heat it on water
bath or microwave.

At the end, pour the mixture into a glass dish, cool slightly,
apply on scalp and curls for 10-25 minutes, then thoroughly
rinse with cold water. If necessary, you can use

At the end, pour the mixture into a glass dish, cool slightly,
apply on scalp and curls for 10-25 minutes, then thoroughly
rinse with cold water. If necessary, you can use shampoo.
Keep the mixture in a cool place in a sealed container and
reheat before use.

Broth for coloring hair with nettle and chamomile

recipe lightening hairYou can use different
components to make infusions and decoctions for clarification
strands. For example, using a decoction of the nettle rhizomes and chamomile
inflorescences can simultaneously lighten and strengthen the “mane”.

You will need a tablespoon of dry raw materials, a liter of water. Flooded
water raw materials need to boil for 10-15 minutes on low heat, give
cool and moisten hair over the entire length. Hold for about half an hour,
wrapped in a head scarf. After drying process curls
chamomile essence, mixing it with water in the same proportions.
An hour later, again rinse chamomile infusion hair and give them
to dry Nettle rhizomes can be replaced by sage

Infusion of chamomile hair with the addition of glycerin

Chamomile infusion produces a very effective dye,
provided that glycerin is added to it. About 150 grams
Chamomile inflorescences (dried) need to fill 500 milliliters
boiling water. 2 hours to insist, then, thoroughly filtering,
add glycerin. This mixture wash your hair. The hair will be
golden yellow, and the resulting shade will remain somewhere on

Chamomile dye infused with vodka

To make it, you need to pour 200 gr. chamomile 400 ml fresh
vodka and leave for 7 days. Then 100 gr. henna pour 300 ml boiling water
and insist 1.5-2 hours, after pouring in chamomile infusion. Still
about two weeks to insist, and then the resulting tincture is drained,
thoroughly moisten hair and hold for 30-40 minutes. At the end wash off
your shampoo

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