Chamomile – the power of the sun in your hair!

Since ancient times, this well-known wildflower flower
used to treat dry and damaged curls. Him in
Ancient Egypt, sacred to the god Ra the sun, because the chamomile for hair –
it is a natural brightener and colorant giving a luxurious head of hair
shade of gold and glitter, reminiscent of the daytime light.

Chamomile for hair A variety of decoctions, shampoos, masks from
it strengthens the hair, restores the structure of the curls, treat

Universal use of the flower for hair

The content of the article:

  • Universal use of the flower for hair
  • Bonus video – Chamomile for hair

The complex healing effect of this plant is due to
content of essential oils, resins, vitamins, carotinoids,
dyes and minerals.

Of the many varieties of this flower are most effective.
when used in cosmetics – pharmaceutical and fragrant chamomile,
which can be found in almost any locality as well
Roman (noble chamois), found only in some
locations in Europe and the Crimea.

Impact on hair:

  • Bactericidal, healing properties;
  • Restore split ends, thinned, damaged and
    dry hair;

Chamomile is indispensable to eliminate irritation of the scalp,
often occurring as a consequence of chemical staining or

  • Treatment of dandruff and seborrhea;
  • Increased growth;
  • Regulation of the sebaceous glands;
  • Lightening and giving a golden shade of light and blond
  • Giving shine tarnished hair.

Completely lighten the hair, of course, with the help
Chamomile is impossible, but with the regular use of appropriate
infusions, blond curls will be a couple of tones

This plant for use in cosmetology has absolutely no
contraindications. Chamomile is suitable for all types of hair, can
apply even with extremely problem or sensitive skin

Ways to use at home

To achieve various goals (dandruff treatment, recovery
curls, lightening) various compositions are used, in which
Chamomile can complement a variety of components.

Use of additional ingredients
Component What is added
Lemon Enhance the brightening effect
Glycerol The effect of lamination, nutrition dull hair
Rosemary, bay leaf Increased growth
Vodka Drying oily skin
Olive, castor oil Recovery, power
Lavender oil Nutrition, Moisturizing
Sage Essential Oil Dries oily skin
Eggs Nutrition, hydration, strengthening
Kefir Nutrition

Recipes effective decoctions and infusions of chamomile:

Skin Restoration after Chemical Curling

4 tablespoons of dry raw materials, filled with 500 g of boiling water,
insist 30 minutes. After washing the filtered broth rinsed

Hair lightening

10 tablespoons of chamomile, filled with a liter of boiling water, languish on
low heat for 15 minutes. Strain, pour the juice of half a lemon, apply
on combed clean curls. Broth should dry naturally

Lightening with lamination effect

100 g of flowers insist 30 minutes in a liter of boiling water, filter,
add 50 g of glycerin. The composition is applied to the washed head,
polyethylene wraps and hot towel. Wash off through

Growth Activator

Equal shares of chamomile and rosemary, 5 bay leaves languish 10
minutes on low heat. Decoction rubbed into the skin, after washing the head

Infusion to enhance growth

2 tablespoons of dried raw materials insist a week in a glass
olive or castor oil. Rubbed into the skin an hour before
by washing

Infusion for oily hair

A mixture of the same parts of the broth and vodka wipe the skin

Shampoo to strengthen the roots and fight dandruff

2 tablespoons of flowers, half a glass of boiled water,
incubated for 30 minutes, strained and poured into a 1: 1 ratio
neutral pH shampoo. Apply for a month every 2-3
of the day

Oil (chamomile macerate) and masks from it

For the preparation of macerate, 1 part flowers (preferably, only
that plucked) is placed in a dry glass container, pour 2
parts of the oil (preferably olive, coconut, jojoba or
from grape seed). For dry raw materials, the ratio of oil –
1: 3. Macerath infused in a warm dark place for 15 days or 6 days
in the sun. Multiple maceration is a triple addition.
raw materials. The resulting composition is poured fresh portion of flowers. Ready
product to remove dust particles, filtered through cotton wool, then
stored in the refrigerator.

Chamomile macerate masks rubbed into the scalp
before washing for 30 minutes:

  1. Means for imparting elasticity – 2 tablespoons macerate
    add 5 drops of lavender oil;

  2. Composition for strengthening – mix 2 tablespoons of macerate, 3
    drops of sage essential oil, 1 yolk;

  3. Nourishing mask – combine1 tablespoon of macerate, 2
    quail eggs, 2 spoons of kefir.

After any mask it is desirable to rinse curls
herbal infusions or water with apple cider vinegar or

Chamomile is a natural hair dye, source of shine,
health and nutrition, a way to give them a seductive golden
shade. Scalp money from her calm and efficient
moisturize, have a healing and disinfecting effect.
Thanks to these qualities, chamomile is often used as an ingredient.
cosmetic products.

Bonus video – Chamomile for hair

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